Top 20+ Termite Treatment & Inspection Companies, Melbourne [2022]

Top 20+ Termite Treatment & Inspection Companies, Melbourne [2022]

If you're a homeowner in Melbourne, you know that termites are a fact of life. Unfortunately, these pesky critters can wreak havoc on your home if left untreated, so it's important to find a quality termite treatment and inspection company to help you protect your property. In this blog post, we'll introduce you to some of the best termite companies in Melbourne and discuss their services. Here's provided tips on choosing the right company for your needs. So whether you're looking for preventative care or need to deal with an existing infestation, read on for information about the top termite treatment and inspection companies in Melbourne!

Anyone who has ever had to deal with termites knows just how serious an infestation can be, but they can also seriously damage your home or business.

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    Ultimate List Of Termite Treatment & Inspection Companies Melbourne

    All Pests - Pest Control & Inspections Company Melbourne

     0409 523 029

    About All Pests: Pest Control & Inspections

    All Pests performs our inspections and pest management in a safe, dependable, and accurate way while providing rapid and efficient service. More than twenty years have passed since the establishment of our business. Regarding pest management, we only utilize treatments that are safe for the environment.

    Our termite inspection and pest treatment teams in Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula are renowned for their promptness and expertise. All Pests is an industry leader in providing termite inspections and treatments during the pre-construction phase of a project, which can assist reduce potential future risks to you and your property.

    Services We Offer

    All Pests has experience working with companies of varying sizes, and we will see to it that the problems you're having with pest control are fixed as quickly and efficiently as possible. This eliminates the potential for any commodities or property to sustain harm and assures the safety of the work environment.

    We offer comprehensive commercial pest management solutions to businesses in Melbourne, Victoria, whether they have a single location or multiple locations across the city. All Pests offers the skills and the knowledge necessary to safeguard your business and your clients from pests. Our services are available for various establishments, including restaurants, warehouses, and office buildings.

    Fumapest Termite Treatment & Pest Control Company Inspection Melbourne

    Fumapest Termite & Pest Control

    1800 113 115

    About Fumapest Termite Treatment & Pest Control Inspection

    In Victoria, Fumapest Termite & Pest Control is the industry leader in providing efficient solutions for the removal of pests. Our staff of well-educated specialists is fully capable of aiding both residential and business customers located anywhere within the state. But, first, you can count on us to determine where the pests are coming from and what is causing them. Once we do that, we will exterminate them from the area and take measures to prevent further infestations on your property.

    Services We Offer

    Our Company's Proprietor and Chief Executive Officer

    Peter Copper, the company's owner and managing director, founded Fumapest Termite & Pest Control in 1985. Because he is a holder of the TAFE Urban Pest Control Certificate, in addition to being a licenced pest control operator by the Victorian Government, you can be confident that he is aware of what he is doing.

    Peter has been providing customers in Victoria with all their pest management requirements for the past 35 years. During that period, he has amassed substantial knowledge working full-time. In addition, he can stay current on the most recent developments in the field of pest management by frequently participating in events such as conferences and seminars.

    Our Distinctive Qualities and Traits

    Fumapest Termite & Pest Control has built a solid reputation for successfully eradicating various pest infestations of varying severity. Some of our features are as follows:

    • We are proud and happy to offer over 35 years of practical experience, servicing thousands of Victorian properties throughout the state.
    • We employ the most advanced methods available in Australia to manage termites and other pests, such as the Termidor soil barrier treatment products.
    • Our inspections are quite thorough, covering all available timber, including crawl spaces in the subfloor, roof voids, garden landscaping, fences, and neighbouring trees.
    • We have a stellar performance history and a high accomplishment rate across all of Victoria, including the metropolitan area of Melbourne, the Latrobe Valley, Gippsland, and East Gippsland, where we conduct business.
    • We have professional indemnity, public liability, and worker's compensation insurance, and we've never had to file a claim against any of our insurance policies because of shoddy work.

    Specialist Termite Control - Pest Control & Inspections Company Melbourne

    1300 69 59 48

    About Specialist Termite Control Melbourne

    In 1990, Specialist Termite Control Pty Ltd was established to provide an alternative to the usual organo-chlorine spray method of treating termites. This was the company's driving motivation at the time of its establishment. Tom Boschma was the only person responsible for running the company in its early stages. It all came down to the fundamentals, including the location of the termite colony and the application of a few grammes of arsenical dust as the primary method.

    During this period, new approaches were being conceived and tested in various settings. One of these was implementing the brand-new "CSIRO box bait" system into active building infestations. Even though this method initially yielded inconsistent results, the general public's reception of it was largely favourable since homeowners were looking for safer alternatives to the widely known practice of spraying chemicals.

    Tom gave demonstrations on how to poison box bait on many television programmes, including Our House, Burke's Back Yard, and Healthy Wealthy Wise. The news quickly spread. The word "baiting" suddenly became everyone's favourite buzzword in the industry.

    However, early baiting methods were difficult to carry out and produced results that were difficult to anticipate. Teaching technicians in the subjective art of attracting termites was also challenging, which contributed to the approaches' failure to achieve widespread adoption.

    Since the early days of box baiting with arsenic dust, the termite control industry has developed a new range of highly effective and low toxicity poisons. These poisons have made it possible for termite baiting to blossom into the extremely successful mainstream termite treatment method that was only dreamed of in the 1990s.

    These days, baiting for termites does not entail destructive or invasive practices typically connected with chemical soil treatments.

    Fast forwards twenty years, and Specialist Termite Control is now one of the few true termite specialists in Melbourne. They employ a team of experienced technicians and helpful customer service consultants to serve their clients. Our corporate headquarters are close to Eltham, and from there, we provide our services to the majority of Melbourne and the regional districts located nearby.

    We are not affiliated in any way, either commercially or through a franchise, with any of our suppliers, and the needs of our customers come before any business deal. In most cases, we present our customers with several available options and then assist them in selecting the alternative that meets their requirements most effectively. For example, if we employ termiticides, they are always water-based and odourless. Our hallmark service is to leave our client's building free of termites while also ensuring that it is not contaminated with anything hazardous or unpleasant.

    Services We Offer

    Because the majority of homeowner's insurance policies do not pay out for damage caused by termites and the fact that one in every five homes is subject to a termite infestation, the first and most important step in a termite management plan to protect your property is to have an annual termite inspection.

    During a termite inspection, your home will not only be inspected for termites, but it will also be inspected for damage to the timber, conditions that may make the building more susceptible to attack by termites, Construction flaws or upkeep concerns may allow termites to enter unnoticed. Termite inspections should be done at least once every year.

    Suppose the inspection finds that you do have termites. In that case, it will also give us important information that will enable us to evaluate the level of damage that has been done, the type of termite there, and how it is getting into the property. In addition, this will help determine the possible termite treatment methods required to get rid of the termites and secure the property.

    A termite management plan for the property can be developed with the help of this information, taking into account the termite pressure, building construction, and surrounding environment. The plan will typically consist of a combination of termite inspections and a termite treatment to provide termite protection for your property.

    Diamond Valley Termite and Pest Control Inspections Melbourne

    0411 448 413

    About Diamond Valley Termite and Pest Control Inspections

    We are a trustworthy family business here to assist you with your pest control and termite removal requirements.

    Services We Offer

    Because we understand that the health and safety of your family are of the utmost importance, Diamond Valley Termite & Pest Control strongly emphasizes preventative measures. Not only will we eradicate all of your pests, but we will also investigate the factors that contribute to their continued existence and work with you to find solutions. We will do a comprehensive inspection of your home and tailor a solution appropriate for your pest control requirements. Our knowledgeable staff provides services including Termite Inspection as well as Termite Control, Rodent Control, Commercial Pest Control, Possum Control, Bee & Wasp Control, Spider Control, Ant Control, Cockroach Control, End of Lease Treatments, Bird Control, Pigeon Control, Solar Panel Protection, and a variety of other Pest Control solutions.

    Pest Police Termite Treatment & Inspection Melbourne

    Pest Police

    1800 737 878

    About Pest Police Termite Treatment & Inspection Melbourne

    Pest Police is the company that thousands of satisfied customers in the Melbourne area have come to rely on for fast pest control and inspection services. Contact us immediately for exceptional assistance with your customer service needs from a reputable, privately held firm.

    Services We Offer

    Our Pre Purchase Termite Buildings Inspections staff is highly certified, has received significant training, and is incredibly thorough. Between them, they have decades of expertise in the industry. We take enormous pleasure in our work, and as a result, we receive many referrals to others from pleased clients as well as property experts. But, of course, you would expect this from an Australian family-owned and operated business. 

    Naturally, we are covered by Combined Liability Insurance, and we stand by our work with a wide range of warranties. Thermal imagers and moisture metres are just two examples of cutting-edge technology that our professionals utilize. We are efficient, yet we never take shortcuts; we provide competitive pricing; we have an excellent Google Rating score and several accolades for outstanding work. We have operations in the entirety of Melbourne and a few of the suburbs around the city. So you are aware that now is not the time to take any chances when it comes to acquiring a house, regardless of where you are. Before making such a life-changing choice, you should consult with the experienced members of the Pest Police team first.

    Tom's Pest Control- Pest Control & Inspections Company Melbourne

    (03) 9034 5956

    About Tom's Pest Control Melbourne

    In Australia's pest control services field, Tom's Pest Control Melbourne is now the industry leader. Because of our dedication to delivering long-term solutions and our emphasis on service and quality, we can lead the market in terms of providing exceptional service standards.

    Services We Offer

    Our company assists our clients in maintaining a clean, risk-free, and healthy atmosphere on their property by providing pest control and extermination services for various unwanted critters. Our services for controlling pests cover all of the following:

    • Ant control services
    • Elimination and management of bed bugs
    • Services for the avoidance of bird damage
    • Services for the treatment of beetles
    • Pest management for wood boring insects
    • The eradication of cockroaches
    • Treatment for an infestation of fleas
    • The capturing and killing of foxes
    • Mite therapy
    • Mosquito pest treatment
    • Treatment and extermination of the moths
    • catching and removing opossums from the area
    • Services for the treatment of rodents
    • Pest management for silverfish
    • Spider control therapy
    • Treatment for an infestation of termites
    • Elimination and elimination of wasps
    • General commercial pest control services
    • services of inspection performed before the acquisition
    • Cleaning at the end of the lease
    • Services for the control of flies

    Because we offer the most comprehensive variety of pest control services, we are the exterminator's homeowners and businesses turn to us when they need comprehensive pest management solutions.

    Protech Pest Control & Termite Treatment Melbourne

    Protech Pest Control

    1300 486 148

    About Protech Pest Control & Termite Treatment Melbourne

    Protech is a veteran in pest inspection and control and removing insects from office spaces, residential structures, and commercial buildings, thanks to the company's 26 years of expertise in the industry. Through research and investigation, we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge concerning pests, including their adaptable character and how they nest. Our research and development team has devised systematic processes designed to eradicate pests from a wide variety of properties.

    Our pest controllers are a team of highly experienced experts who have completed rigorous training in the area and hold HACCP certification so that they can provide the finest service possible to our customers. When you get in touch with one of our technicians, you can rest assured that they will provide you with an in-depth understanding of the current pest situation in your home, as well as an effective and individualized plan that will assist you in securing your surroundings by eradicating any existing infestations and preventing any that may occur in the future.

    Services We Offer

    We perform a detailed inspection of your property, including your house, your place of business, and the surrounding area, specifically looking for the type of insect that prompted you to call us. To accomplish this, we use the most recent instruments and technological advancements. After we have finished our examination, we will provide our recommendations for the most effective methods of pest management based on the insects we found.

    • Among the inspection tools we use are:
    • Termatrac is an Electronic Termite Detector.
    • Digital Moisture Meter
    • LED Flashlight
    • Video Inspection Borescope Camera
    • Thermometer with an Infrared Camera

    To eradicate bug infestation, the pest control service that we provide uses treatments and techniques that are entirely comprised of natural ingredients. Our top objective is to safeguard public health, and in doing so, we will protect the environment in every possible way. Our pest control services in Melbourne are backed by a satisfaction guarantee of one hundred per cent. During the period covered by our warranty, if the pests come back, so do we—at no additional cost to you.

    Termite Solutions- Pest Control & Inspections Company Melbourne

    (03) 9555 5924

    About Termite Inspection & Solutions Melbourne

    At Termite Solutions Victoria, we have the ideal team to provide you with a residential or commercial termite inspection and professional advice on the steps to take in repairing the damage to any structure that termites may have caused. Termite inspections can be performed in both residential and commercial settings. We only hire licenced exterminators on our team to guarantee that our services are of the highest possible quality. Additionally, we only utilize products at the forefront of their respective industries. The following are some of the services that Termite Solutions Victoria provides:

    • Inspections for Termites in Private Homes and Businesses
    • Examinations for Vermin Before the Purchase
    • Treatments for Termites
    • Preparation and Installation of Termite Barriers
    • Services for Controlling Pests

    Services We Offer

    There are quite a few telltale symptoms that termite activity is present in your current residence. Many of our customers get in touch with us when:

    • They report an "alate" occurrence of flying ants (termites), particularly from within their residence.
    • They made a hole in the window sill or the skirting board with either their hand or the vacuum cleaner.
    • They either puncture a floorboard with their foot or cause it to collapse partially.
    • They hear hollow sounds emanating from a variety of wall services.
    • They observe what appears to be a mud passage or "mudding" around the perimeter of their house.
    • They detect termite activity in the garden in places such as veranda structures, landscape timbers, and ancient tree stumps.

    Notice or experience these termite occurrences or timber pest symptoms in your home. Then, you should get in touch with a pest controller that is licenced and experienced, such as Termite Solutions, and have a comprehensive examination performed.

    The Director of Termite Solutions is also a builder and a building inspector, which sets them apart from other companies. This means they can provide further guidance regarding the level of structural damage and the repairs to termite damage that may be necessary.

    People frequently discover termite damage in their houses when they are in the process of renovating their properties. During this time, they may tear up floors, remove skirtings, architraves, and wall linings, or restore external timbers when they discover termite activity.

    An inspection is typically the first step in treatment options, followed by eliminating the current termite colony and treatment to establish a barrier that, so long as it is kept up, will prevent a return of termite activity. If this barrier is kept up, it will prevent a recurrence of termite activity. You mustn't try to repair the damage caused by termites before treating the colony activity. If you do, the damage will most likely return.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Termites

    Borate wood preservative defends wood against termite attack and other wood-decomposing organisms. The preservative is absorbed into the wood and acts as a barrier that termites cannot cross, eliminating wood as a food source.

    Answer: The answer to this question is also in our How To Do A Termite Treatment Article. For your garage, porch, patios, or other contiguous slabs against the home, you will need to get the termiticide underneath the concrete against the foundation. You will need a hammer drill with a 1/2" x 18" drill bit to do this.

    Some of the best ways to get rid of termites are to apply termite-killing products to your home's exterior, use natural chemicals on the inside of your home, set up termite baits, and spray boric acid on your floors and walls.

    Among these termite treatments includes chemical treatment to the foundation of your home. The treatment begins with a professional termite control inspecting your house. He will then drill holes in walls, floors, and the ground around your house. Once done, they will insert a chemical into the holes.

    Common signs of termite damage to a wall include:

    • Small pinholes where termites have eaten through the paper coating on drywall and wallpaper.
    • Faint 'lines' on drywall.
    • A hollow sound when you tap on the wall.
    • Bubbling or peeling paint.
    • Baseboards that crumble under slight pressure.
    • Jammed doors or windows.

    Zero Pest Melbourne Australia - Termite Treatment & Inspections Company Melbourne


    1800 38 66 57

    About Zeropest Melbourne Australia

    The satisfaction of the many satisfied customers we've had over the years is evidence that pest control is one of our company's highest priorities. We put new and innovative products through rigors testing using the most up-to-date scientific and technological methods so that we can defend your home or place of business with a strategy that is not only effective but is also safe, natural, and friendly to the environment.

    Every house and every business is one of a kind! When you have a problem with pests or want to protect your home or business from invaders that are there now or will be there in the future, we apply our science-based approach to help identify the root of your problem and implement a solution that is made expressly for your home or business. This can be done when you have a pest problem or when you want to protect your home or business from invaders that are there now or will be there in the future. When you have a problem with pests or want to protect your home or place of business from invaders that are already there or will be there in the future, you should look into pest control options.

    Our Services

    Our goal is to give you, our valued customer, the finest level of service that is humanly feasible, and one way that we strive to accomplish this goal is by providing the following benefits to you at no cost.

    The cost of quality service is never comparable to the amount of money it saves. Now you can have peace of mind knowing that technicians working with Zeropest Australia are fully insured, fully licenced, fully qualified, not subcontracted, not franchisees, and have passed a national police check for your protection.

    • Businesses, municipalities, factories, commercial buildings, schools, food services, institutions, and residential customers can benefit from the high-quality pest management services offered by Zeropest Australia.
    • Zero pests Australia guarantees that any pest infestations in your house will be entirely eradicated for the duration of the appropriate Written Pest Free Guarantee term, specified and indicated in section A of official Zeropest Australia Paperwork and or digital paperwork (Note: Does Not Include Termites).
    • If you are not completely content with the pest eradication services that Zeropest Australia has done for you, we will re-treat the area at no additional cost to you if you request it. If we cannot eliminate all of the pests in your home (subject to certain terms and conditions), we will REFUND 100% of your money. GUARANTEED.

    PADinspections & Termite Treatment Melbourne

    (03) 8797 2637

    About PADinspections & Termite Treatment Melbourne

    Before you purchase a home, it is important to have a timber pest assessment completed. PADinspections can discover termites and other pests thanks to their extensive expertise, years of experience, and specialized equipment. The timber pest inspector we work with provides a variety of property inspections that are up to the norms in Australia. With the assistance of our thermal cameras for thermal scans, we can deliver inspection services that are both comprehensive and professional at the most competitive prices.

    Our Services

    Because pre-purchase building inspections offer exhaustive analyses of the state of the structure being purchased, they should be considered essential. Before you acquire the building, it highlights the potential dangers to your health and any large or minor flaws that may be there. As part of our comprehensive inspections, PADinspections does assessments and evaluations on the following:

    • Every room on the inside
    • The voids in the roof
    • The walls found on the exterior
    • every single window and every single window seal
    • The exposed portion of the roof, including the gutters and the downpipes
    • Every one of the verandas, balconies, pergolas, and pool and spa fences
    • On-site storage facilities, including garages, sheds, and carports
    • Subfloor area
    • All plumbing
    • Asbestos identification

    Dandenong Pest Control - Termite Treatment & Inspections Company Melbourne

    9707 1710

    About Melbourne Dandenong Pest Control & Inspection

    1976 marked the beginning of Dandenong Pest Control's operations. It had been known as R. Ridd Pest Control in the past, but in 1988 the company decided to alter its name to Dandenong Pest & Weed Control Pty Ltd because Dandenong was the primary centre point that everybody knew. Beaconsfield has always been the location of Dandenong Pest Control. Still, the company was originally called "Dandenong" because so few people were familiar with our quaint little town at the time. Beaconsfield is a well-established suburb located in the southeast of Melbourne.

    Dandenong Pest Control, also known as DPC, is a business that is owned and run by a family. Since 1990, George and Denise Knol, both of whom serve as directors, have owned and managed DPC. The total experience of technicians George, Gary, and Simon in the field of pest control amounts to more than 70 years. DPC will fly anywhere, no matter how far, for our customers. We go to the Peninsula, Gippsland, Dandenong and Yarra Ranges, and Northern and Western suburbs to service all local areas throughout the Casey and Cardinia Shires. In addition, we service all local areas throughout the Cardinia Shire.

    Our company specializes in pre-treatments on newly constructed homes and additions for professional and DIY home builders. Please contact DPC if you are building so we can explore the pre-treatment alternatives available.

    A Timber Pest Inspection should be performed on all homes at least once per year, as the Australian Standard recommends. If you are interested in purchasing a new house, we strongly advise doing a pre-purchase pest inspection on the property beforehand. An examination can give you the assurance you need concerning what is likely to be your most precious asset. A comprehensive assessment will include all potential pest concerns, such as termites and borer, that could cause harm to the structure. Our office staff can make reservations for this inspection.

    Our Services


    Do you have troubles with pests in your home? Dandenong Pest Control can travel to your location and inspect the property to determine the precise nature and scope of the infestation.

    Commercial & Real Estate

    Our company provides pest control services to businesses, corporations, and real estate agencies, after spending many years collaborating with various companies.

    Repairs And Upkeep Of Property

    Are you interested in having preventative pest services such as regular inspections and maintenance performed?

    All In One Pest Control Termites Treatment Melbourne

    0423 053 728

    About All in One Pest Control Termites Treatment

    The western and northern suburbs of Melbourne are serviced by All In One Pest Control & Termites, a major firm in the field of pest control and provides services at competitive prices. We can assist you with pest treatment and termite inspection in Melbourne for commercial and residential premises. Call us today!

    Every team member has received extensive training and takes great pleasure in their work, ensuring that it is always performed to the highest possible standards. So visit All In One Pest Control & Termites the next time you need an exterminator who can give excellent solutions for managing pests. They have everything you need under one roof.

    Services We Offer

    Control Of Pests

    In Point Cook or the surrounding area and looking for pest control services? Pest control services are provided by All In One Pest Control & Termites in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, as well as in the western suburbs of that city. Therefore, we can assist you with any of your pest control needs if you reside in the western or northern suburbs of Melbourne. Simply call us whether you need our services in Sunbury, Point Cook, or Brookfield. Our specialized exterminator team will visit your site with effective eco-friendly pest control methods, whether you need our services in Sunbury, Point Cook, or Brookfield!

    We are well renowned as professionals in pest extermination here at All In One Pest Control & Termites. All of our pest control services come with a warranty that is good for six months, and we also offer long-term pest management. When it comes to controlling pests such as termites, we are aware of the significance of eradicating them rather than only upsetting them when it comes to pest management. Our services are comprehensive, and we apply efficient environmental pest control methods to ensure the safety of your family, pets, and the surrounding environment.


    You want to eliminate the termites that have infested your residential or commercial property, but you can't find a good exterminator. At All In One Pest Control & Termites, we are the industry leaders in providing solutions for the environmental pest control of a wide variety of pests, including termites, bed bugs, and mice. We provide our pest management services to clients across Melbourne's northern and western suburbs, so whether you live in Sunbury, Point Cook, or even Brookfield, you may contact us for assistance. Our service area includes Melbourne.

    Perkins Exterminators & Inspection Melbourne

    1300 884 089

    About Perkins Exterminators & Inspection Melbourne

    Over the past four decades, Perkins Exterminators has been providing Melbourne with high-quality services in the field of pest management. Performing pest control services in residential and commercial properties to exceed the expectations of our clients and customers alike. Our highly professional staff's mission is to give our customers the finest quality service possible, and they are dedicated to collaborating with our customers to achieve exceptional outcomes.

    Perkins Exterminators has provided pest management services in Melbourne and the surrounding metropolitan areas for almost 40 years. We hold a licence issued by the Victorian Health Department, are members of the Humane Industry Association and are associated with the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association. We are dedicated to offering pest management services that are safe for the environment and customized to meet your pest management requirements. Perkins Exterminators works hard to produce results, no matter how big or small, in all aspects of pest management, including residential, commercial, and industrial. To achieve the most successful outcomes possible, our fleet is continually updated with the newest technology and equipment, and our drivers are provided with ongoing education and training.

    Perkins Exterminators has been in business for 40 years, during which time they have developed a strong reputation for providing superior services in the field of pest management. As a result, they have built up a sizable base of loyal customers. We take great satisfaction in treating our customers in the same manner, and we anticipate being handled by those who provide us with service. A reminder service and great after-sale service are both offered to our customers by our company.

    Services We Offer

    Since the company's founding in 1974, the Perkins family has run Perkins Exterminators, termite control and management company that services both residential and commercial properties in the Melbourne area. Make sure you discover any potential pest problems and take care of them before they create long-term damage for the sake of the health and safety of your family or the members of your work team.

    It is suggested that annual termite inspections be performed on all dwellings to prevent, identify, and control the damage that termites inevitably do. Perkins Exterminators uses a variety of cutting-edge procedures whenever they treat a piece of land that termites have infested. The management of the soil, chemical treatments, termite baiting systems, physical safeguards, and reticulation systems are all included in this category. Therefore, when you hire Perkins Exterminators, you can be assured that you will receive a service of the highest calibre tailored to your specific needs and offered at a cost that is within your budgetary constraints.

    Suppose you fear that your home may be infested with termites. In that case, you should get in touch with the professionals at Perkins Exterminators as soon as possible to arrange for a comprehensive examination and treatment that will ensure effective long-term pest control.

    Bayswater Termite Treatment & Inspections Company Melbourne

    1300 870 477

    About Bayswater Pest Control & Termite Treatment

    At Bayswater Pest Control, we prioritize our clients and their requirements above all else. We use a straightforward approach and prioritize getting the task done quickly and effectively to produce the highest quality work at the most affordable rates. Bayswater Pest Control is your neighbourhood specialist in pest control; you don't need to look any further.

    Services We Offer

    We at Bayswater Pest Control have the necessary certifications and years of experience to eradicate any type of pests from residential and commercial properties in the Melbourne area. Our arsenal of services includes a diverse selection of options that, when combined, can eliminate the critter problems you're having efficiently and generate results that will last. Controlling pests is one of our specialities. We are fully licenced and possess extensive professional training in all facets of pest control. In Melbourne, Bayswater Pest Management is recognized as a market leader in residential and commercial pest control.

    We cover the Central Business District (CBD) and the Eastern and South-Eastern Suburbs and provide a comprehensive range of treatments and services for the commercial and residential sectors. If you are looking for a local pest professional in Bayswater, go no further than Bayswater Pest Control. They will provide you with fantastic service. Over the past decade, Bayswater Pest Control has been successfully operating as a family-run business offering pest control services. We offer pest control services for termites, rats, spiders, birds, mice, cockroaches, bed bugs, bees, wasps, fleas, and ants. Other common pests we treat include bed bugs, cockroaches, and fleas.

    Dawson's Australia Termite Treatment & Inspection Melbourne

    03 9222 2263

    About Dawson's Australia Termite Treatment & Inspection Melbourne

    Dawson's Australia is an industry leader in providing pest control and termite treatment to residential and commercial properties in the state of Victoria and Melbourne. Because we were one of the first pest control companies in Melbourne, we have built a level of expertise and experience that is unparalleled. We offer our services for any kind of pest problem in any suburb across Melbourne.

    Troy Dawson, who is part of the third generation of the Dawson family and currently serves as the CEO of Dawson's Australia, has put in a lot of effort to build the company into a well-known brand name with a solid reputation in Melbourne.

    Dawson's Australia will become a member of Flick Anticimex in 2022, supporting the geographical development of Flick services within the greater Melbourne area. Through its partnership with Flick Anticimex, Dawson's can draw upon the vast international expertise of the Anticimex Group and further enhance the already high quality of the services it provides to its customers.

    Services We Offer

    Services For The Commercial Control Of Pests

    We at Dawson's Australia offer our pest control services to a wide range of businesses and commercial locations experiencing various pest problems. We will assist you in maintaining your company's safety and lowering the possibility of contaminated product use. Regardless of the size of your company, we provide pest management packages designed to address your needs and concerns individually.

    Keeping Unwanted Critters Out Of Your Place Of Business

    At Dawson's Australia, we know that pests may significantly negatively affect the health, safety, and reputation of your commercial property or business. Our trained pest control professionals can execute various commercial pest control solutions while adhering to the most stringent safety requirements and pest management guidelines. They do this while addressing any pest problems that may arise.

    M&R Termite Solutions Melbourne


    About M&R Termite Solutions

    The proprietor of the local, family-owned business, Michael, who has lived in the area for more than 29 years and has more than 20 years of experience working in the pest control industry, started the firm. Michael adds a personal touch to the pest management service he provides. In addition to always arriving promptly, we are completely licenced, insured, and accredited in this economy sector. We never skimp on the products we utilize and never take any shortcuts. Products of the highest calibre, such as Termidor and Premise, are utilized here.

    We are pleased to offer our services to the communities of Bundoora, Watsonia, Greensborough, Eltham, Eltham North, Epping, Templestowe, Doncaster, Doncaster East, Heidelberg, Heidelberg West, Heidelberg Heights, Rosanna, Preston, Lower Plenty, Kingsbury, Warrandyte, and other Northern Suburbs.

    Services We Offer

    M&R Termite Solutions is Melbourne's go-to pest control company for termite extermination. We provide termite inspection and control services in all Melbourne suburbs, including Melbourne Northern. Contact us to solve your termite problem. If you are dealing with an infestation of pests on your property, give the professionals at M&R Termite Solutions a call. Our pest control company is completely licenced and insured, and we serve both commercial and residential clients around the city of Melbourne. Because we have access to the most cutting-edge pest control equipment, we can eradicate any signs of termites, rats, insects, bugs, and various other pests.

    Melbourne Formula Pest Control & Inspection Melbourne

    61 408 164 402

    About Melbourne Formula Pest Control & Inspection

    Formula Pest Control provides dependable pest control services to consumers in Melbourne and the surrounding areas. These services include treatments against the majority of pests that are encountered in domestic and commercial properties. All our team members are actively involved in various pursuits and organizations within the areas we serve. Volunteerism is an essential component of the guiding philosophy of our business. When you use our pest control service, you can relax knowing that you are safeguarding your family and your property in the most efficient and environmentally friendly manner currently available. This is a comprehensive defence mechanism.

    We take great pride in giving our customers impeccable service and aftercare, and we handle every task with the same swift reaction and attention to detail that has become our trademarks. Our customers range from individuals and small businesses to major commercial clients.

    You, your children, your coworkers, and even your pets are not at risk from our therapies. You obtain the greatest results thanks to the fact that we are current with the most recent technology, information, and pest control methods. We give the greatest quality of customer care and the exceptional value that you could expect from a small company, as well as a large firm's dependability and quick response times. These are both things that you may anticipate from a small company. It should come as no surprise that we are considered one of the country's most reliable companies in terms of pest control, given the level of service that we provide. We believe that maintaining high standards of our work and our relationships with our customers is what helps to contribute to the success and growth of our company. This has allowed us to amass a large clientele, which we have accomplished through hard work, integrity, and word-of-mouth marketing.

    Services We Offer

    The Treatment Of Termites In Melbourne

    Termites are cunning pests that can quickly set up hives inside your home before inflicting significant damage to the structure. Because they feed largely on wood and things made of wood, termites can quickly do a significant amount of destruction if they invade your home. There is a possibility that termites are present at your home or business property if the drywall is discoloured, the paint is peeling, the wood sounds hollow, and there are tiny holes in the drywall.

    If the termite infestation is not treated for an extended period, the home's walls will start to fall apart. You may completely eradicate termites from your home and commercial premises if you treat them with the most effective termite treatment available and prevent their return in the future. And the only way to achieve this is with the assistance of a professional. You should never even consider taking care of termites on your own. One of the difficult duties, which calls for the support of knowledgeable individuals, is this one. If you see any signs of their presence on your property, you should get in touch with professionals as soon as possible to solve the problem before it's too late. You've found the perfect place if you live in the Melbourne area and are having trouble with termite infestations. Please give us a call as soon as possible so that we can provide you with termite treatment and put an end to this terrible predicament.

    The Impact Of Termites On Your Home and Place Of Business

    Floods, hurricanes, fires, and landslides are all things on the to-do lists of many homeowners, but termites, microscopic insects that may inflict just as much damage, are sometimes forgotten. Eusocial termites are over an inch long and have six legs, antennae, and wings. They also have swarming behaviour and live in colonies. There are around 258 species of termites in the city of Melbourne, which is located in Australia. Nevertheless, the Rhinotermitidae, Termitidae, Mastotermitidae, and Termopsidae families are among the most important families of termites.

    The termites in your home and workplace will eventually consume all of the physical buildings as they form vast colonies and feed on them. A termite colony has the potential to be both hazardous and strong. In the natural world, termites are responsible for the death and decay of old trees in forests, making way for new trees' growth. However, if termites find their way into your home, they can cause damage that is not only material but also affects your health. Additionally, termites are responsible for the annual destruction of homes and other structures in the Melbourne area valued at multiple millions of dollars. A swarm of termites in either your residential or commercial property will result in extensive damage to the structure. Internal structures, such as beams, posts, and wall supports, are the foods of choice for termites. They start at the bottom and work their way up, typically through the house's foundation. It is possible that a large colony of termites could cause fissures in the structure's foundation, which would then result in damage to the building.

    The presence of a lot of moisture is the primary factor that attracts termites. Therefore, if you are looking for termites in your home or business, you should begin your search in the restrooms. Termites will cause loose tiles, drooping ceilings, and puncture holes in the drywall. They will also cause the ceilings to sag. Your structure will sustain considerable physical and financial damage due to them. Termites cause health hazards in addition to the property damage and financial losses they cause, although they do not pose a direct danger to people. Some people may experience allergic responses or asthma attacks if exposed to the dust and wood particles released into the air while a colony of termites crawls through their home.

    Positive Pest Solutions Melbourne


    About Positive Pest Solutions Melbourne

    We are a group of experienced professionals that are committed to providing our customers and clients with services that are trustworthy, positive, honest, and of the highest possible quality. You can count on us to work as a partner with you to create homes and businesses that are free of pests since we have information that is up to date in the industry. We mix our expertise with prices that are competitive while maintaining a strong focus on you as an important and valued customer. We advise that you get your pest problem treated as soon as possible at an affordable price. As a result of our affiliations with a large number of professionals in the pest control business, we can handle jobs of any size. We can ensure that only the pests we want to eliminate are eradicated by utilizing the most effective strategy and selecting the most appropriate insecticides. Most of the time, we guarantee the outcome for at least six months, beginning on the day of treatment; nevertheless, most of our clients enjoy a pest-free home for longer than a year.

    Services We Offer

    At Positive Pest Solutions, we have a team of pest control specialists who are all up to date on the most recent developments in the field of pest elimination. We utilize the most effective methods and products for all aspects of pest management, from spider pest control to ant pest control, to eliminate your pest problem and get to the bottom of its origin. When it comes to pest management in the eastern suburbs, the following are some of the areas in which our specialists can assist you:

    • Termite control
    • Inspection for termites
    • Rodent control
    • Elimination of cockroaches
    • Ant control
    • Removal and Control of Bees and Wasps
    • Elimination of bedbugs
    • Rat control
    • Spider pest management
    • Our Pest Control Process

    Examination In Addition To Identifying

    The first step in our comprehensive pest treatment method is a detailed assessment of your property. This allows us to identify the species of pest that has made its way into your house. We can locate the pest colony and the entry sites easily thanks to our extensive knowledge and leading-edge competence in the sector. After finishing the inspection, we will collaborate with you to devise a unique strategy for getting rid of the pests found in your home.


    We will offer you the most effective solution possible by utilizing the most recent pest control technology and equipment available on the market today. Our residential pest control services are intended to entirely remove the annoying insects from your house without putting your family's health, safety, or comfort in jeopardy in any way.

    Crunch Pest Control & Termite Treatment Melbourne

    1300 860 438

    About Crunch Pest Control & Termite Treatment

    Over the past 15 years, we have built a solid reputation for providing customers with the highest quality service currently available on the market. At the same time, we have been conducting our research and development to ensure that we continue to be industry leaders in developing new and cutting-edge methods of environmentally friendly pest control.

    We are dedicated to employing only the most modern, efficient, and time-tested methods of integrated pest management (IPM), and we only make use of goods with the most effective formulations for our work. We do not begin implementing a strategy for pest control with the assumption that the pesticides would do all of the jobs; rather, we work in an attentive, organized manner and attack the source of the issue.

    Most pest managers perform pest control as part of their day-to-day work, but only a small percentage of them approach the work with the appropriate mindset. Far too many simply "throw around a few baits" or "throw down some spray" before hastily moving on to the next task in the mistaken belief that they have satisfactorily completed the pest control job requirements agreed to with the customer. They lack the requisite "passion for the job," which is required and the reason why Crunch Pest Control has a reputation as true specialists in the field. This is the reason why Crunch Pest Control has a reputation for being an industry leader.

    Services We Offer

    Even though we have a treatment designed specifically for ants, we typically include it in what we refer to as our "General Pest Treatment." In most instances, this comes with a free service period of one year and is packaged together with a native cockroach and spider pest management programme. However, because every circumstance is unique and may call for management tactics uniquely tailored to the problem, such as direct gel baiting for ants, the information provided here is only intended to serve as basic advice.

    Pro Pest Control Melbourne

    03 4062 5009

    About Pro Pest Control Melbourne

    Pro Pest Control Melbourne is an innovative business that employs professional exterminators. We take great pride in our well-earned reputation for delivering reliable and risk-free services to business and residential clients. We can assist you regardless of the insect problem you are experiencing.

    All of our exterminators have received extensive training and certification in various pest control techniques. As a result, we can treat a wide variety of pests in Victoria, from removing cockroaches from your restaurant to getting rid of ants or rodents in your kitchen. Providing results that are guaranteed in both commercial and residential environments. Hotels, restaurants, shops, factories, food makers, apartments, condos, schools, and offices are some examples of these types of establishments.

    We offer specialised and individualised treatments to resolve the issue you are currently dealing with. Providing you with the complete and utter assurance that your house or place of business is spotless and risk-free. You may rely on us to complete the task correctly on the very first attempt.

    Services We Offer

    Pro Pest Control Melbourne specialists are highly trained and with all of the necessary certifications to deal with any pest infestation. As a result, we can get rid of any number of pests, from a single cockroach to an entire colony of ants or termites, thanks to our years of knowledge and unwavering commitment.

    Every year, pest infestations are responsible for millions upon millions of property damage. In addition, they endanger our health and the health of our loved ones and close friends. To guarantee that your home is free of pests, we employ a wide range of treatments that are both kind to the environment and economical. Our list of targets is vast and includes common pests such as termites, fleas, rats, mice, wasps, bees, and mosquitoes.

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