Top 16 Concrete Pumping Companies Melbourne, Victoria [2022]

There are many reasons to use a Concrete Pumping Companies in Melbourne, Victoria. For one thing, it can save you a lot of time and hassle. For example, if you're pouring a concrete foundation or floor, you won't have to worry about lugging buckets of concrete around. Instead, the pump will do all the work for you. Plus, using a professional service ensures that the job will be done right. Concrete pumping companies have the experience and equipment necessary to get the job done quickly and efficiently. So if you need a concrete pumping service in Melbourne, Victoria, check out the many available companies. You're sure to find one that meets your needs and budget.

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    Ultimate List Of Concrete Pumping Companies Melbourne, Victoria 

    Concrete Pumping Co. Companies Melbourne, Victoria

    5261 8345

    All of our large and small pumps are routinely serviced to ensure that they are always reliable at your job. We keep logbooks on a regular basis to ensure that all equipment is safe and operating at peak efficiency. Our quality extends to our employees, who have all been trained to ensure that your job runs as smoothly as possible. If you have any questions or concerns before or during the pour, all staff are more than happy to answer them and provide expert advice.

    We have a large selection of line and boom pumps for all types of concrete work. We enjoy assisting our customers, so please contact us if you have any questions about the size pump you require. We will gladly make some recommendations.

    Bennett Concrete Pumping Companies Melbourne, Victoria

    0438 182 667

    We have a large selection of line and boom pumps for all types of concrete jobs. We enjoy assisting our customers, so please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions about the size pump you require. We will gladly make some suggestions.

    Our primary goal at Bennett Concrete Pumping is customer satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied with our service or products, we have failed to meet the high standards on which we have always prided ourselves. Our customer service representatives are ready, willing, and able to respond to your inquiries with the friendly, dependable recommendations you would expect from a company like ours. Please contact us right away. We are excited to collaborate with you.

    Crocker Concrete Pumping Companies Melbourne, Victoria

    0419 794 890

    Lance has been pumping concrete for more than 25 years, beginning in Townsville, Queensland. He moved to Victoria 20 years ago, where Crocker Concrete Pumping was founded, and has been building his family-run business into a dependable, respectable member of the Concrete Pumping world ever since. His top priority is to arrive on time, complete the job efficiently, and provide the best service to his valued customers.

    For jobs that require the use of a line. 32-metre Z Fold Boom with ticketed operator and hose man. With a capacity of 115 cubic feet per hour, it can handle any size pour. All documentation is carried on board, including up-to-date inspections, insurances, and assessments.

    Our line pumps are clean, well-maintained, and equipped with 80+ metres of line, allowing us to reach even the most inaccessible and tight spaces. All of our line pumps are rated at 52 cubic feet per hour and come with the necessary documentation. They are fully insured and have qualified operators and horseback riders ready to help you with your next project. You can trust that our team is friendly, clean, and helpful, and that they will collaborate with other trades to complete the job on time.

    FAQs About Concrete Pumping

    A concrete pump is a time-, cost-and back-saving machine that moves wet concrete to places where concrete mixer trucks cannot reach. There are two main types of concrete pumps—boom pumps and line pumps.

    A Concrete Pump is used in conveying freshly mixed concrete from the containers to where it needs to be filled at the construction site, and thus, it is an important part of any construction project. Concrete Pumps are the most favoured method of transferring liquid concrete nowadays and are a common appliance on building sites.

    Whether residential, commercial, civil, industrial construction or infrastructure, Always trust Concrete Pumping for premium service and quality results in Melbourne. Regularly serviced and ever-reliable, our extensive fleet has all the tools and equipment to provide Melbourne with quality concrete pumping services. For a local and competitively priced concrete pumping service in Melbourne, call Access Concrete Pumping today. For a local and competitively priced concrete pumping service in Melbourne, call Access Concrete Pumping today.

    The main difference between a concrete line pump and a concrete boom pump is the volume capacity it operates. A line pump is suitable for small construction projects with a primary focus on residential concrete work. The line pump is considered a long hose attached to a stationary pump mounted on a truck that provides versatility through the flexibility of the portable hose. It operates at a lower volume capacity, deeming them perfect for driveways, pathways, and general concreting applications. A boom pump is more fitting for projects that mandate faster and higher volumes of concrete application. The boom pump typically assists commercial or large-scale concrete pumping projects. Unlike the line pump, the pump is mounted to a truck and is remotely controlled. In addition, the boom pump has the ability to reach vertical heights, making them ideal for high-rise buildings and slabs. Talk to our team today to determine which pump is best suited to your project.

    Hiring our concrete pumps does come with a cost, but it can also save you money. Pumping is quicker and easier and ensures faster delivery and the optimal time to work with your concrete. In addition, the extensive reach of pipes can navigate almost any obstacle or access issue, which helps save on time and human resources.

    Concrete pumps transport wet mixed concrete from the mixer to the pour location. The wet concrete from a mix truck is released into a hopper where an agitator keeps it moving and flowing into the piston pump’s twin cylinders. One cylinder pushes the concrete into the pipeline on the forward stroke, while the other cylinder draws concrete from the hopper on the return stroke.

    Access Concrete Pumping Companies Melbourne, Victoria

     0418 357 234

    Access Concrete Pumping is a family-owned and run company.

    We've been in this business since the 1980s, first in Sydney and now in Melbourne since 2003. We take great pride in providing a professional experience to our customers.

    That is the satisfaction that comes with conducting business locally: Bennett Concrete Pumping is locally owned, operated, and managed by Cameron Bennett and his team, and it has been in operation for over ten years.

    Primo Concrete Pumping Companies Melbourne, Victoria

    0408 119 999

    From its modest beginnings in 1990, Primo Pumping has developed into one of Melbourne's oldest and most renowned family-owned concrete pumping businesses. Primo started out with a single 19-meter boom and has since expanded to have a wide range of concrete pumps to handle all pumping needs.

    With a fold-out height of only 5.7m and a boom that can be steplessly lengthened even while pumping, this machine is ideal for tight and difficult job sites, not to mention its ability to work inside warehouses and sheds.

    Primo Pumping is dedicated to providing high-quality service through professional operators and staff. We are committed to maximizing the value of our service by providing the most efficient and dependable on-the-job performance, with well-maintained equipment, at very reasonable rates.

    Primo can inspect job sites prior to pours if requested, to ensure that any special needs are met successfully. We can devise innovative placement techniques for difficult jobs because we have expert knowledge of the industry. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and service quality ensures that your concrete pumping needs are met every time.

    Get Pumped Concrete Pumping Companies Melbourne, Victoria

    0412 393 907

    Concrete Pumping Specialists In Melbourne   

    In order to serve concreters, builders, developers, civil contractors, and residential projects, Get Pumped Concrete Pumping was established in 2010. For businesses like Johns Lyng, Mirvac, VicRoads, and Brimbank City Council, we have worked with more than 1,500 clients, finished about 12,000 jobs, and pumped more than 200,000 cubic meters of concrete over the past 15 years.

    Commercial Concrete Pumping Melbourne

    If you need a professional team of concrete contractors to help you with your next commercial concrete pumping project, contact the team at Pumped Concrete Pumping. We are a seasoned family-owned and operated company that provides the most efficient and dependable concrete pump hire services in Victoria.

    To help keep project costs down, we offer flexible and competitive concrete pump hire rates in addition to our excellent and well-maintained concrete pumping equipment. Throughout Victoria, we are experts in all domestic, commercial, and industrial projects.

    Lion Concrete Pumping Companies Melbourne, Victoria

    0449 929 237

    Owner of Lion Pumping, Dragan, has over ten years of experience in the concrete industry.

    In all of our operations, we are completely committed to health and safety. We strictly adhere to all WorkSafe rules, policies, and procedures. Our employees have all been fully trained and have an Occupational Health & Safety White card. Our machinery and equipment are fully insured and meet all Australian standards.

    Callaghan Concrete Pumps Companies Melbourne, Victoria

    1300 227 901

    Callaghan Concrete Pumps began as a modest concrete pump workshop and has steadily grown to become a leading Australian supplier of pumps.

    The group is dedicated to giving their clients top-notch concrete pumps and even better after-sales support. We've expanded from a tiny, unassuming workshop to a 2,000 SQM workshop and a 6,600 SQM yard, and we're still a family-owned, fully independent business.

    Bomax Concrete Pumping Companies Melbourne, Victoria

    0419 501 888

    Box began operations in the early 1980s with a single trailer-mounted mechanical piston pump.

    This was primarily a shotcrete machine. Our fleet grew in tandem with our clientele, and we now have two truck-mounted line pumps and six boom pumps ranging in length from 22m to 37m.

    Our previous service area was only the Mornington Peninsula. We continue to travel extensively, with the majority of our work concentrated in Melbourne's South East Suburbs, from Portsea to Wonthaggi and Phillip Island, and north to Gembrook.

    Box Concrete Pumping has built a reputation for providing professional concrete work throughout the Mornington Peninsula and Surrounding Areas. Our commitment and hard work are visible in the finished product, and we personally guarantee client satisfaction every time.

    Knockout Concrete Pumping Companies Melbourne, Victoria

     0410 447 000

    Concrete Pumping Specialists Melbourne

    Knockout Concrete Pumping is a concrete pumping company that works on residential, commercial, industrial, and civil projects in Melbourne.

    The highest caliber concrete pumping services in Melbourne are what Knockout Concrete Pumping is dedicated to offering. Whether the work is for residential, commercial, industrial, or civil purposes, we have the concrete pumping trucks and equipment to assist you. For new driveways, patios, walkways, kerbs, slabs, foundations, walls, crossovers, pier holes, and other concrete projects, our concrete pumping services are perfect.

    We understand the significance of deadlines and will always complete your concreting project in an efficient and professional manner.

    Mitchcon Concrete Pumping Companies Melbourne, Victoria

    03 9316 5901

    With over 40 years of experience, our knowledgeable customer service team manages countless jobs every day by combining job booking, planning, and logistics.

    Since 1995, all significant civil, industrial, and infrastructure projects have made use of our broad selection of high-quality pumps and operators.

    Our boom and line pumps, along with our experienced operators and customer service team, can meet all of your commercial and residential needs.

    Concrete Pumping Companies Melbourne, Victoria

    (03) 9999-9875

    We have concrete line pump hire and boom pump hire available for any domestic or commercial project. We take pride in providing all of your concrete pumping needs.

    We have a wide variety of boom pump sizes. Boom pumps vary in reach, so please contact us so that we can arrange the appropriate pump for your job. All of our pumps are serviced on a regular basis, so they are dependable!

    Our line pumps are better suited for domestic applications or jobs where overhead power lines obstruct access. Our line pump crew always helps out on pours and always tries to help.

    5261 8668

    Cormack Group has grown from its humble beginnings in 2009 with only three employees to five businesses with over 100 employees. Cormack Concreting's success is the result of strong relationships with all of our clients. We provide our clients with a customized, personalized service delivered by a team of professionals who are enthusiastic about their work.

    Cormack Group currently operates and contracts with five complementary businesses to assist you in completing your build from various perspectives.

    Cormack Concreting is a Melbourne-based company that provides high-quality concrete slabs and paving. We collaborate with you to design and build the ideal concrete slab for your project, whether it is a driveway, house, shed, footpath, school, warehouse, or anything else. We have high-quality pumping equipment, skilled operators and workers, and a professional and trustworthy reputation.

    CPE Machinery Concrete Pumping Companies Melbourne, Victoria

    03) 9931 4222

    Our expert team is ready to assist you with your construction, tunneling, and mining machinery requirements.

    In 1978, CPE Machinery began operations as a supplier to the Australian concrete pumping industry. Previously known as "Concrete Pumping Equipment Aust." The name was later changed to "CPE" to reflect how we were known in the industry (and by our logo).

    We have been the preferred supplier to many loyal customers throughout Australia and neighboring countries for over 40 years, and we are proud to supply and support a wide range of specialist machinery used in construction, tunnelling, and mining. Our continued expansion reflects the knowledge, experience, support, and quality of the products and services we provide to our customers.

    Our team is dedicated to keeping your machines running smoothly with minimal downtime. CPE Machinery provides comprehensive after-sales service and support for your equipment. Furthermore, we provide genuine spare parts for your equipment to ensure that the design parameters are maintained throughout their life cycle.

    K & J Concrete Pumping Companies Melbourne, Victoria

    0439 368 355

    K & J Concrete Pumping is a well-known concrete pumping company in Melbourne and throughout Victoria. We've been providing high-quality concreting and creative designs to local residents and businesses. Our contractors are experts at mixing, pouring, and laying concrete for a variety of projects.

    Because we have more and better machines for transportation and pumping, we can handle larger projects than small concrete contractors because we have more and better equipment.

    We aim to provide people in Melbourne and Victoria with prompt service at a reasonable price, without sacrificing safety or work quality.

    NWCP Concrete Pumping Companies Melbourne, Victoria

    613 9023 6978

    Nationwide takes an innovative approach and has the expertise to create whole-project solutions. Companies choose to work with us because our approach is holistic and collaborative, and we engineer the best design and construction solutions for our clients. We provide high-quality, innovative, and best-in-class project outcomes from design to construction and commissioning.

    Our reputation is built on developing strong client relationships and collaborating with them to achieve exceptional, cost-effective results while maintaining quality and safety. However, innovation is more than just developing new capabilities and developing new ways of doing things; it is also about improving what we did yesterday, learning from the past, and making it better today. It works smarter, constantly improving and completing tasks as efficiently as possible.

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