Top 20 Math Tutors In Melbourne, Victoria [2022]

So you've noticed your child is struggling with math, or perhaps they've been getting unusually low grades on their texts and quizzes. So naturally, many parents' first reaction is to search for a qualified math tutor on the web or check local classified ads.

That's the ideal thing to do. With the help of a professional math tutor, many students increase their knowledge and understanding of difficult math concepts. In addition, a tutor can guide them through complicated math problems and revision techniques to be more at ease when the big exam day comes.

Finding the best math tutor in Melbourne can be a daunting task. You want someone knowledgeable and who can help you understand the concepts, but also someone who is patient and has a good sense of humour. Luckily, there are plenty of great math tutors in Melbourne. So read on and check out our top picks!

Ultimate List Of Math Tutors in Melbourne

SLAM Learning Centres Math Tutors in Melbourne

1300 71 75 71

If one is a student or a parent, it is strongly advised to continue reading. These lines have been heard numerous times, so much so that they are impossible to tally. Whether one has uttered them or has been a parent who has encountered this "excuse," it is important to keep listening. In the realm of academics, particularly mathematics and school in general, students and parents often face significant challenges. This can lead them to believe that such subjects are simply not their forte, causing frustration and discouragement. Parents may view it as a mere excuse, or they may have already come to accept it as a reality. If any of this strikes a chord, it is worth holding on, as there is hope.

Do you find yourself:

  • Leaving math or homework until the night before?
  • Constantly procrastinating and postponing math for later?
  • Avoiding math because you believe it's too difficult and "not your thing"?
  • Planning to abandon math as soon as you're old enough?
  • Already giving your best effort but still struggling to make progress?

It is common knowledge that most individuals have experienced one or more of these situations at some point. And understandably so! Picture this: You find yourself in a math classroom among a full class of up to 30 students, all being taught by a single teacher. Considering the fact that everyone learns differently, it becomes apparent why you might believe that math just isn't your cup of tea. This scenario can shed light on a lot of things. Doesn't it seem reasonable to assume that one-on-one or small-group instruction would yield better results? You're absolutely right!

When we have the opportunity to focus on you and your unique learning style, success becomes much more attainable. Since we understand that every individual learns differently, wouldn't it be beneficial to gain insight into your specific learning style? Wouldn't it make sense to become an overall better learner? I'll let you answer that question for yourself. We are already aware of the incredible benefits of one-on-one tutoring or learning in small groups. Additionally, understanding your preferred mode of learning can be immensely helpful. That's why we offer both.

Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are SLAM Learning Centres, and collectively, we possess over 30,000 hours of tutoring experience. With SLAM's proven teaching techniques, you can be confident in achieving tangible results. But how did it all begin? SLAM Learning Centres emerged in late 2018 with a simple vision in mind: to create the kind of math tutor that we wished we had during our own schooling years.

Let's be honest. Tutoring centres are ubiquitous in every neighbourhood. We aspired to create something unique, something that students would eagerly anticipate attending. We aimed to develop a program that genuinely worked without overwhelming our students. Our goal was to create an experience similar to sports training or learning a new skill like playing a musical instrument—an endeavour that school-aged students genuinely enjoy. What does this mean for our students? It means tailored, enjoyable, and effective tutoring that students absolutely love!

Mfacts Studio Math Tutors in Melbourne

03 9193 0088 

Because we are aware that the best outcomes will occur when each child feels confident, we at Mfacts Studio place a strong emphasis on the holistic development of the child. Children show their confidence in ways that go far beyond the math classroom when they feel supported in their endeavors to learn the subject. As students come to the realization that "they can," we adore watching their self-confidence soar.

Is your child losing faith in math? Or do they want a challenge to help them develop their love of math? Expert assistance and time spent learning key skills and concepts can be beneficial. Individual and small group sessions are available. In our highly personalized format, teaching and learning will be tailored to your child's needs.

FAQs About Math Tutors

Advantages of an online maths tutor in Melbourne Choose the tutor based on your child's individual needs. You get to choose the best tutors in Melbourne who are knowledgeable and experienced with the Victorian Curriculum and VCE.

This means they are more than capable of helping your child with more difficult subjects like VCE Maths Methods. The power of an in-person, one-on-one lesson cannot be underestimated. A maths tutor in Melbourne can provide direct, targeted and intensive support to individuals. We are able to pinpoint misconceptions and misunderstandings of children as we work through lessons and tasks.

This is a bit more than a GCSE tutor as it requires the tutor to have a higher level of Math education themselves.

If you go for online tutoring, you'll find that the tutor can charge less, as no one needs to use their time or money travelling to and from the lesson. This is a convenient and affordable way to get a top-quality tutor for your child, no matter where you live.

Excellent subject knowledge. The tutor must have achieved distinction for a level h2 math and excel at higher level maths such as Further Maths, or possess Engineering or Mathematics degree. 90% of the time, when the student asks the tutor an h2 maths question, the tutor must be able to start explaining within 1 minute.

Many tutors use local advertising sites such as Gumtree; however, online tutoring platforms such as Superprof are becoming increasingly popular as they offer advertising services specifically for tutors.

While you're online, you can do a search for students who have placed an ad for a math tutor and offer your services.

First and foremost, why is it important to seek help with your Math education?

Perhaps you are a college student or university undergraduate and need math guidance, or you are a parent with concerns about your son or daughter's progress in Math.

Whatever the case may be, considering some extra tuition is a positive step, and the fact that you are even thinking about it shows that you care. Either you care about getting better at math, or you wish for your child to excel in the subject and open up more pathways and prospects for a good career.

A-Grade VCE Maths Home Tuition in Melbourne

03 9793 4800 

A-Grade VCE Maths Home Tuition is Melbourne's professional tutoring center dedicated to assisting your child in better understanding Math and Science. Adding our tutor to the equation solves any of your Math and Science problems. Our specialized one-on-one tuition provides both center and home learning packages. Furthermore, we have year-round learning sessions that include summer classes, group classes, and more for students from Year 7 to VCE Year 12—including University Maths and Science.

A-Grade VCE Maths Home Tuition provides one-on-one tuition to students, allowing them to learn more quickly and thoroughly. Our service entails going through the entire course chapter by chapter and section by section and clearing doubts to provide clarity in learning. Furthermore, regular revisions and tests are an important part of our learning process because they assess a student's strengths and weaknesses.

Tutor Lim Math Tutors in Melbourne

+61 480 096 933

Tutor Lim began with the simple idea that the lecture hall/classroom setting was inadequate for maximizing each student's learning potential. However, in an industry where conformity was valued, the concept of developing a peer-to-peer tutoring model that recognized each individual's unique learning style was revolutionary.

Tutor Lim began with the intention of inspiring academic success in university students. Our tutors, who include both educators and graduate engineers, are committed to showing you how to work smarter.

We discovered that most undergraduates were simply going about their assignments ineffectively and taking far too long to get a result, based on our extensive work experience in engineering and thousands of hours tutoring 10000+ students. Our mission is to share our knowledge with those who want to improve their efficiency and overall work quality.

Maths Methods Tutors in Melbourne 

61 480 666 933

This 6-hour workshop will teach you everything you need to know before Term 2 begins, and with the topics I will cover accounting for over 50% of the Exam, this is the Workshop to attend. You will understand the fundamentals of each of these topics so that you can absorb what you learn in class more quickly.

I'll go over difficult-looking Exam questions and reveal the hidden stumbling blocks that make them much easier to solve. You will feel much less stressed by the end of the Workshop and will leave with renewed confidence in your Methods abilities.

Good day, everyone! I'm Alex, and I'm the creator of Maths Methods. I have degrees in both mathematics and astronomy. I've spent my entire career teaching students and spent several years rewriting the Maths Methods textbook in order to create my popular video tutorials that emphasize a strong understanding of the fundamentals, as this is the key to making Maths Methods easier for all students.

Alchemy Tuition Math Tutors in Melbourne

1300 914 222

I struggled in school when I was in early high school, but I didn't want anyone to know. Instead of facing my problems, I began to act out, skipping class, failing to turn in assignments, and becoming a real pain for both my teachers and parents.

This 'bad boy' image was a mask I wore to hide my insecurities and lack of confidence. Finally, at the end of their tether and unsure what to do, my parents decided to hire a tutor. Unfortunately, this tutor was not what I had imagined a tutor to be: an elderly retired teacher who would immediately recognize how stupid I was.

Instead of a retired teacher, it was a young man who had just graduated from high school and was studying at university. He didn't make me feel stupid in the least. He, on the other hand, believed in me for some reason.

Golden Key Math Tutors in Melbourne


Golden Key Education is a professional tutoring firm that specializes in SACE, VCE, IB, UCAT, Primary and Middle School grade curricula, as well as a number of scholarships. We strive to meet each student's individual educational needs with locations in Adelaide and Melbourne.

Our team is made up of highly qualified Australian registered teachers, SACE moderators, university graduates with doctorates in mathematics and science, and SACE ATAR achievers. We help students engage with their curricula in our classes by providing detailed explanations of content, summarizing key learning points, assisting with and assigning homework, holding after-class Q&As, and providing students with personalized progress feedback, chapter testing, and much more.

Tuition Service Adelaide & Melbourne

We're here to help you learn in whatever way works best for you. We specialize in small group online tutoring, which means you get your tutor's undivided attention at an affordable price, as well as the support that peer-to-peer learning in a small group provides. If you require more personalized tuition, we can also provide 1-on-1 tutorial classes or online tutorial classes so you can learn in an environment that is most comfortable and familiar to you.

RL Education Math Tutors in Melbourne

0478 805 555

0426 108 800

We want students to be able to apply the skills they learn in our learning centers in all aspects of their lives. We want these skills to become second nature to them when they finish their journey with us. We want our students to be leaders one day; it's not just something we say, but something we actively strive for.

Our Mathematics classes are designed to provide practical and challenging learning that takes into account a wide range of students' needs and aspirations. Ricky Liu, Chief Lecturer and Director of RL Education, teaches classes. He is a VCE/IB Mathematics certified specialist with over a decade of teaching experience and over five years of experience as a VCAA Examiner for both Mathematical Methods (CAS) and Specialist Mathematics.

Ricky has compiled a comprehensive set of notes based on his years of experience, covering an entire year's worth of material. It focuses on the key concepts and then expands to include useful formulas, difficult questions and answers, and much more to ensure that students understand the entire subject. Furthermore, Ricky teaches a variety of different methods for answering questions, catering to all students while capturing the essence of the Maths Methods course itself.

Math Tutor Network Tutors in Melbourne


Many clients request tutoring not because the teacher in class lacks the knowledge or credentials to teach, but because their children do not understand what the teacher is saying. Math Tutor Network is aware of the issue. This is why we have a strict recruitment process in place to ensure tutors can communicate with students.

Our interviews include a technical assessment that includes an on-the-spot test on various Math concepts from various grades. The candidate is also in charge of tutoring the interviewer, who is dressed as a regular student. We can analyze the candidate's teaching style and Math knowledge for a specific grade and subject through our assessment. Our goal is for tutors who join our Team to be able to explain concepts and engage students' understanding.

Slam Learning Centres Math Tutors in Melbourne

0481 243 092

Slam Learning Centers opened in late 2019. Our vision was uncomplicated. Make the math tutor WE wished for throughout our education. So, what impact does this have on our students? Students adore personalized, enjoyable, and effective tutoring!

Have you heard any of these or similar lines before? If this is the case, we strongly advise you to pay attention! ​

Keep listening if you've said this before or if you're a parent who has heard this "excuse." Math and school can be extremely difficult as a student or parent. Unfortunately, this may give you the impression that it's "just not your thing." At the best of times, this can be frustrating and disheartening. Parents may think this is just an excuse, or they may have accepted it for "what it is." If any of this sounds familiar, take a seat. There is still hope. ​

When we can spend time focusing on you and how you learn, we have a winning formula. If everyone learns differently, would it be useful to know how you learn specifically? Would it make sense to improve your overall learning ability? I'll leave you to answer that one. We've all heard about the incredible benefits of learning one-on-one or in a small group. We also understand that knowing your preferred method of learning is extremely beneficial. ​

​Tutoring For Excellence Math Tutors in Melbourne

 03 9017 4874                            

Tutoring For Excellence started operating in 1996. We have always held the conviction that one-on-one interaction gives both the student and the tutor power in ways that are not possible in a classroom setting. ​

Beginning with a modest personal clientele, the company quickly grew, and within six months, Tutoring For Excellence was employing a number of tutors. We are a business with thousands of happy customers today and hundreds of active tutors. The majority of significant Australian cities as well as Auckland, New Zealand, are served by us. ​​

Our founding director is a qualified teacher and former principal with over 20 years of industry experience in both the public and private education sectors on a national and international scale. Tutoring for Excellence was a founding member of the Australian Tutoring Association, and our director later served as the organization's Chairman. ​

Tutor2you Math Tutors in Melbourne

1300 4200 66

Every student should learn the skills needed to succeed in school and beyond, as well as the knowledge, confidence, and motivation to put these skills into practice. ​

Every student should learn the necessary skills to succeed in school and beyond, as well as the knowledge, confidence, and motivation to put these skills into practice. ​

Leading-edge complementary Diagnostic assessments help identify knowledge gaps, ensuring that your child's tutor is assisting where it matters. ​

Don't waste your money on a tutor who doesn't connect with your child - Before making a commitment, meet with your local math tutor in-person or online. ​

We guarantee that we will find you the best tutor before you pay a dime! If your tutor isn't a good fit for your child, we'll find another one for free. ​

Artin Education​ Math Tutors in Melbourne

61 400 096 988

In Glen Waverley, Melbourne, Artin Education is a specialized tutoring center that serves students of all skill levels and focuses solely on English and mathematics. By understanding concepts and learning how to drive themselves to academic success, our students achieve results. ​​​

Premier Education Math Tutoring in Melbourne

0421 806 222

Our curriculum is designed to both challenge and assist students who are struggling to find their footing. We have pooled our knowledge and incorporated it into a unified curriculum taught by former students who topped the state after 15+ years of tutoring experience with students of all ability levels. ​

Many people BELIEVE THAT VCE success is simply the result of hard work or intelligence. It is a combination of both, along with the right guidance from an experienced teacher. We provide a team of exceptional tutors with a track record of topping the state to teach students the curriculum, specialized exam knowledge, and the mindset of the top 0.05%. We will help you rise above the competition and conquer VCE with our rigorous course and expertise. ​

The BEST students are not those who sprint to the finish line, but rather those who establish a solid foundation early on and continue to succeed throughout their education.

Pure Local Math Tutors in Melbourne

(03) 9021 3799

The Only Math Tutors You'll Ever Need! Provides comprehensive in-home private tuition for students in grades 5 through 12. Our private instructors are the best in their fields because they are qualified, accredited, and experienced. In the comfort of your own home, our tutors will help your child improve their skills, knowledge, and understanding of all math topics covered by the Victorian Curriculum and Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE). We will match you with a tutor who is a good fit for your child's learning style and needs. ​

The Pure Local Business Directory publishes Maths Tutors Melbourne reviews and testimonials after verification and manual screening. Do not leave a review if you have received a reward or are related to the owner. Members of the directory who receive a negative review are given the opportunity to respond before final publication. If applicable, please click here to leave a customer review. ​

Tutorscope - Math Tutors in Melbourne

+61 450 342200

Get matched with a top-scoring Melbourne tutor. Tutor Score Australia is a leading provider of online and in-person tutoring for IB, VCE, and Year 7 to 10 subjects. ​

Consolidate foundations or speed your curriculum study with one-on-one assistance from a high-scoring tutor. Choose online or in-person sessions at a frequency that works for you. Tutor Score takes pride in providing families with the freedom to schedule lessons at the frequency that best matches their child's particular requirements - no lock-in contracts or fixed agreements. Hourly pricing for one-on-one classes are $50; $40 for groups of two students; $35 for groups of three students; and $30 for groups of four students. ​

Consolidate knowledge and lay solid foundations in a supportive environment. Individual or small group lessons can be given online or in person. Hourly rates for one-on-one lessons are $50; $40 for groups of two students; $35 for groups of three students; and $30 for groups of four students. ​

Ezymath Tutoring Math Tutors in Melbourne

1300 312 444

It is important that your child develop into a successful, self-directed learner. Your child will learn the necessary learning techniques to succeed in mathematics on their own with the help of our specialized tutor sourcing service. A novel kind of math tutoring service is called Ezy Math Tutoring. We provide at-home tutoring in mathematics for students in third through twelfth grades. Our service is among the best in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, and Adelaide. We'll set up a math tutor to help your child succeed. ​​​​

Get Your Child on the Right Track to Better Grades with This FREE Quick Start Guide and learn the eight most important facts about their math education.

Wise Old Owl Tutoring - Math Tutors in Melbourne

(03) 9723 6855

Leave the rest behind and learn math from the experts! I am a fully qualified Maths Teacher/Tutor in Melbourne with over 15 years of experience helping students of all abilities reach their full potential. ​​​​

I not only teach math, but I also understand why students struggle. I have a great deal of experience determining each student's preferred learning style and needs. Based on this assessment, I develop an individualized learning plan for each student. My students have access to a wide range of tried-and-true resources to meet their specific learning needs.

Cluey Learning Math Tutors in Melbourne

1300 182 999

Cluey Learning provides personalised, face-to-face online coaching in Math, English, and Chemistry for children in Years 2-12. ​​​​

We make learning support available and practical by letting tutoring be scheduled at a time that suits each child's schedule. Additionally, classes are conducted live and online through our learning platform, allowing students to log in from the convenience of their home and work with their knowledgeable tutor without interfering with family time. ​​​​

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