20+ Best Restaurants in Oakleigh, Melbourne (2024)

Melbourne is often considered Australia's restaurant capital though I’m sure that many Sydneysiders would argue this!

The famous Melbourne restaurants are booked weeks in advance, especially for Friday and Saturday night dining, so unless you want to eat at 6 pm (which we had to on a couple of occasions), make sure you book well ahead.

Eating in Melbourne is fun! Yes, there are some fabulous Michelin starred restaurants, but you can’t keep going to these every night of the week. I found that many of the Asian inspired restaurants that are part of Melbourne’s dining scene add a sense of fun. The atmosphere is busy and buzzing, and they offer small dishes that can be shared, which means you can taste a lot more of the menu!

The Ultimate List of Best Restaurants in Oakleigh, Melbourne

Vanilla Cakes & Lounge-Restaurants Oakleigh



Amongst the hustle and bustle of this amazing hub are Vanilla Lounge. In August 2008, we opened our doors and our hearts to the community and everyone gave their love back. Being a coffee and dining lounge, Vanilla has something for everyone. It is a family place, a meeting place, a place where you can come and experience a unique European vibe right here in Melbourne.

The family behind Vanilla have been innovators and pioneers in the hospitality industry for over 45 years. With the opening of Vanilla Lounge, Oakleigh saw a new dining culture emerge. What is particularly exciting for Melbourne is that it now boasts another leading patisserie that truly celebrates its cosmopolitan heritage's greatest qualities. Vanilla was praised as one of the Top 10 Patisseries in The Age Good Café Guide 2012.

We are committed to enhancing our patron's experience by providing our boutique coffee brand, Dukes, our extraordinary music acts on Thursday nights, our extensive menu made with local and fresh ingredients and without preservatives or additives, our world-class standard of cakes and biscuits and our latest venture, Vanilla Upstairs which has amazing pan-Mediterranean cuisine and invites people to come together and share in the simple pleasures.


Cote Terra-Restaurants Oakleigh



This Is Who We Are

Cote Terra remains faithful to its simple roots and ideals as it evolves, currently located at its new Station Street location with extended trading hours, a nighttime menu, and a bar. The basic principle of Cote Terra is to provide good, economical, and contemporary food and drinks in a pleasant environment. Their key values include sustainability, with the majority of the store's products supplied locally. The Cote Terra crew is also active in their neighborhood, encouraging local artists and events and keeping great ties with adjacent small businesses. Cote Terra, much loved by long-time regulars and newcomers alike, continues to do things differently and from the heart.

Lazy Moes-Restaurants Oakleigh



Those of you who have visited another world may have known me as "Joe" for a short time. I have some breaking news. I've changed my name to Moe! For everyone else who wants to know how I got from Joe to Moe, here's a little story about how Lazy Moe's all started long before Joe or Moe existed. I am the product of a gentleman named Michael Guida. Michael was born in 1967 and did not have a single sluggish bone in his body. He was a hardworking young man who began his first business in 1984 in an East Keilor panel shop called M n N Panel Works.

Michael's business efforts ranged from automobile painting to the food industry, where he opened Leo's Dial a Pizza in Tullamarine in 1986. Michael and his wife Lucy decided to go from suburb to suburb, creating new and unique pizza and pasta establishments.

Euro Bites Greek Eatery-Restaurants Oakleigh



Welcome to Euro Bites Greek Eatery

Euro Bites Greek Eatery, founded in 2008 (Proprietor AYTAC GENC), offers an excellent Mediterranean eating experience enhanced by exceptional service and a warm, friendly ambiance. Popular with both locals and visitors, it has amassed a loyal following over the years, with each visitor treated as a friend.

All of our dishes are traditionally grilled over charcoal to bring out the natural flavors and give them an extra kick.

We have a love for perfection and strive to give excellent customer service to all of our clients, as well as to make your visit to Euro Bites unforgettable.

Sette Bello-Restaurants Oakleigh



In Melbourne's eastern suburbs, you can find your new favorite eatery! Initial impressions matter. Every dish is created to wow, utilizing genuine Italian ingredients in a chic and contemporary atmosphere. To go along with your dinner, select a wine from our extensive range, and save room for our "to die for" desserts and coffee. Sette Bello is best described as an union of cuisine, wine, service, and environment.

Yes, the food is great, and the service is outstanding. Modern food presentation is only the start. The crew makes certain that each meal is made with the freshest seasonal ingredients. A fine bottle of wine speaks for itself. Our wine team of sommeliers has carefully selected a wide variety of Italian wine varieties, both domestic and international. These wines have been chosen to complement our sette bello menu. Enjoy a glass, a half or full bottle, or a cellar pick for that special occasion.

Hunky Dory-Restaurants Oakleigh




Greg, the guy behind the Hunky magic, grew up on the water, proudly standing beside his Greek father and grandfather on their commercial fishing boat. During the summer months, Greg worked behind the counter at his family's fish and chip shop. Greg's father, a seafood enthusiast, was a familiar sight at the Melbourne Fish Market for many years. Greg's family was there when Hunky Dory first opened its doors in 2004. They've all proudly sported a Hunkys t-shirt along the road; Greg's Grandfather wore one in-store until he was 91!

Over the years, we have had the good fortune to watch our Hunky family grow. We are thankful for our lovely in-store family, who consistently spread the Hunky Love. The goal of Hunky Dory has always been to give the Fish & Chip game a healthy twist while shaking things up. Everybody has a seat at the table at Hunkys, where you may be as healthy (or as sinful) as you wish, whether you're looking for a luscious piece of grilled fish or a crunchy potato cake.

Just Italy-Restaurants Oakleigh




In 2015, Tonino Amadio, an Italian from the Le Marche region near the Adriatic Sea, established Just Italy. a little restaurant serving Italian pasta in the heart of Oakleigh. The guiding principle was simple: offer genuine Italian cuisine, home-made goods, and unmatched hospitality. Tonino met Sam Colosimo three years later. A general talk about business and their love of Italian food began, as did a new chapter at Just Italy with Sam's arrival.

5Five Cafe-Restaurants Oakleigh



The ambiance at 5five bakehouse in Oakleigh's Eaton Mall is lively and enjoyable. The interior is contemporary and magnificent. With all-day breakfast, amazing sliders, pizza, and specials, the options here never disappoint. The variety of cakes is always enticing, and we never leave empty-handed. The service is pleasant, efficient, and professional, with the owners ensuring that items are delivered on time. We enjoyed smashed avocado, eggs, and lamb sliders on our most recent visit last week, all at affordable prices. The baristas know how to make outstanding tasting coffee since they are picky coffee drinkers. "Highly recommended as a family-friendly restaurant."

QT Kitchen-Restaurants Oakleigh



Our objective in Melbourne is to provide you with an exceptional modern Vietnamese café, dining, and takeaway experience. QT Kitchen is known for its modern Vietnamese food, which is inspired by our passion for fresh Australian vegetables, welcoming culture, and community. Kevin, our head chef, comes from an international hotel background with the Mantra Group and is excited to welcome you to his dining room.

Kalimera Souvlaki Art-Restaurants Oakleigh



What we do & why we do it.

The only way to pass on the voice of truth is to have heard it yourself and allowed it to become a part of your life. Thomas Deliopoulos listened to this voice from his parents, a loving couple of deaf-mute. Instead of being a burden, their physical condition became a blessing as they formed an exceptional link with the land and the livestock.

Growing up in an agricultural household that was also active in animal breeding, young Thomas recognized the blessing of being in contact with mother nature from an early age. He learnt how to respectfully collect the best of what it had to give. Young Thomas quickly acquired a liking for cooking; it was more than just a pastime for him. His family heritage taught him the value of selecting the best raw materials and that real good taste is found in simplicity and outstanding quality... This frequently outperforms sophistication, which can obscure rather than enhance taste.

Nikos Cakes-Restaurants Oakleigh



About Us

We can achieve everything you can think of! We invite you to come have a cup of coffee with us and take a look at our showroom, which is located above our crowded café. You are guaranteed to find a design that suits your taste, theme, and budget with over 90 exquisite cakes on display and Melbourne's largest range of flavors.

Mega Years-Restaurants Oakleigh


Mega Yeeros is dedicated to offering traditional Hellenic cuisine with authenticity. Hand-picked ingredients, traditional spice and marination formulas, and skilled culinary skills take you on a Mediterranean voyage. With over 30 years of expertise in the industry, our skilled team is made up of experienced individuals who specialize in achieving the greatest degree of flavor.

Dry oregano, garlic, Greek yogurt, olive oil, and high-quality meats are just a few examples. Mega Yeeros' food bears the burden of attempting a form of cookery that can only be found in Greece's limited resorts, such as Athens, Thessaloniki, Nafplio, and the Greek islands. Mega Yeeros provides a very warm and pleasant atmosphere, as well as a sort of cuisine presented in all its glory. Purists are welcome to be perplexed by our distinctive flavors, presentation, and true flavors.

Gold Restaurant-Restaurants Oakleigh


About Us

We are equally dedicated about offering that authentic Indian taste by adhering to a long-standing tradition of food preparation and going to great lengths to achieve the perfect balance of flavors. We are also inspired to give a great atmosphere for our customers to relax and fully enjoy our hospitality. Our ultimate goal in Gold is to deliver a range of high-quality Indian cuisine under one roof at an affordable price. Our venture is an honest endeavour, and we are working hard as a team to meet our customers' expectations.

Oasis-Restaurants Oakleigh


This Australian-owned and -operated family enterprise has been serving up real cuisine to foodies all over the world since 1998. The story of the Makool family, who came from Lebanon in the 1970s, is at the core of the Oasis, as is a strong tradition of bringing people together via food sharing.

Visit Oasis Fairfield, which is situated on Station Street in Fairfield, if you find yourself on the northside. We've opened a new grocery store with all of your favorite products, a cafe with the mouthwatering meals you've come to love.

Warung Kartini-Restaurants Oakleigh



What do we serve?

Warung Kartini serves a wide range of Indonesian cuisine, including nasi goreng, mie goreng, bakmie ayam, gado-gado, satay, pempek, and many more. Also, try our house specialties, which include our distinctive crunchy roasted pig belly and ayam geek.

Kentro-Restaurants Oakleigh



The open floor plan allows you to unwind in comfort and ease. The Ancient Greek wall's fascinating distinctive design transports you to the heart of Greece.

KENTRO, which is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, has a diverse menu to meet the needs of every customer. We have everything from traditional Mediterranean cuisine to modern! And don't forget about our unique and delectable sweets. All baked on our premises, our pastry chefs deliver a wide range of traditional Greek and modern sweets and biscuits, as well as a large variety of our incomparable divine cakes offered in our display.

Benino's Pizza-Restaurants Oakleigh



Benino's Pizza was established in 1995, and in 2006 Rody and his family assumed control of the business. Since then, they have made it their aim to produce excellent meals at fair prices.

"My family and I have committed our life to crafting magnificent Traditional & Gourmet pizzas, such as the house special Benino's Pie and the unique Mediterranean Lamb pizza, inspired by the use of the finest ingredients. Along with our excellent pizzas, we've expanded our menus to include mouthwatering wings and finger-lickin' BBQ Pork ribs "- Rody, the proprietor.

D'elephant Thai Cuisine-Restaurants Oakleigh



D'elephant Trio of Sauces is paired with our famous Crispy Pork Belly! We steamed the pork belly, pierced the skin, and coated it in our secret marinade before letting it dry overnight, roasting it with salt, drying it again, and finally roasting it till the skin became crispy.

Story of the Brand

When they couldn't find authentic Thai food that didn't cost a fortune for their entire family, the proprietors, who are passionate about traditional Thai cuisine, noticed a vacuum in the market and decided to open their own restaurant in late 2014. They decided to bring the elephant to Australia because they had prior experience with related undertakings, and it was fittingly dubbed D'elephant.

Bugled-Restaurants Oakleigh



Yes, dining at Burgled is an adventure. When you arrive, you'll be greeted by some incredible sights and scents, as well as a wave from one of our mischievous cooks who has consumed far too much of their cuisine. And that coffee fragrance comes from one of the world's best brews.

Our senior chef hand-selected each item on our menu of hamburgers and breakfast burgers to best represent the tastes and sensations you expect from across the world. Ciano is a delicious Italian coffee that goes well with these dishes.

There is something for everyone at Burgled. We even have a collection of beers from all around the world to help you relax after a long day. Burgled is open every day from 9:30 a.m. till very late. The attire is casual, yet the mood is serious.

The Leighoak-Restaurants Oakleigh




The Leighoak will open on Monday, November 9th. We can't wait to reopen our doors and welcome you back! All venue facilities are now open, but with some restrictions. When the limits are relieved further, our Bistro and food service will resume. There are capacity restrictions; please call ahead to ensure your reservation: 95699954.

Our employees are eager to return to work and have received the necessary training to keep you secure. We must record your information, and employees and customers must wear masks while not eating or drinking. When entering our venue, you must clean your hands. Finally, in order to keep us all safe, you must not attend our forum if you are ill or have a fever.

Great Eastern Hakka-Restaurants Oakleigh



The History

The Great Eastern Hakka Restaurant's diverse menu combines the flavors of Swedish cuisine, Chinese cuisine prepared in an Indian way, and Chinese cuisine. We present the culinary explorations of our well-traveled chef on a platter.

Steve, our executive chef, has been with us since our inception in 2006. A Hakka Chinese born in Kolkata, India, he was schooled by a plethora of highly great cooks (particularly his mother) to become the culinary craftsman he is today. By providing wonderful dining experiences for you, our customers, Steve pays homage to his Chinese heritage, his Indian nation of birth, his life in the frigid Northern plains of Sweden, and his road to becoming a highly certified experienced chef.

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