Wedding Dresses for Older Brides: Ideas and Tips

You’ve been dreaming of your wedding day since you were a little girl. You watched for hours as the bride glided down the aisle on her father’s arm. Now, it’s time to make that dream come true.

Older brides are often overlooked when it comes to wedding dress shopping. As a result, they may end up wearing an ill-fitting dress that doesn’t compliment their body type or one that’s unflattering.

The first thing you need to do is figure out what type of dress you want- A ball gown? A sheath dress? Something short or long?

It may be harder to find dresses for older brides because designers often design with their target demographic in mind. However, there are many options available, and we’re confident you’ll find one that suits your style and budget.

They may not be the first choice for some designers and retailers because they don’t have the same body type as a younger bride who is still in her 20s or early 30s. However, this doesn’t mean that older brides can’t find a dress that will look beautiful on them!

This blog post will cover some of the best types of dresses for older brides based on their style preferences and body shape.

Older brides are often overlooked in the wedding dress department. But don’t worry! There is a lot of variety out there for you. This blog post will give you some tips on how to pick out your perfect gown, and we’ll look at some dresses that might suit you as well.

1. Be Inspired by What You Love

More and more people are deciding to marry or remarry at an older age. So while younger brides and models tend to dominate the pages of wedding magazines and designer runways, older brides are on the rise.

They also have several advantages when it comes to choosing a timeless wedding dress.

While you may not find inspiration in classic wedding magazines where most models will be younger, don’t be afraid to look for inspiration in other places.

Think of your favourite actresses who are of a similar age or who share similar features and find inspiration in their outfit choices. You could also look at your favourite film heroines and take inspiration from their styles of dress.

For the most part, skirt suits were the best dresses in previous years. However, changing fashion trends have given older brides wedding gowns that are more fabulous and fancy. As a result, you now have the option to flaunt the most fashionable style from a regular bridal collection.

The first option to consider would be an elegant full-length gown that is designed with the right curves and cuts to fit well.

A full-length dress with a sweeping train will be a great choice if you are a tall bride. You could consider a chapel length train or calf-length dress if you want one of the semi-formal wedding gowns for older brides.

Every bride wants to look astonishing on her wedding day regardless of her age. However, there is a big difference to shop for your wedding dress when you are over 40 than in your twenties.

While older brides may look weird in some types of dresses, it’s important to choose a gown, which flatters your figure, suits your individuality and looks elegant.

Start by looking at your wardrobe and pulling out your favourite pieces – the things that make you feel most confident when you put them on. (These don’t all have to be dresses.) Then, note what it is you love about each one and what they have in common.

Maybe it’s a certain neckline; perhaps it’s a particular type of sleeve; you may feel best in luxe fabrics or prefer a lighter, boho feel. Once you see a pattern emerging, use that to guide your wedding dress search.

For example, if you find your favourite fashion pieces are all about clean, soft lines, look at column, fit & flare gowns and slip dresses. If you realise you prefer outfits with volume, look at contemporary ball gowns.

No style is off-limits to you. ‘Dressing your age’ is so outdated – choosing your wedding dress is about what makes you look and feel amazing as a unique individual.

2. To Garter or Not to Garter?

Deciding to wear a traditional garter and participate in your garter toss is your decision. Let’s take a look at the meaning behind the garter toss to help you make your choice.

The garter toss dates way back to a time when guests believed the bridal garments would bring good luck.

Back in the day, reception-goers would chase the bride around, tearing off pieces of her dress until she finally wised up and tossed her garters to the crowd instead. The tradition is for first-time brides, but luck is in the eye of the beholder!

The same goes for the bouquet toss. Again, the bride’s bouquet was considered good luck, and the woman who received it would be next to marry.

Often the bouquet toss is painfully awkward for all the single women in the room, and your guests probably wouldn’t be sad to skip it. If you don’t want to do a bouquet toss at your second wedding, make a lovely speech instead and present it to someone special at the reception.

3. Take Note of  Wedding Location


Having a casual backyard garden summer ceremony? Think feminine and flowy. Something like the dress pictured below would be a flattering choice for an older bride.

It shows off your feminine curves, has creamy champagne lace that still says bride, and you’ll stay cool and comfortable in the hot summer sun—a very elegant piece for a summer wedding.

Heading to the courthouse followed by a nice dinner out on the town? Not wanting to slip into a fancy frock?

Why not try a pantsuit with a classic set of triple-strand cultured pearls like this ensemble below.

4. Choose Flattering over Fashion

A mistake common for younger brides is choosing a wedding dress that is chic in itself but doesn’t actually suit them. But, of course, you know better than that. If a high neck doesn’t flatter you, it doesn’t matter that it’s a hot bridal trend – put it aside.


It’s crucial to choose a simple wedding dress silhouette, which is flattering for your body. As a rule, ball gowns and princess dresses aren’t chosen by older brides.

Moreover, such a silhouette may look very weird if you are 50. So leave princess gowns to the 20-year-old brides, but opt for something more elegant.

Seek for clean and soft lines. For example, column and fit & flare wedding dresses will be suitable. If you have a tummy, opt for empire waist and A-line wedding dresses. If you have a beautiful body you are proud of; you may also try a slip dress.

The type of neckline depends on your body peculiarities. However, almost all necklines can be used for wedding dresses for older brides.

However, if you opt for a V-neck, avoid too deep plunging necklines. Also, off the shoulder wedding dresses aren’t always flattering and are absolutely inappropriate if you have wide shoulders. Another exception is strapless wedding dresses. They look better on young brides.

Besides, you may play with the wedding dress length. For instance, tea length wedding dresses look very cute. Or, you may have a knee-length one. One more option is a high low wedding dress, which combines short and long lengths.

Choose something that flatters your figure and makes you feel good wearing it. If that means a ball gown at 70, all the more power to you. Here are some tips and suggestions for those round-two brides who want to feel beautiful, classy, and gorgeous on their big day.

Moreover, you are free to have a pantsuit or jumpsuit instead of a traditional wedding gown: many beautiful and stylish pantsuits and jumpsuits for sale, which look no less festive than gowns.

5. Don’t Discount Vintage

Vintage and vintage-inspired wedding dresses can work well at any age. Just make sure you pick an era that suits your style, whether that’s 1970s boho or 1920s glamour.

One of the great things about being an older bride is that although you know what suits you, you also have the confidence to experiment.


In fact, many older brides prefer simple and casual wedding dresses. Such gowns are usually rather affordable and, very often, they can be worn for other occasions.

However, minimalist wedding dresses aren’t always cheap. On the other hand, there are many incredible minimalist dresses, which are rather expensive.

If you are a mature bride with the perfect figure, you could look really trendy in a one-piece, empire waist wedding gown.

Other wedding gowns for older brides include two-piece designs with accents such as waist pinched or gathered pleats at the waistline, belts and bows, body-fitted styles with side slits and flowy dresses with cascading layers.

Of course, we can’t just pass by lace wedding gowns. They look so feminine and elegant that almost all women are fond of them. A dress, which is fully covered with lace, will be a fantastic way to highlight your female’s nature.

Also, you may opt for the gowns with lace bodices and minor lace details.

Lace gowns give a romantic and luxurious feel, so they are also hot favourites for mature brides. With a full length and a well-fitted bodice, these gowns can provide brides with an exquisite and stunning look.

When exploring the different bridal gown designs, you can check out the off-shoulder, single shoulder caps, strapless style with a string corset top, lace shoulder-cap sleeves, deep V neckline with broad shoulders and the full lace or full sheer sleeves.

In addition to lace gowns, silk, satin, organza, sheers with satin or cotton lining, and linen are also good fabrics to consider.

Vintage style is in trend today. You may find vintage wedding dresses dedicated to all the epochs. Moreover, many beautiful modern wedding dresses feature vintage details or draw inspiration from past periods.

One more idea is to have a bohemian wedding dress. This style is also in trend now and will suit older brides perfectly. However, if you want to look simple and chic simultaneously, pay attention to boho dresses.

If you think that you need a wedding dress with a train, you can definitely buy the one. However, we don’t recommend long cathedral trains as they are inconvenient and may look too pompous for older brides. Instead, opt for a gown with a sweep train. This train is about 6 inches long and allows moving freely.

Style & Dare to be Different

Find a gown that isn’t your normal go-to silhouette. Instead, surprise your partner in something that makes you feel glamorous and sexy but is still classic and tasteful.

6. Sleeves or No Sleeves?


You can find plenty of gorgeous wedding dresses with sleeves, but as an older bride, you don’t have to cover up. Sleeveless and cami-style dresses can look very elegant.

Cap or flutter-style sleeves will cover your shoulders and upper arms while looking stylish. Or consider lace or illusion sleeves: three-quarter lengths work well as they flatter your hands and wrists.


Twenty-something brides often choose figure-hugging wedding dresses, but that may not be the preferred option of a mature bride.

That doesn’t mean long gowns with long sleeves, though! Many sophisticated wedding dresses will help you make the most of your best features. Focus on cuts and designs that show off your favourite features.

Undoubtedly, cute details turn a simple wedding dress into a special one. For example, older brides may consider wearing a wedding gown with sleeves.

If you have beautiful arms, you may opt for cap or flutter sleeves, which hide shoulders, but show off arms. On the other hand, lace and illusion sleeves look very interesting. For example, the ones in 3/4 lengths are flattering for your hands and wrists.

7. Don’t Shy Away from Sexier Styles

If you like to show some skin, plenty of wedding dress styles let you do so. For example, a backless wedding dress could look amazing, or you could make it more subtle with a lace or illusion plunge to the rear of your dress.


The owners of slim bodies may opt for backless wedding dresses. They look incredibly sexy. However, we don’t advise opting for deep cuts.

Thus, a back open to the shoulder blades will be absolutely appropriate. Or, you may have a dress with an illusion back. Such a design looks very mysterious and stylish.

8. Can I Still Wear White?

Although your great-grandmother may clutch her pearls at the idea of not wearing a white wedding dress, this is actually a fairly new tradition.

In fact, wearing a white wedding dress originated with Queen Victoria. Before her royal wedding to Prince Albert in 1837, brides of the time just wore their best dress.

The trend-setting queen launched a new world for the white wedding gown. A white gown traditionally symbolises innocence, virginity, and purity.

Because of this, it became a faux pas for a bride to wear white on her second trip down the aisle, unless she had a very short first marriage or had eloped.

Like we said, times have changed. Brides are bucking the restrictions of old traditions to celebrate their fairytale weddings, snow-white gown and all!

If you’d prefer not to wear white, there are ways around it. Many brides elect to purchase a gown in a gentle shade of ivory, ecru or even blush.

9. Embrace Colour

When it comes to colour, white is the most popular choice for wedding gowns, but you can also look beautiful in other shades. Who knows, you might want to wear a bold red gown to make a statement as a younger-looking mature bride.

For sober options, you could look at soft pink, pearl base with adornments, sky blue to get a fresh look or magenta to get a feminine and youthful finish.


Unlike a younger bride, you probably have a greater sense of freedom regarding wedding planning. Things don’t have to go perfectly, and you’re under less pressure to find a so-called ‘dream’ dress.

Many older brides choose shades other than white for their wedding dress. A wedding at an older age can be a great chance to experiment with colour. Go for a gown to suit the season with a colour that flatters your shape.

Additionally, mature brides will have a good idea of what cut suits them best. Go for a style you feel comfortable (as well as glamorous) in for a timeless wedding day appeal.

You can 100% wear white, whatever your age, but don’t discount colour. Instead, try on dresses in nude, blush, grey, ivory, silver and gold tones for a soft bridal look. Want more drama? Go for brights!


While most brides stick to traditional white and ivory wedding dresses, today, it’s rather trendy to choose a wedding gown of an unusual colour.

A bride of any age can wear coloured wedding dresses. But while young brides, who get married for the first time, still want to stick to traditions, older brides and those who get married for the second time are free to break them.

For instance, blush and nude colour wedding dresses are one of the biggest trends at the moment. The nude colour can have different hues, depending on your skin tone. However, it looks very interesting when the colour of the dress is close to the one of your skin. Though, it doesn’t suit anyone.

Blush wedding dresses are more universal. They also may have various hues but suit almost anyone. Blush colour looks great with all the wedding dress silhouettes and can be used for the dresses of different styles: from simple to luxurious ones.

Also, some other colours are suitable for wedding dresses. Such colours as pastel pink, mint, blue and violet look very beautiful on wedding dresses. The bravest brides may opt for bright colours like red or purple.

Textures, Patterns, Glitz and Color

Light silver, light blue, champagne, blush, cream or ivory are all lovely colours for mature 2nd marriage bridal gowns. Look for dresses with beautiful textures and patterns that will add an elegance to the dress.

10. Don’t Hide Behind Accessories

If you love bold, attention-grabbing accessories, that’s great – but don’t feel any pressure to add them to your look if you wouldn’t usually wear them. There’s nothing wrong with a pared-back bridal look if your style is minimalist.

Cute details

In addition, don’t forget about accessories. Your bridal look may be much more interesting if you have beautiful shoes, a bouquet and a headpiece. Also, a wedding dress can feature some additional details like a belt or bolero.

Scrap the Full-Length Veil

One piece of wedding wardrobe etiquette that hasn’t budged much surrounds the veil. Like a white dress, the veil covering the face is representative of youth and innocence.

This carries a special meaning when the groom lifts the veil from his bride’s face for the first time. Because the bride is not traditionally given away a second time, the veil is also not typically lifted again.

Brides seeking remarriage should instead experiment with face-framing veils, birdcage veils or even ornate hairpieces. A long veil cascading down the back and not covering the face is also acceptable for weddings that are very formal in style.

All in all, you see that older brides have a wide choice of dresses they can wear for their weddings. Just choose the silhouette and style, which highlights your individuality and flatters your body. Also, don’t be afraid of the experiments with the dress colour and length.

With the wedding gowns for older brides available in so many styles, you are sure to find a stunning dress that can suit your personality and figure very well. Just be sure to try different lengths, patterns, fabrics and colours before making the final decision.

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