+20 Best Photocopier Rent & Lease In Perth 2022

Are you considering leasing a photocopier for your office? It can be an expensive purchase, but is it worth the cost to rent or lease? Here are some things to consider.

There are several factors you need to weigh when deciding whether to lease or rent a photocopier for your office. The most important question is what will be the most cost-effective in the long run. Leasing a machine typically costs more in the short term, but you can often write off the expense on your taxes. Renting is cheaper in the short term, but you don't get all of the benefits of owning a photocopier.

Photocopier leasing allows you to spread the cost of your copier over 3 to 5 years. Leasing the equipment means you will pay monthly or quarterly over the fixed term, instead of making the full payment at the beginning of the agreement. Photocopier leasing is beneficial to all businesses, irrespective of size or turnover. Midshire has a huge variety of customers that lease their printing equipment including: schools, local authorities, SMEs and law firms, from start-ups to multi-national corporations.

Ultimate List Of Best Photocopier Rent & Lease in Perth

Abacus Photocopier Rent & Lease Perth


1300 552 424

For trustworthy and dependable office printing, we have just the service for you.

In 1981, Abacus was founded to meet a niche market demand for office supplies tailored to the needs of micro- and small businesses. Abacus started out as a small company in Western Australia, but it has since expanded to become the largest privately owned technology company in the state. Abacus is proud to say that it is wholly owned and operated by Australians.

Managed Print Service Company

The Australian company Abacus Photocopiers offers specialised managed print services for SMEs.

We have helped thousands of business owners across many different industries, including real estate, education, and professional services, gain control of their office printing needs.

Our managed print service agreement incorporates hardware, supplies, maintenance, and management of vehicles to guarantee optimal use of your print solutions. You can modify your monthly volumes and/or add apparatus as needed for your company's operations.

Abacus Rent It - Photocopier Rent & Lease Perth


0438 944 231 | 1300 55 24 24

Our specialists go above and beyond to ensure the quality of your rental equipment. Our computer equipment can be tailored to your specifications and has unmatched support and replacement policies. Our Quality Assurance Policy assures that your equipment arrives on schedule and is properly set up. From the minute you call until the last pickup, Abacus Rent IT strives for client satisfaction. 

Abacus Rent IT is an Australian-owned and -operated computer rental and audio visual hire firm with fast delivery from locations in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide.

Copyworld Photocopier Rent & Lease Perth



The company has over 60 devoted staff serving the needs of customers across Australia, with purpose-built offices in Adelaide and Perth. Copyworld's expert sales team can not only connect you with the most up-to-date technology on the market, but its team of skilled technicians can also provide quick, dependable, and thorough assistance. Toshiba photocopiers, multifunction devices (MFDs), and facsimiles are sold only through Copyworld. Furthermore, Copyworld collaborates with Microsoft and other information technology businesses to manage your whole IT network.

For starters, cost is a major consideration for most businesses. For example, when purchasing smaller printers, the cost of toner alone is exorbitant. However, the cost of printing and copying huge numbers, as well as the price per copy, are substantially lower with a commercial printer leasing than with cheaper, small printers. Furthermore, while purchasing outright may be prohibitively expensive for some firms, you can look into simple printer rental solutions.

Digital Document Solutions Photocopier Rent & Lease Perth



We offer a complete line of color and black-and-white multifunction systems to accommodate all types of businesses, from small/medium firms to major corporate organizations, with speeds ranging from 16ppm to 80ppm. In addition, we have a big inventory of ex-rental and factory-refurbished systems with full warranties. There are full-color and mono connectable systems, as well as stand-alone systems and laser printers, with speeds ranging from 16ppm to 80ppm.

We at Digital Document Solutions recognize that every company is unique. That is why we customise office equipment solutions to your company's exact requirements. We also provide a wide range of financial help packages, allowing you to buy, lease, hire, purchase, or rent equipment.

CDM Australia Photocopier Rent & Lease Perth



Kyocera opted to combine their superior photocopier technology with CDM's industry-leading service because of our long history and proven reputation. Our client retention rate demonstrates that we listen to our clients and provide trustworthy advise on the best technology for all of your business document solutions. Join us to witness a true collaboration of service and technology.

Our technical staff is accessible to assist your business expand and is supported by a team of professional engineers, technicians, and support employees. CDM Australia has experts in document solutions and network systems installation, relocation, maintenance, training, and administration. The Customer Service Centre organizes and directs our countrywide delivery and service team. To keep your supply chain in check, our warehouse provides access to a large variety of spare parts.

PrintCom Photocopier Rent & Lease Perth

Printcom Photocopier Rent & Lease Perth



Since 1992, Printcom has offered photocopiers, all-top-brand consumables, peripherals, maintenance, and printing solutions. More recently, we have expanded our offerings to include renting. You can reduce your operating costs by renting any of our branded printers and copiers. The brands that are offered, which include Brother, Kyocera, HP, Oki, Epson, Fuji Xerox, and Samsung, all have rental printers that will satisfy your needs.

Our entire inventory of equipment is available for hire at competitive rates. Please visit our website or contact our friendly team for further information. Printcom can meet all of your printing, computing, and copying requirements. We offer a diverse range of products and services to meet the specific demands of your company, so whether you require a printer, a photocopier, a fax machine, or a qualified repair professional, we can help. We also offer low-cost business solutions.

Kyocera Printers Copier Rental Perth



Kyocera Printers Perth offers the most advanced office and document management solutions for today's businesses. With a fantastic offer of free installation and delivery on our whole selection of items, get in contact or browse the catalogue to see what's available.

Kyocera opted to combine their superior photocopier technology with CDM's industry-leading service because of our long history and proven reputation. Our client retention rate demonstrates that we listen to our clients and provide trustworthy advise on the best technology for all of your business document solutions. Join us to witness a true collaboration of service and technology.

Global Document Solutions Photocopier Rent & Lease Perth



GDS provides you with a consistent payment structure, with the same costs applied to all equipment, independent of type or brand. There are no hidden monthly fees, and our pricing is completely open, so you know exactly what you're paying for. When you get into a financing agreement, make sure it allows you to upgrade or downgrade your equipment during the term to fit your budget.

Please contact us if you require a 'out-of-the-box' print photocopying solution. We can also fund used equipment and provide cash to business owners who trade in old equipment if they want to purchase new equipment from us. You do not have to pay anything up front to obtain the machine you like. Because leasing is considered an operational expense, it is fully tax deductible.

Our Kloud Photocopier Rent & Lease Perth



Printer & Copier Service in Perth

In Perth, Western Australia, are you looking for the ideal printer or copier? We sell and service printers and copiers from most major brands, and we can match you with the ideal copier machine. We will specify your requirements. We will do a tour to take note of your copier and printer placement(s) as well as information on functionality, usage, and configuration.

First, we endeavor to understand your current business and future objectives. We'll evaluate your current Perth gear, print demands, and document workflow requirements through the lens of your present issues and objectives. Following that, we interact with workflow professionals and product experts to create a best-in-class solution tailored to your specific requirements. We'll select the finest technology for your needs, balance your printing against paperless procedures, forecast volumes, and recommend workflow automation to make your life easier.

In addition to continuous maintenance and troubleshooting, we will analyze your account on a regular basis, assessing your spending and device utilization. We will continue to adjust your print solution as your Perth business evolves to guarantee it is always the perfect fit for your needs.

The Metro Print and Copy Photocopier Rent & Lease Perth



Although print media has been around for a long time, it hasn't lost its potential to help you make an impression. We will collaborate with you to create high-quality, eye-catching printed materials as a solution-focused company. Metro Print and Copy is Perth's premier printing service.

As a small business ourselves, we realize how pricey printing and copying can quickly deplete a company's budget. We collaborate with you to find the ideal solution that has the greatest impact at the lowest possible cost. When you invest in the growth of your company, you will receive the best service possible.

Coastal Business Equipment Photocopier Rent & Lease Perth



Photocopiers: Laser Multifunction Printers: Printers with lasers: Telefax Machines: Interactive and electronic whiteboards: 3D Printers: Scanners Shredders and laminators for commercial use. We also offer Toner, Ink Cartridges, Parts, and Consumables for all major brands of copiers and printers.

Award-winning photocopiers, multifunction devices, and laser printers from Kyocera are also sold, serviced, and warranted by Coastal Business Equipment. As part of the CUA PCS2018 local government contract, we are also an authorized Kyocera product supplier for the departments of government and education.

Document Services Australia Photocopier Rent & Lease Perth



Sydney offers sales, services, and repairs for photocopiers. Sydney offers sales, servicing, and repairs for printers and copiers. Please get in touch with us to arrange servicing, explore printer and photocopier alternatives, or otherwise.

Our services give the assistance, know-how, and technology that businesses require to remain competitive. Step by step, we audit, inspect, and analyze your company's IT infrastructure. Your systems will be efficient. DSA is your one-stop shop for all of your printing requirements.

Comparison Advantage Photocopier Rent & Lease Perth



An office printer is a must-have for any workspace. It can make hard copies, faxes, scans, and duplicates.

Look no further than Comparison Advantage if you are looking for a supplier in Perth. We are an Australian-owned website that supplies businesses with office technology solutions.

Our selection of office printer vendors in Perth is extensive. You can expect to buy items from HP, Canon, Toshiba, Lexmark, Konica Minolta, and other manufacturers.

Key Imaging Solutions Photocopier Rent & Lease Perth



One System, One Solution

Printers, photocopiers, and multi-function devices that meet all of your requirements

By printing, scanning, copying, and faxing, this versatile gadget facilitates office communication and presentation. With Konica Minolta, we provide dependability, simplicity, and quality.

Toner Print Photocopier Rent & Lease Perth



Toner Print understands that our clients may only require a printer for a limited period of time. We can provide short-term rentals ranging from one day to six months, inclusive of all consumables, delivery, installation, and pick-up.

Advanced Document Solutions Photocopier Rent & Lease Perth


(08) 94435557

And, despite our family business's continued growth to become one of Perth's top photocopier providers, our customer service attitude has never altered. We believe in assisting individuals in understanding what we offer rather than impressing or confusing them with technical jargon or sales talk. And we want folks to know that we're available if they need us. It's simply that simple.

CopierChoice Photocopier Rent & Lease Perth



It's usually a good idea to do a cost-benefit analysis. This ensures that the advantage of a photocopier provides an appropriate return on investment. Revenue vs. cost is easily measured in a business that makes income from copiers, such as a printing or photocopying business. Because office copiers do not produce revenue, measuring its effectiveness is more challenging.

The opportunity to do copying and printing in-house rather than paying for it at a print/copy shop is usually one of the key advantages. Depending on the number of copying and printing done, a firm will often reach a break-even point where purchasing a photocopier for in-house copying, printing, scanning, and so on will be more cost-effective.

The majority of firms lease or rent photocopiers. The main reason for this is because no capital is tied down and may thus be used for other reasons.

Global Office Machines Photocopier Rent & Lease Perth



You may produce more by using high-quality copying, printing, scanning, and faxing. Use the wireless and built-in security features to operate from anywhere.

You can use our managed print service with your new photocopier, which covers all supplies, maintenance, and repairs.

Mitronics Photocopier Rent & Lease Perth



Konica Minolta is leading the industry in the direction of integrated, networked hardware/software solutions that are simpler, more dependable, and cost-effective. Mitronics can arrange lease of high-quality Konica Minolta color and monochrome bizhub systems for workgroups and small offices.

A3 office multifunction printers from Konica Minolta are the all-in-one printers, scanners, and copiers you need to print, copy, and fax faster. Fast KM color and monochrome A4 printers and faxes with high-resolution laser printing, TWAIN color scanning, and great performance for small offices and workgroups. The bizhub of the future. High performance and best-in-class usability. Outstanding performance and productivity. Take command of your document requirements with first-rate usability.

Scope Photocopier Rent & Lease Perth



We founded the company because there was a need for high-quality, timely, and dependable service to help organizations that relied significantly on printers and photocopiers to produce important documents.

Industry-leading service response time of 2 hours - maximizes uptime + First Time Fix - an efficient defect call solution + Local people and technical support in each site to quickly and efficiently address any faults - increasing productivity + Preventive maintenance - to boost productivity, reduce downtime, and extend product life + Scope Commercial Imaging is Western Australia's largest independent reseller of Konica Minolta business equipment.

Metrocopiers Photocopier Rent & Lease Perth

Metrocopiers Photocopier Rent & Lease Perth


We've got your back! We don't only sell the greatest printers on the market. All of our programs include everything you need to keep your printer working and provide stress-free printing. We do not simply deliver your printer and then disappear! All of our plans include Managed Print Service as part of the price. This will allow you to concentrate on your day-to-day tasks rather than worrying about your printer.

You literally don't have to worry about anything when you sign up for a Metro Copiers plan. Replacement parts for all toner equipment are covered*! You may simply relax and enjoy stress-free printing. If you have a printer problem, we can have one of our engineers on-site within 2-4 working hours to check into it. Our service engineers are located in all major locations around Australia, allowing them to respond to your help request within hours. All repairs are performed by factory-trained experts who are well-versed in all copiers and software.

FAQs About Photocopier Rent & Lease

Currently, a variety of light sources are used. As glass transmits ultraviolet rays between 325 and 400 nanometers, copiers with ultraviolet-producing lights such as fluorescent, tungsten halogen, or xenon flash, expose documents to some ultraviolet.

And, although UV light has more than enough firepower to make a photocopy, it can be very damaging to our eyes and skin. This is why photocopiers use a plain old incandescent or fluorescent bulb to flash light onto the original document.

The photocopier introduced a new world of possibility, with the ability to create zines, magazines and booklets a reality for anyone. Illustrations could be mass produced and sold to the masses, and creating mixed media work became more attainable and attractive.

Its widely perceived that printers and photocopiers require ink cartridges in order to be able to print but, most people do not know, photocopiers almost exclusively use toner! Printer toner is primarily made up of a carbon powder that when heated fuses to the paper or other print medium.

Mimeographs were often used for making classroom copies in schools before photocopying became inexpensive in the mid- to late-twentieth century. A mimeograph printed copies by pressing ink through a stencil onto paper, which was pulled by a crank through a system of rollers.

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