Top 20 Male Strippers Melbourne, Victoria (2024)

Hiring male strippers for your bachelorette party can be a fun experience. It is important to know what you are looking for in an entertainer so that everyone has a great time. 

If you're planning a hen's night or bachelorette party, then you need to know about the best male strippers in Melbourne. Check out our blog here on top male strippers Melbourne, Victoria, for more information!

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    Ultimate List of Male Strippers in Melbourne

    Magic Men Strippers Australia

    1300 624 426

    Whether you're celebrating a birthday, hosting a hens night, bachelorette party, or simply having a fun girls night in Melbourne, our hot and hunky male strippers and cheeky topless waiters will make your ladies night unforgettable. The Magic Men can perform private shows in suites, private function venues, and residences throughout Melbourne.

    Each Magic Man possesses the body, moves, and charisma to excite and delight, delivering more than just a set routine. Our male strippers are also talented dancers who will customise a smart and sexy show to your preferences. Various shows are available to match the THEME OF ANY PARTY.

    Hens Night Melbourne

    Are you looking forwards to a fun night filled with chitchat, laughter, and all the glitter and glamour? Magic Men will make your Hens Night Melbourne spectacular. We provide a full-service package of entertainment, good looks, and professional service at an affordable price.

    Magic Men can make your Melbourne hens night entertaining, taunting, and hilarious. Celebrate your hen's party idea with live shows, e-shows, and private visits. Expect jaw-dropping performances from our Magic Men for a night to remember. Join us in celebration and have your phones ready to snap photos. Enjoy your last night!

    Male Strip Club Melbourne

    1300 624 426

    Want to liven up a girls' night? Our gorgeous boys are ready to help. Magic Men has Melbourne's greatest strippers for hiring. Our men have great looks, physique, and moves, and they love what they do. Performers who specialise in tantalising shows, they always go the additional mile to make you and the girls happy. Melbourne nightclubs can engage our male strippers.

    Magic Men has Melbourne's greatest strippers for hiring. Our men have great looks, physique, and moves, and they love what they do. Performers who specialise in tantalising shows, they always go the additional mile to make you and the girls happy. Melbourne nightclubs can engage our male strippers.

    See them at Magic Men. You and your girlfriends will love the bold shows. Take one of our guys home. We offer attractive male strippers for rent who can come to you so you may have fun in your living room.

    Magic Men will entertain and serve you. We have topless waiters and barmen to quench your thirst and keep you from sweating. Our packages include performances, servers, finger snacks, and more.

    Male Stripper Melbourne


    Whether you're planning a birthday party or organising a Hens Night, you should think about hiring some male strippers. What kind of party or Hens Night Do would be complete without male strippers? Your friend's expression when confronted with a semi-naked man will be priceless, and something you'll remember for the rest of your lives.

    You want the perfect activities for you and your hens for your hens party to be perfect. The perfect selection of strippers continues to expand, and you can now book your male stripper in a much wider range of costumes. There are still police officers and other men in uniform, but you can also have your own Christian Grey or a sexy guy in evening wear.

    FAQs About Male Strippers

    You are performing to add to the fun and excitement that others are having. The people who watch you dance may be there to escape the problems and pressures of their everyday lives. You are there to help them live in a fantasy world for a few hours.

    At the same time, you must be having a good time as well. If you are not, you should be doing something else. If you experience burnout from dancing too often, take a break and get away from it for a while.

    If dancing as a male stripper stops being fun for you, stop dancing and find a vocation that you can be passionate about.

    Keep in mind that you are providing experiences that the bar patrons will talk about for years and possibly the rest of their lives. Get involved with their special night. HAVE FUN!!!

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    Remember - having claws like a bird of prey is never a good thing.

    Male Strippers have different routines; some will be sexier than others, some raunchier and some hilarious, but generally, they will all have an element of each and will certainly tease you to the max with each item they discard! 

    Male strippers will share the love and play up to the whole group if you wish or focus on the Hen or Birthday girl – all up to you!

    Most strippers listed here certainly are – male strippers from Magic Men are the best. However, we haven’t been let down by a magic men male stripper for years! 

    Strip-A-Rama Male Strippers Melbourne

    0417 069 960

    Strip-A-Rama Melbourne Strippers is a lively, well-established, and entertaining stripper and event booking firm in Melbourne. Striparama is owned and operated by genuine people that have been in the stripper profession for over 20 years and have a thorough understanding of what YOU desire in hot erotic adult strip show entertainment. ​​​​

    Male Strippers in Melbourne

    These gorgeous male Melbourne strippers are the best of the best, with amazing bodies and the ability to dance! All of our employees are gorgeous, lively, high-energy entertainers that take delight in providing professional service. ​​​​

    Striparama is your one-stop shop for all of your adult party needs. Melbourne showgirls, female strippers, male strippers, topless bar staff, promotion girls, poker night babes, female dance revues, male dance revues, models, DJ's and compares comedians, lighting and sound professionals, and strip school and pole dance training are all available from us. ​​​​

    Exotic X Entertainment Male Strippers Melbourne

    1800 972 838

    We are the premier agency for the most desirable Australian and International Adult Entertainers, Strippers, and Waitresses. Exotic X Entertainment takes pride in providing you with a professional yet personal experience with all of our entertainers. Whether it's for a bucks party, hens party, birthday celebration, or just because, our Exotic X Entertainers will light up the night!! ​​​​

    Our male strippers have one of the most diverse costume collections in Australia, with costumes ranging from policeman to fireman, pimp to tradie, cowboy to the magic mike and everything in between. ​​​​

    No matter what show you book, whether a magic mike style show, a deluxe show, or a delicious strawberry and cream show, these guys will make sure you and your guests have the best night of your lives! ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

    Magic Hens Male Strippers Melbourne

    1300 411 877

    Magic Hens offers the best hens and parties in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane, as well as nightlife packages for all occasions. Any other special occasion, such as a hen or girls' night out. We've been planning these kinds of parties and events for over seven years and have the ideal package for you. Allow us to organize a memorable hens party for you! ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

    Are you looking for a chaotic, fun, and rowdy girls' night out? Then you've arrived to the right location. MagicHens by MagicMen Entertainment is the best girls party destination, with a variety of thrilling nude male revue, male stripper performances, and packages that will blow your mind! ​​​​

    Dreamgirlz Elite Male Strippers Melbourne

    0431 333 767

    Melbourne Male Strippers: Providing You with the Most Exotic Experiences

    Melbourne is renowned as Australia's second largest city and is well-known for the variety of exciting activities available in the city. In this city, a diverse range of yearly cultural events, as well as many forms of festivals, are commemorated. In actuality, it commemorates Moomba, Australia's largest free community celebration. These, among many others, are compelling reasons to visit the city. ​​​​

    If you want a higher level of entertainment, Melbourne always has something for everyone. This is especially true if the entertainment you require is primarily aimed at adults. This type of entertainment is sought after not only by men but also by women. This allows Melbourne male strippers to become more popular. It is very common for females hosting a hen or bachelorette party to hire the services of these entertainers. ​​​​

    The upcoming bride and her closest pals will gather for a girl's night out to enjoy a male stripper. For those women who are going to be brides, now is the ideal moment to enjoy being single. It will be a terrific idea to supplement the party with the services of skilled and friendly Melbourne male strippers. ​​​​

    Male Revue Strippers Melbourne

    0431 431 997

    Sexiest Male Strippers Melbourne For Hire

    If you want to spice up an excellent girl's night out with the top male strippers in Melbourne, you've come to the right place! This is the place to be if you want to meet the hottest men in Victoria! There's no need to throw a dull party when Male Revue's mind-blowing, sensual, and sexy shows are right at your fingertips! ​​​​

    Our extremely gifted guy dancers and topless waiters know how to ramp up the heat and show you an incredible time whether you're arranging a hens night, birthday party, or any other event with your girls. ​​​​

    Our men have industry experience. We hand-picked them with your enjoyment in mind, to get your heart racing and provide an unforgettable experience. We have a skilled hunk for every occasion, from blondes to brunettes, clean cut to rough around the edges, and everything in between... and they never disappoint. ​​​​

    Girls Night Afloat Male Strippers Melbourne


    Our men have industry experience. We hand-picked them with your enjoyment in mind, to get your heart pounding and deliver an amazing experience. We have a skilled hottie for any occasion, from blondes to brunettes, clean cut to rough around the edges, and everything in between... and they never disappoint. ​​​​

    Join us on a cruise down the beautiful Yarra River, where the scenery is spectacular both inside and outside the boats! Our affordable, all-inclusive package includes everything you need for the ultimate ladies night, whether it's a hen's night, a birthday, or just a night out with the girls! ​​​​

    Hunks 4 Hens Male Strippers Melbourne

    1300 522 820


    With our successful stints at renowned clubs, we know how to bring ultimate excitement and blood-rushing fun to your party. You have the option of being flexible: choose one of our pre-designed packages or request a custom-made one to rock you and your girlfriends' night in Melbourne inspired by our creativity! With our range of classy girls night packages that cater to any taste and budget, we've taken the stress out of finding the best hen's party ideas. ​​​​

    When planning a Hen's Night, there are many factors to consider, but the most important consideration should be what the bride wants! If you're stuck for ideas, take a look through our packages and blog for some inspiration! ​​​​

    Is the bride quiet and reserved, or is she outgoing and loud? In any case, her personality will play a significant role in the type of package you select. It can be difficult to please both the hen and her group at times, but it is your responsibility as Maid of Honor to ensure she is comfortable and happy with the choices you make for her special day with her friends! We can recommend which package, topless waiters, and strippers would be best suited to your group! ​​​​

    Bare Nights Male Strippers Melbourne

    0409 777 015

    Welcome to Bare Nights, good to see you. We are experts at making hen parties, birthday celebrations, corporate events, and other social gatherings sultry, spectacular, and unforgettable. Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth are all places where you can find male strippers and topless waiters. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​​​​

    Bare Nights offers limitless entertainment to liven up your next party. Our skilled wait staff has previously worked at Hens Parties, Corporate Events, Birthday Parties, and Promotions. Our topless waiters not only serve drinks, but also run games, mix cocktails, cook BBQs, and clean up as they go, allowing everyone at the party to relax and enjoy themselves. ​​​​

    The directors of Bare Nights have years of topless waitering experience between them and understand what it takes to make your event a memorable one. We only hired good people we know. Our service will pleasantly surprise you. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

    We only deliver the best level of service and can tailor to your individual needs. Because to our superb wait staff, we consistently receive positive feedback. As a result, several waiters are scheduled up to three months ahead of time. Make sure to arrive early to secure your preferred waiter. ​​​​

    Hen’s Knights Male Strippers Melbourne

    0405 156 353

    Male Strippers Melbourne

    If you've done this before, you KNOW that a Stripper is a must-have traditional ingredient to either start or kick off the party! And if you've never planned a Bachelorette Party before and are worried that it will be too much for your Bride-to-Be, don't be - our Male Entertainers can make their performances as tame or raunchy, funny or sexy as you wish, and in our experience, no matter how much your Hen protests about getting a strip show in the lead up to the day - SHE SECRETLY WANTS A STRIPPER. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

    Since we started in 2009, we have built a solid reputation for honesty and dependability, two qualities that are hard to come by in this business. As a result, you can be sure that if you hire your hunk or buff butler from us, they will be the best, most dependable, and attentive men you can find - our boys won't disappear right before your party! ​​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

    Princes of the Night Male Strippers Melbourne

    1300 135 559


    This world-class production combines a visual storyline with comedy, thrilling choreography, obscenely sexy male dancers, and audience participation. In other words, it will pique your interest and leave you wanting just a little bit more! ​​​​

    Miss Juliette, Melbourne's very own comedy powerhouse, hosts the show, which is accompanied by a cast of exceptionally talented charismatic Princes. Expect hypnotic dance, side-splitting comedy, and all the glitz and glamour you'd expect from a Vegas show. Don't miss out on this one-of-a-kind stage show if you're planning an unforgettable Hens Night Party, an exciting birthday surprise, or a long-overdue night out with your friends. ​​​​

    Sky Strippers - Male Strippers Melbourne

    A Hens Night is a special occasion for the bride-to-be and her closest friends. It's one of the most memorable events leading up to the most important day of her life. It's a chance for friends to get together before the ceremony and bond with one another one lap dance at a time. So, whether it's your hens night or one for someone else, the organization and coordination involved can be time-consuming. Allow us to demonstrate why we are regarded as one of the best hens party agencies in Australia. ​​​​

    Melbourne’s Most Wanted Men

    Ladies, brace yourself for sexy men, cheeky smiles, and plenty of abs at your next hens party, birthday party, or girls night out. The men from the Sky have you covered, whether it's on stage at our male strip club or at your private event. We only hire the most qualified and sought-after men to perform our one-of-a-kind shows. Each Sky Stripper has the physique, charisma, style, and action-packed performance that will have your girls flying high and wanting more after each show. ​​​​

    Aussie Hunks Australia Male Strippers Melbourne

    0404 106 659


    In Adelaide, which male strip club is the most well-liked? So, it's out with the old and in with the new for the biggest and best male strip club yet. Additionally, this may be your first encounter with male strippers in Adelaide. We have undoubtedly produced a lavish "movie-inspired experience." Therefore, if you're planning a birthday party, girls' night out, or hen's night. ​​​​​​​​

    Our male strip club is unquestionably the place to be. While the male strippers are on stage, your gaze will be drawn to the show, wondering what will happen next. As a result, when our male strippers in Adelaide take the stage, your heart will race. Finally, our guys have the moves, the looks, and everything in between to put on a spectacular show. You will not want to miss this show! ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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