Japanese is a language that is growing in popularity all over the world. If you're interested in learning this intriguing language, Melbourne is a great place to do it! There are plenty of schools and classes that offer instruction, and with the city's rich cultural background, you'll be able to immerse yourself in the language and culture. 

Plus, as Japan becomes an increasingly important player on the global stage, learning Japanese will give you a distinct advantage in your career. So why not start learning today?

To help you get started on your tutor hunt, we've rounded up our favourite places to learn Japanese from right across Melbourne, Victoria. 

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    Ultimate List of Places to Learn Japanese in Melbourne, Victoria

    Japanese Tutor Melbourne Pty Ltd


    0421 234 950

    Melbourne's Japanese School for Adults (Online/Onsite)

    Fun, interactive Japanese classes for adults in Melbourne. Our experienced ‘native bilingual Japanese teachers’ live and teach from Melbourne. Our classrooms are conveniently located in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.


    Nunawading Japanese School’s classroom environment (whether onsite or online) is bright, friendly and supportive. We’ve been teaching Japanese to students in Melbourne and across Australia online since 2013. Over the years we’ve development the perfect curriculum for beginner to intermediate level students. Our classes are conducted in Japanese (with English for beginners).

    Adults can participate in 80-minute weekly group lessons that are fun, small, and participatory. Whether you learn online or in-person, you will find our teaching technique and curriculum to be simple to understand and supportive. Our course also includes weekly assignments, which students find quite beneficial. Each week in class, this is rectified and returned (or online). We take Japanese instruction seriously, but we also have a lot of fun. Please contact us immediately to explore your registration options - Japanese courses, whether you are a complete novice or have past expertise.




    Konnichiwa! Hello and welcome to KonnichiWhat! Languages have always fascinated and enthralled me. In Tokyo, I earned a degree in Japanese language, literature, and education, as well as a Japanese teaching certificate. Since moving to Australia, I've had incredible opportunities to teach Japanese at a language institute, a local high school, and numerous businesses. I am also a trainer for the Teaching Japanese as a Second Language course, and I have witnessed the evolution and development of several Japanese instructors.

    With the goal of building a community of Japanese language students and Japan fans, KonnichiWhat was established. Even though learning a language is fun, it may be challenging. We want to connect people with other students who could be dealing with similar problems and motivations. Sharing your experiences with others is always enjoyable!

    Japanese Melbourne Language School


    04 30 103 669

    There are typically five students in each of our group lessons. Six days a week, Japanese classes are available. If you have previously studied Japanese, we encourage you to schedule a free online level assessment with a member of our knowledgeable team here.

    Our Japanese language sessions last 50 minutes, 80 minutes, or 100 minutes and are offered once or twice a week in both group and private settings. ATO managers, television newscasters, local artists, town council members, Apple Geniuses, families planning their first trip to Japan, software engineers, photographers, primary school teachers, art directors, Santa Claus, architects, manga-addicts, students from Saudi Arabia, and others have been among our previous students.

    FAQs About Learning Japanese

    The best way to learn Japanese is to start with the basics: learning the alphabet. There are three basic writing systems you need to learn to read Japanese: Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji.


    The ability to read Hiragana is crucial for all beginners. Hiragana is primarily used for native Japanese words and consists of 46 or 51 phonetic characters. It’s the key to understanding how and why Japanese words sound the way they do. Because most characters have only one pronunciation, Hiragana is quite easy to learn. No doubt, once you learn Hiragana, you’ll create a firm foundation needed for a native-sounding accent.


    Сompared to Hiragana, Katakana is used for non-Japanese or loanwords: a word adopted from a foreign language. These include technical and scientific terms and the names of some plants and animals. Katakana can give you more trouble than Hiragana as it won’t be used frequently, especially at the beginning of your language learning journey. As your level increases, Katakana will appear more regularly. However, just being able to read Katakana is enough for a beginner.


    Many learners believe that learning Kanji is the most challenging part. But, on the other hand, it’s one of the most critical aspects of learning Japanese. Knowing very basic Kanji will enable you to understand, speak and write simple Japanese. Kanji consists of thousands of Chinese symbols representing entire words, ideas or phrases.

    Kanji has many complexities, as English meanings can’t always be directly translated from Japanese words. That’s why there can be many correct English meanings for a single Kanji word. We never said learning Japanese would be easy, but learning Kanji will give you a huge amount of ways to express yourself.

    If you want to master it perfectly, you have to forget everything you know about English grammar as they differ dramatically. For example, unlike many romance languages, Japanese has only two tenses: past and non-past (present and future). However, there are two forms: polite and plain. The last one is used for casual speech.

    We recommend that you start to learn Japanese grammar with the help of textbooks. 

    It’s also important to mention that the Japanese have an entirely different writing system: from right to left, from top to bottom. In these textbooks, you’ll find a lot of practical lessons that will help you get a sense of Japanese writing.

    Whatever steps you take to enhance your Japanese skills, one thing is certain: nothing beats speaking the language from day one if you want to see rapid improvement! 

    Your tutor will be your language learning sensei—guiding you through the process, pointing out your mistakes, and developing a customised plan based on your level.

    There are so many tutors to choose from. All you need to do is use our search filters to find the perfect tutor for your goals, schedule and budget. Just a few sessions will make a huge difference to your confidence and will help you reach your Japanese learning goals faster than a typical learning app ever could!  

    It raises your status in the workplace.

    Although this is quite obvious, it may not be in the way you think. Knowing Japanese for business will increase your value as a global employer and market player. Whether it’s business Japanese or just getting your foot through the door with basic greetings, your potential clients or business partners from Japan will greatly appreciate your efforts.

    Japanese business language might lack the conversational tone you are more used to, so more formality is required. It’s best to study exactly what is or isn’t allowed, which will save you from committing any faux pas. However, learning the basics helps get you started, and it helps you appreciate a foreign culture even more.

    You will become more approachable.

    Japanese for business shouldn’t be your only goal. Unless you have lived in Japan, a little known fact is that the Japanese do not speak much English. Not only that, a large majority of the population is reluctant to speak or use the English they do know. Even if you speak just a little bit of Japanese, a simple “ohayho!” will make a noticeable difference. It will prompt Japanese people to be friendlier and more welcoming — after all, you took the trouble to learn something about them instead of expecting them to do all the work.

    You can further appreciate Japanese culture and entertainment.

    While we’re pretty sure you have tried sushi or ramen in your home country, there’s a lot more out there. Learning Japanese can help you understand the origins of ingredients cooking styles and even converse with chefs (however basic the conversation maybe).

    You may also be familiar with adorable animated characters such as Totoro and Hello Kitty. But do you know the thought and stories that go behind the creation of these beloved cartoons? Likewise, Japanese anime has taken over the entertainment world by storm.

    And take one of the most vaguely familiar aspects of Japanese culture: Sumo. Sumo wrestling is a sacred sport that originated during the Edo period. It’s unique, and the reason for the sport may not be known to many. Sumo is a religious ritual, and being a pro sumo wrestler is difficult. Wrestlers live with many limitations but are very well respected.

    Knowing more about entertainment and what’s trending in Japan could open up conversations with your Japanese clients or business partners, which can be important in relationship-focused business cultures like Japan.

    It’s a self-imposed challenge.

    In the workplace, many managers and supervisors give raises and promotions based on the work they produce. Many admire a person that challenges themselves with personal growth.

    It opens up more doors and job opportunities.

    The Japanese have their way of life, different laws and a unique way of doing things. This makes certain integration more difficult for some foreigners.

    However, the Japanese market is enticing to potential investors and organisations looking to extend their reach. The country is very poised, educated, and tech-savvy, coming out with new and innovative technologies every year. This is a great reason to localise from a corporate perspective, and it’s a great reason to learn Japanese from a more personal perspective.

    Easy to learn; sets you apart from the crowd.

    Learning Japanese is easier than you think, setting you apart from others.

    Most people in India who wish to learn a foreign language always go for European languages. But, Japanese is commonly never the first choice. So, if you choose a language that most likely isn’t learned by most people, you surely have the chance to be different from the crowd.

    Though learning any language requires some amount of effort and commitment, once you have mastered it, it surely will make a difference in your professional and personal life.

    Since the number of Japanese speakers in India is quite limited, there is less competition for Japanese-speaking individuals in all spheres.

    You can start your career in Japan.

    Japan is a powerhouse in many sectors of the global economy. In addition, Japan is a technologically advanced nation and has a scope of greater opportunities for blue-collar and white-collar jobs. Whether IT, automobile, mechanical, textile, healthcare, or construction, there will be enormous job opportunities for foreigners in Japan.

    There has been a decline in birth rates and a chronic labour shortage in Japan. As a result, Japan has opened employment opportunities to the rest of the world. To become a part of this global economy, one should learn some basic Japanese. If you want to live comfortably in Japan, learn the Japanese language to help you, as English is not as widely spoken there.

    Work in Japanese companies in India

    Yes, your chances of getting hired become much higher once you know the Japanese language. If you are looking forward to working in India only but in a Japanese company, you will prefer others if you know the Japanese language. Recruiters in Japanese companies will always prefer those who speak and understand Japanese.

    Many Japanese companies operating in India are on the lookout for potential candidates, and you can include your name among the high-paid employee registers in these companies. In addition, your ability to speak Japanese will enhance your professional value and help you gain a higher position in the company.

    It can help you boost your mental power.

    According to recent studies, learning a new language increases focus improves memorisation, and slows down mental aging.

    That’s because the new language comes with a new set of rules, phrases, and structures. So when you’re in the process of learning a second language, you will be able to train your brain to go through those patterns accordingly.

    Language as a Skill

    Once you have mastered some levels of the Japanese language, you can use it as a skill in your career building. Listening, writing, comprehending, and of course, speaking is required to master any language. With this, you can shape up your career as a teacher, as a freelancer, as a translator and interpreter, as a voice-over coordinator, to name a few, and can earn a handsome amount much more than with any other language.

    Japanese are known for their innovation.

    Japan has given us everything from the Walkman and pocket calculators to bullet trains and android robots! So, proficiency in the Japanese language will be very beneficial to you. You can only understand what your language allows you to, so if you learn Japanese, you will expand your mind’s innovation capabilities.


    Learning Japanese will help you to enjoy Manga, Anime, and other video games a lot more. You will be able to make sense of references and visual puns that you didn’t understand before. In addition, by learning Japanese, you will watch movies, news, and shows from mainstream Japanese media. This will give you an insight into the pulse of their culture at any given time and help you stay ahead of the curve before it makes it to the West.



    0401 886 620

    The word for "I" in Japanese has the same pronunciation as the word for "love." Our Japanese tutors at iJapanese Language & Culture School foster a love for this ancient culture via their courses, assuring you'll leave our classes with a passion for the country we adore. We take pride in being Melbourne's top Japanese language school for learners looking for a well-rounded education. With us, you will not only learn the language but also about the customs, history, and culture of Japan. And because we have lessons for people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities, you can be confident that we will accommodate you. IT'S NOT AS DIFFICULT AS YOU THINK!

    Our Programs

    You will be taught by professional and skilled native Japanese teachers with many years of experience teaching in schools around Japan and Australia at iJapanese. Whatever your motivation for learning this language, our goal is to make sure you get the most out of every lesson. Our Japanese school in Melbourne provides language and cultural classes. Our students can learn Japanese in groups or individually, and there is even room to customize your study program to fit your schedule and needs. Simply inquire about this when you contact us.



    0422 266 303

    Konnichiwa! Welcome to JAPANEASY, where you can immediately feel the presence of Japan in Melbourne. JAPANEASY was established in 2008 with only 6 square meters of area and about 50 students. Since then, with the assistance of numerous exceptional teachers and countless appreciative kids, we have created a school that is full of laughter, love, and passion.

    Our goal is to be the happiest school in the world. We are always available to hear all of your voices and assist you in making your goals a reality. We feel that both languages and culture are essential for discovering and learning about the country. We hope that our actions will help to improve relations between Japan and Australia, as well as between Japan and yourself. We welcome you to join the JAPANEASY family and have a great time with us. Arigato! We are excited to meet you. Fujita Jones, Minako

    Japanese Australia 



    Allow us to deliver you high-quality Japanese instruction. For $30, you can try out a single 50-minute lesson. If you opt to continue after the trial lesson, we will deduct it from your total fee. From beginner to intermediate, we provide online Japanese lessons. We also offer JLPT prep, Year 11 & 12 courses (HSC, VCE, ATAR), and more.

    Why should you learn Japanese online with us?

    All newcomers will receive a Beginner Starter package. It will aid in learning during home classes. A digital version will be sent to non-Australian residents. Our teachers have completed at least 420 hours of Japanese government-accredited training or have passed a Japanese Teaching Competency Test, or have a degree comparable. Our professional teachers will assess your strengths and weaknesses and create a personalized study plan for you to help you improve your Japanese language skills.

    Our administrative team will assist you in organizing your lessons and sending extra resources if necessary for all of your studying needs outside of class time, so you're ready to go.

    If you've previously studied Japanese, we'll provide a free level assessment so you can begin at the appropriate level right away.

    We now occupy the top level of a building with eleven classrooms, right in the heart of Melbourne CBD, and have taught families and children, Apple geniuses, ATO managers, council members, and even a Channel Nine news anchor. We have extensive experience engaging students from many cultural and geographical backgrounds. We switched our Japanese courses online thanks to (no sarcasm here) COVID-19, and to our surprise, many kids appreciated it. Especially those who had to travel considerable distances. The students who despised going into town, the lack of parking, and the introverts. Some even get to learn alongside friends/families from other countries. Students who like to learn in the comfort of their own home while wearing their jammies.

    Vocational Language Learning Centre


    03 9602 1606

    VLLC has been operating as a language school since 1989. We specialize in teaching 12 languages to individuals and businesses in Australia. It is a systematic curriculum focused on visualisation and association in which you learn to 'think' rather than translate in your new language. Your course is specifically designed for you. It consists of up to three delivery methods, including online classes and one-on-one tutorials with native speakers on a regular basis.

    Flexibility and structured sessions are the keys to enjoying your language learning experience and reaching your language objectives. You will start speaking right away. 97% of our students successfully complete their Certificates and gladly refer VLLC, giving us one of Australia's greatest success rates.

    Japan boasts one of the world's largest economies and is your entryway to Asian culture. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn about various cultures, foods, and lifestyles. All Japanese courses are meant to improve your reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills.

    Listen & Learn Australia


    (03) 8652 1381

    Stay engaged indoors with our online courses in over 100 languages! Please contact us and we will organize a fun and interactive event for you. Our Japanese speakers, who are completely trained to teach their mother language, can train you and, if necessary, the rest of your group at a time convenient for you, at your home or workplace. Sessions can take place on any day of the week, including weekends, and at any time of day, whether morning, afternoon, or evening. If your home or business is unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances, courses can be held at your trainer's office. You will be given resources for the lesson.

    Listen & Learn is an international organization that specializes in one-on-one and small group language classes for individuals and businesses. We provide a wide range of language classes to meet the demands of every client. Our objective is to be one of the top providers of tailor-made language courses that are tailored to each client's individual needs and requirements.

    Our instructors are all highly qualified native speakers who are hired not just for their credentials but also for their experience and passion for teaching. Lessons are designed around you, taking into account your present level and motivation, your personal needs (or those of your business), and any special requirements you may have for learning the language. Lessons are delivered in the most effective manner for the student's level.

    Avivo Australia 


    0499 999 819

    Personalized Tutoring to Help You Learn

    We collaborate with you to design a personalized learning program based on how you learn best. Weekly lessons will be offered one-on-one by subject professional tutors on-site and via our dedicated virtual classroom platform in 2021. Our Directors hand-pick and train tutors. We assist you in selecting the most relatable, interesting, and dynamic instructor for you. Your tutor will assist you in determining your learning objectives, which may include increasing confidence in your abilities, boosting your grade, or achieving a high study score. Personal accomplishment is celebrated.

    If you have an urgent query, a pending assessment deadline, or an essential test tomorrow...... don't worry, we can always aid you with one-time tutoring sessions with AirTutor. AirTutor is great if you require a tutor at the last minute.

    We accomplish this through listening to our kids and collaborating with them to attain specific goals. We employ novel approaches to better understand each student's learning style and goals. Tutors can use this to engage students in approaches that increase or strengthen fundamental competencies or consolidate and extend developed technical abilities. Mindfulness, study preparation, and smart time management are also recommended for peak learning performance.

    Japanese Tutor Melbourne


    0431 598 573

    Izumi has been instructing Japanese at all levels in Australia for more than ten years, making her one of Melbourne's most qualified Japanese teachers. Throughout this time, she has mentored groups of university students in addition to teaching in elementary and secondary schools. Even one of Melbourne's largest Japanese language schools had her as its principal.

    Izumi's objective is to provide her pupils with the finest learning experience possible and to make learning Japanese as joyful and simple as possible. She accomplishes this by taking the time to get to know each and every student and tailoring classes to their personality and learning style. Each session is tailored to specific student needs, and one of her favorite aspects is the diversity of her students and their tales.

    You will immediately discover, however, that Izumi has her own eccentricities that make her classes intriguing and lasting beyond the learning experience. Izumi's exceptional talents include always looking fashionable (even on bad days), making people smile with her sweet and unassuming personality, and explaining the most complex Japanese language subjects in a series of cute and entertaining cartoons/manga.

    JIC Language School


    (03) 9654 5120

    We offer a professional service that will help you better comprehend diverse cultures and communicate in different languages.

    Japanese Lessons

    Both group and private instruction in Japanese are offered. The "direct approach" (immersion), which totally immerses students in the Japanese language and culture, is used to teach group sessions. Japanese is the only language used for instruction at JIC. Learn the language with the help of our unique textbook and other helpful materials. Our unique textbook offers a wealth of terminology that you can use right away in regular conversation. Courses for general education span all levels. There are also classes for VCE, JLPT, and children. This holds true for our online courses as well.

    Study Japanese

    Our Chinese language programs are offered in both group and private settings. Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced courses are available, as well as support sessions for those interested in passing the HSK Exam. There are also off-campus training and courses offered. Private lessons are available to students who want to learn specific subjects and can be customised to their needs. If you are unable to attend lessons in person, try our online classes.

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