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How Do I Save on Wedding Transportation?

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    In your opinion, what is a crucial part of a marriage ceremony? Maybe it was the dessert, the reception hall, or the dress. As for wedding transportation, it was voted third most important by our readers.

    How to save money on wedding transportation, from the ceremony to the reception and beyond, including honeymoon travel!

    The cost of transportation can quickly pile up between shuttles from the ceremony to the reception, shuttles late into the night, and that insanely awesome getaway car.

    We have you covered, however, if the cost of the mode of transportation you have in mind is beyond your means.

    How Should Everybody Get to and Fro?

    In addition to the aisle walk, you'll need to plan the travel to and from the ceremony and reception (if they aren't held at the same location), as well as the exit strategy.

    Before making any reservations, you'll need to determine who will need transportation and where.

    Ways to Save Money on Wedding Transportation

    Think About Proximity. 

    There are numerous things to think about when selecting a venue, but proximity is one of the most important.

    Choose a ceremony location that is near your reception place and your guests' hotels to cut down on transportation costs. Or, even better, locate a location that can host the nuptials, the reception, and the guests' lodging needs.

    Find an all-inclusive location, and you can save a lot on gas and parking fees.

    Pick Your Priorities. 

    If you need to cut costs on your wedding transportation, don't be scared to go with a "less is more" strategy.

    Forget about reserving rides for all of the guests and instead focus on the wedding party.

    The job calls for something substantial, so consider renting a limo, party bus, or trolley.

    Or, if you're on a strict transportation budget for the big day, reserve a special automobile for the two VIPs: you and your spouse.

    Book as Far in Advance as Possible

    When renting or making a reservation, it is always best to plan ahead to save money. Booking transportation in advance can help you save money on your wedding budget.

    Just as with any other rental, wedding transportation is more affordable the earlier you reserve it. This is especially true if the means of transportation you prefer are in short supply (e.g. speciality vehicles and vintage cars).

    Rental agencies' online price comparison tools should be shopped for months in advance.

    If you book your wedding transportation four to five months in advance, you can save a lot of money.

    Limousine services for weddings typically charge more due to increased demand.

    It is recommended to begin by checking the websites of numerous limousine hire companies for weddings in order to compare pricing.

    Never Limit Yourself to the Only Known Company

    Wedding Planning Tips

    Even if personal recommendations from those you know and trust are the most reliable type of advertising, you shouldn't just commit to working with the first firm that comes your way.

    Wedding transportation is one area where you absolutely do get what you pay for, but cheaper doesn't always imply worse. You can save a lot of money by comparing prices and customer reviews across multiple businesses.

    Most couples rely on the advice of those closest to them, such as family and friends.

    Your use of this type of advertising should never prevent you from partnering with any limousine service of your choosing. Transport for a wedding, for example, is one area where you will very much get what you pay for.

    To be sure, not all budget-friendly businesses are worse than their more pricey counterparts. Try looking elsewhere for offers that make sense for you financially.

    In the interest of convenience, you should read the feedback of other buyers that have been posted online.

    Keep a Strict Schedule

    No one wants to feel rushed on their wedding day, but if you schedule your ceremony, reception, and other events for specified times, you can save money on transportation costs.

    This because waiting time is also factored into the total cost of the ride. Every hour your drivers waste waiting around could cost you $150 more.

    Consider a Wedding Bus or Van

    Understandably, we want your wedding transport to stand out, but you should look beyond automobiles if you're going to save. There are a variety of options for transporting large parties in a single vehicle, from a classic Volkswagen van to a rented luxury bus. As a rule, speciality buses that seat 12 people cost much less than two people to ride in a luxury sedan.

    Rent by the Hour

    There are those who will rent a car for the whole day just to avoid the "wait time" fees. While there will be no timekeeping involved, the price tag will be over the roof. Renting by the hour means you only pay for the time you actually utilize the space. After all, if the driver can wait until after the reception, there's no need in paying them to play Angry Birds in the parking lot.

    Check Policies in Advance

    Understanding a company's rules is essential before doing business with them. This is especially true for limousine services that specialize in weddings. Possible costs include a wide range of scenarios. Cleaning, unplanned stops, road tolls, driver tip, and a host of other similar expenses are all in this category. Having this information can save you hundreds of dollars if you are deciding between two companies that offer similar services and pricing, but one of them has multiple potential costs.

    Don't Be Afraid to Negotiate.

    As a culture, we have become accustomed to entering a store, looking at a price tag, and paying exactly that amount. We naturally don't think twice about haggling with car salesmen, so why wouldn't you do the same with wedding transportation services? It's not uncommon for them to provide discounts in exchange for a larger booking volume or a lower offer from a rival business. Master the art of negotiation, and you will reap the benefits.

    Make a Grand Entry or Getaway

    On their wedding day, most people hope to either make a dramatic entrance or exit.
    In this instance, renting transportation for either the arrival or departure portions of the wedding is perfectly acceptable. What's the sense of renting a Rolls-Royce for five hours if you're just going to drive off into the sunset in it for the sake of a picture op?

    Consider Other Events in Planning

    The fact that the cost to book a limo or other vehicle for your wedding day is double the usual rate suggests that your big day coincides with some other major event in town. Rental businesses might get swamped by events like proms and music festivals, raising their costs to compensate. Rising rents are another effect of increased traffic volume. Make adjustments to your schedule to cut down on rental time, and keep this in mind when preparing for specific days.

    Don't Get More Than You Need

    When you have your heart set on working with a specific company but are put off by their high rates, it may be worthwhile to learn more about the optional extras you will be charged for.
    Both limos and some buses have full kitchens and bars on board.
    The value of these optional additions can't be ignored. Know exactly what you're getting for your money, and cut the fat.

    Use the Same Location for Ceremony and Reception

    The trip from the church to the reception hall is a prime opportunity to cut costs for wedding transportation. The driver won't have to hang around if you schedule all of these events at once. In addition to saving money, you may avoid the hassle of coordinating several separate locations by booking only one!

    Ask for Older Models

    Cars used for wedding transportation quickly lose value.

    As a result, vehicles that are a few years old tend to be available for rent at reduced rates. Please don't be shy about asking if there are any less expensive options. If the organization has a good reputation, they will have well-maintained vehicles.

    Transportation concerns are among the most crucial you'll face when planning a wedding, whether you're going to the ceremony, the reception, or even the airport afterwards. The good news is that there is no shortage of businesses to select from, so with the aforementioned suggestions and some research, you can make sure that your wedding day doesn't leave you broke.

    Skip Pre-Ceremony Transport.

    Don't feel obligated to provide transportation for guests from their hotels to the ceremony site if that's not part of your plans. Many of your guests will be travelling in from out of town, or they may be in a hurry and decide to take a taxi or an Uber. Make sure everyone can find their way to the ceremony place without a hitch by providing detailed directions and parking information.

    Bigger Is (usually) Better. 

    Keep in mind that the larger the vehicle, the better the price, while making transportation arrangements for the wedding.

    When compared to renting multiple smaller automobiles, renting a larger vehicle that can accommodate a large number of people can be a significant cost savings. Forget the two-seater sports cars, no matter how awesome they appear; instead, take a bus, van, or shuttle.

    Follow Your Schedule Strictly

    Another approach to cut costs on wedding transportation is to stick to predetermined ceremony times.

    Don't let the fact that many services include waiting time in their pricing make you feel like you need to speed through your ceremony. When you require your wedding limo for more than eight hours, you may have to pay an additional $150 for the chauffeur's waiting time.

    Consider a Wedding Bus or Van

    To stand out from the crowd, it is every couple's fantasy to cruise about in a high-end automobile. However, realistic and useful vehicle options can help keep costs down.

    Party buses and luxury vans allow you to transport a large number of people at once without sacrificing comfort or elegance. They're more affordable than comparable luxury vehicles like the Hummer limo or Rolls Royce because of their larger passenger capacity.

    Hire by the Hour

    Since the events of a wedding day are unpredictable and no one wants to waste money waiting around, most couples opt to rent the cars for the full day. A much higher price tag may result from this. You can save money on your perfect wedding limousine rental by paying by the hour.

    We are aware that weddings can be extremely expensive.

    Think Outside the Box. 

    Every couple dreams of the perfect getaway automobile, but if you're trying to save money, a Rolls Royce might not be the best option.

    Think outside the box while planning your grand exit, but make sure it still fits with your theme, setting, and event.

    We're huge fans of the more offbeat transportation choices, such as a cab from another era for a downtown ceremony, a golf cart for a country club gathering, a boat for a beach bash, or a moped for a vacation getaway.

    Consult With the Pros. 

    Though it's tempting to handle transportation for your wedding on your own, doing so could end up costing you more than if you worked with experts.

    They will not only spare you the hassle of planning and execution, but they will also assist you in finding the most cost-effective means of transportation.

    Experts can direct you away from more expensive premium devices and towards more reasonably priced alternatives.

    A Limo Service for the Bride and Groom and Other VIP Guests

    Wedding Planning Tips

    Getting There for the Event

    Although most bride and grooms drive their wedding party to the ceremony, others opt to use their parents' automobiles or hire a trolley or shuttle for the group.

    Although most limos can accommodate six passengers, town vehicles typically only fit four passengers and the driver. (By comparison, about 50 passengers can ride comfortably on a regular-sized coach bus.)

    Remember to set aside a seat for the photographer; shots captured from afar or in a paparazzi style are always guaranteed to go viral.

    The Limo to the Wedding

    After the couple exchanges their vows, they and their honour attendants often enjoy a celebratory hayride to the reception.

    You also need to make plans for the guests who came along for the ride to the ceremony and reception.

    When money is no problem, everyone can return in the same cars they came in, but the newlyweds can leave in their own car.

    Everyone (or only those who are invited) can ride the guest shuttle whenever it runs. Otherwise, the parents and attendants could decide to attend the reception with other members of the family or acquaintances. If you wish to carpool, make sure everyone is aware of the plan ahead of time.

    A Honeymoon After the Wedding:

    Don't be cliché by leaving in a car that doesn't suit your personal style as a pair. As your guests see you and your new husband drive out into the sunset, it will be the last thing they see.

    From what sort of automobile do you see yourself waving goodbye? What, you say, is that? Are you talking about a red Mustang? Will you be leaving in a Rolls-Royce or a lengthy limo, befitting a rock star?

    There is a wide variety to select from; nevertheless, you should go with something that fits your budget and expresses your personality. We can recommend a variety of luxurious modes of transportation for your big day (here's your opportunity to sleep aboard that boat you've always wanted to try, or take a spin in that dream automobile of yours).

    Transportation for Wedding Guests:

    When hosting a wedding, is it customary to arrange for transportation for guests?

    No. What do you think? Is it a fantastic benefit? Yes. Look into shuttle services offered by the venue or hotel if you plan on transporting wedding guests.

    Vans may seat anywhere from 8 to 20 people, but for a more festive feel, consider renting a streetcar.

    Helping out visitors on their route to and from the ceremony and reception is a nice gesture.

    Even while you can't guarantee that all of your guests will get home safely after drinking, it's still polite to provide them with transportation choices if they plan on doing so.

    That doesn't have to include making reservations; you might, for example, give everybody a taxi number or suggest that everyone download a ridesharing app.

    What Time Should Everyone Get There?

    Next, before making any calls, plan out your route and any necessary travel time.

    You should plan your route by first doing a test drive on each of the three possible routes to get a sense for how long each will take.

    Take the start time of the ceremony, minus 15 minutes (or more if you plan to get ready at the location), deduct the driving time, and subtract another 10 to 20 minutes as "padding" for traffic, unforeseen delays, and putting eager individuals into several cars. This will help you plan for when you'll be picked up for the ceremony shuttle.

    If your wedding and reception are in separate places, be sure to account for travel time between the two.

    At 4:30 p.m., if the ceremony is over. You face the risk of visitors arriving while the venue is still being prepared if cocktail hour doesn't begin until 6 p.m., even though the reception is only 15 minutes away.

    Because time is so important, preparation is key.

    Unless that is an option, you'll either need to come up with something to keep your guests occupied until the reception proper begins, or talk to the manager of the venue where the reception will be held about starting the cocktail hour sooner.

    In any case, who is responsible for covering the cost of transportation to and from the wedding venue?

    To be clear, guests who are left to their own devices are responsible for paying for their own mode of transportation, be it petrol, a rental car, or a service like Lift.

    Except for the groom and best man, who are often funded by the groom's family, all travel and parking costs associated with the wedding are typically covered by the bride's family.

    The bride additionally pays for everyone's travel expenses related to the wedding.

    However, modern nuptials leave that decision entirely to the couple and their budget.

    Exactly how much does transportation cost for a wedding?

    The average price for transportation for a wedding is $800, as reported by the company.

    However, costs can greatly depending on factors like when, where, and what you reserve.

    After you've figured out what you're looking for, it's time to start asking around about prices and availability. Hourly rates are often high, and the standard minimum rental time is three hours.

    Decide if it's worth it to wait for your ride by figuring out how long it will be between when you get picked up and when the reception ends. Typically, a contract will include a 15%–20% gratuity (sales tax may also be charged).

    A gratuity of $20 per driver is customary if it is not included in the fare.

    Want to know how to cut costs on transportation to the wedding? Sure, there are solutions to reduce your transportation expenses:

    Compare prices:

    Compare prices and services offered by several automobile rental agencies by calling around.

    Request free samples:

    As a part of a wedding package, several rental businesses will include free bonuses.

    You can get picked up or dropped off if you need it.

    It depends on the rental service, however you might be able to allocate your minimal hours however you see fit. Dropping guests off at the reception after the ceremony in a car that waited for them is a good idea.

    It is possible to pick up the vehicles once they have returned in the evening.

    More Affordable Wedding Transportation Ideas: 

    Carpooling with friends and family members from out of town is the most economical mode of transportation, but it can become chaotic if there are many individuals to pair up from different starting places.

    Whether you decide to rent because it's too difficult to organise a volunteer fleet or buy, you should do the math to determine which course of action will save you the most money.

    Choose regular-sized limos instead of stretch ones, or even better, a town vehicle. Definitely wouldn't count on having access to a bar, TV, or sunroof while travelling.

    It may come as a surprise, but the colour of your vehicle can also affect your insurance premiums. In general, but especially during the peak wedding season, black or silver limos will cost less than white ones.

    And for the Guests: 

    Don't forget about the attendees' bank accounts!

    Although you're not covering their transportation costs, it's still a really nice gesture to try to get them a good deal on their airfare or train tickets.

    What About Parking?

    Of course, some visitors will be driving themselves about, thus parking considerations should be made accordingly.

    Find out what services are offered, who is responsible for the setup, and how many people will be needed by contacting the reception site manager.

    To avoid wasting money, customise any outside service you end up having to use.

    There are two main types of parking attendants: full-service valets who park clients' cars and then return them at the end of the night, and less involved attendants who do things like manage traffic, hold signs, and lead drivers to available spots.

    To sum it all up, 15–20% gratuity is on top of the hourly fee per person (usually tacked on to your total bill). Valets (or parking attendants) should be planned for at a rate of five per 100 visitors.

    A large number of attendees, a lack of available parking, and a difficult venue will all necessitate hiring more people and driving up the price.

    It's important to have the parking service manager check around the area to determine how many attendants will be needed before requesting a quote.

    How Else Can You Prepare for the Big Day?

    Make a call to the car service the day before or the morning of the wedding to check the pickup and drop-off locations, times, and names on the call sheet you created.

    The chauffeurs need to know the exact location of the ceremony and the reception in advance.

    If the driver gets lost, it's helpful if passengers have a copy of the directions with an emergency contact number.

    Choose a transportation point person (the wedding planner, a trusted friend or family member) to coordinate logistics on the big day and deal with any hiccups that may arise. To assist you arrive at your wedding in style, we have prepared the most comprehensive list of Wedding Car Hire services available today.


    The fluttering of skirts and jittery anticipation require further room. Don't stress about packing every seat, and give yourself room to spare.

    Drivers Without Maps

    On the wedding day, someone in the bridal party should provide each driver a page with specific driving instructions, including maps and contact information.

    Vague or Verbal Contracts

    Get everything in writing from the rental provider. Include the following:

    • Information on when and where to be picked up and dropped off
    • rental quantity and vehicle class
    • times when each vehicle is rented in detail
    • Features available in all vehicles
    • sum of money spent on gas and miles
    • costs for overtime, including tips
    • The Amount of the Deposit
    • regulations for refunds and cancellations

    Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding Transportation?

    The Bride travels to the ceremony accompanied by her Father or the person who is giving her away in one car. Most couples go for a second car that will carry the Brides Mother and the Bridesmaids. The Groom will arrive with his Best Man or Ushers, not necessarily in a wedding car.

    The Groom and his Best Man usually arrive at the venue via their own means (generally arranged by the Best Man) while the Bride and her father take the chosen wedding transport.

    There are three main types of bridal cars for rent, and depending on the groom and the bride, these are often preferential choices, but there are options that can also cater to some specific needs for the wedding, such as limos, pickup trucks, or hummers. Vintage and classic vehicles. Modern and sporty cars.

    Best wedding cars
    • Rolls-Royce Ghost. A big Rolls-Royce – preferably in white to match the bride's gown – is about as traditional a wedding car as you can possibly go for.
    • Mercedes-Benz S-Class.
    • Lamborghini Aventador.
    • Range Rover SVAutobiography.
    • Porsche Taycan.
    • Aston Martin DB6 Volante.
    • Bentley Flying Spur.
    • Tesla

    The average wedding car hire cost for couples on their wedding day is about $500 to $1000. Exact wedding car hire prices vary depending on where in Australia the wedding takes place and how many cars are needed.

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