30+ Best Home Renovations Melbourne, Victoria (2024)

You know you want to renovate your house, but you don’t know where to start, right? Well, you’re not alone. Many homeowners dive into the renovation process with no clue of what to expect. It’s only after they suffer through renovation mishaps that they regret not having a plan. Without preparation, the home renovation process can be full of disappointments because, unlike building a new house, you aren’t starting with a blank slate. There can be unforeseen expenses and issues that make the process complex. 

Located in Melbourne, Victoria, and looking for home renovators? Look no further! To get you started finding a home renovator, we have compiled a list showcasing the top home renovation companies in Melbourne

Melbourne’s Top Home Renovations 

Hitch Property Constructions & Renovations -Home Renovations Melbourne 


1800 221 111

Our renovation services cover everything from bathrooms, kitchens, garages and even hidden rooms or mancaves! We also offer all of the various renovation-related trades (including such things as painting, tiling, re-stumping and more) for all of those times that you don’t need a full renovation.

We are a small team of capable tradespeople who love what we do and want to help you to make the most out of your home. Our home maintenance and repair services, waterproofing services, and renovations are second to none.


Not sure if you should extend, renovate or rebuild? Since 2000 we have helped thousands of happy clients create their dream home in some of Melbourne’s most desirable suburbs. Call our building and design experts for answers or advice. With over 10 years of experience and a real focus on customer satisfaction, you can rely on us for your next renovation, driveway sett or home repair. We provide a professional service for private and commercial customers.


The maintenance division looks after every aspect of your home’s maintenance and repairs, both internal and external, from patching and painting a scratch in the wall to rebuilding collapsed fences. We’re also not just restricted to residential buildings – this division will also carry out repairs and maintenance to commercial and industrial buildings too. The waterproofing division looks after internal and external waterproofing, as well as recovery and repair services for properties damaged by inadequate waterproofing.



Are you looking to get a home renovation done? Whether you need a bathroom, kitchen, laundry, garage, or even a full home renovation, we can help you out! We have renovation services to suit every budget. Hitch Constructions has been helping Melbourne, Victoria’s growing families extend and renovate their homes for over 10 years. We specialise in design and construction and are able to fully renovate all types of houses.


Upgrade every aspect of your home! Demolishing and rebuilding a home is a long and exhausting process. You also end up without usable accommodation for months on end. It’s incredibly expensive!


Renovating the kitchen is the most popular type of major renovation in a home. It’s also the best way to increase a home’s value if it were to be put on the market.


We are highly dedicated to providing you with quality, affordable bathroom renovation services. Our quality work and excellent customer service have made us one of the most trusted names in the business.


Adding a room (or more than one) is also very popular. Often, families with two or more children and not enough bedrooms choose to add on so each child can have their own bedroom.


Laundries are one of those ‘throwaway’ rooms that no one really thinks about or cares much for. They’re small, usually cluttered, utility areas that serve a purpose but never really have much ‘soul’. 


Turning your yard space into a paradise, you can really enjoy! Are you looking to improve the beauty and functionality of your front and back yard spaces? There are many things that can be done to the exterior of your home to improve value, so it’s time for you to get creative with your ideas.


Have you fantasised about having your own hidden lair? Most people have dreamt about having a secret hideaway somewhere in their home—a place where they can just relax completely and not worry about being disturbed.


Are you under-utilising your garage, or is it just plain old, dark and spider-infested? It might be time to consider a garage renovation, so you can make better use of all that space! 

About Us

Hitch Property Constructions is a small, flexible and friendly drafting company established in 2005. Hitch Property Constructions’ vision is to design a contemporary, unique and stylish home connected to the surrounding environment, which provides a flexible and comfortable living area.

We provide professional renovation and installation services with a real focus on customer satisfaction.

Our installations are carried out by fully trained staff to the highest professional standards.


We combine quality workmanship, superior knowledge and low prices to provide you with service unmatched by our competitors.


We have the experience, personnel and resources to make the project run smoothly. We can ensure a job is done on time.


Work with us involves a carefully planned series of steps centred around a schedule we stick to and daily communication.

G.J. Gardner Homes Renovations Melbourne


03 9799 8889

Hello, my name is Andrew Timms, and I own and operate this business with my business partner Luke O'Connor. We have the experience and dedication to make the process of building your dream home enjoyable and stress-free. Our research and careful planning, open communication, and high trade expectations will ensure that you are satisfied with the process and your finished home.

When you work with us, you can be confident. Our enthusiastic team of building professionals is familiar with local design trends and building regulations, and we have a proven track record of delivering exceptional, high-quality builds to satisfied customers on time and on budget.

Melbourne's inner-eastern suburbs, which include the cities of Boroondara, Stonnington, Glen Eira, Whitehorse, and Monash, have active neighborhoods with a rich diversity of cultural influences. This region offers a spacious urban lifestyle, as well as excellent health and vital services for one of the state's largest and fastest-growing municipalities.

Smith & Sons Home Renovations Melbourne


1300 787 574

Our goal is to create custom renovations and extensions that are one-of-a-kind in terms of quality, design, and craftsmanship. We have never wavered from our commitment to this mission. We are proud to be among the most honest and talented contractors in Melbourne's Northern Suburbs, and with that reputation, we want to ensure that every client is satisfied with the finished product and proud to call their house a home.

Since Ilhan and his team are local, they have the connections and best resources to offer truly individualized service. We recognize that renovating a home requires a team of trustworthy, considerate, and knowledgeable people.

The Moreland team is led by Ilhan Oz, a qualified Electrical Engineer with over 20 years of experience working with large multinational corporations and over 3 years of experience in the construction industry.Smith & Sons Moreland collaborates with you to bring your concepts to life. We are familiar with the area because we live nearby and collaborate with skilled craftsmen who take pride in delivering the best work possible.

Master Design Builders - Home Renovations Melbourne


(03) 9874 0765

Many people underestimate the significance of a home renovation. Staff can be on-site for months at a time, with enormous potential for disruption. That is why we only hire the best for your home. We select the most talented, skilled, and courteous craftspeople who take pride in respecting your time and your environment in every detail. Furthermore, one of our principals oversees your project, communicating with you about what's going on and soliciting feedback to ensure that we meet your every need as we move forward. The end result is usually not just a functional and beautiful renovation or extension, but also a friendship. We can honestly say that we have never had a dissatisfied customer. What we do have is a massive folder full of letters from our clients expressing how much they enjoy their new surroundings, as well as large groups of friends who have referred us to one another.


Our skilled builders will always produce the highest caliber work, and we promise to use cutting-edge design principles. The best business to choose to build your future home is Master Design Builders. Due to their excellent clientele and stellar portfolio, Master Design Builders is the industry leader in Melbourne when it comes to home renovations and additions.

Yena Developments Home Renovations Melbourne


(03) 9763 6333

Members of the Master Builders Association who are licensed builders and qualified carpenters. Yena Developments is a family-run business with a focus on building new homes, remodeling existing homes, and adding on to existing homes.

Our new home builders will collaborate with you to understand your lifestyle, providing you with access to affiliated architects and designers to harness natural light and create the comfort, beauty, and functionality of your new home in Knoxfield, Eastern Melbourne, or any other surrounding suburb.

Hirison Construction Renovations Melbourne


03 9114 2204

Hirison Construction is a family-owned company with over 40 years of experience. Hirison is derived from the Chinese name "Hailixin," which means "open-minded, mutual benefit, and high credibility."

We prioritize service and passion over profit. Hirison Construction will complete your project to the highest standards, on time and within budget.

We build commercial fit-outs, shopfitting, office fit-outs, and café fit-outs that keep functionality at the forefront, are compliant with regulations, and provide an excellent experience to your clients and customers. Our portfolio gives you an idea of the types of projects we've worked on so far.

Style Precinct Renovations Melbourne


0407 676 116

If you are a discerning homeowner looking for an inspiring interior for your existing or new home but don't know where to begin, are concerned that what you choose will not suit your lifestyle, and don't have the time to put it all together yourself. Worse, you're worried that you'll put in a lot of effort and still get it wrong.

If you want expert and award-winning direction, an interior that fits the amazing lifestyle you've imagined, and that you'll be proud of, I'm the designer for you. Best of all, your investment will provide you with a home that will inspire you and allow you to enjoy it every day.

We live and breathe interior design, constantly searching for the best interior design styles for interior spaces, as well as the most recent kitchen and bathroom design and products that perform well and are reasonably priced.

JR Renovations Home Renovations Melbourne


0404 157 348

If you're looking for a company to do minor or major renovations, you've come to the right place. JR Renovations' goal is to take on a few renovation projects while providing our customers with exceptional service. We are not attempting to be Melbourne's largest renovation company.

Since 1998, we have built a reputation in Hamptons Style Renovations for renovating Melbourne homes. We offer complete interior and exterior renovations and additions.

JR Renovations Melbourne is a reputable and well-known renovation company. We are a qualified renovation team that strives to provide the best possible outcome for every customer, regardless of project size. Whether it's installing a new window, replacing weatherboards, or a complete interior renovation, we will complete your project on time, exceed expectations, and stay within budget.

JR Renovations Melbourne is a reputable and well-known renovation company. We are a qualified renovation team that strives to provide the best possible outcome for every customer, regardless of project size. We will complete your project on time, exceed expectations, and stay within budget, whether it is installing a new window, replacing weatherboards, or a complete interior renovation.

Destination Living Home Renovations Melbourne


1300 637 838

Our approach to designing and building architectural luxury homes works for all types of sites, from simple to difficult, narrow, and sloping. Our process is streamlined, quality-assured, and, most importantly, collaborative, putting you at the center of everything we create.

The Destination Living team has over 20 years of experience managing a custom building business and a creative architecture practice in Melbourne. To simplify our processes and provide better service to our customers, we have made improvements to our model over time.

From your initial brief to the completion of your custom-built home, our experience has resulted in a simple, unified, and collaborative process. We place a high value on developing a team of skilled individuals who share our values of creativity, innovation, and quality. Our team constantly strives to incorporate new technology into our process to improve your experience, such as taking you on a virtual reality tour of your custom designed home before we begin construction.

Renovation One - Home Renovations Melbourne


0413 749 059

From a small extension off the back of your existing house to intricate architectural builds, prestige homes, underground basements, garage or cellars or even construction on sloping blocks, we specialise in all and build accordingly. We believe that constant consultation and an open line of communication are critical to the success of your project.

We have been building new homes and renovating existing houses for over 22 years and are a member of the Master Builders Association Housing Sector Committee. Sean is a qualified carpenter by trade and the National and State Best Renovation and Addition winner. You deal directly with the builder at Renovation One, not an unqualified carpenter with a builders license.

Renovation One is a leading Melbourne builder dedicated to providing dependable service with a strong client focus. You'll realize you're being heard with Renovation One. We pay close attention and respond appropriately. Every member of our team is focused on your objectives and attentive to your requirements.

Mesh Design Projects Home Renovations Melbourne


0400 438 298

Designer of Inner Melbourne Buildings

Our primary goal is to design bright, modern buildings that complement the inner-city Melbourne lifestyle. We're always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to make your home more sustainable and cost-effective.

Once you've bought a piece of property to build on or a house to renovate and arranged the necessary financing, get in touch with Mesh Design Projects. As Melbourne building designers, we will walk you through the procedure of a substantial home renovation, a knockdown rebuild, or a brand-new construction.

AGN Builders Home Renovations Melbourne


1300 880 556

We believe in taking care of our clients from the initial meeting to the completion of the project and beyond. Our tradespeople and suppliers have a long history of working with us, resulting in consistent, high-quality workmanship.

We are a family-run business with strong values and a focus on personalized service. We accept a limited number of projects per year as a boutique builder with deep roots in the Melbourne community. This ensures that we pay close attention to detail and that the quality of our work is always high. Our enthusiasm for what we do fuels our ability to satisfy even the most discriminating clients.

AGN Builders' goal is a collaborative and creative approach that values listening to ideas and incorporating them into your living spaces. George and Andrew ensure that you are completely satisfied at every stage, from initial consultation to final inspections.

Being good listeners is the first step in our process. We take the time to learn about your priorities and how we can design a custom home to fit your lifestyle and needs. We meet with you on a regular basis throughout the process to ensure your peace of mind that our standards are high and expectations are met.

Joncol Building Services Home Renovations Melbourne


1300 566 276

We'll gladly save you the trouble of moving by customizing an extension that meets your growing needs while also capitalizing on your investment. We use innovation and style to create personalised living spaces, from minor additions to full double-storey extensions.

The company has grown significantly over the years, beginning as a sole proprietor and evolving into a full team of knowledgeable and enthusiastic employees. Despite this expansion, Joncol's core values remain strong.

Kube Constructions Home Renovations Melbourne


(03) 7016 8283

We can assist you with a kitchen remodel, bathroom renovation, or modernization with an open plan living area. We can concentrate solely on construction, or if you prefer a simple full-service solution, we can take your project from concept to completion.

Marcus Elliot and Andrew Siracusa founded Kube Constructions with over two decades of hands-on experience in construction and property development. Kube Constructions specializes in extensions, renovations, and new construction and provides a full range of building services.

We manage the project process from concept to completion in collaboration with some of Victoria's most influential and highly regarded architects and design teams. Alternatively, if you have approved plans and permits, we can simply handle the construction stage.

Extension Factory Home Renovations Melbourne


03 9034 7223

Melbourne is being demolished and rebuilt.

Are you thinking about renovating or extending your Melbourne home? Have you given renovation, a custom house, or even a housing development any thought? Extension Factory has the knowledge and skills necessary to realize your vision from beginning to end.

Our company has built more than 8,000 high-quality, fixed-price new and improved homes since 1979, all of which were finished on schedule and within the allocated budget. We are proud to offer a 10-year warranty and have thousands of happy customers to thank for helping us build our reputation as Melbourne's premier home transformation builder.

When you first meet with us, you'll notice what distinguishes Extension Factory from other businesses. Some attribute it to our over 40 years in the building industry, but we believe it is due to the caliber of our employees. We are concerned about our team, and they are concerned about you. We will be there for you from the first nail to the last handover and beyond.

The Makeover Group Home Renovations Melbourne


1300 768 466

Melbourne Home Improvements

Home renovations not only improve the space you have to call your own, but they also increase the value of your property. A complete home renovation is an excellent way to maximize your investment and increase the value of your home. Our home renovations in Melbourne at The Makeover Group will transform your space from a house to your home. Although the aesthetics of your home and the ability to increase the value of your home are extremely important when it comes to home renovations, your lifestyle has the most influence on your home renovations and design. Renovating your Melbourne home will also help you create more energy-efficient space, allowing you to fix any safety issues, upgrade home functionality, and increase your home's comfort and enjoyment.

We understand how quickly a home renovation can become overwhelming and daunting. From start to finish, The Makeover Group is there for you. From the moment you contact us until your home renovation is completed, you will always feel well taken care of and in capable hands. All renovation/extension designs are based on your needs, lifestyle requirements, and stylistic preferences. With our 3D home renovation designs, you can see exactly how your home will look and feel when it is finished.

Juma Plaster Plus VIC Home Renovations Melbourne


0470 303 093

JPPV takes a thoughtful approach to design, function, and finishes, making us an important part of your project. With decades of specialized experience, we ensure that our clients always receive a flawless outcome.

We guarantee quality results while meeting your needs on time and on budget. As one of the most dependable construction companies in the industry, we've built our reputation on being responsive and client-focused.

JPPV is a Melbourne-based family-owned and operated domestic and commercial building company. We are a family business with 20 years of experience and are the first choice for quality, design, superior finish, and integrity. Our attention to detail ensures that every project is completed on time and within budget, even when deadlines are tight.

We are very proud of every task we sign off on, no matter how big or small, because we strive to exceed our clients' expectations. When we finish the job, we want to make sure we've done everything possible to ensure our clients are completely satisfied with the results.

Symmetric Homes Renovations Melbourne 


03 9857 9209

We've spent over a decade perfecting our processes in order to provide you with more. More alternatives. More time is required. More assurance. The only thing left to the imagination is ensuring the life you live within these walls.

We have delivered this to both local and international owners on numerous occasions. We accomplished this through streamlined procedures and open communication.

It’s the reliability you’d expect from a big builder, with the attention to detail from a smaller one. You will not stop until your expectations are met. And you've got your bum firmly planted on the couch.

Parine Home Renovation Melbourne



Working with a network of craftsmen, we manage projects of all sizes and monitor every step of the process, from the early design phases to the finishing touches.

Budgeting does not have to mean sacrificing flair and design in your kitchen or bathroom renovation. Perhaps you want to redesign your en-suite or simply update the existing family bathroom. A renovated bathroom or kitchen can both increase the value of your home. We have a dedicated, hand-picked team to complete your renovation with experience and pride in the finished product. For your Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations, we only use high-quality products and materials. Best Value does not imply providing the most affordable products on the market.

Melbourne residents are aware of who to contact for quick, easy bathroom renovations. We work within your budget to provide renovations that look like a million dollars without costing you a fortune. We can even help you save money by recommending tried-and-true methods and materials that we know will deliver exceptional results without the high price tag.

Greenstruct Home Renovations Melbourne


0425 798 698

Our team will ensure an exciting and satisfying experience for your upcoming build by focusing on sustainable building practices and paying close attention to detail.

Melbourne New Homes and Extensions

Greenstruct Pty Ltd enjoys sharing in the joy of moving into a new house. At any point in the planning process, from working with designers to securing permits, specifying finishes and fixtures, and starting the construction, we are happy to work with you as a team. We have worked together ever since, always striving to realize your vision and the potential of your home.

Home Improvements and Expansions Melbourne

We have a wealth of expertise working on homes from every age and style in Melbourne, from minor updates to significant architectural additions. This enables us to steer clear of unpleasant shocks and guarantee a fun and fulfilling journey. Our motto is Conserve, Innovate, Create because we love preserving and reusing priceless artifacts that add to the continuity of your home's story.

Duncan Thompson Extensions Home Renovations Melbourne


03 9836 8656 

When you run out of space in your home, you must either build up or expand out. Our architects have the knowledge and experience to create the ideal single- or double-story addition for your home. Once you're satisfied with the design, our highly skilled construction team will bring your vision to life. Because we provide a design and build service, there is no gap between your vision and the finished product.

Many people think that buying a new home is the answer when their current residence becomes too small for their expanding family. But when a renovation can take care of all of your issues, why uproot your family and leave all of your priceless memories behind? Not only is renovating easier and less expensive, but it is also the best way to make the most of the home you already love, so you can enjoy it for years to come.

In every area of home remodeling, we are the best in the business. The best features of a home should be complemented by a high-quality renovation, and a builder with these qualities is necessary to complete a quality addition.

Premium Building Home Renovations Melbourne


0468 740 760

When it comes to house additions and renovations, Premium Building Renovations is unmatched. We have over 25 years of experience remodeling and building homes, and we are VBA Registered Building Practitioners with a ton of practical knowledge. As experienced home builders, we know what it takes to customise home extensions and home renovations to suit unique and previously custom-built new homes and all types of buildings.

Premium Building Renovations, as the name suggests, specializes in extensions and renovations. We are excited to transform your home into something beautiful, from minor home renovations such as removing a few walls to second story home extensions.

We confidently guarantee our quality. What is more important is that we strive for a long-term partnership with our clients for future projects involving them, their families, and friends.

Starting and finishing each project with this mindset ensures a cooperative and trusting relationship with all of our clients.

DASLO Constructions Home Renovations Melbourne


0401 950 034

Our main goal at DASLO home bathroom renovations Melbourne is to ensure that we achieve exactly what our clients envision. We have a fully licensed and qualified team with a wealth of knowledge and experience who will guide and assist you throughout the process. We have always been proud of the work we have completed and have always left our customers with a happy and positive building experience. We want you to freely express your ideas about building, extending, or renovating your home, and we will come up with the best plans for you based on our expert advice. Of course, we will only begin work after receiving your approval. It's fine if you have no idea what you want or only have a sliver of an idea. Simply come to us, and we will assist you in discovering the rest of the plan. DASLO home bathroom renovations Melbourne is here to help.

We are currently focusing on an area of the market that we felt was lacking - customer service and satisfaction. Larger companies are more focused on construction but generally lack truly personal customer service, whereas smaller companies, while more customer-focused, appear to have less construction knowledge and are less up to date with current products and trends. We solicit extensive feedback from our clients and take great pride in providing both quality workmanship and unparalleled customer service.

We are extremely customer-focused, have a wealth of construction knowledge, and are up to date on new products and construction trends. We attend building trade nights and expos on a regular basis, collaborate closely with our product reps and suppliers, and are also members of the "Master Builders Association of Victoria."

GO Build Homes Renovations Melbourne


0434 235 338

Our homes may be the most significant places in our lives. It's where we feel liberated and protected from the rest of the world. At home, you can be yourself while spending quality time with the people you care about. We owe it to our home because it provides us with so much. It is our responsibility to maintain, improve, and care for it. It may only be a property, but it is one worth caring for and improving because the benefits are endless.

You'll provide a much more comfortable living environment for yourself and your family while also increasing the value of your home. Renovations will make the house shine and give you something amazing, whether you plan to leave it to your children and grandchildren or sell it. Every proud Australian understands the value of home renovations, which is why they do not hire just anyone for the job.

Renovations to one's home should not be taken lightly. As a result, they can only be completed by certified and experienced professionals such as Go Build. You'll get everything you wanted and more with our services.

Nicon Built Home Renovations Melbourne


0407 699 457

Nothing beats coming home to a house that perfectly reflects your personality, ideas, and dreams. A custom home is all about bringing your dreams to life. Building a custom home, on the other hand, is a difficult task. It is the most significant yet risky investment of your life, and even a minor hiccup or a single bad decision can have disastrous consequences.

However, you should not settle for anything less than perfection when your home is being built by the licensed, knowledgeable, and experienced team at Nicon Built custom builders, Melbourne. We take great pride in having contributed to some of Melbourne's most beautiful, enticing, and expensive buildings. And we are prepared to create a custom home design based on your specifications.

Melbourne Custom Homes

Nothing beats the freedom of designing your own custom home from the ground up. We recognize that for many homeowners, this is more than just a construction project. It could be the beginning of a new chapter in one's life or the completion of a life goal.

Nicon Built's professional team will collaborate with you to design a custom home that meets your specific needs. We have extensive experience in the residential construction industry, with luxury homes being one of our specialties. From creating the ideal floor plan and future-proofing your home to organizing architectural drafting services and landscaping, our comprehensive service offering includes everything you need for a stress-free custom build.

Avenue Building Group Home Renovations Melbourne


0411 708 259

The best home builder, renovation, and addition company in Melbourne is Avenue Building.

We all want to believe that our homes will last forever, but the truth is that they, like everything else, age. Part of the problem is that they work slowly, so we don't realize we need home renovation builders in Melbourne right away. The paint has worn away. The bath or shower appears to be out of date. However, it is not immediately apparent.

If you have a plant in your garden that only flowers for two weeks before dying, it is fairly obvious that it needs to be replaced, but your paintwork, for example, can appear to be fine for several years.

The same thing occurs in all of our other residences. They slowly deteriorate, their doors and windows become obsolete, they suffer from weathering, and (dare we say it) they suffer from the effects of our children! You'd think a two or three-year-old couldn't do that much damage to something so seemingly solid, but they can!

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