Groom Outfit Ideas

How to choose a suit for the groom?

What should you wear to get married? The short answer is: whatever you damn well, please. The longer answer is: you should wear something that makes you look good, that's appropriate for the occasion, and that compliments whatever your bride is wearing.

Guys tie themselves into Windsor knots about arcane style "rules", but unlike your marriage, these rules are not legally binding. You can break them without fear of being arrested by the fashion police.

But should you break them? We say no—at least, not just for the sake of breaking them. You could be a rebel and get hitched in a T-shirt and shorts, but if you don't show respect for the occasion, you're literally and figuratively making yourself look bad.

Plus, it's fun to get a new suit, and you'll never have a better excuse to splurge on one. What kind of suit? Well, that's where those aforementioned "rules" can serve as useful guidelines.

We know picking the perfect groom suit can be a daunting task, with so many variations and styles available, narrowing down your options can be difficult. In reality, most men can go through life sticking with only one or two really good suits with others never owning or even coming close to owning a tailor-made suit, that is, until the wedding day comes along. For something that seems so uniform, you can be forgiven for assuming that it's a simple task - how hard can it be to pick out a good two-piece to match the theme of the wedding? Well, not to overwhelm any grooms here, but there are a lot of considerations that need to be made before you can choose the right suit.

Firstly, there's deciding on the style; for example, do you want a three-piece including a waistcoat, do you go for the classic tuxedo or maybe even incorporate a blazer? What accessories do you include, cufflinks, boutonnieres, suspenders? Do you want to wear a tie or bowtie? Regardless of your experience or personal tastes, we have compiled the ultimate checklist to ensure that you get every little detail right - from the tricky measurements and sizing ratios right down to the style of cufflinks you want.

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  • When it comes to the width of your jacket, skinny lapels are currently on-trend, whereas wider, broad jacket lapels are seen as more old-fashioned.
  • For a guaranteed sense of modernity, yet still keeping that old-fashioned charm, a three-piece suit with an included waistcoat is always the perfect combination.
  • It's considered more stylish and chic to keep the bottom button of a waistcoat unbuttoned.
  • Shoulder pads should never stand up above the shoulder or jut out of the frame of your torso, and they should simply end just before the shoulders do.
  • If you opt for a mismatched outfit, coloured suit, or even decide to forego the jacket altogether- all of which considered being the 'contemporary casual' groom look - try incorporating shades of brown or grey as these are more subtle and still a flattering, formal shade.
  • Another firm favourite in the casual style department is tweed – either in the pants, the jacket or even just the tie, a tweed-style suit will lend a whimsical air while still keeping you stylish.
  • A tuxedo will always remain a classic, but one that you can mix up and modernise a little by including a tie instead of a bowtie or a pop of colour in the pocket square.
  • Always make sure your tie is a darker colour than your shirt for a more elegant finish.



Groom wedding, groom suit, groom attire, wedding suit, how to choose your wedding suit, styling tips for the man on the wedding day. 

  • The cuffs of your shirt sleeve should be showing half an inch out from the sleeve of the jacket.
  • There should be no gap between the lapel collar of your jacket and the collar of your shirt around your neck – they should sit comfortably and snugly together.
  • For perfect balance and symmetry, the width of your tie should match the width of your jacket lapel.
  • The tie length should reach just the beginning of your suit pants and be no longer.
  • The jacket of your suit should be fitted as close to your chest so that there is enough room for you to slide your hand inside your chest pocket, but not enough to extend your hand outwards from your chest.

During the Ceremony

Groom wedding, groom suit, groom attire, wedding suit, how to choose your wedding suit, styling tips for the man on the wedding day. 

  • Always remember to unbutton your suit jacket when sitting down – it will look better and ensure that the suit is free from wrinkles and any potential damage.
  • It's always useful to keep a little lint roller on hand somewhere at the reception – you never know when you or the bride might need it.
  • Make sure your socks – however colourful or plain they may be - reach just below the knee so as to cover your exposed leg when you sit down.


Groom wedding, groom suit, groom attire, wedding suit, how to choose your wedding suit, styling tips for the man on the wedding day. 

  • Try to have a little fun with your accessories, and they are the one feature of your suit that you can personalise and play around with.
  • We've already mentioned the different ways you can accessorise the boutonniere – from photos to favourite movie characters.
  • Bowties and pocket squares are a great option to add in a bit more colour and variety to your outfit. Choose to make them bright, patterned and customised to give your suit that extra flair of personality.
  • Similar to the bowtie, cufflinks are always a great way to customise your suit to fit your own style, and they also work great as gifts for fellow groomsmen. Personally, we're big fans.
  • If you have opted for the casual groom look, then suspenders will be your next best friend, after the tweed and bowtie of course. They add a sense of old-world charm and are the perfect style accessory to include if you're looking for a cheeky edge.
  • Make sure your shoes match the colour of your belt – and if you want to be extremely suave, then add a similar toned watch for a completely polished appearance.
  • We are huge fans of the stylish brown brogue as a groom shoe for the wedding day. While black will never go out of fashion, don't be afraid to mix in a little brown or grey-toned shoe in your outfit, as long as you coordinate with at least some of your suit's accessories then these stylish dress shoes won't be out of place.

Here are the easy tips to help you find the best wedding suit for your style and budget. 

Go to a tailor

One of the biggest reasons men choose to buy a suit instead of renting a tux is the fit. A tailored suit will always look better than a tux rented off the rack.

Even if a suit fits well in-store, the groom should strongly consider getting it tailored before the big day. A tailor can turn an acceptable-looking suit into a dynamic article of clothing that will turn heads every time you wear it. Alteration costs vary based on the tailor and what you need to have done. As a general rule, expect to spend between $10 and $150.

If you have a strict budget, choose a less expensive suit and spend more on professional tailoring. People will usually notice a suit's fit more than the quality of fabric and stitching.

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Spend a bit more

Everyone wants to save money on their wedding, but unlike the flowers or cake, your suit will last for years after the ceremony is over. Instead of choosing a suit based on price, find the best value. It might require spending a little more than you originally thought, but it's better to pay $400 for a suit you'll wear a few times a year than $200 on one that will sit in your closet.

This can be a tough concept for younger men to embrace. When you're in your 20s, you're typically unaccustomed to shelling out big bucks for an article of clothing. But if you invest in a decent suit early on, you'll be prepared for any formal events and business functions you attend for years—and look amazing the whole time. You may not care about the quality of a suit at that age, but the people conducting your interviews and deciding who gets promoted probably do. 

Don't just consider the wedding

When you're buying a suit for the wedding, you probably imagine wearing it while saying your vows, listening to speeches and getting down on the dance floor.

But have you imagined wearing it at a dinner party, a funeral or another friend's wedding? Is your suit versatile enough to handle a variety of situations, or will it only be appropriate in rare circumstances?

Gray and navy suits are a good compromise between a traditional black suit or tux. Tan and white suits might be popular for summer weddings but won't work well for a networking event. The suit should also match the bride, fellow groomsmen and bridesmaids, so don't ruin the aesthetic of your wedding over practicality—just try to find a reasonable middle ground.

Which Wedding Suit Style Should You Choose?

When deciding on the wedding suit style, grooms should consider not only personal style but also the type of wedding they are having, as well as the dress code for the event.

If your wedding is a formal event that takes place in the evening, at an elegant location, then your groom suit will be elegant and completely different than a groom suit for an informal beach wedding.

Here are the most popular styles of wedding suits for men and which you should choose, so you don't look out of place at your own wedding:

The Formal Wedding Suit

If the level of formality of your wedding is very high, then you can wear an elegant suit with a frock coat with a matching or a contrasting waistcoat underneath. This would be the perfect groom attire for a wedding with a white tie dress code.

Another formal wedding suit is the tuxedo, which is usually worn for black tie events. The tuxedo has elegant satin details on both jacket and trousers and is usually worn with a white dress shirt and a bow tie. Choose the wedding tuxedo style that best matches your bride's gown and get ready to be at the centre of attention on the big day.

The Semi-Formal Wedding Suit

Just like the name suggests, a semi-formal wedding suit is slightly more relaxed than a formal wedding suit. If your wedding has a semi-formal or a cocktail dress code, you can wear a dark-coloured suit with a dress shirt and a tie. You can choose to wear a vest too, but it is not required of you.

Wear a dark navy classic groom suit and pair it with a white shirt and an elegant tie with unique pattern and you will look flawless next to your bride.

The Casual Wedding Suit

Casual attire can be misinterpreted because of the meaning this dress code has for day to day wear. However, a casual wedding suit is still a suit. Still, you have more freedom of choice as far as colours and patterns are concerned.

Pick a casual groom suit with beige trousers and a grey checkered jacket, and you'll have the perfect outdoor wedding groom suit.

The Beach Wedding Suit

Beach weddings are not only romantic but also very popular. If you are planning to walk down the aisle with your future bride on a beach, then your best pick would be a light coloured linen suit. The most popular colours for men beach wedding attire are sand or wheat, but you can have an out of the box approach and wear a light pink groom suit.

Here are ideas on groom and groomsmen fashion to make the groom stand out from the groomsmen:

Subtly adjust the jacket style

Whatever type of suit the groom chooses, there will probably be a selection of jackets that look good together without being the same. If the groomsmen are wearing single-breasted, he could choose a double, if they are wearing three-button styles, he could sport a single, and if the groomsmen's jackets have plain lapels, the groom could wear satin.

Find a different colour suit or jacket

Wearing a different colour suit or jacket to the groomsmen will provide a total contrast and make it very obvious who the star of the show is. Just be sure that the suit and jacket shapes and styles are the same.

For morning suits the groom could wear a charcoal grey while the groomsmen wear pale grey. For an evening affair, the groomsmen could wear a black dinner jacket while the groom wears a white one. Finally, for a backyard wedding, the groomsmen could wear a khaki suit while the groom wears white.

Wear a fancy boutonniere

If the groom wants to wear the same outfit as the groomsmen, he can always achieve a unique look with a more ornate boutonniere. Currently one of the most popular styles of groom's boutonniere is a mini version of the bride's bouquet, which will look stunning in your wedding photo s. However, just making the groom's boutonniere bigger, more colourful, or more intricate can achieve the right effect.

Think about the tie

It might be that the groom decides to wear a different sort of tie to his groomsmen, and they could wear a simple long toe while he wears a cravat or bow tie. However, this does tend to look a little untidy so it might be better if all the men wear the same type of tie and the groom just chooses a bigger one or one in a different colour.

Personalise the waistcoat

To really make the groom stand out, have him in a coloured waistcoat, while the groomsmen wear cummerbunds. If they are all wearing waistcoats, make sure he is a brighter colour than the rest, or that it is highly patterned while the groomsmen wear plain ones.

While it is true that brides shine brightest on wedding days, grooms can be just as concerned with their attire. If your wedding is just around the corner, you might be on the hunt for a groom suit that makes you stand out from the crowd, but that you can wear on other occasions as well.

The party is a fun and long-awaited moment, but wedding preparations can prove quite stressful. In order to make sure you don't have to stress over choosing your attire, we prepared a complete wedding suite guide with all the information and groom suit ideas you need in order to put together an impeccable outfit for your wedding day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Blue or navy wedding suits are the best choice for a colourful groom suit. Shades of blue tend to punch up the colours you pair with them, bringing out the best in your tie, pocket square, or even the dress shirt you choose.

Does Your Suit Really Fit? “You want a suit to feel snug but comfortable when you're walking, standing and sitting down. It shouldn't feel too tight on the legs when you sit down and shouldn't be so tight on the chest that your buttons feel as if they might pop open at any moment.” 

Ideally, ordering your suit 4-6 months out is what we recommend. This gives the groom and the wedding party plenty of time to get their suits, try them on, and get any necessary in-person alterations made.

Your choice of blazer should suit you in every aspect. Go for multiple fitting sessions if required until you have the fit right. The choice of colour for your wedding blazer should also complement your skin tone. Matching accessories go a long way in making an awesome impression on your bride-to-be and guests.

Light grey suits are best for the spring and summer, and a great option for a daytime wedding. The light grey color will keep you cooler than a darker shade, like charcoal. However, light grey is one of the most casual colors for groom outfits, so look for a darker shade if you're planning a formal wedding.

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