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How much should you spend on a wedding videographer?

There is a wedding videographer out there who is just right for your wedding, and like anything, your investment will reflect on your return. Put: you pay for what you get. For this article, we have categorized videographers into three general categories; “The Hobbyist”, “The Professional” and the “The Artist.” A videographer in any of these three categories may be right for you, depending upon what you are looking for and what you are willing to invest. The price range fluctuates according to experience, skill level and the market area. Keep in mind that the estimated investments listed below are generalized for the northeast and may differ in other market areas. So let’s take a look at what is out there and give you a clear direction in your search for the best wedding videographer for you.

Today, many couples skip videography at their weddings. Reasons for skipping wedding videographer could be any, from a budget constraint to not finding videography of their wedding a necessity. Well, whatever the reason is. Research shows that couples regret their decision of not having a wedding videographer after the wedding is over.

Well, I don’t know what your stand on having a videographer at your wedding is, but the truth is having full coverage of your wedding is a great thing. You can always relive those special moments even after your wedding via those videotapes or cassettes. And why not, after all, this is once in a lifetime event which you would want to remember for the rest of your lives. Whether you’re getting a teaser reel, the whole shebang, or the highlights footage, having those moments captured professionally is crucial.

Now, most of you will be wondering about the cost associated with the videographer at a wedding. Well, it differs, based on location, type of wedding, number of hours, type of photography, the videographer, how big is the team, number of functions etc. Let’s see how much a videographer costs on an average.

The average cost of a wedding video

When we talk about the cost of the wedding video, we need to see the how long we are hiring the videographer for, what sort of footage we will be getting from the reel, and how many videographers will be in the team etc. More often than not, most video companies or cinematography companies offer two videos to film your special day, and mostly both of them will be operated by one videographer. For instance, there will be a fixed camera filming the ceremony, and the videographer will be roaming around to get the other shots of the day.

If you’re are also planning to have a wedding videographer at your wedding and you have secured a budget for that, then you are truly lucky. Usually, the cost of the wedding videographer depends on the locality, especially where you live. Accordingly, you can expect to pay $1000 USD on the low end for a good videographer and $10,000 on the high end for an amazing videographer. However, on average, a videographer can cost you $2500 USD.

For instance, if you are in Australia, an Australian videographer should cost you around $2,700 AUD. At the same time, a good videographer in the USA may cost you around $3000 USD. Likewise, the average cost of the videographer can go up or down a little bit depending on which state you are based in and the availability of suppliers near you. Most couples look for budgeted videography packages for their wedding, and the average cost will somewhere between $2000 and $3500 for a popular videography package.

Since you know the average cost of the wedding videographer, it is also crucial to know how long you should hire the videographer for your wedding.

Wedding Videographer

How long should you hire your wedding videographer for?

The time – how long you should hire a wedding videographer for, very much depends on the question, what exactly you want to be covered for your special day. Whether you want only your wedding ceremony and speeches should be covered in a basic package, or you want a little more and want to get some footage of you and your spouse-to-be getting ready in the morning.

Or you want a little more, and so you look forward to getting your interviews (between you and your future spouse), get some interviews of family and friends covered in the package. Or you want to have a real movie-style film of your wedding, which you can watch later with your family and relive all those moments. Whatever you’re looking for, you need to be clear before the wedding itself, as your videographer will make arrangements accordingly.

On average, 56% of couples hire a videographer to film their wedding from start to finish, which might turn into a ten or 12-hour package. At the same time, 37% of couples hire their videographer for the ceremony and part of their reception, which is like an eight or 10-hour package. And then, there are this 7% of couples who have their videographer for their ceremony only, which means 4 to 8 hours package, depending on what your videographer offers.

So, you also know the number of hours or the ceremonies you want to cover. Accordingly, you can book your videographer.

If you are also looking to hire a videographer for your wedding, besides cost and number of hours, here are some pointers which you need to keep in mind, while you finally choose a wedding videographer for your special day. Here we go…

Pointers to consider before you finally hire a videographer for your wedding

  • First thing first, like your photographer, you need to hire a videographer whom you feel connected and comfortable with. It is crucial because your videographer is going to be filming you throughout from start to finish, you definitely would want to work with someone who you are comfortable with.
  • Look for the videographer who has good exposure and whose work is also good. Do not just hire anybody without seeing his work. Do some research online, ask for referrals, before you hire a videographer for your wedding. Read reviews and feedback on their website or social media pages. These reviews are very helpful to reach to any conclusion.
  • Also, it is important to meet the videographer in person before you finally hire him/her. Meeting in person will help you have a look at his work and know your videographer.
  • There are few couples who want as much as possible ceremonies covered in their budget, and in the process, they hire somebody who is charging less, but the quality is also poor. So, you don’t need to think that way, because at the end what matters is the quality and not the quantity.
  • Well, few couples because of time constraint or because of any other reason book some videographer upon getting the reference. But this is not the right way to book. You need to have a look at his work first. It’s your wedding, after all, there is no harm in being a little choosy, your friend might have a very good taste for sure but trusting someone just for the sake of friendship is no wise decision. You need to know the videographer and see his work at least once before you book him for the D-Day.
  • Another most important point is to tell your wedding videographer what you are looking for exactly. Talking in detail with your wedding videographer is crucial. Know about the packages, what all the package includes, etc. See the videographer’s work at least once before you finally hire.
  • Make sure you do not miss to sign the legal agreement. Most importantly, make sure you read the legal agreement thoroughly and see everything is fine and mentioned in the agreement. Read more about legal agreements here.
  • Once you hire the videographer, don’t miss to share the timeline with him. He should have a complete schedule with him beforehand. So that accordingly, he can make arrangements!!
  • Also, make sure your emcee or venue manager or wedding planner knows to keep the videographer (and photographer!) in the loop, so they know exactly when is happening what!!

What will you get with a standard wedding photography package?

Not all wedding photography packages are created equal. Now that you know the basic numbers, you’re probably determined to get the most for your money. It’s important to understand all the different pricing options and packages available to you. What’s included, what’s not included, and how much it all costs can vary widely from photographer to photographer.

Some of the most important areas to consider when evaluating wedding photography packages include:

  • Time and travel. The price of your wedding photography will depend on how long you need your photographer. Most wedding photographers sell their services in blocks of time, ranging anywhere from 6-10 hours. If your wedding photographer has to travel, that will also up the charge. Even if you don’t have to necessarily “pay-per-mile,” you’ll still need to cover accommodations and travel costs.
  • Some photographers. Having a second shooter on-site at your wedding is a great way to capture more of the big day—especially if you’re having a larger wedding. But obviously, two photographers cost more than one, so if you want to have a primary and secondary photographer, expect a higher price tag. More on this below!
  • Editing. Capturing photos at your wedding is only the first part of the equation. Editing is the second. Photographers will spend a huge chunk of time going through all their shots from your wedding, choosing the best photos, and then editing them to make them look, well, picture-perfect. Editing is an essential part of any wedding photography package. Be sure to ask your photographer of choice if editing is included.
  • Images and print release. After the editing process is over, your photographer should provide you with all the images from your wedding. Typically, this will come in the form of a USB drive or an online gallery where you can download photos. Many photographers will also include a print release, which allows you to print the photos for your personal use. If you’re planning on getting physical copies of your wedding photos, don’t forget to ask about a print release right away.

Our engagement photos included?

Engagement photos are great for more than just announcing your upcoming nuptials (and getting some high-quality snaps of you and your SO). An engagement photoshoot is a great way to get to know your photographer and get comfortable in front of the camera ahead of your wedding.

Many wedding photographers include an engagement photoshoot as part of their wedding photography packages—but not all. Before you commit to a photographer, ask if an engagement session is included. If it’s not included—and it’s something you want to do—it’s important to factor the additional cost into the overall price before making a decision. Engagement shoots can cost anywhere from $200 to $600 (and up) on their own.

What are the different wedding photography styles?

Every wedding photographer has their style—and you want to make sure that style aligns with your own (and aligns with your budget!). Some of the most popular wedding photography styles include:

  • Traditional. As the name suggests, this style of wedding photography is classic and more on the formal side. Expect a lot of posing and staged shots.
  • Editorial. If you want your wedding photos to look like they belong in the pages of a magazine, an editorial-style photographer is the best fit for you. These shots are stylized, fashion-forward, and typically have at least a hint of glamour.
  • Storytelling. One of today’s more popular wedding photography styles is storytelling. In this style (which takes a page from photojournalism), the photos tell a story. Your photographer will spend a lot of time capturing intimate, candid moments—and then arranging them in a way that tells the story of your wedding day.
  • Vintage. If you’re having a vintage wedding, you’ll want vintage photos to match. This style of photography uses lighting and filters to create an antique feel.
  • Fine Art. If you want your wedding photos to have an avant-garde feel, fine art photos, which are highly stylized and feature dramatic poses, clothing, and backgrounds, are a great way to capture the look.

The wedding photography style you choose is, of course, up to you. Just keep in mind that some styles such as fine art or editorial may require more planning, shooting, and editing on the photographer’s side, which will result in a higher price tag.

Should I hire a second photographer?

One photographer or two photographers or even more photographers—that is the question. There are a few reasons to go with a single photographer—the first being, of course, that it’s more affordable. If you’re having a small wedding, one photographer might be all you need.

More than one photographer has its perks, too. A second (or third) shooter can capture important moments (like the vow exchange or first look) from multiple angles. More photographers also have the option to divide and conquer. While one is snapping photos of the wedding party, the other can be taking photos of your wedding venue or other detail shots.

Many photographers will include a second shooter in their pricing packages—or, if they don’t, they’ll offer the option to add a secondary photographer. The cost of a second photographer can vary widely but typically falls between the $25 and $50 per hour range.

What about a wedding videographer?

If you want a video of your wedding day, you’ll need to hire a separate wedding videographer—and you may want to. In that same Zola survey, over one-third (35%) of newlywed couples wished they hired a videographer. Capturing your wedding on video is a dynamic way to relive your special day.

The cost of wedding videography can vary even more widely than wedding photography—anywhere from $500 to $5000+. On average, couples will spend about $2000 on their wedding video, but keep in mind that a number of factors (video length, number of videographers, and time-on-site) can push that number up or down.

The Amateur Videographer

Entry-level videographers are new to establishing their studio. Typically, these are individuals who had full-time jobs working for other videographers. They started out filming as auxiliary staff for larger studios and decided that they want to take the leap of starting on their own. In terms of equipment, this is hit or miss as well. It will depend on how much investment the videographer has made but don’t be surprised if it’s not the latest and greatest. Everyone has to start somewhere, and most videographers started this way.

The Professional Videographer

These videographers have moved past the amateur level, are more seasons in running a studio, and are making a decent living at their craft. They have gone through more than a few wedding and are now perfecting their craft. They’ve seen, at least once, everything you can think of in a wedding videography shoot. Also, they realize that a happy bride is critical to their business remaining successful. Therefore they know how to deal with every type of bride. Equipment-wise, expect this professional videographer to have up-to-date, top-notch equipment. Lastly, expect this videographer to have been around enough vendors to know most of the people they are working with so expect this videographer to know his way around not just the couple but around other wedding vendors as well.

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The Artist

If you are looking for a world-class video, a true masterpiece in which you get to play the lead role, then this is the level of videographer for you. These are the videographers that fly all over the world filming, and their work truly is amazing. More often than not, these videographers select their clients and are doing the work for a unique challenge or the love of the craft.

Take the time to research. The above categorization is just a guide. There are great professionals with artist level work, so a lot has to do with your eagerness to find the right match but remember to be realistic. If you have a budget for an amateur, don’t expect your videographer to produce the same quality as the artist. Overall, good luck on your search and we hope you find your dream wedding videographer with the above guidance.

In the end, how much you pay for your wedding photographer will depend on a host of factors. But no matter how much of your budget you spend on wedding photos, the result is memories that last a lifetime—and, in our opinion, that’s priceless.

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