A hen party is an event that is organized for a bride-to-be with her friends. It's usually held the night before the wedding, and it has become a tradition in many cultures for the last unmarried woman to host this party with all of her closest friends. The purpose of this party is to celebrate the bride-to-be and get everyone ready for tomorrow's big day! 

It typically involves drinking, dancing, and general debauchery. Of course, there are some etiquette rules to follow - don't steal anything from the bar or put your drink in someone else's cup! But that doesn't take away from all the fun you can have with this rite-of-passage ritual for women everywhere! 

We've created an ultimate list of Hens Night & Day Ideas Sydney, to help plan your next big party.

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    Ultimate List of Hens Night & Day Ideas Sydney, New South Wales

    Magic Men - Hens Night & Day Ideas Sydney 


    1300 624 426

    Whether you're celebrating a birthday, hosting a hens night, bachelorette party, or simply having a fun girls night in Melbourne, our hot and hunky male strippers and cheeky topless waiters will make your ladies night unforgettable. The Magic Men can perform private shows in suites, private function venues, and residences throughout Melbourne.

    Each Magic Man possesses the body, moves, and charisma to excite and delight, delivering more than just a set routine. Our male strippers are also talented dancers who will customise a smart and sexy show to your preferences. Various shows are available to match the THEME OF ANY PARTY.

    Did you know there's a simple way to plan your Hen Party Sydney? There is, indeed! Allow us to be present at this fantastic hen party and take care of the entertainment with our full package services.

    We have activities for every type of hen and her hens. We will do whatever you want for your group. Spice up your night with our live performances, e-shows, and home visits. You are only a few clicks away from transforming a mundane party into an exciting and spectacular one.

    Magic Men is Australia's best party planner, and we want you to have the same level of awesomeness and magic that we do. Just a heads up: your Sydney hen party will be full of smiles, giggles, laughs, jumping, and fun screams. Don't pretend we didn't warn you!

    Wildboys Afloat - Hens Night & Day Ideas Sydney


    (02) 9809 1667

    You'll enjoy a wonderful Sydney Harbour tour, amazing amenities, and, of course, entertainment from our chiseled Wildboys! For a spectacular birthday party, a sizzling hen's night, a mom's night out, or a ladies night out with a twist, our private Sydney Harbour cruise is perfect.

    5 Star Cruises - Hens Night & Day Ideas Sydney


    0426 617 401

    With a fleet of luxury boats at our disposal, a team of veteran party planners on call, and a little black book chock-full of the names of Sydney's hottest wait staff, booking your next event with us will ensure that your party planning prowess is the talk of the town.

    Gather your pals, your bikinis, and your playlist, pick one of our ideal packages (all of which can be customized for a hens party cruise as unique as the bride herself), and hop. We'll handle the rest for you!

    Allow us to handle the finer details, such as round-trip transportation, food and drink, and even where to continue the party afterward, while you relax with a glass of bubbly and focus on taking the perfect Instagram photo with your ladies.

    Are you looking for hen party ideas and inspiration in Sydney? Don't bother looking any further. Our team has over twenty years of experience in the entertainment industry; anything we don't know about throwing the best hen party ever isn't worth knowing.

    FAQs About Hens Night & Day

    Your hen party is a once in a lifetime experience. It's the chance to let your hair down after months of planning your big day and wave goodbye to your single years with your best friends, so it's important to plan. Over 90% of weddings are organised two or even three years before the event, but a hen weekend is typically booked just 90 days in advance.


    In Australia, it is tradition for each guest to pay for herself to attend the hen's party. When sending out your invites, be specific about what the hen's party package includes, so people know exactly how much they are spending and what they are spending it on. It is not expected that the bridal party forks out the cash for everyone attending.

    Typically, the deposit that needs to be paid for the hen's party package would be covered by the bridal party, by the bridesmaids or Maid of Honour, paying upfront for their cost. The rest of the invitees then pay the chief bridesmaid their per head cost.

    Going to the Hen Party

    When going to the hen party, you must be comfortable, especially if you have a long distance to travel. Of course, this doesn't have to mean trackies and a hoodie. We're talking about a nice pair of jeans and a cute top. Nothing dressy, just casual everyday wear. You may even have a theme or hen party t-shirts printed. If so, stick with that. Chances are, when you arrive at your hen party destination. You'll be changing for your activity or a big night out, so don't worry too much about this outfit, ladies.

    For the Activity

    It's so essential for you to have a change of clothes that suit your activity! If you are doing an obstacle course or something active, leggings or a tracksuit are the go-to. If you are doing something like Paint, a Nude or Wine Tasting, what you wear going to the hen could be perfect. Some activities have a theme attached. Like a Father, Ted Tour goes hand in hand with a Lovely Ladies Fancy Dress. Roller Disco works brilliantly with an 80's themed outfit! Check out with the bridesmaids that are organising the weekend and see what is most appropriate.

    For Dinner and Night on the Town

    As we said already, it's important to make sure you don't go for anything that will make you stand out from the crowd too much for the big night on the town. It's the brides weekend. Even though the bride may not decide to wear white at the hen party, it is better to steer clear of it! A great idea that we always love is giving the group a colour to wear. Maybe get all the group to wear black, and the bride-to-be wear white. Let her soak up the limelight! Plus, black is always a great colour to choose as it's flattering for everyone and everyone has something they could wear in black!

    Truth or Dare

    See how daring you and the girls are during the celebrations and complete our list of rude, funny and unique truths and dares.

    Hen Party Scavenger Hunt

    Use our free printables or make your own and collect points throughout the night from all the different tasks. Great to play when at a hen-fest.

    Mr & Mrs Quiz

    Get the grooms answers before the weekend or add them to the wedding. We have over 100 great questions to choose from.

    Toilet Paper Wedding Dress

    Have some fun with the girls before you head out and make your own toilet paper wedding dress.

    Hen Party Dares

    We have over 50 different dares for you to pick from, from classic dares to ones specific for a girl's night out and everything in between.

    Would You Rather

    You can go as crazy, weird and hilarious as you want with this game. See what the girls will choose when you put them up against some of these questions.

    Never Have I Ever

    You will have all your secrets uncovered with this game. There are 60 statements for this game that you can choose from for your celeb­ra­tions.

    One of the questions we ask is whether guests should bring a gift to a bachelorette party. It is a great question that can be difficult to answer because the tradition of the bachelorette party has evolved more quickly than the gift-giving guidelines surrounding weddings have been able to grow. What do we mean? If you are a woman in your first marriage, you are probably around 28 years old. 

    That is because the current average age for first marriage is 28.2. That means your parents are probably somewhere in their late 40s to early 70s and got married around three decades ago. The odds are high that, at that time, your mom did not have a bachelorette party.

    Oh, she may have had tons of bridal showers and engagement parties, but not that long ago, last flings before the ring were more of a guy thing. Dad may have had a traditional stag party, but mom's friends probably just threw another shower. And we all know that, for batteries, gifts are required.

    Sydney Event Cruises - Hens Night & Day Ideas 


    1300 228 327

    Many groups are choosing the more private but equally enjoyable party ship option instead of the traditional pub crawl for hen's and buck's parties.

    The Supercat vessel offers everything you could possibly need for a night out, including formal or informal eating options, BBQ, two bars with drink packages, two levels of dance with cutting-edge sound systems, DJ equipment, and the ability to arrange exotic entertainment if necessary.

    Sydney Event Cruises is a company that specializes in Sydney Harbour Cruises. Based on this, our mission and vision have always been to "provide outcomes second to none."

    Hens Party Cruises - Hens Night & Day Ideas Sydney 


    02 4327 9191

    For hen parties, wedding showers, and hen nights, Hens Party Cruises offers private boat rentals. Whether you want a pleasant day out with the girlfriends or something a little more spicy with live entertainment, we have a choice of packages and boat options to meet your preferences.

    Our hen's party packages are simple to plan and include your own private boat rental as well as food and drinks. Alternatively, choose one of our BYO boats and create your own menus while bringing your own drinks.

    Wicked Hens - Hens Night & Day Ideas Sydney


    1300 830 002

    The goal of Wicked Hens Parties is to plan unforgettable hen parties all throughout Australia and New Zealand! We are available to help you organize the best hen's party that the bridesmaids and hen will always remember.

    With our simplified group party planning system, we take the stress out of organizing a large group of ladies. This ensures that everyone in your group can offer hens night activity suggestions, lodging recommendations, and any other party requests.

    Each group member can also vote on their favorite items and share information such as dietary needs. We have created the ultimate party planning system based on our 7 years of experience planning hens parties. You will enjoy tailoring your hen's party weekend package to the needs of your group. We also make certain to include those special Wicked Hens Parties touches that make all the difference in your hen's party experience.

    Get Loose - Hens Night & Day Ideas Sydney


    02 8208 3396

    Get Loose is your ultimate Party Planning Hub, with the largest network of Hens party experiences in Sydney. We can help you plan the perfect hens night or weekend. Explore our exclusive packages, create your own, or let us handle it for you. Hire a personal party planner to assist you in turning your hen's party ideas into unforgettable experiences. Our parties are all gay-friendly. Nobody does it better than Loose!

    Today, we provide you with everything you need to plan your party in one place, connecting you with the best suppliers, experiences, and packages available, saving you time and money, and ensuring you have the best party possible! We love what we do, and so will you, as seen on Channel 9, SBS, and MTV.

    My Hens Party - Hens Night & Day Ideas Sydney


    0428 393 805

    Get Loose is your ultimate Party Planning Hub, with Sydney's largest network of Hens party experiences. Create your ideal hens night or weekend with us. Explore our exclusive packages, create your own, or let us do it for you.

    Our online party planning tools, which specialize in venues and boats with a variety of add-on activities, make hens parties simple. Hire a personal party planner to help you turn your hen's party ideas into unforgettable experiences. All of our parties are gay-friendly. Nobody does it like Loose!

    Get Loose has a large and exclusive network of venues, boats, daytime activities, entertainers, clubs, and transportation providers. Since 2013, we've hosted parties for tens of thousands of people, including Australian athletes and television personalities. We've even assisted MTV in throwing a bucks party for Ted, the movie star, as seen on Channel 9 and SBS!

    Today, we provide you with everything you need to plan your party in one place, connecting you with the best suppliers, experiences, and packages available, saving you time and money, and, most importantly, ensuring you have the ultimate party! We love what we do, and so will We stock all of the decorations, tiaras and veils, fun tableware, hens night games and novelties you need to create the best Hens Party ever!

    Our gorgeous Badges and Temporary Tattoos are made to order. Don’t settle for pre-made, generic party accessories. Get yours personalised for the Bride To Be! The Hens Party is an essential part of Australian pre-wedding culture. The last fling for a single gal can range from a high tea to a night out on the town to a week in Bali and anything in between.

    Hen’s Knights - Hens Night & Day Ideas Sydney


    0405 156 359

    And don't worry about any Nanas or Aunties coming; they will adore all of our magical men more than anyone else at the party, no matter how shy they appear at first!

    Bridal Showers and even Baby Showers are excellent reasons to book one of our Adult Male Entertainers, and we are discovering that many girls are booking male strippers and hens party waiters even for these traditionally more tame events - so if you are feeling it, book it - it's all about the giggles and memories!

    Men On Fire - Hens Night & Day Ideas Sydney


    0422 440 628 

    The Firemen are the boys to party with on your hens night. You are in good hands when these people knock on your door because they have thousands of satisfied customers all throughout Australia! Our guys can arrive at your door dressed in any costume you want, from our traditional Fireman costume to a police officer or anything in between.

    You don't want anything less than the best for your bestie on her special night. Hire one of our Men on Fire crew for professional male entertainment that never crosses the line into sleaze. Our Firemen will arrive at your door and ignite your hen's party with ice breakers to help everyone loosen up, followed by fun games and his signature life drawing or crazy cocktails.

    This is what we are all about at Men On Fire: parties that want a fun hen's party with a great reaction from their bride, but not the awkward experience that is unfortunately so common at hens parties.

    XXL - Hens Night & Day Ideas Sydney


    0406 741 488

    Every Saturday, Sydney's Premier Hens Night Venue hosts the biggest weekly Hens Parties. Please contact us right away to reserve your Party Booking. In the event of a future lockdown, our deposit is fully refundable.

    We attempt to surpass everyone's expectations by keeping your Bride Tribe entertained all afternoon and well into the night with our Sydney Hens Night Packages, which are customized to each group's preferences and spending limit.

    Since August 2015, our team has been delivering Great Hens Nights in Sydney, and we take great pride and satisfaction in making each and every Birthday and Hens Group feel extremely welcome and truly accommodated for on the night.

    Sydney Event Cruises - Hens Night & Day Ideas


    1300 228 327

    Many groups are choosing the more private but equally enjoyable party ship option instead of the traditional pub crawl for hen's and buck's parties.

    The Supercat vessel offers everything you could possibly need for a night out, including formal or informal eating options, BBQ, two bars with drink packages, two levels of dance with cutting-edge sound systems, DJ equipment, and the ability to arrange exotic entertainment if necessary.

    This will be a night to remember thanks to the stunning Sydney Harbour location, excellent food and drinks, enjoyable music, and some wild entertainment. You can reserve your group cruise day or night.

    Sydney Harbour Party Cruises - Hens Night & Day Ideas 


    (02) 8004 7526

    You've arrived at the best location in Sydney for booking one-of-a-kind cruises on the world's most beautiful bay, Sydney Harbour!By providing you and your guests with a distinctive viewpoint on Sydney, Sydney Harbour Party Cruises can assist you in making every occasion unforgettable. Our party boats are well-known throughout Sydney for providing our guests with the best views of Sydney's outstanding architectural wonders, as well as sneaking in for breathtaking night scenes and fireworks displays. We can assist you in obtaining the best price for any type of cruise experience you desire.

    Your day will be one to cherish forever thanks to our Sydney Harbour party cruises. Even school formals and Christmas celebrations are catered for, in addition to birthdays, Christmas parties, New Year's Eve parties, bucks parties, and hens nights. Take a romantic stroll along the scenic harbor land with your special someone or enjoy the company of your closest friends. Our aim is to make it simple for you to take in the beauty of Sydney while also allowing you to experience nightlife unlike any other if you so choose. Every time you come to see us, you are our special guest!

    Adult Events - Hens Night & Day Ideas Sydney


    0424 004 442

    So you've been tasked with organizing a hens party in Sydney because you're the best bridesmaid ever. Don't be one of those failed hens parties due to poor entertainment. In Sydney, we have great Hens party packages to suit you and your guests' needs.

    To book, simply click on the desired Hens night package and fill out the booking form. If you are booking on the day of the event, please call as soon as possible because it expedites your booking. So, when you call, make sure your phone number is not on private caller because we do not answer blocked numbers. On your special hen day, we can't wait to meet you and all of your guests.

    Our female strippers and waitresses have graced the covers of some of your favorite magazines. To name a few, Zoo Weekly, Penthouse magazine, Hustler magazine, Picture magazine, People magazine, Ralph magazine, and Fhm Australia. They have appeared in a number of Australian television shows and commercials. We can get you a stripper on short notice, but it's best if you give the Adult events team a heads up so we can get you the dancer you want.

    Escape Hunt - Hens Night & Day Ideas Sydney


    +61 2 9299 3920

    The clock is ticking, the pressure is on, and the adrenaline is rising. Escape Hunt is not a TV show that you would watch. You encounter it immediately amongst the action. All other forms of entertainment fall flat after experiencing an Escape Hunt world.

    We set out to create something completely different but equally compelling, inspired by great online computer games such as Myst and Crimson Room. As a result, Escape Hunters are transported to another era to solve a mind-bending mystery created by Escape Hunt Studios - our global game design team.

    We now have branches from Brisbane to Birmingham, Marseille to Miami, and more are opening all the time. We're proud to say we have escape rooms on almost every continent, and we're expanding through a network of franchises to become the global leader in the world of escape rooms. May it continue indefinitely.

    Ucruise Sydney - Hens Night & Day Ideas 


    0422 222 677

    If you've been looking for a Hens party idea, look no further - a Sydney Harbour cruise for a Hens party is absolutely fantastic - all of the feedback we get confirms it! The stunning city backdrops provide some incredible photo opportunities to capture the Hens celebrations forever.

    We're confident that our range of boats will suit your needs, whether it's a small, intimate gathering with all your closest girlfriends, a larger boat party that will shake the harbour, or something in between.

    All boat options come with a selection of cuisine and beverage choices that are perfect for a Hens party, as well as entertainment features that are also perfect for Hens and all the normal facilities you might need. BYO options are available on many of our boats.

    Hens Bus Sydney - Hens Night & Day Ideas 


    0405 341 342

    We assist you and your friends in having an unforgettable night. We know that wine, champagne, or other alcoholic beverages may be consumed on a hen's night or girls night out. We ensure that your friends will not be driving, giving you peace of mind.

    Our party bus is unlike any other because it connects to an iPhone, has an MP3 and USB port for playing your favorite music, and has over 1000 watts of sound powered by strong subwoofers. You'll experience the atmosphere of a disco thanks to our laser and LED party lights.

    Going to a concert or music festival with some friends? Trying to find each other among thousands of fans at the event could be a nightmare, not to mention avoiding traffic and finding parking. Why not meet at a friend's house and let us transport you and your friends to the event while you enjoy your friend's company? When you book your concert transfer, we will ensure that everyone arrives on time and safely.

    Do we ever stop worrying about our children? Especially our teenagers, who enjoy going to the movies, concerts, music festivals, and sporting events with their friends. Not to mention the pubs and clubs that await them once they reach the age of 18.

    Rockfish - Hens Night & Day Ideas Sydney


    02 9211 7901

    Rockfish Catamarans will provide your group with the opportunity to experience a carefree day on the world's most beautiful harbour, whether you are celebrating a birthday, organizing a Work Event, or simply a group of family or friends taking a day out.

    We'll tell you about the boat and then head out to check out the amazing views of Sydney Harbour to ensure you get the perfect Instagram photo!

    Sydney Topless Waitresses - Hens Night & Day Ideas 


    0457 466 590


    You'll want a memorable hen's night when you're about to embark on your new life as a married woman. What could be more fun than celebrating your upcoming event with gorgeous topless male models? There aren't many incredible hens party ideas in Sydney, such as cruising on a private yacht or hosting a magnificent party in a penthouse with a view of the city's sparkling lights. You will thoroughly enjoy the entire event.


    The bride's choices should be taken into account when choosing a topless waiter in Sydney for your hens night. Whether you are the maid of honor or a close friend, remembering the bride's wishes is essential for creating the fun night you all deserve.

    If you want to spice things up, we have a variety of nationalities and sizes available, and they are ready to dress however you want, even if that means no clothes at all. All you have to do is pick one (or two, or three) of our sexy male model topless waiters and book now to start the party.


    Our hot waiters offer a variety of hot waiter-tainment options such as Dressed, Topless, G-string, Cheeky (apron - no pants), and Nude. It's the ideal option for your ultimate hens night in Sydney, with pricing based on an hourly fee.

    Twin Pecks Hens Night & Day Ideas Sydney


    0466 973 258

    Your amazing evening's compere will meet you at the door before to the performance, and the Twin Pecks Crew will serve you champagne and direct you to your table.

    The Hen, or your chosen special guest, is treated like royalty the whole evening. Bring your enthusiasm because the Twin Pecks Cabaret will grow very heated over the course of the evening's three hours.

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