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How Do I Find A Good Wedding DJ?

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    Having fun wedding entertainment is one way to ensure that all of your guests have a good time. It's another way to add a special touch to the party. You should have fun on your wedding day. You want to host a party that everyone will remember for a long time to come. If you want your wedding guests to get up and dance or you just want some fantastic music to set the mood, hiring a DJ is a perfect option.

    Now that your wedding is rapidly approaching, it gradually becomes clear that the performance must be flawless. There shouldn't be any compromises. It's time to let the music soar to the heavens once you've checked off all the other boxes, such as location, attire, and flowers. One of the subtle threads that weaves together a nearly flawless wedding is music.

    The dessert may be forgotten by the guests quickly, but they won't forget how the music you performed made them feel as quickly. The type of memories the visitors take away from the event will be significantly influenced by the music and entertainment. The vows exchanged by the two lovers is the most significant event of the day, but music is a close second.

    It's interesting to note that according to statistics, 72% of brides wish they had given their music vendors more serious consideration. A disc jockey would have been the entertainment option of choice for 65% of couples who selected a band for their wedding.

    It's interesting to observe the debates that couples have about whether or not to hire a band or DJ. When done well, both have a lot to offer. You just cannot afford to take any chances, especially with regard to the wedding's entertainment. As sad as it may sound, poor music cannot be hidden, so it is imperative that you choose it carefully. Many DJs who are now employed are part-time amateurs who do it for fun. To prevent tragic stories, you should hire a professional to stand.

    After determining that you want a DJ to play music at your wedding reception, you must choose the DJ. Because the DJ sets the mood for the celebration, choosing the ideal DJ for your wedding can seem like a difficult undertaking. It will be difficult for your reception to be anything less than stunning if you choose a fantastic DJ. Even if you have the best menu and venue, that this so reception is still likely to result from choosing such a DJ. However, there are so many DJ options available that you could feel disoriented. We want you to be confident and knowledgeable when choosing your DJ, even if Limelight Entertainment is not your first option.

    A DJ, as opposed to a live band, can play the real songs that your guests enjoy and crossfade between them, eliminating awkward silences. Which DJ you choose to work with will mostly rely on the type of music you want to play and what your guests will enjoy. There are several DJs who can give you a dance party if you want one. Additionally, there are DJs who will create a playlist specifically for you based on your preferences.

    Know What To Look For And Where

    The most popular choice is to get a DJ whose main line of work is weddings. These wedding DJs are familiar with all aspects of wedding receptions and may even excel at making announcements as the emcee. Use the standard web searches and seek recommendations from other sellers to locate one of them.

    If having great dance music is your main priority, you can think about hiring a DJ from the neighborhood club scene. Even though these DJs can have lower prices, they might not have prior wedding expertise. You might start by asking at neighborhood clubs to discover one.

    If you really want to go all out with the music, you might be able to find a club DJ that has a lot of wedding experience or a wedding DJ who is known for playing amazing music. These may be the best solutions, but keep in mind that they might be expensive. This type of professional wedding DJ is likely well-known in your community.

    Ask To Hear Samples of the Wedding DJ's Work

    Once you've identified one or two DJs who appear ideal for your event, request to see samples of their previous work. It might be a mixtape, a live performance video, or a sample playlist. The more you should view and hear before employing, the more significant the music's quality is to you.

    Give The DJ Your Playlist and your "Do Not Play" List

    When you already have a playlist in mind, talk to the DJs about it and make sure they're willing to play it. To prevent any unwanted situations, you might also want to compile and publish a "do not play" list.

    Ask How They Get The Crowd Going

    Make sure to enquire about their methods for engaging a crowd if you want their DJ to play a significant role in making your reception enjoyable. Some crucial inquiries to make are:

    • If folks aren't willing to dance, how can the DJ convince them to do so?
    • Will they accommodate guests' requests?
    • Will the DJ announce events and serve as an emcee as well?

    What Should I Look For in Finding a Good Wedding DJ?

    Get a DJ With Contract

    You must obtain a contract, as you should with every provider. Don't collaborate with anyone who won't give you one.


    Spend some time looking for them. Visit such events and ask the DJs who were in charge of the fun parties for their contact information. Make a list after soliciting recommendations from friends and family for a few. Perform some research on the people on your list. What tools are they employing? When they are on duty, how do they act? After reading evaluations, choose who you want to pursue.

    Stand Your Ground

    You may have chosen a DJ; now, be sure to specify your particular requirements. Don't let some DJs divert your attention so they can have their way. Make him pay attention to you and your requests. It's time to switch DJs if that's such a challenge for him.

    Be Thorough

    You can respectfully put your music plan on hold without being a "bridezilla." Find a DJ who is familiar with the genre of music you want to be played during the event. He must be eager to construct entertaining playlists that steal the show for various genres. According to research, experienced DJs appreciate it when the client expresses their musical preferences in great detail. Playlists for the father-daughter dance, bridal procession, parent's procession, couples dancing, and other events are available as walkthroughs. Never hesitate to be thorough.

    Create Your Playlist Early

    It may appear to be a weak point in the procedure, but it isn't. It's best to provide your DJ your playlist at least two weeks before your wedding day so that he is comfortable with your preferences. The DJ who makes such demand is quite knowledgeable. Hold on to him. Let him know which songs are off-limits. Let him know if you don't like songs with coarse language. Let him know if there are any artists that you don't like. However, he will have his work cut out for him if he gets up early.

    Friendly DJ 

    It pays to get to know your DJ, even though I realize that many women have too much on their plates to give a damn. To be able to look him in the eye and know what your instinct tells you, get to know his office, do some research on him/her, check up some FAQs online, or schedule a meeting.

    Find a DJ That Does More Than Just Play Music at the Reception

    You've got a playlist. You also have a playlist marked "do not." You work with someone who is skilled at mixing music. How difficult can it be? It's not, in actuality. The best wedding DJs should find the music to be the easiest part. The majority of modern brides and grooms want lots of dancing at their weddings, and while you'll want a reliable DJ spinning your music, the trick isn't just in the mix.

    Talk About Timelines

    Most of the time, you'll want your wedding DJ to play music and announce things. But you were unaware that you ought to hunt for a DJ who goes much beyond. The greatest wedding DJs know how to design and manage a wedding timeline that keeps everyone interested and makes sure that everything is taken care of. The most basic elements that the greatest wedding DJs are taught to handle include things like checking in with the bride and groom, ensuring that the critical moments are captured by the photographers, and working directly with the banquet manager. If you like everything to be flawless, you'll want a DJ who will make sure you can unwind and enjoy yourself when it counts.

    Hire a Two-Person Wedding DJ Team.

    The best wedding DJ teams are made up of an emcee and a DJ. It is very hard for one individual to manage your wedding celebration and perform music at the same time. Formalities can be declared from behind the turntables, but don't be shocked if the single DJ you engaged to concentrate on the music for the reception feels a little overworked by the extra responsibilities that come with performing for a wedding (as opposed to a nightlife event). A two-person crew will streamline the formalities, enable the emcee to check-in when necessary, and do much more. Additionally, some locations that hold numerous weddings on the same day only provide your vendors a brief window of time to set up. If so, using a two-person crew will guarantee that everything is set up on time. A great emcee should concentrate on the rest of the party whereas a great DJ should be constantly focused on the music.

    Beware of The All-In-One.

    In general, a business that offers a wide range of services, such as photography, videography, entertainment, decorations, etc., in one package isn't really good at all of them or is only really good at one. The music for your ceremony and cocktail hour, as well as the lighting and sound for the reception, should all be handled by your DJ. However, you won't discover the greatest of everything from a single vendor beyond that.

    Know What You Should Wait For, And Know What You Shouldn't.

    Annually, the price of uplighting decreases. Every month, a fresh photo booth design debuts. So, no one need worry that they won't be able to provide essentials like candles and photo keepsake favors on your big day. However, quality wedding DJs are in high demand and tend to be booked months in advance. It's important not to procrastinate too long when booking a DJ, as the top ones are often booked months in advance for events that happen just once a year (and hence have only 52 weekends available).

    You should prioritize quality over quantity when hiring a DJ. Even if you're on a tight budget, it's important to choose a competent DJ to ensure that your special day goes off without a hitch.

    What Makes a Good Wedding DJ?

    The job of a DJ entails much more than simply pressing the "play" button on an iPad. Consider these characteristics while selecting a DJ for your wedding.


    Your DJ is going to be responsible for setting the tone of the event. A dull DJ will result in a dull wedding.

    A DJ's personality is the most significant clue you're going to get. Instead of communicating via email or text, it's best to set up a face-to-face meeting with your DJ to discuss your desired atmosphere, specific demands, and desired songs. This will assist you assess whether they can produce the party vibe you're searching for.


    You've undoubtedly been hearing how crucial communication is during all those premarital classes. Well, working as a DJ is no different.

    A DJ's duties extend beyond just playing music. It sounds like the other half is talking. Wedding DJs need to communicate properly, from ensuring sure everyone is on the same page with the "do not play" list to making sure the photographer gets a good shot of the cake cutting.

    For this reason, it's important to find a DJ who can also act as the master of ceremonies for the wedding. Your wedding DJ is the only one who will keep the party on track except the planner.


    Any DJ worth their salt knows they will be doing a lot of weddings and therefore must be well-organized. But when such plans go awry, they also need to be adaptive.

    A well-prepared DJ will have a copy of the schedule for the evening on hand to ensure that everything goes according to plan. It is expected that the bride and groom will be on time for the wedding, but if they are running late, they will be able to adjust on the fly so that the rest of the evening goes smoothly for everyone (with plenty of time for dancing).

    How to Choose a Wedding DJ?

    When you're meeting with numerous wedding DJs, it can be hard to choose just one. In order to hire the best DJ possible, consider these questions before making your final decision.

    Do you DJ full-time?

    It's not always easy to determine from a website whether a DJ is performing weddings on the side or as a full-time gig. If you could choose anyone to make your special day perfect, who would it be?

    Are you insured?

    Though becoming a DJ might not seem particularly dangerous, errors can occur in any profession. Verify that your prospective DJ has the proper permits and insurance before hiring them for your wedding.

    How many DJs do you have?

    Discover who will be spinning the tunes at your wedding if the DJ service you're considering employs a team of DJs. It would be unfortunate to have spent a lot of time in meetings with the company's owner only to discover that the person attending your wedding was someone you couldn't stand.

    What other services do you offer?

    Uplighting, photo booths, and other wedding enhancements are just a few of the extras that many DJ services now provide. As a matter of fact, several establishments provide special deals that make these add-ons more reasonable.

    Do you specialize in weddings?

    Although DJs are ubiquitous at corporate gatherings, nightclubs, and weddings, the experiences at each type of event are vastly different. Find a DJ who specialized in weddings rather than merely a DJ who is open to the idea.

    Do you have a preferred style?

    Find a wedding DJ whose musical tastes align with your own as closely as possible. It's unlikely that he'll be able to help you out with music recommendations if, say, you're into hip hop and he's more into Garth Brooks.

    What do you typically wear?

    Even while it's not typically on the minds of engaged couples, it can be a real downer if the DJ at their wedding is dressed inappropriately. Guests wearing full formal attire are not welcome at a casual beach wedding. Alternatively, you may wear your favorite pair of jeans and a t-shirt to a formal ball.

    How will you build our playlist?

    Inquire with your wedding DJ about the process they use to get to know your tastes and create a custom playlist just for you. Will it only take one get-together? Will they email you a playlist for review? Do you have a central place to make recommendations online?

    How do you keep the dance floor packed?

    The best wedding DJs will be able to answer the question of how they keep the party going without giving away their trade secrets. They should be able to gauge crowd reaction and know which songs are going over well and which are falling flat.

    How do you handle song requests?

    Find out from the DJ how they handle requests if you want your guests to be able to do so. (And if they insist on not accepting requests, RUN!)

    Do you have back-up equipment/DJ?

    True, anything may go wrong. Even with a paid DJ, it's possible! The two of us have experienced firsthand the stress of improvising a solution to a power outage during a wedding. Dj's can become sick, equipment can break, the venue could not have a sound system that works with the audio setup, etc. But a competent DJ for a wedding will have backup plans just in case.

    Are you familiar with our venue?

    A wedding DJ's familiarity with the venue's sound system is a plus. It may take some time to become acquainted to the layout and individual details of your chosen wedding venue. There will be less for you to worry about if your DJ has worked with the venue before.

    Can I see a video of your work?

    Keep in mind that having solid communication skills is essential for DJs. You need one who is more than just good at talking the talk. Inquire about samples of their work at previous weddings so you can see how they perform "live."

    Choosing to have a DJ play at your wedding is a big deal that will affect the atmosphere and flow of the entire event.

    The ambience of your wedding is crucial to the success of the entire event, from the ceremony through the reception. The wrong DJ's song selection, poorly chosen words, or wasted opportunities can quickly destroy the mood.

    You will regret saving money by going with a low-quality DJ service for your wedding. A wedding is an unforgettable experience. Always maintain a vertical position.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding DJ?

    A great wedding DJ will also act as your Master of Ceremonies, introducing the wedding party, the toasts, your first dance and everything of importance. They will keep the reception moving along and your guests informed of all of the important happenings.

    1. Don't automatically go with someone you know. 
    2. Ask your venue for a recommendation.
    3. Have you recently attended a really fun wedding? 
    4. Search WeddingWire and The Knot for entertainment options in your area.
    5. Make a shortlist of DJs and interview them.

    Most wedding DJs charge between $750 to $1500 for a 5-hour wedding reception in Australia. This should include lights, speakers, DJ table, song requests, a wireless microphone, a professional DJ and set up/pack down. Anything below this price is considered 'budget'.

    They work to set the tone for the entire corporate event by elevating the mood and making sure that things run smoothly. They can help to coordinate the flow of the event  and will also ensure that people remain engaged in the activities at hand.

    No Problem. Skipping a DJ at your wedding is one way that couples choose to save money. But before you plug in your iPod and set of speakers, see what you could be missing. As with just about everything else involved in a traditional wedding, professional DJs are expensive.

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