15+ Best Stonemason Tools Suppliers in Melbourne, Victoria (2024)

Masonry work dates back to ancient times, so are the masonry tools. 

Masonry is the proper assemblage of masonry units bonded together with mortar. At the construction site, numerous construction tools can be seen, each having a specific purpose. We use these tools in the construction process to complete the particular work.

Masonry work requires tools for various purposes, i.e., handling mortar, dressing of stone, cutting bricks to get the required shape, etc. As it goes with traditions in existence since ancient Indian and Egypt, masonry deals with some common elements as crushed stones from the earth and simple metal tools.   

Located in Melbourne, Victoria, and on the hunt for a stonemason tools supplier? Look no further! To get you started on your search, we have compiled a list of top stonemason tools suppliers in Melbourne.

Top Stonemason Tools Suppliers in Melbourne

CMP Stone - Stonemason Tools Supplier Melbourne


(03) 8786 3113

CMP Stone, leader in stonecutting and masonry tools since 1991 in Hallam, Melbourne, Victoria as well as Brisbane, Queensland.

For nearly 30 years, CMP Stone has worked with talented Australian stonemasons, sculptors, restoration professionals, and other stone enthusiasts to manufacture world-class stone working tools in Australia.


CMP Stonemason Supplies Pty Ltd are located in Hallam’s thriving Business District, situated in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne as well as Caboolture in Brisbane. Our factory is open to customers to purchase directly, or we can deliver/post to you Australia wide.


CMP Stone in Hallam is a distributor of tools and consumables to monumental masons, worktop manufacturers, quarries, sculptors and private individuals working with stone.

Not only do we supply to Monumental Masons, Sculptors and Masons, but more recently, we have been supplying specialist products to companies whose contracts involve the maintenance and/or refurbishment of stone in a variety of places from small areas such as kitchen worktops and bathroom vanity units to large contracts such as reception floors or even supermarkets and everything in between.

What We Offer:

  • An extensive range of tools to suit the demands of the stone industry
  • Open 5 days a week from 8:30 am to 5 pm to the public.
  • If you’re not in Victoria or Queensland, we also offer postage and freight to various locations
  • across Australia.
  • We have sales vans on the road, delivering within certain parts of Victoria and Queensland
  • (certain locations only).
  • If you’re new to the industry, our friendly staff can help you determine what you need to get
  • your business up and running.
  • We make sure that we always pass savings to our customers where we can.

CMP Stonemason Supplies Pty Ltd was established in 1991 and over the years has progressed into a leading supplier of diamond tooling, machinery and all things associated with the stone industry.

To cater to all areas of the stone industry and types of stone masonry, our broad and comprehensive product range includes Tenax adhesives – Megapoxy adhesives – DuPont Stone Care Chemicals – Abrasives and polishing powders – diamond tooling, including CNC profiles – the Abaco Range of trolleys, slab-racking, A-Frames & clamps – small machines, pneumatic & electric – large machinery and a vast inventory of Tungsten-Carbide Chisels.

CMP Stone, a specialist in stonecutting and masonry tools since 1991 in Hallam, Melbourne, Victoria. For nearly 30 years, CMP Stone has worked with talented stonemasons, sculptors, restoration professionals, and other stone enthusiasts to manufacture world-class stone working tools.

Jedar Stone Solutions - Stonemason Tools Supplier Melbourne


03 8349 8840

Diamond is the material of choice for creating tools for any kind of material, therefore sophisticated tools like diamond blades or other diamond tools are used for precise work. Before being supplied to you, the diamond tools we produce are put through a rigorous testing and quality control process. When purchasing tools for yourself, these checks ensure that you receive the greatest possible quality. Each diamond tool is unique when it comes to design. Because of this, we make sure the diamond tools through extensive testing. These tools can cut through even the toughest and coarsest types of materials when they are of high quality.

Because we cherish and put our customers first, all of our policies are open and incredibly flexible. When you acquire your diamond tools from Jedar Stone Solutions, you can see for yourself the high caliber of the work.

Get Tools Direct - Stonemason Tools Supplier Melbourne


1300 334 895

We started serving the Sunshine Coast more than 20 years ago, providing premium quality, name brand tools at affordable prices and are now a designated national retailer, offering a full selection of products to customers nationwide. In our journey from then to now, we have been positioning ourselves to deliver the best tools at the best prices, along with customer service that is second to none. Our website is designed to meet the standards of ethical online marketing. We furnish all of the information you need about our products and services to help you buy exactly what you want and need... quickly, easily and at prices that won’t send you into sticker shock.

Our Number One priority is our customers. Have questions? Got a problem? Our dedicated team of professionals are standing by to provide whatever assistance you might need, both before and after the sale. Without you, there would be no us. We don’t want to just get your business; we want to keep your business by making you a satisfied customer that comes back to us for power tools, hand tools, equipment, accessories and thousands of other products.

We believe that business goes where it’s invited and stays where it’s well treated. So, we invite you to browse our site and see for yourself the world-famous products and low prices that have made Get Tools Direct the go-to place for high-quality tools at low prices! Get Tools Direct provides to its customers the largest brands of industrial tools on the market. Our team of experts have decades of combined experience to provide the very best service and quality advice. To be a market-leading national brand and to be the preferred resource to purchase power tools, machinery and accessories.

Amazing Tiles & Stone - Stonemason Tools Supplier Melbourne


(03) 9336 3370

To improve the results of your installation, Amazing Tiles & Stone is pleased to provide a selection of high-quality tile tools. In addition to offering a large selection of tiles to pick from, our tile shop in Melbourne also enables you to get all the tools you require in one convenient location.

You can count on us to supply high-quality equipment solutions in Melbourne's western suburbs that satisfy all of your needs because our qualified personnel and trade suppliers have years of industry experience.We also employ tilers who can help with installation services, and we can offer building supplies for do-it-yourself installations. Australians own and manage the business known as Amazing Tiles and Stones.  

Our comprehensive product choice has been sourced from vendors in Australia and abroad, allowing us to deliver not just any type or size tile but also any other by-products that you may require to complete your project. With so many options, our knowledgeable staff will gladly provide a free consultation to ensure that you have the proper items for your jobs. Please inquire about free shipping on larger orders.

TYROLIT - Stonemason Tools Supplier Melbourne


+43 (0) 5242-6069

The world's leading producer of grinding and dressing tools as well as a system supplier to the construction sector is TYROLIT. The Australian subsidiary of the globally operating industrial company, Castle Tools, was founded in 1984 and has more than 30 years of experience in the Australian market.

As a part of the vibrant Swarovski Group, TYROLIT has the independence required to realize long-term organizational objectives. At TYROLIT, we try to impress both internal and external target audiences and to foster fair, long-term collaboration based on partnership. To that purpose, we are always improving the quality of our products and services, as well as adapting our business procedures to the changing market demands. TYROLIT's firm management includes investments in research and development, personnel training, and technical advancements.

Diamach - Stonemason Tools Supplier Melbourne



Having a large assortment of goods that the general people may buy at a discount has helped us establish a solid reputation. Get in touch with Diamach right away if you're a stonemason, gardener, plumber, or concrete cutter and want to finish your upcoming job precisely.

Diamach's staff can add more nuance and emotion to concrete or flat, lifeless stones. We have built a reputation for ourselves over the past 25 years by stocking and selling excellent and cost-effective diamond-edged and tipped equipment and accessories. 

Technique Tools - Stonemason Tools Supplier Melbourne


(03) 9334 5559

For more than 25 years. This has been made possible by growth, invention, and importation, but most importantly by paying attention to bricklayers like you .As a result, you'll have a day that is safer, more fruitful, and profitable. We manufacture the tried-and-true Technique Brick in addition to selling our own brand of poly jointers, tradesmen tresses, gauge tapes, and gauge rods.

BetonTools - Stonemason Tools Supplier Melbourne


1800 238 663

Are you seeking for cutting-edge concrete tools? Check out BetonTools. Put your trust in BetonTools for any repair work or other needs the job site may have. Our distinctive range of building tools can make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful project in addition to lowering costs.

This is why we provide all of the necessary equipment and tools for all of your construction and finishing needs. In the construction sector, having the correct tools is critical. Browse the headings above to find our selection of durable, energetic, and dependable machines and equipment.

Stonetools - Stonemason Tools Supplier Melbourne


0431 592 979

Stonetools is swiftly establishing itself as Australia's preferred provider of stone production and repair supplies. We take pride in offering a wide range of high-quality products at reasonable costs to our customers. We understand the outcomes you anticipate from our goods because we anticipate the same outcomes. We take pleasure in our capacity to not only supply great products but also thoroughly test them; if we are not entirely satisfied with a product, it will not be sold. We do this because we intend to remain in this sector indefinitely. Our future is dependent on your future, and our success is contingent on your success.

We take pleasure in our capacity to not only supply great products but also thoroughly test them; if we are not entirely satisfied with a product, it will not be sold. We do this because we intend to remain in this sector indefinitely. Our future is dependent on your future, and our success is contingent on your success.

Livetools - Stonemason Tools Supplier Melbourne


03 4017 0193

At Livetools, we take pride in offering new tools that will increase your productivity and save you time. We have a fantastic team that will help you as quickly as possible by putting the right goods into your hands and onto your equipment. We maintain inventory on hand and can usually deliver the next day. We are committed to providing exceptional customer service, expert knowledge, large brands, high-quality tools, special products, and our own Australian-made high-performance carbide, HSS, and brazed cutting tools.

What distinguishes us is our track record of providing unique quality tools to our customers, allowing them to save money while maintaining or improving quality.

And, because we keep a solid stock level and ship the next day, our clients know they'll have the proper tool when they need it. We operate both nationally and internationally from our headquarters in Newcastle.

Melbourne Tool Sales - Stonemason Tools Supplier Melbourne


(03) 9702 4421

We offer our customer the biggest and best range of affordable tools from Australia and around the world. With the very best international brands in stock, you’ll find huge discounts and unbeatable deals when you shop with us. To find out more, visit us in-store or get in touch today.

Established in 2006, Melbourne Tool Sales is an importer and retailer of power tools and associated products. We aim to bring you the latest and greatest in power tools from all over the globe at heavily discounted prices, including Makita, DeWalt, Panasonic, Hitachi, Milwaukee, Paslode and other leading brands. As an importer of power tools, we are able to offer many lines which are not available through your local tool dealer.

CDK Stone - Stonemason Tools Supplier Melbourne


1300 522 103

With operations in five states and two locations in New Zealand, CDK Stone has become the leader in the Australian stone sector. Premium stone may be found at CDK Stone, which caters to everyone from industry experts to homeowners and renovators.

Our specialists have over 100 years of combined experience and can maintain, refurbish, and service your stone processing machines. CDK Stone's National Servicing Support has risen to the top of the Australian machinery servicing industry.

Farnese - Stonemason Tools Supplier Melbourne


03 9829 2690

Stone cutting and polishing machines designers and manufacturers Farnese Australia was established in 2000 by the Farnese family, members of whom have decades of professional experience and competence in both the global stone industry and the local stone machinery manufacturing industry.

Bridge saws, edge polishing machines, and slab lifting equipment are among the machinery we offer to meet the different needs of the stone sector. Our international headquarters are at Ingleburn, on Australia's southwestern border. We also have a warehouse and office in Houston, Texas.

Customer feedback and suggestions are extremely important to our ideas. The most well-known example of this is the incredibly popular Mitre Saw. It was the first dedicated mitre saw on the market and is still the most popular machine of its type today.

So a simple sketch was created on a laptop, and rough production costs were calculated for what became our best-selling item. In the past, we have also created various custom-made equipment for specialized applications such as cutting fiber-cement panels, lightweight insulating panels, and concrete blocks.

TQ Stone Products - Stonemason Tools Supplier Melbourne


03 9829 2690

Farnese Australia, designers and manufacturers of stone cutting and polishing machines, was created in 2000 by the Farnese family, members of which have decades of professional experience and competence in both the global stone business and the local stone machinery manufacturing industry. 

Latham Australia - Stonemason Tools Supplier Melbourne


03 9879 7883

Stone Carving Chisels & Accessories

The stone splitting, shaping, and trimming tools developed by Latham are produced in Europe and England. The tool set can be used for any task, including roughing out large sculptures and fracturing rocks to build conventional stone walls.

Mallet Head chisels are typically used with a high-density nylon mallet on softer stones. Hammer Head chisels (also known as Cup Head chisels) are used on tougher stones and should be used in conjunction with a dummy mallet or lump hammer.Prior to shipping, all of Latham's stonemason tools are put through a rigorous inspection process.

Tungsten carbide tipped tools, which are tungsten carbide tips placed into high carbon tool steels, are among Latham's stonecutting goods. Tungsten carbide tips outperform standard heat-treated steel tools many times over, making them the preferred tool for professional stonemasons and any large stonemasonry job.

Transcrete - Stonemason Tools Supplier Melbourne


03 9544 0021

We specialize in selling a wide selection of quality reinforcing, concreting, and construction goods to sites of all sizes, and we take great satisfaction in providing a high level of service and timely delivery. We offer reinforcing mesh and bar, machinery, chemicals, and a large range of concreting tools and supplies.

We have everything you need to lay and finish concrete. We take great satisfaction in our outstanding showroom, where you are welcome to visit and inspect the extensive choice of concreting tools and gear that we have in store. Experts are on hand to answer your inquiries and provide exceptional product recommendations.

Melbourne Power Tools & Repairs - Stonemason Tools Supplier Melbourne


03 9470 4809

Together, they have 25 years of experience in tool repair. Milwaukee, DeWalt, Hitachi, Fein, AEG, Ryobi Scorpion, and SP Air tools are just a few of the well-respected tool manufacturers for which MPTR is the Official Service and Warranty Agent. Come in and talk about your tool needs with the knowledgeable and dependable crew at MPTR right away.

Total Tools - Stonemason Tools Supplier Melbourne



We sell the most popular professional tool brands in the world, so you can be confident that you will get exactly what you need to complete your task. Do you require a solution to your problem? Total Tools KNOWS TOOLS, and our experienced staff is more than prepared to provide expert advice and assistance with unrivaled industry knowledge. Total Tools is the market leader in professional tool retailing for those who use tools for a living because of our teams' ability to deliver answers to your challenges.

Do you require it immediately? Total Tools understands the importance of tools in your life, and our website now allows you to shop from anywhere, at any time. We can bring your tools to your job site or you can pick them up in-store, giving you more convenience and, most importantly, less downtime on the job.

As Australia's largest independent professional tools merchant, you can be confident that you will receive the best offers, the best rates, and the most cutting-edge product developments on the market. We are a proudly

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