Top 10+ Primary Schools Melbourne, Victoria [2022]

The participation of parents in their children's educational experiences is of utmost significance. When choosing which school to enrol their child in, parents have options available to them. Because parents now have access to a diverse array of primary schools, picking a school for their children has evolved.

It is possible that selecting a primary school for your child will be very similar to selecting an early childhood education centre for them to attend. However, the most significant distinction will be the availability of options; there will be a significantly larger pool of early childhood education service providers from whom to select than there will be schools.

Once you found a daycare that met all of your needs, you probably assumed the difficult decisions were behind you. However, you might discover that the schools you can choose from are restricted due to zoning or other enrolment policies. However, you are not restricted in any way in your ability to submit an enrolment application for your child at any state school of your choosing.

The majority of students go to the school that is located the closest to their homes. However, you are allowed to look into other educational opportunities for your kid if you conclude that this one isn't the right fit for them for any reason.

Feel free to look through the following list of the best primary schools in Melbourne, Victoria, that we have compiled.

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    Ultimate List of Primary Schools Melbourne

    Oakleigh Grammar - Primary Schools Melbourne

    03 9569 6128

    Early Learning Centre Yes
    Primary School Yes
    High School  Yes
    Course Range K-12
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    Estimated No. of Students 734
    School Fees Low

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    Oakleigh Grammar is one of the Top Private Christian Schools in Melbourne's South East, offering excellence in coeducational learning from ELC through to VCE.

    Our mission is to cultivate resilient lifelong learners, responsible global citizens, and minds of young people so that they can achieve their full potential.

    As a school with a worldwide perspective and a progressive vision, every effort is made to encourage student engagement in activities and current learning programs that are genuine and have some sort of personal significance. It is true that there is something for everyone, and we place high importance on each individual student.

    Oakleigh Grammar has swiftly evolved into a school with an international focus, which incorporates the consistent acknowledgement and investigation of cultural diversity into a variety of facets of the school's day-to-day activities and routines.

    Why Oakleigh Grammar?

    At Oakleigh Grammar, we work hard to provide every student with high-quality educational opportunities so that they can realise their full potential.

    Our committed teaching staff works together and welcomes chances for professional growth in order to maintain our educational programs' position at the cutting edge of modern education. Small class sizes and increased teacher support ensure that each child's educational needs are satisfied by providing an additional challenge for those children who are talented and further support for those children who struggle in certain subject areas.

    Our institution makes it a priority to get to know each individual student on a personal level and places the utmost value on the health and well-being of its pupils. Diversity is cherished, and inclusiveness is actively encouraged within Oakleigh Grammar's Christian-infused community, which is intentionally multiethnic and celebrates differences.

    The strong sense of belonging to the Oakleigh Grammar School community that we instil in our children is a collective effort on our part.

    Our Vision, Mission and Values


    To be a leading co-educational school that delivers quality education at international standards.


    To create quality learning opportunities for every student to reach their full potential.


    Our ethos is inspired by:

    • Hellenic Traditions
    • Orthodox Christian Values
    • Diversity and inclusivity
    • Excellence and effort
    • Responsible citizenship
    • Innovation
    • A Zest for Life
    Our International Baccalaureate Commitment

    Oakleigh Grammar places high importance on education that emphasises more than just academic growth, which is in keeping with the mission statement of the International Baccalaureate. Students are encouraged to acquire an awareness that extends beyond themselves and their immediate communities as part of the School's curriculum.

    Our Child Safety Commitment

    The safeguarding and well-being of every student entrusted to Oakleigh Grammar's care is a priority for the school. A Working with Children Check is necessary for everyone who works with or volunteers with children.

    Huntingtower School - Primary Schools Melbourne

    +61 3 9807 8889

    When you arrive at Huntingtower, our outstanding students and staff will greet you with a friendly grin and make sure you have a fantastic time here. The beautiful gardens and grounds of Huntingtower contribute to the building's reputation as an excellent location for academic pursuits.

    This year is significant in Huntingtower's history because it represents a time when we can reflect on our accomplishments, rejoice in them, and dream about the future. Throughout the academic year, our school community is looking forward to embracing Huntingtower's natural beauty and working together to create a prosperous future.

    The goal and purpose of Huntingtower are to be a positive presence in the world, to elevate the mind, and to bless mankind. This is the mission and purpose of the organization.

    Every student is encouraged to recognize and demonstrate their own spiritual personality. They are encouraged to make the most of the strength and love that God has bestowed upon them in order to reach their full potential and express their freedom from limitations. As a result, educational standards are exceptionally high at all three levels, sub-basic, primary, and secondary.

    Beverley Hills Primary School - Primary Schools Melbourne

    03 9842 1423

    Students develop self-discipline and commit to their academic work. Students value themselves, one another, and their surroundings. Academic, athletic, and artistic excellence, as well as social responsibility, are recognized and rewarded. One of our top priorities at BHPS is to create a learning community in which parents and teachers collaborate as partners in the educational process.

    Every year, we are ranked among the top schools in the state of Victoria. We can help your child get off to a great start at Beverley Hills Primary School.

    Beverley Hills Primary School (BHPS) understands that student wellness and learning outcomes are inextricably linked. This is one of the school's guiding principles. Within the context of the Victorian Curriculum, we continue to emphasize the importance of children developing social and emotional skills.

    The children consistently participate in class discussions and activities that require them to collaborate in order to address issues such as appropriate behavior, positive social relationships, and personal development. We work to foster an environment in which individuals can develop a sense of personal responsibility, independence, resiliency, and the ability to self-regulate and self-control.

    FAQs About Primary Schools

    You should already be aware that one of the most significant differences between elementary and high school is the transition from having one long day broken up into different areas of instruction (for example, math and English) to having structured classes for each subject are referred to as periods. In elementary school, you had one long day split into different subject areas.

    The initial stage of compulsory education is known as primary education, and it typically consists of the first six or seven years of a person's time spent in school. Even though elementary school attendance is required by law, parents have the option of teaching their children at home.

    It is estimated that families who choose to educate their children privately will spend more than $140,000 on their child's elementary school education. However, parents who wish to send their children to primary schools run by the public sector should anticipate incurring approximately $23,000. This figure is far lower than the approximately $61,000 required by Catholic schools.

    The foundation for more conventional modes of education is laid in primary schools. Primary schools provide an emphasis not only on the child acquiring fundamental mental and physical activities but also on the kid's internal development. Primary schools will conduct extensive psychological evaluations on your youngster. As a consequence of this, the youngster grows up to become an improved member of society.

    Suppose a child is expected to participate in compulsory education. In that case, they are obligated to regularly attend a national primary school unless they have been permitted to opt out of this requirement.

    St Margaret's Berwick Grammar - Primary Schools Melbourne

    03 9703 8112

    Our mission is to foster the development of exceptional individuals, and one of our primary goals is to prepare our students to meet the challenges and seize the opportunities that a globally interconnected society will provide for them.

    We consider it our responsibility to steer them toward activities that excite them and assist them in developing the self-assurance required to succeed in areas where they excel as well as those where they face challenges. We encourage them to strive for excellence in everything they do. We hope they can model their lives after our principles while maintaining their honesty and integrity. Our goal is to assist each student in realizing their full academic and personal potential, so that they are not only prepared for the completion of their courses and tests, but also for life.

    We are able to provide a learning environment across our two campuses and 50 acres that honors everything we know about providing a great education, with co-education from Early Learning through Year 6 in our dedicated Junior school and single-gender education on dedicated campuses for our senior girls and their boys. This is possible because of our one-of-a-kind Diamond Education Model, which allows us to provide a learning environment.

    Serpell Primary School - Primary Schools Melbourne

    03 9842 8183

    We instill in our students the values of excellence, collaboration, respect, and appreciation for their cultural backgrounds by providing them with the tools they need to achieve these goals.

    The ultra-modern architecture of the school buildings creates a peaceful and safe environment conducive to learning. This design also fosters a sense of belonging and affiliation with the institution's culture. Because of the interactive technology in each classroom, students are able to develop sophisticated research and visual literacy skills, as well as easily communicate online via the internet.

    Students can develop exceptional talents in a variety of sports due to the extensive sporting facilities available to them.

    Haileybury - Primary Schools Melbourne

    +61 3 9904 6003

    This honor is in recognition of our students' extraordinary educational achievements as a result of our extremely successful parallel education approach, outstanding teachers, and a tremendous entrepreneurial spirit. All of this is complemented by a long list of accomplishments and a storied history dating back to 1892.

    The Australian Education Awards have named Haileybury as one of the country's top educational institutions, bestowing honors such as "Australian School of the Year," "Primary School of the Year," "Principal of the Year," "Best Student Wellbeing," and "Best Remote Learning" on the school. These accolades come on top of the school's designation as an "Australian School." In addition, Haileybury has been named Victoria's number one coeducational primary school and the state's number two secondary school, based on national testing results.

    Presbyterian Ladies' College - Primary Schools Melbourne

    +61 3 9808 5812

    We would like to extend a warm welcome to Presbyterian Ladies College (PLC), one of Australia's most prestigious private schools for young ladies. PLC is located in Burwood, in Melbourne's leafy eastern suburbs, close to a thriving intellectual and commercial core.

    We are proud to be Victoria's oldest independent girls' school, with approximately 1,600 students enrolled from Early Learning Center to Year 12. Students can take advantage of our school's expansive garden campus, which provides a lovely natural environment in which to study and socialize with their peers.

    Our excellent educational facilities enable us to provide a cutting-edge education that emphasizes a holistic approach to learning to young women in a safe, serene, and welcoming environment. The popular Boarding House is located in the heart of the school and serves as a cozy and welcoming home away from home for its residents.

    Camberwell Girls Grammar School - Primary Schools Melbourne

    +61 3 9813 1163

    A high-quality education for girls ensures that the world will have a variety of thought patterns, a perspective that values teamwork, and the benefit of the skills, creativity, and ideas of half of the world's population.

    At CGGS, we are constantly developing new programs, experiences, and opportunities for our students to benefit from both inside and outside of the classroom to ensure that they are well-prepared for whatever the future may hold.

    Our curriculum is not only varied and difficult, but it also plays an important role in guiding students to recognize their unique abilities and areas of interest. We hope to instill in our children the skills that will allow them to forge their own paths in life in the years ahead. STEAM subjects are essential for students to learn. Our students are given the opportunity to hone their entrepreneurial skills and create jobs that will help the economy grow.

    Our mission is to educate Camberwell's young women to become compassionate leaders, productive global citizens, lifelong learners, and agents of positive change. Each girl should be committed to making a difference in the lives of others not only after she graduates from the School, but also right now.

    Balwyn Primary School - Primary Schools Melbourne

    03 9836 7122

    We would like to give you and your family a sincere welcome and express our hope that you will establish a close and mutually beneficial relationship with our institution. The educational programs at Balwyn Primary School that are tailored to the needs of the students, parents, and teachers help to create a school climate that values education as a shared value.

    Our guiding philosophy is to provide educational excellence in an affirming, safe, and well-structured learning environment through dynamic teaching and engaging learning activities. In a multi-age setting, we provide a progressive curriculum.

    This method focuses on the child and recognizes that children learn at different rates and have different learning preferences. In addition to educational activities that are both interesting and demanding, the school provides a vibrant and supportive environment. These are in addition to the standard curriculum.

    St Christopher's School - Primary Schools Melbourne

    03 9803 0012

    St. Christopher's School's campus is designed in the style of an open park, with asphalt and wide grassed areas, as well as a sports oval. There are also basketball and netball courts, two adventure playgrounds, a sandpit, cricket nets, and a tennis court on the premises, as well as a separate clubhouse.

    Despite the fact that St. Christopher's is a Catholic school, enrollment is open to all parents who want their children to receive an education in an environment that promotes strong Christian principles. The student body represents a diverse range of backgrounds and cultures. Although the majority of St. Christopher's students come from the surrounding neighborhoods, the school does accept applications from students who live in a larger catchment area.

    The involvement of St. Christopher's Primary School and Parish in their respective local and global communities over time is a true testament to one of the Pallottine Order's central beliefs, which is that every Catholic is called to the role of an Apostle. The daily activities of our community are heavily influenced by our school's slogan, "In faith, we live, love, and study."

    Wheelers Hill Primary School - Primary Schools Melbourne

    +61 3 9561 3453

    The community holds Wheelers Hill Primary School in high regard as a school that values academic achievement highly and is socially conscious and caring. The result is that the school gives all of its students access to a variety of educational opportunities.

    While we try to accommodate students with different learning styles and ability levels, the primary goal of our instruction is to help students improve their literacy and numeracy skills as much as possible. Students can achieve success because of our inquiry units of work and our ability to provide high-quality speciality programs. The school's extensive academic program is supplemented by a wide range of extracurricular activities.

    To become motivated, self-extending, independent, lifelong learners; to achieve curriculum mastery; to develop decision-making, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills; and to work effectively as part of a team. This is our belief, and we believe that by becoming motivated, self-extending, independent, life-long learners, all students can and will learn and grow in confidence and self-esteem.

    The Wheelers Hill Primary School is extremely well-supported by the local community. One of the institution's distinguishing features is that it encourages parental involvement in students' academic lives and in the upkeep of school facilities. A supportive and active School Council collaborates to help the school provide high-quality educational opportunities for all students.

    Scotch College - Primary Schools Melbourne

    03 9810 4322

    In operation for more than 170 years, Scotch College is a boarding school for boys that was established in 1851.

    The Scotch Family, made up of boys, staff, parents, and Old Boys, lives on a beautiful 27-hectare single site bordered by the Yarra River. This campus is located in the Melbourne suburbs. Scotch is associated with the Presbyterian Church of Victoria, and Christian principles underpin everything we do.

    School years are a one-of-a-kind adventure that, when properly utilized, can provide opportunities and experiences that will last a lifetime.

    We value a full school life at Scotch that has the same expectations for all students, whether they are pursuing academic goals, putting on a football jumper, tuning a cello, learning lines for a play, or heading off to camp. This enables us to achieve exceptional success in the things that societies value while also valuing a full school life.

    Camberwell Grammar School - Primary Schools Melbourne

    +61 3 9835 1778

    An Independent School for Boys in Melbourne, Australia

    Every boy in our care receives the best education we can offer at Camberwell Grammar School in order to prepare him for life after we are gone. Our school's founding father, A.B. Taylor, established it in 1886 for "the boys in the neighborhood," and our motto, Spectemur Agendo, which means "By Our Deeds, May We Be Known," inspires our students to act honorably and to be trustworthy individuals. Our school's location's land was also donated by A.B. Taylor.

    The education that takes place here is of various types. Students are given the opportunity to participate fully on the athletic field, the stage, and the debate platform.

    We are intrigued by the larger world and make an effort to learn about it; we are open to new ideas; and we strive to improve as individuals and as members of a group.

    Our mission is to foster and support a culture that values academic performance, knowledge, and skills while also encouraging and supporting strong interpersonal connections, diversity, and integrity, as well as a commitment to service to others.

    St Andrews Christian College - Primary Schools Melbourne

    +61 3 8847 8303

    Because Christ is at the center of everything we do, St. Andrews Christian College is known as an outstanding educational institution.

    We are a school community that seeks to inspire and encourage students to grow spiritually, emotionally, socially, creatively, physically, and cognitively by nurturing the whole child. Despite our academic rigor, we are known for our emphasis on the development of the whole child.

    Students are more likely to succeed when they are in a safe and nurturing environment, and at St. Andrews Christian College, where every student is known, we work in partnership with parents to encourage and guide our children as they grow into the young men and women God intends for them to be.

    Oakleigh South Primary School - Primary Schools Melbourne

    +61 3 9570 1017

    We were in charge of organizing the school's move to its current location, which is the former Huntingdale High School site, in the year 2000. Between the Metropolitan and Huntingdale Golf Courses, in a peaceful part of Oakleigh South, is this location with lovely grounds.

    We take great pride in being able to provide all of our children with a wide range of success-oriented opportunities in a safe and nurturing environment. We value and encourage good academic achievement as a foundation for all subsequent learning, with a strong emphasis on literacy and numeracy. Following that, the whole child is developed in the areas of music, visual arts, sport, and sustainability.

    Fintona Girls' School - Primary Schools Melbourne

    +61 3 9830 1389

    Fintona is one of Melbourne's most prestigious independent girls' schools, with a long history of educating young women to the highest standards.

    Every student at the school is expected to strive for the same objectives, which, while lofty, are admirable goals that fulfill our school motto, "Age Quod Agis," which translates to "do what you do well."

    A Fintona student is easily identified as someone who approaches life with the unwavering conviction that the only way to truly live is to learn. She strives for the highest level of success in everything she does. She can learn and work independently, but she also enjoys opportunities to work interdependently and collaboratively.

    She is in tune with her intellectual, emotional, and spiritual selves, and she understands the value of maintaining a healthy physique in addition to having strong moral ideals and convictions. She is mostly self-directed, but will seek assistance if necessary. She is poised and confident in her communication skills.

    Wesley College - Primary Schools Melbourne

    03 8102 6503

    Wesley College has been recognized not only for its educational prowess, but also for its role as a pioneer in the fields of teaching and learning since its founding in 1866.

    Because of Wesley's holistic approach to education, our graduates are equipped with the skills needed to succeed in all aspects of life and to make a positive contribution to the improvement of the world.

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