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Bridal Hair & MakeUp

Bridal Hair & MakeUp 


Things to Consider When Planning Your Bridal Hair & Make Up


Whether you decide to exchange vows on the beach or in an outdoor location, consider the season and time of day you hold your wedding. To help Key West brides to choose a correct wedding makeup look.


I am one of those people who love checklists. I don’t know if it’s because I found the book “The Checklist Manifesto” so fascinating or because I just love that feeling of checking off something completed…or maybe it’s merely because checklists counter the “fallibility of human memory and attention, especially when it comes to mundane, routine matters that are easily overlooked under the strain of more pressing events”.  When it comes to your special day, Boutique events group has proven itself to be an iconic wedding venue and function centre in Melbourne

If you are a bride lucky enough to have three generations of your family’s women there on your big wedding day, you have got to make sure all of your wedding curls are on point. Now this includes you/the bride, your mother, and your grandmother…and we are here to ensure the girls’ wedding curls will look fantastic. 


I had the honour of being Cassie’s hairstylist on her wedding day! Cassie and I had met at a craft fair briefly the year prior, and before I knew it, we were in the salon meeting for her trial appointment! Cassie and I have since become friends, and I am so glad I got to share this special day with her! 


Many beach weddings take place during late spring and summer and in Key West, Florida, it is going to be hot and Humid. These factors should help you when choosing makeup colours and styles.


Use A Bridal Hair & Makeup Checklist


In any case, I find a checklist extraordinarily helpful when planning beauty necessities for a big event. Whether it’s your wedding, a night out on the town or merely a big presentation at work, following a checklist for the beauty part of your preparation can save time, and ensure that the esthetic part of you is ready without a hitch. Outlined below by how far in advance things should get done, these “beauty to-do’s” should not be overlooked next time you start thinking about your plans. 


Especially as us women get older, it can be challenging to find new and flattering hairstyles, so we are hoping to take the stress out of finding an age-appropriate wedding hairstyle for your mother and grandmother. These following options will be featuring wedding hairstyles with curls (either natural or with the help of iron) but do keep in mind that there are tons of other beautiful wedding looks with straight hair as well. Without further ado, here are several wedding hairstyles that show the progression of wedding curls through three generations.

Bridal hair & make up Melbourne

Waterproof Your Bridal Makeup

So with that in mind, my would-be a waterproof makeup and minimum product. That can be done with the use of airbrush makeup because it is long-lasting, and it looks and feels like your bearskin. On top of that, this is the only breathable foundation on the market, so it does not clog your pores, and your skin is breathing. The layer of the product is so thin that your natural skin tone shines through.


Start creating your to-do list. You can use a digital reminders app to list items or your regular paper list, but if you do a lot of events or presentations that you need to be ready for, you need something recurring, so you don’t have to write down all the items again. I like the simple app “Checklist” that you can get in the app store. Make a note of anything that you might need to pick up such as self-tanner, or razors, or moisturizer. 

For you, the bride, we have selected two curled wedding hairstyles that are from pretty different wedding styles. The first is a bohemian wedding style—the bride has left her curls to fall loosely and naturally to create an effortless, easy wedding hairstyle.

Looking for a wedding hair stylist? Look no further, Boutique events group has you covered 

The inspiration for Cassie’s hairstyle was a look that was soft, romantic, and classic. I began creating this look by first setting curls around the crown to create volume and softness in style. While they cooled I curled the remaining sections of hair with a 1 1/4″ curling iron. I then worked on creating the shape of the method by pinning the hair up carefully, curl by curl, into place. Once the style was perfected, we completed the look with beautiful, vintage-inspired hair accessories Cassie had tastefully picked out. 

Chances are you’ll be very emotional on your wedding day, so waterproof mascara is a must.


Shimmery Look

A pale eye shadow with a hint of shimmer can easily brighten your eyes. Choose pale blue, pearl, pale taupe, peach or pink colours. I like to use a thin eye shadow brush to line lower lids with the same shimmery shade. 

Ok, here we go. So what do you need to do or schedule to stop worrying about this part of your prep? To me, the most efficient way to look at it is several weeks out from the event.


Classic Look

The second is more classic -this bride has the Hollywood Glam wedding style down to a T. These soft curls are finished off perfectly with a bedazzled wedding hair accessory and a bright red lip to give off that glam vibe. While these are two styles we love, there are also plenty of other types of curls and wedding hairstyles that utilize coils, so do not feel restricted!


The way the chain drapes just over the top of the style is my favourite part of this look! 


A thin line of black eyeliner is optional—several coats of mascara in brown or black. A light application of pale blush in powder or cream form won’t be too heavy. Lipstick in any shade of pink or even classic red will look fantastic.


Natural Look

Maybe your beach wedding will be very casual, and you want your makeup to reflect that. We can create a natural look without looking bare-faced, by dusting your skin with sheer powder. I would recommend applying brown or black eyeliner to your eyelids, pale blush to your cheeks (blend well) and a glossy lip colour close to your natural lip colour. A coat or two of mascara will complete your casual bridal ensemble nicely.

If you don’t already use one, you could start using a lash serum now to make your lashes look longer, thicker, and darker. Generally, your lashes are on a 4 to 8 week cycle and thus you should start to see results / better lashes within 4 weeks of use. This applies to hair growth foams as well. Start using it now to see baby hairs filling in by the time of your event. 


Scheduling a Hair Cut

Schedule a hair cut and colour with your hairstylist for two weeks before your event or presentation. If you are going to get your hair done or blown out on the day of the game, schedule that at this time. Count back from when you need to be leaving the salon and remember that hair comes before makeup when getting ready. 


Next up, the lovely mother of the bride! We are highlighting two basic options here…all down and all up. As hair gets shorter, we like to use curls to add volume where it may be decreasing. In the first wedding hairstyle, the curls add height and size to the wedding updo that is needed to make the look work. The coils help the second mother of the bride look more

I also had the pleasure of creating looks for Cassie’s bridesmaids as well! Who chose to wear soft waves and chignon inspired styles for their favourite girl’s day! 


Dressed up and formal…which might be necessary for her daughter’s wedding day! Both are great options to make your mother look amazing on your big day.

Wedding curls through three generations.

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary Cassie and Peter! Thank you for having me be apart of your day! 

Bridal hair & make up Melbourne


Evening or winter Hair Style


If your beach ceremony takes place in the evening or winter season, your makeup can be a little heavier, but remember to keep the location in mind.

Whether you marry in summer or winter, outdoor weddings can be beautiful. When your beach makeup matches your seaside theme well, you’re sure to be a gorgeous bride on your special day.


My best wishes to all of you and hope that you will find this article useful.

Alternatively, if you are going to get lash extensions, schedule your appointment now for one week before your event.


Last but oh definitely not the least is the woman who started it all the grandmother of the bride. It is not often that grandmas get out to have their hair styled (not my grandmother at least) so this is a moment to make her feel beautiful and pampered! 

It was so fun doing Viola’s hair and makeup for her small intimate wedding in San Francisco. Her and Zack had an early appointment at San Francisco City Hall, where their close family members would witness them tying the knot.  Check out our ultimate list of Wedding Hair Stylists here. 


Does Your Look Match your Wedding Gown?

Figure it out. Find out if it’s black-tie or not, long or short etc. If it’s a work event or an interview, find out what is appropriate attire for that company event. (In a past life, I was a financial product specialist at a large brokerage firm, asked to make a presentation in Las Vegas to a group of money managers.


The first wedding look requires a bit more hair than the average short-haired grandma, so use it appropriately. We love the refined, polish look this low chignon wedding hairstyle has and think it is perfect for a respectable grandma. This second look can be done with as much or as little hair as available…simply twist and secure at the back of her head. Curling the ends help to dress up and finish off this beautiful wedding hairstyle for the grandmother of the bride.


Viola is someone who never wears makeup, so for her bridal makeup, we wanted to keep her skin soft and natural with minimal blush, and make her eyes pop with fluttery false lashes and winged liner. 


 I figured we were in Las Vegas, so I went for it and wore a smashing light blue satin suit with dark blue trim that was blinding from afar. Everyone else was in business casual and conservative…not a great choice on my part!) If you are going to be on video or TV, make sure to get advice from experts on what to wear. Specific colours (pinks, reds of a certain tone, greens can come across very strange) and patterns are generally not recommended for TV. 


There you have it! Please please take these looks to your wedding stylists and try some of them out on yourself and the important ladies in your family. Enjoy!

For her wedding hair, April styled a sleek, yet slightly messy pony. Viola’s hair accessory was a simple gold pearl clip in the back centre. 


The result was our bride looking goddess-like! We love the photos Viola shared with us. 

Once you have, it figured out, try it ON. And then get thee to a tailor asap to get it fitted or fixed where needed. Get clothing altered before you get it dry cleaned (or before you steam it yourself). Give yourself time to get it to the tailor, let them work on it, pick it up, and get it to dry cleaner if needed.

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