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5 Best Fit Out Companies in Perth

You're looking for the best fit out companies in Perth, right? You want to find a company that will give you a great price and quality artistry. In addition, you need someone who can handle any size project - big or small. It's tough finding such a diverse range of services all under one roof, but we've got you covered! 

We created a list of companies with everything from furniture installation to office space planning - even help with your building permits! With so many different options to choose from, how do you know the best fit out company for your needs? Keep reading this blog post. 

We've compiled a list below to help you find one near you!

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    Best Fit Out Companies in Perth

    Access Projects and Construction- Fit Out Companies in Perth

    Access Projects and Construction- Fit Out Companies in Perth


    Phone: 0400 421 461

    Address: Level 1, 14 Carbon Court Osborne Park, Western Australia, 6017


    The Access Projects and Construction team values client satisfaction. We plan to complete it on time and on budget. Access Projects thrives on the end result for the client. It is all about keeping the client informed and involved throughout the process to achieve its goal.

    Colin and the Access Projects & Construction team ensure high-quality service; with more than 25 years of experience in the construction and property industry, Colin and the Access Projects & Construction team ensure high-quality service. Our high-quality services provide strategic planning and monitoring to deliver efficiencies.

    Colin Conti, Director and Construction Manager of Access Projects & Construction, is an experienced Registered Builder with solid operational skills. Demonstrated history of working in the construction industry. Colin is skilled in shop fit-outs, unit development, renovations, new homes and many other facets of the building industry. 

    Elite Shop Fit-out Services in Perth

    Dedicated to providing a high-quality fit-out service and product.

    The home of stunning fitouts and commercial designs, we are a Perth-based fit-out company that can transform the interiors of a wide range of enterprises. From restaurants and offices to clinics, vet practices and fitness facilities, our complete project management service delivers stunning results every time.

    Our unique approach combines an excellent knowledge of optimising commercial advantage alongside a genuine passion for beautiful interiors. With an emphasis on sustainable working and the creative use of traditional and modern materials, our commercial interiors provide multi-faceted solutions.

    Unique & Innovative

    Our talented team uses considerable artistry in the design process. They employ timeless trends and take advantage of fresh, cutting-edge design advances; they create stylish, enduring fit-outs that won't date or fall out of favour in the future.

    Environmentally Friendly

    Our company is committed to green ways of working. In addition, we create designs that are energy-efficient, as close to carbon-neutral as possible, and that make use of recycled, upcycled, pre-existing and environmentally friendly materials.

    End-to-end Simplicity

    We act as a single point of contact for every aspect of your fit-out. Once you've agreed on the end result and costings, you can leave all the implementation up to us!

    Unmatched Passion

    Our team is passionate about interior fit-out, valuing the opportunity to create stunning interiors that delight the senses as well as provide the foundation for any successful commercial enterprise. So no matter what type of fit-out you have in mind, you can rely on us to deliver precisely what's needed for far less than you might imagine!

    On-Time & On Budget

    One of the reasons we're such a popular choice with Perth companies is because we are cost-conscious from the outset. We understand that cost is an issue for our customers: when you use us for your office or shop fit-out, you can be confident in making an investment that delivers a fast, measurable return. We use innovation and imagination to provide competitive pricing on all our interiors without ever compromising on the quality of what you receive.

    Keeping to the agreed budget and timescales are the foundations of excellent project management. Careful planning and a structured process ensure that implementation goes smoothly and rapidly. A strong team, an eye for detail, and exceptional problem-solving skills result in smooth performance.

    Increase Profits

    We combine stunning aesthetic appeal with the need to create environments that work! The appropriate fit-out is key to outcomes such as:

    • Enhanced efficiency.
    • Greater productivity.
    • Higher customer footfall.
    • Higher value sales.
    • Optimal working conditions for staff.
    • Appealing customer experience.
    • Low running and maintenance costs.

    Inclusive environment that embraces diversity.

    • Our fitouts are highly functional and designed to represent a sound economic investment that increases profits for your business.


    OfficeBest Fit Out Companies in Perth

    Office Fitout Perth

    0428 978 540

    We Design And Install Innovative Office Fitouts Perth Wide Fast And With Minimal Disruption To Your Business

    Contact our local Perth Office Fitout Company experts for your:

    • commercial office fit out or
    • office partitions in Perth WA
    • office workstations
    • custom made office desks or boardroom tables to fit your office
    • quiet rooms in your Perth office building

    The Perth Partition Company sells commercial office fit out services at affordable sale prices. We also sell office fit-out flat packs to supply office fit-out companies Australia wide. Get factory-direct prices on DIY, prefabricated flat assemblies and demountable office partitioning. Buy direct at low prices and fit yourself!

    Our lightweight office partitions are prefabricated in Perth, Western Australia. Gear is easy to move or demount without leaving marks! Since office partitions aren't a permanent part of the office, our partitions can be packed up and moved when you want to move offices. Our office partitions are easy to rearrange your office interior configuration without leaving any marks nor mess. Our flexible office interior configuration integrates with your Perth office fit-out project as a low-cost system. Tax-deductible prices make for compelling purchases on tax-deductible office investments that make your office exude professionalism and class.

    Interior Office Design Perth

    • We're not waiting on external office material suppliers. Our Perth office fit-out projects get done quickly. We ARE the supply chain! We are innovative local Perth office interior designers, and local Perth manufactures of office fit-out systems.
    • Would you like a customised office design? Perth's best office layout designer is at your service for Perth's best office interior design improvements ideas and implementation.
    • Our local manufacturing is done off-site (probably just a few km near your Perth office). This means you can work right up to the day of the new outfitting of your office installation. Once your new office partitioning panels go up, there's no painting or sanding! No dust.
    • Metal, fabrics, and other materials go in. Acoustically rated offices come out. Vertical integration means no compromises and cuts out the middleman. Your office fit-out cost saving is passed directly to your business.
    • Thanks to our proprietary office workstations, lightweight office partition system design and manufacturing in Perth, offices can be reconfigured as your company office changes size. All this without leaving trace marks of old office layouts.


    Moda Interiors - Fit Out Company Perth 

    Moda Interiors - Fit Out Company Perth

    08 9440 9000

    Design your perfect lifestyle with Perth Interior Designer, Moda Interiors

    A home is more than bricks and mortar. Moda Interiors believes you should fall in love with your abode every time you cross the threshold. Our luxury interior designs create sumptuous bespoke living spaces. The visual aesthetic of your home is like a diamond, each facet offering a reflection of lifestyle and life story.

    We Create Dream Homes

    With over two decades of experience, our team of designers specialise in sumptuous and innovative home designs and interior styling concepts. We excel at translating ideas into a shining reality from the front door through to the living, bedroom and outdoor areas. Our Designers merge functionality and visual considerations with our innovative, award-winning designs.

    Moda Interiors will create a luxurious environment that embodies your imagination plus some. Trust us to deliver your dream home, perfect in every detail.


    Interia Systems Fit Out Company Perth 

    Interia Systems Fit Out Company Perth

    1800 549 852

    Solutions For The Evolving Workplace

    The office is becoming far more than just a place where employees gather to work.

    It has recently been referred to as a "Cultural Hub". With many companies having hybrid workforces, it is essential that the workplace environment is inspiring, reinforces the values of the corporate culture, and allows staff to collaborate communicate interact freely.

    The products in the Interia range have been selectively chosen to add value to any workspace, no matter the style, lead time or budget.

    Interia - Creating Work[ing] Spaces for 30+ years

    Research has proved that the physical environment plays a massive part in the productivity of staff. However, with our 30 years of experience in the industry, we realise that there is no "one size fits all" approach to creating the optimum workspace to allow staff to do their best work.

    Our experience spans countless projects in massively varied industries. We take pleasure in providing office furniture fit-out solutions that work for you and the people who work with you. Providing you with the outcome that you need and desire is essential to us, and we work in close partnership with you every step of the way.

    Experience Your Future Office Like Never Before!

    Experience an in-depth tour of your new and custom-designed office using Virtual Reality technology today!

    Our advanced software allows us to create a lifelike representation of how your office will look when the fitout is complete.


    Perth Fit Out Company 

    Perth Fit Out Company

    0437 586 055

    Perth Fitout Pty Ltd is a privately owned and locally operated company providing a complete design and construction service in Perth, Western Australia.

    We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, high standard of workmanship and quality finishes. With over 20 years of experience in the construction industry, you can trust that your project is in capable hands with the Perth Fitout Pty Ltd team!

    We offer an array of services to assist you with your next project, including:

    • Commercial construction, demolition, refurbishment and architectural works
    • Residential builds, shop fit-outs, office refurbishments
    • Manufacture and installation of joinery by experienced cabinetmakers and joiners
    • Carpentry maintenance services

    Frequently Asked Questions About Fit Out Companies

    What does fitout mean?

    Fitouts are the transformation of a space to make it more functional and accommodating. From offices, shops, factories or showrooms - these spaces can be made into an inviting workplace for employees with comfortable surroundings as well. 

    How much does a fitout cost?

    The size of the project and requirements vary greatly, so it's hard to say. Our projects range from 5k-$1 million in value--all with itemised quotes so you can see what costs are allocated where.

    What is an office refurbishment?

    Office refurbishment is a process of renovating your current workspace with the intention to both give it an updated and fresh look as well as take advantage of all possible space. Office refurbishment is the process of renovating your current work with a fresh makeover to keep up with modern trends and ensure that you're using all available space to be as productive as possible.

    How long does an Office Fitout take?

    The Office Fitout process starts by assessing your space, which can take from 1-2 weeks. Once we know what equipment you need and how much room is available to work with, the design team will come up with a layout that suits all of those needs and any tastes or preferences for colour scheme or style.

    The next step would be installing new furniture such as desks, chairs, storage units etc., so it's essential to have enough time set aside at this stage too! After installation comes our favourite part: decorating! You'll want some time put aside on both ends just in case unexpected issues arise during each phase but don't worry - most fit-outs go wonderfully according to plan without anything getting thrown off course.

    I have an Architect / Designer to do my design work. Will Fit Out Companies do the Building works?

    Fit Out Companies provide the design and building services necessary to create an office space. We will work with your architect, who's in charge of designing it, so we can ensure they're getting what they want from you and provide them with designs if need be!


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