10+ Best Indian Catering Companies in Melbourne, Victoria (2022)

Indian Wedding Catering in Melbourne is one of the biggest business boomers for Indian Restaurants today. Because of Melbourne’s dense Indian population and for other populations showing an increased demand for Indian food at their weddings, it is no wonder Indian Wedding Catering in Melbourne has become far removed from just a few Indian hot plate meals served at home garden parties.

People absolutely love getting invited to weddings in Melbourne, because the food served is simply world-class. Guests have been known to not eat for days leading up to a wedding celebration held there, to make sure they fit in enough of the incredible food!

Well, that might not be quite true, but the quality of the wedding caterers to choose from are exceptional, so if you are planning a wedding there, you are bound to find the perfect team to suit the theme of your special day.

Some wedding caterers offer the whole package, and not only help you to design the perfectly tailored menu, but can also help with drinks packages, event styling, full-service staff and even decorations and entertainment. All you have to do is pick the ideal spot to say, ‘I do.’

Located in Melbourne, Victoria, and on the hunt for the right wedding Indian Catering supplier? Look no further! To get you started on your caterer hunt, we have compiled a list showcasing the top Indian Catering Companies in Melbourne.

Ultimate List of Indian Caterers in Melbourne

Aangan Bundoora - Indian Catering Company in Melbourne


03 83833356

Discover Our Story

Aangan means Patio, and we have created the Aangan that you cherished back home, right here. Aangan is a fine dining Indian restaurant serving authentic and best Indian cuisines in Melbourne, Australia. In addition to the lip-smacking food and beverage options, Aangan provides a superlative customer experience. The aroma of the food is truly mesmerizing. Add to that the décor and ambience that is reminiscent of Indian culture that we yearn for. Aangan indeed is a home away from home equipped with the wherewithal to cook conventional and progressive Indian cuisines.

Modern Cuisine 

Dining Experience

The aroma of the food is truly mesmerizing. Add to that the décor and ambience that is reminiscent of Indian culture that we yearn for. Aangan indeed is a home away from home equipped with the wherewithal to cook conventional and progressive Indian cuisines.

We, at Aangan, painstakingly follow the proverbial Indian grandma’s recipes. As a policy, we use the best ingredients, including Indian aromatic plants and species. The final offerings adorned with sauces and seasonings are a real treat and satiate the taste buds.

Taste Of India

Incredible Menu

The vast assortment of sumptuous menu items creates a magnetic pull on our guests. Our highly experienced and professional chefs are meticulous and extremely particular about freshness and quality. Little wonder then that be it the samosa or the Kasmiri naan, they epitomise perfection.

Aangan is a perfect destination for individual and business guests. So whether you are at Derrimut, Bundoora, West Footscray or Shepparton; step into ‘Aangan’ for a truly memorable dining experience.


You deserve to treated like a real king.


Aangan is the go-to place for birthday parties, kitty parties, business meets, weddings and get-togethers. Aangan is a specialist in indoor and outdoor catering. Aangan remains top-of-mind for guests who have organised Christmas parties, Diwali parties and Easter parties at our premises. The customised cuisines and tailor-made ambience contribute to making these parties extremely delightful and memorable for the guests.

Aangan put up a stall at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) during the India-Australia test match. Only four restaurants were invited to be part of this mega Indian summer festival, and Aangan was one of them. The icing on the cake is that the Aangan stall was a major crowd puller and proved to be another reason for the crowd to cheer.

Buoyed by this success, we have ramped up our capabilities and have developed the wherewithal to sponsor big events. Aangan is the official food sponsor of the upcoming Valentine’s Dinner and Dance Ball with Sonu Sood at Bellagio Receptions, 15 Yale Drive, Epping Vic 3078. The cupid will definitely strike on the D-day as guests will fall in love with the sumptuous food that is going to be served.

Aangan is driven by the philosophy of ‘customer first’. The restaurant recognises the fact that every client is important. Therefore there is no dearth of effort in organizing and managing the event howsoever big or small it may be. Making the client’s event successful is a sine qua non for the Aangan team to feel satisfied.


Aangan foods are made using locally produced ingredients. Our chefs create melt-in-your-mouth dishes that’ll satiate even the fussiest eaters.


There is a game between the waiters in Aangan to see who serves the food to each table fastest. That led to Aangan attempting the Guinness Record.


The Aangan atmosphere set the stage. It’s about more than just a dining room away from your home. Aangan food takes the spotlight as guests.

Dosa Hut Indian Multi Cuisine - Indian Catering Company in Melbourne


03 9642 2582

Dosa Hut- For The Food-Loving Souls Who Crave A Blend Of Indian Flavours

We started our first restaurant over a decade back, and have today become one of the fastest-growing restaurant chains in the country, and continue to grow stronger every year. This has only been possible because Dosa Hut was born out of a passion for great food, fuelled by its founders, Praveen Indukuri and Anil Kumar Karpurapu.

Creating a new Dosa Culture in Australia

When it comes to Dosas, think no further than Dosa Hut. We’re the pioneers when it comes to bringing authentic South Indian food culture to Australia.

Established in 2007, Dosa Hut was born out of a passion for food. Praveen Indukuri and Anil Kumar Karpurapu both came to Australia to study telecommunications. Being the foodies they were, they decided to bring alive their love for South Indian food with Dosa Hut, as there weren’t many places where one could get authentic South Indian food at that time. What started off as a foodie venture has now become an increasingly successful brand of quality Indian cuisine in Melbourne.

Dosa Hut is known for its authenticity when it comes to staying true to the spices, flavours and textures found in original South Indian cuisine. We are also known for serving quality food at affordable prices. It is only because of these that it has become one of the most popular chains of South Indian restaurants in Melbourne.

India is a land of many colours and flavours, and South Indian cuisine is the term used to collectively refer to flavours from Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Karnataka. What makes South Indian food so distinct from the other Indian cuisines is its use of coconut, lentils and local vegetables like tamarind, snake gourd, plantain and ginger. Also, you will notice the refreshing freshness, and a lightness of the food – nourish yourself with fresh, wholesome food that isn’t too heavy on the stomach.

Seeped in the richness of South Indian culture, Dosa Hut appeals to a contemporary dining experience, with its casual ambience and friendly staff. With over 90 varieties of Dosas to choose from, innovation is the name of the game at Dosa Hut. Get ready to pamper your taste buds silly with a delicious spread from South Indian cuisine. But that’s not it. We also serve other popular Indian dishes like Biryani, Indo Chinese and Chaat, now, isn’t that such a delicious space to be in? So be it for the best biryani in Melbourne or the best dosa in Melbourne, you now know where to find the best South Indian restaurant in Melbourne.

Dosa Hut is open for dine-in, pick-up and takes away, and we also undertake catering orders for your special events too. We’re proud to say that Dosa Hut has created a special niche for South Indian food in Melbourne, Indo-Chinese, Biryani & Chaats, with restaurants in Clayton, Footscray, Roxburgh Park, CBD Melbourne, Tarneit, Harris Park, Brisbane, Springfield, & Point Cook.

Azooba - Indian Catering Company in Melbourne


03 9330 4566

Azooba in itself means ‘wonder’ and here at Azooba restaurant, we’ve worked hard at creating a Dreamland for food-lovers. This one of a kind restaurant took eleven months of dedicated preparation from the decorators, designers, food artists, IT designers, chefs, business managers and our hard-working staff. This past year has allowed us to customise our place of business into a passionate and loving environment for every customer’s individual needs.


Our menu is devoted to satisfying diners of every sort as we have the best buffet with a minimum of fifty items to choose from every time you visit. This concept will allow satisfaction and choice for diners from large families, private parties, outdoor catering, business meetings, loving couples and even first-time-Indian diners. Our vast experience in the hospitality industry means we know what you’re after, we recognise quality, and we exceed all expectations.


Our food is created with the intention to please every customer who walks through our doors. To try and express the variety of our buffet-styled menu through text, simply does not do it justice. But if we had to try, we’d start by mentioning the complexity of every plate and the attention to detail our food artists pay to ensure every dish is flawless. Our menu is boundless and bursting with choice, to help you mix and match what’s right for you. A little of everything… we’ve got that covered!


Are you having a party, but can’t find the right place? Maybe your usual restaurant can’t seat your closest of 20? At Azooba- The Food Wonderland, our restaurant allows you to enjoy your time on any occasion by answering all your event needs. We cover catering, meals for large families, private parties, outdoor catering options, business meetings and all the happy occasions that call you and your loved ones together. As a wonderland, we want to have you sorted, so all you’re left to do, is take credit for a delightful and festive event.

Fitz Curry Cafe Indian Restaurant - Indian Catering Company in Melbourne


 +61 3 9495 6114


Over a decade of hermit-like commitment to the culinary art has made Fitz Curry Café a place of crisp delight for votaries of refined taste. Fitz curries whether ranging fowl, prime lamb, fish or bovine have the unique signature of Jolly and Jessie, your hosts, devoted to crafting taste from the finest ingredients. The personalised customer care that attends to the varying needs of each client has made the place a niche of gastronomic joy.

Fitz Curry Café is the Best Indian Restaurant located in Fitzroy, Melbourne near Exhibition Center, the Indian restaurant is perched in the heart of Melbourne. Once in the vicinity, the urban humdrum melts, and the salubrious aura of the Indian village looms large. The meticulous artistry by which the décor is reduced to the bare essentials orchestrates the alluring charm of the Indian village where time is frozen, and life is vibrant. The rendezvous of the lovers of good taste, the place is indeed great for parties.


There is a range of tantalizing vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes to choose from for palates of discerning taste. The tandoori mushrooms, marinated in yoghurt and spices and cooked in the tandoor ovens, recalls Raj's days in colonial Punjab. Lamb Vindaloo made of dainty lamb slices cooked in hot gravy with the appetizing savour of vinegar brings home the leisurely yesteryears of opulent India. Chicken Korma prepared from boneless tandoori chicken soaked in spices and cooked in cashew nuts and gravy cossets you like never before. These and many more delights wait for you at our food court.

The Tastes that Best Indian Vegetarian & Non-Vegetarian Restaurant in Fitzroy, Melbourne offers gives customers of North Fitzroy, Clifton Hill, Collingwood, Richmond, Abbotsford Convent, Carlton, Carlton North, Near Brunswick East, Northcote, Richmond some refreshing taste of freshness & coolness


Great tasting food with quality wine or drinks is what we offer at our lovely little place for you to relax. We are a Licensed & B.Y.O wine, only restaurant.

Wine and food matching is the process of pairing food dishes with wine to enhance the dining experience. For most of history, wine has been a regular accompaniment to meals. Come at Fitz curry cafe and enjoy the happiness of their life with quality food.

The take-home specials of Fitz extend the delights of the restaurant to your home, office or workplace. The carry away food packs deliver the scintillating aroma, taste and wholesomeness of the Indian cuisine intact.


Fitz Curry Cafe– an expert restaurant for Indian catering in Melbourne Area Like Fitzroy, North Fitzroy, Clifton Hill, Collingwood, Richmond, Abbotsford Convent, Carlton, Carlton North, Near Brunswick East, Northcote, Richmond, Chinatown Melbourne, can ease that burden of Indian wedding catering in Patterson Lakes from your shoulders. We’ll take good care of your guests and make sure they have timely meals. Indian meals will suit their taste. As an Indian wedding caterer, we know Indian weddings are different from weddings here in Australia; they are a reflection of the host family’s social and fiscal standing.

Are you or someone in your family getting married soon? Hire us as the caterer. We are the leading provider of Indian wedding catering services Patterson Lakes. 


We invite you to enjoy our South Indian delicacies at our place. We make every dish with extra care so that you get the true essence and authentic taste of Indian food.

We are one of Melbourne's best south Indian catering services, and we have achieved this through exceptional food and quality catering services.

We bring our function catering signature service and cuisine to each function. Whether you are planning birthday parties, wedding receptions, cocktail parties, mehandi ceremony, or any indoor, outdoor event, there is no limit to our south Indian catering services.

We make sure that your event with us will be enjoyable.


Fitz Curry Cafe Provides the Best high-quality North Indian Food Catering Services in Melbourne area for your all type of events, including, Reunion party,

Convention, Weddings, Reception, Baby Shower, Birthday Parties, or any other catering an event in Fitzroy, North Fitzroy, Clifton Hill, Collingwood, Richmond, Abbotsford Convent, Carlton, Carlton North, Near Brunswick East, Northcote, Richmond, Chinatown Melbourne.

Our catering service includes all types of Indian food, including Gujarati, North and South Indian, Sweets and Appetisers. We can provide catering to the

minimum of 20 to a maximum of 500 persons at one time.

Hudson’s Famous - Indian Catering Company in Melbourne


03 9421 5268

Melbourne’s Famous Indian Finger Food Catering

Indian cuisine is a mixture of different indigenous styles. With so many regions it is difficult to look to just one for influence in our Finger Food Menus! So we don’t!! If you are looking for finger food with a distinctly Indian flavour for your next event? Hudson’s Famous Finger Food catering service and all-inclusive party catering packages are just what you need. Our incredible Chefs will draw from their extensive knowledge to create for you a total Indian influenced Finger Food event, and while you spend time partying with your guests all will be taken care of by our expert team. Enjoy amazing Indian style canapés and delicious snacks, designed by our Chef and influenced by you to your specific requirements, and delivered throughout Melbourne.

Whether it’s a family function or corporate event, you’ll want to ensure that your night is handled with the professionalism and style which has made Hudson’s Famous, well - famous!

Memories of India Restaurant - Indian Catering Company in Melbourne


894 80 805


Looking for new restaurants in Melbourne's western suburbs that offer the ultimate dining experience, whether it’s a romantic night with your partner, an important business dinner or a night out with the family? Or are you searching for places to eat in the western suburbs that also deliver to your doorstep? No matter what your preference, for the best Indian food Melbourne has experienced, be sure to discover the exquisite tastes and aromas from Memories of India.


At Memories of India, you will discover a gastronomic extravaganza of enticing flavours that are perfectly blended into distinctive recipes that exude and reflect the best north Indian restaurants' authentic taste. Come and revel in the pleasing ambience amidst our warm hospitality that will give you a delightful experience altogether.


The secret ingredient that goes into making our Indian cooking truly authentic is the special touch of our master chefs – a signature touch that cannot be discovered in any cookbooks. Their attention to detail and expertise has been perfected after many years working in north Indian restaurants and other places to eat in the western suburbs. It is this attention to detail that has helped the master chefs preserve the authentic taste of traditional Indian cooking. In fact, most of them apprentice for years before they take charge. Even their cooking style, the means they use – brass urns, copper vessels and specially built large tandoors – all date back to the bygone era.


One thing we pride ourselves on at Memories of India is that we’re not just another Indian restaurant in the western suburbs of Melbourne. We promise an intimate and relaxed dining experience that offers something different to local and foreign patrons and ensures you enjoy a memorable food experience every time. Succumb to your senses; give in to the mouth-watering flavour combinations and make a booking at Memories of India today.


With 10 years of extensive experience working in the culinary sphere, Raj Ghotra took a step forward and came up with his own restaurant, Memories of India, in Darwin on 1st July 2014. After its immense success, he opened the first branch of Memories of India in Melbourne on 8th September 2017. Both restaurants provide a fine dining experience to guests in a relaxed environment where they can savour India's true flavours.

Kesar Catering Services - Indian Catering Company in Melbourne


(03) 84053111

Kesar Catering brings you naturally delicious and healthy dietary food. We provide catering services for family events, birthday parties, weddings, corporate events, or any other occasion. We use the best ingredients to make your food delicious.

Customised Menu as per your requirements

We specialise in authentic Indian Cuisine.

Shavan’s - Indian Catering Company in Melbourne


(03) 9773 0637

Shavan’s Indian Restaurant Patterson Lakes Melbourne takes great pleasure in welcoming you to our Restaurant

Shavan’s is a popular name amongst top-rated Indian restaurants in Melbourne. At our restaurant in Patterson Lakes, we offer nutritionally rich and flavourful Indian cuisine.

Rewarded for our top class service and superlatively delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, we have been honoured with numerous awards.

Being an award-winning Indian restaurant, we take pride in serving the finest food in the most heartwarming ambience. With the best chefs on board, we offer a variety of yummy Indian food to all genres of food lovers. With sixteen years of life span in catering heavenly Indian food, we are a popular destination for healthy, authentic Indian food.

We happily accommodate special dietary requirements of our customers and facilitate them with highly nutritious food, takeaways and drinks. With a banquet hall, function room and other amenities, we prove a matchless host for parties, weddings, birthdays and special events. Ours is a perfect place for traditional parties, celebrations or a la mode events.

We are the first name in lending perfect wine, dining experience, and that’s why we are among the top Indian restaurants. For savouring the true taste of India, check out at our branch and enjoy the spirit of Shavan’s!!

Shavan’s Indian wedding catering services in Melbourne

When it comes to Indian weddings, the term ‘extravagant’ instantaneously comes to mind. Vivaah, a Sanskrit word meaning ‘special dedication’, represents the magnificence, tradition, colours and extravagant celebrations linked with the sacred event. It not only signifies the creation of a bond between two people but the bonding of two families as well. Festivities may last as long as 4-5 days, regardless of the wedding's scope and style.

Extravagant marriage means a lot of planning and details that go into one week of celebrations. In addition, it is important for the host’s family to make sure the guests are having a nice time. That means, in addition to entertaining them, they must feed them well. Feeding a large group of people 3 times a day for a week is demanding, especially when you already have so many other important things to take care of.

Shavan’s – an expert restaurant for Indian catering in Melbourne, can ease that burden of Indian wedding catering in Patterson Lakes from your shoulders. We’ll take good care of your guests and make sure they have timely meals. Indian meals will suit their taste. As an Indian wedding caterer, we know Indian wedding is different from weddings here in Australia; they are a reflection of the host family’s social and fiscal standing.

Together with you, Shavan’s Indian wedding catering in Patterson Lakes will make it the night to remember for both the couple and all their guests. Concisely, we’ll make the event grand.

Are you or someone in your family getting married soon? Hire us as the caterer. We are the leading provider of Indian wedding catering services Patterson Lakes.

South Indian Food Catering

We bring south India close to you!

We are presenting to you the delicious, mouth-watering dishes from South India.

We at the Shavans, are bringing a fine experience of south Indian food catering in Melbourne. Our focus is only on serving fresh and authentic south Indian food. We feel proud in offering Indian food catering services in Melbourne. Each of the dishes is prepared with authentic south Indian spices and ingredients to create south India's original taste. Our catering service not only will provide tasty food, but will impress your guests at the beautiful presentation of the cuisine.

Splendid delicacies of South Indian food in Melbourne

If you want to taste the Indian food in Melbourne, then come try at Shavans for something different. We are one of the only Indian restaurants in Melbourne serving authentic South Indian food. We are true to our origins and serve only authentic dishes from South India.

South Indian Catering Service is Ready To Serve

We are one of Australia's leading catering services, and we have achieved this through exceptional food and quality catering services.

We bring our function catering signature service and cuisine to each function. Whether you are planning birthday parties, wedding receptions, cocktail parties, mehandi ceremony, or any indoor, outdoor event, there is no limit to our catering services.

We make sure that your event with us will be enjoyable.

If You’re looking for some healthy inspiration for any of your events, we’ve trustworthy guidance for all your foodie needs. 

North Indian Food Catering

You don’t have to go out of Australia or even out of Melbourne to find great, authentic Indian food. Whether you’re craving for great Southern-style vegetarian dosa or Northern style chaat, you will get everything at Shavan’s.

Shavan’s is a common name for the Melburnians. It is amongst the top Indian restaurants in Melbourne. We offer delicious and flavourful Indian cuisine.

One-Stop Solution For North Indian Food Catering

Fresh, Appraising, Tasty, Healthy, hygienically Prepared, Artistically decorated & Garnished Food. This words will come when your guest will attend an event and eat the delicious North Indian delicacies.

At Shavans’ our North Indian Food Catering Service is the first to turn for high-quality Indian catering for all types of events, including, Reunion party, Convention, Weddings, Reception, Baby Shower, Birthday Parties, or any other catering an event in the Melbourne.

Our catering service includes all types of Indian food, including Gujarati, North and South Indian, Sweets and Appetisers. We can provide catering to a minimum of 50 to a maximum of 500 persons at one time.

Celebrate your event in style at Shavan’s Function Venues in Melbourne

When it comes to finding unique venues for an event, there’s many to choose from. But Shavans provides you with a delightful experience with our customised function menu.

If you are looking to host an event and search for function venues in Melbourne, let us provide a pleasure of hosting functions ranging from weddings, corporate dinners, meetings, and conferences and give us a chance to serve a quality service, food and hospitality. Our highly experienced event staff and the team of chefs would love to serve you and your guests.

Priya Caroline Springs - Indian Catering Company in Melbourne


(03) 8390 6673


This place is cosy, friendly and serves authentic Indian cuisine in the heart of Melbourne. Priya Indian Cuisine in Caroline Springs has a range of finger-licking Indian Curries, mouth-watering Lunch specials, great Tea Collection, a fully licensed Bar with extensive cocktails & assortment of delicious Entrees.

Group bookings

Group bookings of 12 persons and more (up to 24) are recommended to Book our Banquet Menu most efficient way of ordering at Priya Indian Cuisine Caroline Springs. Please refer to the menu page to see our banquet menu

Functions & private dining

Priya Indian Cuisine at Caroline Springs is available for private events such as corporate functions, fundraisers, christenings, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries etc. For functions, please contact the restaurant

Nirankar Nepalese Indian Restaurant - Indian Catering Company in Melbourne


+61 3 9642 1993

Top Indian & Nepali Restaurant In Melbourne CBD

Nirankar is located in the heart of Melbourne CBD and has been serving a wide range of traditional and authentic Indian and Nepalese food in a warm & homely environment since 30 years.

Nirankar is an authentic and modern Indian – Nepalese Bar, Function and fine dining restaurant in Melbourne CBD. Nirankar is the perfect venue for a special celebration, corporate conference and seminar or business meeting, cocktail party, a relaxing and romantic evening, a quiet dinner or a takeaway. Our friendly professional staff will ensure that you are not disappointed.

At Nirankar, we strive always to use the freshest produce and give the best value for money. We pride ourselves on our vast array of dishes, combining various herbs & spices which create tastes and aromas that are diverse and unusual, from fiery hot to delicately sublime. With mild to hot curries and lightly spiced as well as more about flavours, the menu will appeal to all connoisseurs of this traditional cuisine. Nirankar is a fully licensed restaurant with a variety of wines and drinks on the menu. Restaurant seating capacity is 120.

Come and savour the difference and may Nirankar (Eternal Bliss) always be with you.

Indian Food Catering.

Premium Indian food catering in Melbourne serving all your needs!

Let us bring Nirankar Restaurant to your venue.

No matter what we claim, our taste buds are biased towards the flavours closer to our heart. Indian cuisines are generally accustomed to various spices, making Indian catering services more mouth-watering than bland.

At Nirankar, an Indian and Nepalese food restaurant in Melbourne CBD, we understand what it takes to be an Indian cuisine at its best. We constantly look for new possibilities that Indian food catering has to offer, while not forgetting the uniqueness and flavour that authentic Indian catering has always offered.

From sumptuous North Indian Cuisines from Lucknow to “Shahi Biryani” of Hyderabad, here all are blessed with flavours to tantalise your taste buds; This Indian and Nepalese foods caterer, today stands as the one-stop solution for all your event needs regarding Indian food catering in Melbourne.

Offering our service as one of the best Indian catering restaurants in Melbourne, Nirankar’s Indian food catering services serves mouth-watering dishes at the best price—true to its motto – Quality Food at a Quality Price.

Celebrate our great food with an enjoyable time, sit back and let us serve you and your guests the best Indian food by the best Indian food catering in Melbourne. 

Nirankar is the perfect venue for holding private events such as birthdays, anniversaries, baby naming ceremonies and wedding receptions, corporate function, cocktail party, brand and branch launches.

Do you want to invite a crowd over for drinks, or your next promotion party? Are you not finding the appropriate place to make it happen? Then keep your worries aside and enter Nirankar, one of the best function venues in Melbourne CBD offering an authentic blend of Indian and Nepalese foods, and among top-notch corporate function venues in Melbourne CBD.

The perfect setting for turning any wedding reception, corporate function, charity gala, and social events such as Bat Mitzvah, birthday parties, anniversary parties, and trade shows and corporate parties into a grand celebration, this Indian and Nepalese food restaurant takes pride in providing personal attention to make each and every banquet function, truly special.

Assisting you in every phase, we make your event a success—from your initial booking through to the end of your special day.

The catering staff are specially trained to create an ambience of romance and joy, tailor-made to support your day, to be remembered forever. In addition, we will be happy to recommend florists, musicians and other services that you may need to compliment your day.

Nirankar is the ideal location for mixing business with pleasure. Companies and organizations looking for corporate function venues in Melbourne CBD, have made Nirankar their venue of choice. Whether it’s honouring a retiring colleague or demonstrating a new product, our staff is well trained to take care of every aspect of your function, with dedicated function rooms in Melbourne CBD, providing the best services and finest cuisine for corporate and small business events.

From breakfast meetings to birthday parties, our function rooms in Melbourne CBD have everything to offer. 

Heritage Indian Restaurant - Indian Catering Company in Melbourne


03 9456 9935

About Heritage Indian Restaurant

At Heritage Indian Restaurant we offer meals of excellent quality and invite you to try our delicious food.

The key to our success is simple: providing quality, consistent food that tastes great every single time. We pride ourselves on serving our customers' delicious genuine dishes like Indian.

Eat delicious food. Grab a drink. But most of all, relax! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continued support.

Fabulous Catering - Indian Catering Company in Melbourne


1300 850 723

Fabulous Catering Melbourne

From delicious gourmet food to decadent desserts, Fabulous Catering is Melbourne’s best catering company dedicated to making your next event or celebration everything you desire. At Fabulous Catering Melbourne, we strive to surpass the level of service and versatility offered by other catering companies – providing top-quality catering services at affordable prices and incredible food that will impress your guests. With Fabulous Catering taking care of all of your catering needs across Melbourne, your next function is sure to be stress-free and fun! Our uniformed staff will arrive at the location of your event, be it a venue, a private home or a business address. They take care of all the elements of the catering and work incredibly efficiently.

Want to make sure the guests at your party, wedding, corporate function, or whatever event you’re hosting are well catered for?

From our base in Melbourne CBD (as well as various other locations across Australia), we provide gourmet catering services that can be tailored to suit any event. No job is too big or too small for our professional team of caterers – call us today to see how we can make your event fabulous!

Have dietary requirements? Budget restrictions? Specific needs to make your event perfect?

Leave all of that to the experts at Melbourne’s favourite caterers, Fabulous Catering. We have been able to provide premium quality food and beverage to countless clients around Victoria and across Australia – browse through our various options today or contact us for more information.


Complement your special day with gourmet wedding catering.

Fabulous Catering can bring the restaurant to you, with our portable kitchen, we can provide the staff and equipment you need to make your day special. Seamlessly fusing flavour with fresh, local ingredients, our talented chefs will whip up the perfect menu to ensure you and your guests' exquisite culinary experience. We’ll be right by your side from start to finish, to ensure every aspect of our wedding catering goes flawlessly – just as you’ve envisioned!

A wedding feast for one and all:

  • We provide all cooking and serving equipment.
  • We can cater to any budget.
  • Service and wait staff included
  • Any dietary requirement catered to

Curry Vault Indian Restaurant & Bar - Indian Catering Company in Melbourne


(03) 9600 0145


Curry Vault is the premier Indian restaurant in Melbourne offering quality catering services for both corporate and party events.

We can take care of your business or personal function and ensure your guests are treated to fine Indian cuisine made with love and passion from the best ingredients on the market. We will organise the food and drinks and even set the atmosphere to suit your event and needs.


Whether your event is welcoming 4 people or more, Curry Vault has you covered with a wide range of banquet options to suit various needs and dietary requirements.

Our 3 types of banquets are:

  • Banquet Menu
  • Curry Vault Banquet
  • Maharani Banquet (or Queen Banquet)

All our banquets come with appetisers, starters and main courses. The Curry Vault Banquet and Maharani Banquet have the addition of accompaniments and desserts, respectively.

Our services:

  • Indian cuisine
  • Takeaway
  • Wine bar
  • Catering services
  • Business functions
  • Personal functions
  • Fine dining

We guarantee:

  • 12 years of experience
  • Wide range of Indian dishes
  • Cater for vegetarians and vegans
  • Host any type of event
  • Professional and friendly service


  • Melbourne CBD
  • Melbourne

Indian Catering Tips for your Wedding

Choosing an Indian catering for your wedding is the way to make it really special and unforgettable. You will offer your guests a real culinary experience, a journey through the flavours of an ancient and extraordinary culture. However, an Indian catering can also make your wedding a failure if it’s not done properly: to avoid putting the best day of your life in the wrong hands, here are the useful tips.

Choose an experienced and authoritative chef or restaurant.

A lot of restaurants advertise their quality, but this does not always correspond to the truth. What you read on an institutional website is certainly important to get an idea, but it is not enough: to know if the restaurant you have chosen for the catering of your wedding is really reliable and authoritative, the best thing you can do is look for reviews. Those who have tried the service before you leave sincere comments on their experience so you can really understand the quality of the work.

Experience also counts: a restaurant that has just opened and has never catered before is probably not the best choice if you want everything to be perfect.

Setting coherent with the other tables.

Indian cuisine brings with it not only dishes and flavours but also scents, colours and atypical atmosphere. If you’ve chosen an Indian catering for your wedding, you probably love all this, but unless the whole setting is reminiscent of the Indian world, you’ll need to make sure that the style and appearance of the Indian catering corner are in harmony with everything else.

The wedding setting must be harmonic and homogeneous, and the catering company you choose must necessarily take this into account, both in terms of colours and style, to avoid an unpleasant aesthetic effect.

Choose a menu designed for your guests’ tastes.

The marriage is yours, and it’s right that you should decide. There’s no doubt about that. However, you will certainly want to offer your guests the most pleasant experience possible, so when deciding on the menu, keep your guests in mind. Choosing an Indian catering for a wedding in Italy is an original and sophisticated way to celebrate, but if there will also be Italians among the guests, it is probably better to ask the chef for a menu that also includes dishes of Italian tradition, to please everyone.

You might also think about reserving a corner of the catering to Indian and the rest to Italian or multi-ethnic cuisine.

Focus on vegetarian proposals

The vegetarian or vegan diet is becoming more and more popular, and many people appreciate these dishes. Obviously, if there are vegetarians or vegans among your guests, you will have to take this into account when deciding on the menu, but even if there aren’t, proposing dishes based on vegetables and legumes is a great idea to liven up your banquet.

Indian cuisine is full of vegetarian and vegan recipes that will add value to your menu. So remember to choose with the chef a selection of dishes that will not contain meat or fish, in order to impress your guests and offer them an alternative they might not have expected!

Finally, know that your Indian catering can become a real attraction for your guests! The traditional Indian cuisine, in fact, lends itself to very original and curious solutions, which can attract attention and entertain your guests during the preparation.

Think for example of the ancient tandoor oven to cook meat and other dishes: it would be a great way to amaze your guests if the chef would cook live using the tandoor oven or other traditional tools, unknown to most non-Indian people. 

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