Bomboniere Ideas & Tips Melbourne

Bomboniere Ideas & Tips

Wedding Gift Ideas to Thank Your Guests

It might be said that Italian Bomboniere corresponds to wedding favours, but it's not exactly like that.

Yes, like wedding favours they are gifts for wedding guests, a way to thank all those family members and friends who have attended your Wedding, but apart from that, there are some essential differences.

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What is a Bomboniere?

Bomboniere, also known as favours, are small gifts given out to your guests on special occasions to thank them for sharing your special day. Traditionally, wedding Bomboniere included five Jordan almonds (a type of sugared almonds, also known as confetti) which symbolize health, wealth, happiness, long life and fertility.


Wedding favours date back centuries and is considered traditional at Wedding receptions by many European countries such as France, Italy and Greece. It has been said that couples have been giving favours to their guests since the Middle Ages.


The candy is given out in odd numbers, most often 3s and 5s. Three almonds symbolize the bride, the groom and their future child, and five almonds represent five wishes for the sposi: health, wealth, fertility, happiness and longevity. Confetti is not only used in Italian weddings but also Greek and Middle Eastern wedding ceremonies.


While the tradition of giving out wedding favours is a very old one, modern brides are searching for new and unique Wedding favours showing their thanks to guests on their big day. Modern wedding favours tend to complement the theme or season of the event or the couple's interests.


This tradition most likely dates back to the ancient Romans. The term comes from the Latin confected meaning "prepared or wrapped". In the Middle Ages, the name referred to jams or dried fruit covered in honey, however, the confetti that we know today was first produced around 1400 in the city of Sulmona, located in central Italy.


It wasn't always the general society who offered Italian wedding favours to their guests; It was initially a luxury limited to the aristocracy and the wealthy, whose lavish offerings were intended to display the wealth and power of their family.


In these last years, there has also been a trend of choosing useful items (but always with a beautiful design) or high-quality local products such as bottles of wine or olive oil, jars of jam or food preserves, characterized by an elegant packaging and sometimes a customized label.



Confetti is sugar-coated almonds, also known as Jordan almonds. These candies represent the bittersweet life of a married couple. The sugar coating is added to the bitter almonds in the hope that the newlyweds will have more sweet times than pain during their lifetime together. When confetti come in boxes or bags, they are called Bomboniere and serve as place settings or favours.


Favours or Bomboniere are the perfect way to say "thank you" to family and friends for sharing your special day. They can be given for many occasions, the most popular being Wedding, Birth, Baptism, First Holy Communion, Anniversaries and Parties. They are considered one of the essential Wedding accessory needed to celebrate your big day and are well received by guests.


What Size Should the Wedding Favours be?


First of all, size! Wedding favours are often small objects, personalized keepsakes of the event, a little sign of gratitude by the newlyweds so that they can be – for example – a couple of decorated cookies or macarons, customized luggage bags, scented bar soaps, little boxes of chocolates or mints, keyholders and so on. They usually respect the theme, style and colour palette of the Wedding.


The bitterness of the almond against the sweetness of the sugar coating symbolizes the bitter generosity of marriage.


Bomboniere tend to be bigger and sometimes more precious objects: silver frames, oil and vinegar cruets, vases, elegant pieces of porcelain such as sugar bowls, coffee cups or decorated plates, and so on.

Bomboniere Ideas Tips Melbourne
Lolly bags filled with heart shaped chocolates.


Wedding Favours to Suit your Wedding Theme

When you spend so long planning your Wedding to suit your tastes and ideas to have it be unique to you, why wouldn't you want your Wedding favours to do the same? Our wedding shop has everything you're looking for - so let's look at some unique Bomboniere ideas.


Once-upon-a-time only white organza bags held the white confetti and were tied with a white ribbon. Today, Bomboniere come in all different colours and flavours, and containers are all shapes and sizes.


The French used to give "Bombonieres" to their guests. These were well-presented boxes, generally made of crystal or porcelain and would contain Bonbons

In any case, there is something that can never be missing: confetti! Either in the classic variety (almonds with a white hard sugar coating) or the most modern flavoured and coloured varieties with a chocolate layer, they are a tradition of Italian weddings.


Continue your love bird theme with these beautiful Birdcage Candle Holders which can also be used as a place card holder for your reception table.


Favours or Bomboniere would range from something simple like a small porcelain figurine to something as elaborate as a silver frame or crystal vase. Today couples opt for more practical favours like bottle stoppers or perfume diffusers. No matter how simple or complicated the support, they are never given without confetti, which are sugar-coated almonds, wrapped in tulle and either tied to the favour or handed out separately. Stuck for the perfect gift for your guests? Check out our extensive list of Bomboniere Ideas here


They always accompany each Bomboniere, contained in a small tulle or fabric bag or a little box. The tradition says they must be five, as they symbolize health, wealth, happiness, fertility and longevity: five gifts for the future life of the newlyweds.


These are a Bomboniere which your guests can keep and use for years to come. Each bird cage comes with a light tea candle with a pop-open door to place the candle inside, along with a "perch" for keeping your place cards held in place.


The confetti represents the bittersweet union of marriage. The number of confetti, is always odd & usually five, and symbolize fertility, happiness, health, longevity and wealth. Ribbons and flowers are used to decorate the Bomboniere and attach the confetti to match the colour scheme of the day. Also traditionally you will always find a tag with the couple's names and wedding date attached too.

The Bomboniere and the bag or box of confetti are always packed together with a little card with the names of the spouses and the date of the Wedding. These packages are still beautiful and well-finished, decorated with ribbons, bows, artificial flowers and rhinestones.


Garden Themed Bombonieres

These beautiful bombonieres would also suit a garden-themed Wedding and would perfectly compliment a vintage themed wedding with their elegant charm.

Bomboniere are not just for Weddings; they are also given out on special occasions like Christening, First Holy Communion, Confirmation, Graduation, Anniversaries and Engagement.

To make you understand the importance of Italian Bomboniere, just think about the fact that there are shops only dedicated to these gift items: these shops also provide confetti of every kind and the service of packing every single thing.


Beach Themed Bombonieres

Continue your beach themed Wedding into your reception with these Lighthouse Candle Holders. Light the tea lights to create an ambient glow or rest your place cards against them to "light the way" for your guests.


The confetti or sugared almonds come in a variety of colours which symbolize each event. In essence, white is used for Wedding which is a symbol of purity, also for Communion and Confirmation, pink or blue for Christening or announcing the birth of a baby, red for graduation, emerald green for engagement and silver and gold for wedding anniversary.


Another difference between favours and Italian Bomboniere is the way they are distributed to guests. While favours are usually one for each guest, Italian Bomboniere is one for each family or couple (single guests receive one piece each!).


These Lighthouses continue your beach or summer theme without being tacky and are a keepsake for your guests to remember your special day.


From these beginnings of Italian Wedding favours when precious gifts were given along with the traditional five sugared almonds, At this particular time, sugar was a costly commodity which was also widely believed to contain medicinal properties.


The witnesses instead (as we have witnessed, and not maid of honour and best man) usually receive a different gift, more valuable and precious than the Bomboniere.

Send good fortune to your guests with these charming Bomboniere which also double as a place cardholder.

Bomboniere Ideas & Tips Melbourne
Bomboniere contents, 5 sugared almonds in bag with note, traditionally given as wedding favors, gift in Italy and called confetti. Isolated on white background. The almonds symbolize wishes for health, wealth, happiness, fertility and longevity.


Wedding Gift Cards

Each comes with a thin name card so that you can slip your guests name into each fortune cookie favour (perhaps with a secret message too!). Perfect for an Asian themed wedding.


These five almonds were offered to guests in little boxes, often along with other sweets of the time. The five almonds contained in the traditional Italian wedding favours came to be known as confetti.

Bomboniere Ideas are sometimes hard to come by. Check out our top 35 Bomboniere Ideas here

While wedding favours are often placed on tables near the plates (and have sometimes also the function of placeholders), Italian Bomboniere is displayed on a specific schedule and then handed by the spouses to the guests as they take their leave, to express their gratitude for their presence.

Often the moments we remember are the ones that make us laugh. These Bride and Groom toilet paper rolls are the perfect wedding favour for the happy couple and will have guests talking about it for years to come!

Sugared Almond Bomboniere

Sugaring almonds is a complicated process and can take a couple of days to complete. The almonds are peeled, toasted and flavoured. Inside rotating containers, sugar solutions are sprayed inside them, which evaporate by leaving a uniform layer of sugar on the almond, thanks to the heating obtained by insufflation of hot air. 


Pop them into the bathrooms at your reception or into hotel welcome bags for out-of-town guests or if you're having a destination wedding.


The long production process involves repeated phases of wetting and drying until the desired covering layer is obtained. After the coating phase, the sugared almonds have a rough and irregular surface and are then subjected to smoothing, colouring (if necessary) and finally polishing. If in the past this process was entrusted entirely to the skill and experience of the master confectioners, today the artisans, which are still indispensable, are joined by new technological equipment that allows you to keep under control all stages of processing, applying strict standards of times, humidity, temperature, quality controls, sanitary rules.


If you're a Bakerella Bride (or gourmet groom!), this is a perfect wedding favour for you. Tie a thank you note to these adorable heart-shaped cookie cutters and treat your guests to a Bomboniere that is useful and shows off your passion.


The result is a product that guarantees unchanged quality characteristics, and always entirely the same for taste, fragrance and colour, even if manufactured in different batches.

Nowadays the most famous confetti which is very well known by any Italian are Sulmona, Pelino and Avola (which are named after the regions they are produced in)

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do You Give as Wedding Favours? It's all about small gifts: think a little candle, scented soap, packet of seeds or a bottle opener. Edible ones, like chocolate truffles, pick n' mix sweets, or biscuits, go down a treat; as do little bottles of alcohol.

70% of couples say they will spend $1 – $5 per piece of bomboniere. 23% will spend $5 – $10, and 7% of couples will spend $10+ per piece.

For a colleague or acquaintance, $50 to $75 is acceptable. You can work within that range at your discretion. For family or someone close to you, $75 to $100 and even as high as $150 is perfect. Then if you're going as a couple, it's routine to double the amount or keep it at $200.

It is said that the sweet yet ever so slightly bitter flavour that fresh almonds possess represents the taste of life and the sweet sugared coating symbolises the hope that the newly married couple will enjoy a life that is more sweet than bitter.

There aren't too many things you must do on your wedding day. So, no, you most certainly do not need to give favours to your guests. Favours, also known as bomboniere, are small gifts given by the bride and groom to their wedding guests.

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