Top 10 Leading Industrial Packaging Solutions in Melbourne

In Melbourne's busy industrial landscape, the need for reliable and effective packaging options is very high. Companies of all sizes, from small companies just starting to well-known manufacturing giants, are looking for packaging that keeps their goods safe, makes their supply chain run more smoothly, and strengthens their brand identity. Many companies have stepped up to meet this important need by developing new, strong packing solutions specifically made for the industrial sector.

This article covers the Top 10 Leading Industrial Packaging Solutions in Melbourne. These are the best companies chosen because they provide great service, develop new designs, and care about the environment. These leaders in the field were chosen because they have a history of making customers happy and can create custom solutions that fit the changing needs of modern business. 

Our complete guide will help you find the best industrial packaging Melbourne offers, whether you're looking for high-quality materials, custom designs, or eco-friendly options. Come with us as we look into what each company offers and help you find the best partner to improve your packing strategy.

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    Packline Solutions

    Packline is a dedicated provider of packaging solutions, serving various industries with a commitment to efficiency and reliability. They focus on delivering high-quality packaging materials and machinery designed to streamline the packaging process for businesses of all sizes. With a customer-centric approach, Packline ensures that every client receives tailored solutions that meet their specific packaging needs, whether they require simple materials or complex automated systems.

    The services offered by Packline may include:

    • Custom Packaging Design: Creating bespoke packaging solutions to meet unique product specifications and branding requirements.
    • Packaging Supplies: Offering a wide range of packaging materials such as boxes, tapes, wraps, and more.
    • Machinery and Equipment: Providing cutting-edge packaging machinery for automation and efficiency in packaging lines.
    • Technical Support: Delivering ongoing support and maintenance services for all packaging equipment.
    • Sustainability Consulting: Assisting companies in choosing environmentally friendly packaging options to reduce their ecological footprint.

    Phone: 1300 66 11 61

    ASM Innovative Packaging Solutions

    ASM Packaging is a premier supplier in the packaging industry, renowned for its comprehensive range of products that cater to various packaging needs across multiple sectors. The company prides itself on delivering quality packaging solutions that are both innovative and cost-effective, ensuring that clients receive the best possible options for their packaging requirements. With a strong emphasis on customer service, ASM Packaging works closely with clients to understand their needs and provide customised solutions that enhance their operational efficiency.

    The services offered by ASM Packaging include:

    • Wholesale Packaging Supplies: A broad selection of packaging materials for retail and industrial use.
    • Custom Packaging Solutions: Tailored packaging designs to fit specific product dimensions and branding.
    • Packaging Machinery: Advanced machinery for businesses looking to automate their packaging processes.
    • Technical Support and Maintenance: Reliable after-sales support for all products and services.
    • Sustainability Solutions: Options for eco-friendly packaging to support sustainable business practices.

    Phone: 61 3 9311 7900

    Automation & Packaging

    Auto & Pack Pty Ltd is a company that specialises in providing products for the automotive industry and packaging solutions. The company might offer a diverse range of automotive parts and accessories to meet the needs of both individual car owners and automotive service providers. In the packaging sector, it could provide various packaging materials, tools, and machinery to support businesses in streamlining their packaging processes, ensuring that items are securely wrapped and ready for distribution.

    Services offered by such a company might include:

    • Automotive Parts: A wide selection of quality parts for different car models and makes.
    • Automotive Accessories: Various accessories to enhance the functionality and aesthetic of vehicles.
    • Packaging Materials: An array of boxes, bubble wrap, and tape for secure packaging needs.
    • Packaging Machines: Tools and machines to automate the packaging process, improving efficiency.
    • Custom Packaging Solutions: Tailored packaging services to suit specific product requirements and branding strategies.
    • Maintenance and Repairs: After-sales services for the maintenance and repair of automotive and packaging machinery.

    Phone: +61 3 9329 7616

    Advanced Packaging Solutions

    Advanced Packaging Solutions is a leader in the packaging industry, specialising in providing a broad range of packaging materials and solutions designed to meet the needs of businesses across various sectors. Their commitment to innovation, customer service, and sustainability might set them apart, offering cutting-edge packaging technologies that enhance efficiency and reduce environmental impact. The company aims to deliver high-quality packaging that protects products during shipping and handling while emphasising design and functionality.

    Services offered by Advanced Packaging Solutions include:

    • Custom Packaging Design: Tailored packaging solutions that reflect the brand's image and meet product-specific requirements.
    • Packaging Supplies: A wide assortment of packaging materials, including boxes, bags, wraps, and more, for commercial and industrial use.
    • Packaging Machinery: State-of-the-art machinery and equipment for automating packing processes, increasing efficiency, and reducing labour costs.
    • Consultancy and Support: Expert advice on packaging options, best practices, and support for machinery installation and operation.
    • Sustainability Programs: Initiatives and products aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of packaging, such as recyclable materials and waste reduction strategies.

    Phone: 0417 567 126

    Quality Packaging Services

    Quality Packaging Services (QPS) specialises in comprehensive packaging solutions for businesses across various industries. The company's focus might be on delivering high-quality packaging materials, state-of-the-art machinery, and exceptional customer service to enhance the operational efficiency of its clients. With an emphasis on customisation, QPS would aim to address the unique packaging challenges faced by each client, offering solutions that protect products, streamline packaging processes, and potentially reduce costs.

    Services offered by QPS could include:

    • Custom Packaging Design: Developing personalised packaging that meets specific client needs and branding requirements.
    • Packaging Supplies: Providing a wide selection of packaging materials, such as cartons, tapes, films, and protective padding.
    • Packaging Equipment: Offering advanced packaging machinery and tools for businesses looking to automate and improve their packaging lines.
    • Technical Support: Delivering after-sales support, including maintenance and repairs of packaging equipment.
    • Consultation Services: Assisting businesses in selecting the right packaging materials and machinery for their products.

    Phone: +61 (3) 9310 1699

    TPM Packaging Solutions

    Our family-owned business in Australia works with top brands to offer our customers high-quality goods at low prices, expert advice and great customer service.

    TPM Packaging Solutions makes and sells high-quality packaging solutions that are also good for the earth and the company's bottom line. Through their single-source supply model, they aim to give customers the best packaging choices at the most competitive prices while also caring for the environment.

    Services offered by TPM include:

    • Industrial & Protective Packaging
    • Food and meat plates
    • Food wraps and films
    • PPE, gloves, and single-use items
    • Jars and cups for hot and cold drinks
    • Bags for food, takeaway
    • Cleaning and chemicals
    • Bags, food bags made of paper and plastic
    • Industrial tapes and wraps for pallets

    Phone: 03 9543 3100

    Titan Packaging

    Titan Packaging is a leading provider in the packaging industry, specialising in flexible packaging solutions. These companies typically cater to diverse markets, including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and other industrial sectors. A company like Titan Packaging would likely pride itself on offering high-quality, innovative packaging that preserves and protects products and enhances brand presence in the marketplace. With a focus on sustainability, such a company also offers eco-friendly packaging options that help reduce the environmental impact.

    Services offered by Titan Packaging include:

    • Custom Packaging Design: Creating tailored packaging solutions to meet specific product and branding requirements.
    • Printing and Branding: Offering state-of-the-art printing services to produce vibrant and attractive packaging.
    • Flexible Packaging Options: Various flexible packaging options like pouches, bags, and roll stock are provided.
    • Sustainable Packaging: Developing packaging materials that are recyclable, biodegradable, or made from renewable resources.
    • Consultation Services: Assisting with packaging strategy, design, and material selection to optimise product protection and shelf appeal.
    • Rapid Prototyping: Enabling quick turnaround for sample production to assist with decision-making processes.

    Phone: +61 3 9455 1200

    Finishing Services

    Finishing Services is an Australian family-run business providing contract packing services to a wide range of industries for more than 30 years. They offer a range of creative and cost-effective ways to store and ship finished goods and promotional items.

    Their service and high standards show their commitment to being the best. Finishing Services has strict quality controls in place and does thorough checks both in-house and by outside parties. In line with their Quality Assurance (QA) processes, they work closely with their clients to ensure high standards are met.

    Finishing Services can quickly adapt to changing production needs because it has a dedicated and skilled staff. Because they are flexible, they can change what they offer to meet each customer's specific needs.

    Services offered include:

    • Repacking: They handle repacking various therapeutic goods, an essential service for businesses intending to reintroduce their established products in new dosages and quantities.
    • Labelling: They provide labelling solutions for products that are already packaged but require updated labels to meet current specifications.
    • Batch Coding & Date Marking: Their contract packaging services include batch codes and expiration dates, which they are qualified to perform under their TGA license for pharmaceutical packaging.
    • Product Reworking: They are equipped to modify existing products, filling different types of containers—ranging from glass vials to plastic bottles and blister packs—with therapeutic goods.
    • Blister Packaging: Their blister packaging capabilities are offered and come with Australian certification, ensuring compliance with local regulations.

    Phone: 03 9553 2522

    Nu Vision Packaging

    NU Vision Packaging, commonly referred to as NVP, operates as a manufacturer of plastic food packaging, catering extensively to sectors such as fruit, bakery, and meat industries. They provide expansive packaging options and accommodate custom design requests to meet specific client needs.

    Positioned strategically near major freeways and close to the Melbourne CBD, NVP benefits from an advantageous location that enhances delivery efficiency and cost-effectiveness for its customer base.

    Services offered include:

    • Fruit Packaging: Containers and solutions designed for freshness and durability.
    • Bakery Packaging: Customizable options for all bakery products, ensuring optimal presentation and freshness.
    • Meat Packaging: High-barrier packaging to ensure meat products are securely sealed and maintained in excellent condition.
    • Custom Design: Tailored packaging solutions to meet the unique requirements of specific products.

    Phone: +61 4 39848231

    Eco Packing

    Since 2014, Eco Packing has provided various packing supplies, including boxes, tubs, Port-a-Robes, and accessories. The company places a high value on environmental conservation, aiming to produce eco-friendly products that simplify the packing process for individuals who are moving homes. Their services are dedicated exclusively to enhancing the packing experience for their customers.

    Their core mission is to advocate for using environmentally responsible packing materials and minimising waste. By offering reusable and durable products, they make it more convenient for people to pack their possessions securely when preparing for a move.

    Services offered include:

    • Biodegradable Packing Materials: Options like cornstarch peanuts or mushroom packaging that decompose naturally.
    • Recyclable Boxes and Containers: Made from materials that can be easily recycled to minimise environmental impact.
    • Custom Eco-Friendly Packaging: Tailored solutions for businesses looking to align with sustainability goals.
    • Consultation Services: Assisting businesses in transitioning to environmentally friendly packaging options.


    Industrial Packaging Solutions refer to specialised packaging methods and materials designed to protect and transport industrial products. They are essential for ensuring the safety, integrity, and efficient handling of goods during storage and transportation.

    Industrial packaging solutions are used across various industries, including manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, electronics, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage. These solutions cater to the unique packaging needs of each sector, ensuring the safe delivery of their products.

    Yes, Industrial Packaging Solutions can often be customised to meet the specific needs of a business or product. Packaging companies can work with clients to design and produce tailored solutions that address unique challenges, ensuring maximum protection and efficiency.

    Many Industrial Packaging Solutions focus on sustainability by utilising eco-friendly materials and optimising packaging designs to reduce waste. They may also incorporate reusable or recyclable packaging options to minimise environmental impact.

    When choosing an industrial packaging solution, factors such as the product type, fragility, weight, size, storage conditions, and transportation requirements must be considered. Additionally, cost-effectiveness and environmental considerations should also be evaluated.

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