30+ Best Dual Occupancy Builders in Melbourne, Victoria (2022)

Have you ever considered investing in the property market? In years gone by, this would mean purchasing an existing home and renting it out. But more recently, more and more regular Australians have begun leveraging their property to invest differently.

They are doing what is called a dual occupancy development. This means constructing two or more dwellings on a lot of lands. These dwellings are then subdivided, so they end up on their own separate titles. There are some benefits to doing this sort of real estate development project.

Located in Melbourne, Victoria, and on the hunt for dual occupancy builders? Look no further! To get you started on your search, we have compiled a list showcasing the top dual occupancy builders in Melbourne.

Top Dual Occupancy Builders in Melbourne

MJS Construction Group - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne


(03) 9570 1826

MJS Construction Group's consultation method is unique.

Team provides purposeful building projects. Trusted in Melbourne for over 35 years, we've built over 1200 new homes, duplexes, townhouses, and apartments.

Over 1200 happy customers in Australia.

Over 1200 New Home, Dual Occupancy, Townhouse, and Apartment constructions in 35 years. We've done everything.

If you're looking for a high-quality, affordable builder in Melbourne, you're in the right place!

  • Dual Occupancy & Duplex Developments
  • New Custom Home Builds
  • Townhouse & Multi-Unit Apartments
  • Residential Developments
  • Home Designs & Drafting

Feeling at home in Melbourne.

We're a full-service home building construction & project-management company.

Home is where the heart is. But you live there too. MJS Construction Group builds homes that care for everyone. Our devotion to design, building, and customer service reflects our custom homes philosophy and enthusiasm. We'll build your dream home.

MJS's advantage.

The MJS Construction Group has 35 years of experience building hundreds of New Homes, Dual Occupancy & Duplex Developments, and commercial spaces. They work with private clients to large property developers and always take care to understand project details so you're thrilled with the finished product.

MJS Construction Group focuses on connections, details, and quality results. Not just "say" We deliver. Our innovative organisational structure has helped MJS Construction Group expand and thrive in the design, building, and construction industries.

Bentleigh East builders are on schedule, on budget, and detail-oriented.


MJS Construction Group's innovative building collaboration process ensures purposeful design and construction.


We develop single-, double-, and triple-story homes in Bentleigh, Bentleigh East, and Melbourne. MJS Construction Group guides clients through the entire process, providing better solutions to ensure homeowner satisfaction. Renovating?

Dual Occupancy

As renowned dual occupancy builders, MJS Construction Group has a good reputation for having exceptional build knowledge and ability. Here's more.


Commercial developments demand project management competence from inception to conclusion. MJS Construction Group has delivered high-quality industrial and mixed-use commercial projects. Contact MJS Construction Group about your commercial and industrial project designs.


MJS Construction Group loves building townhouses since each one is unique. Building townhouses in Bentleigh, Bentleigh East, and Melbourne excites us. MJS Construction Group can make your townhome fantasies come true.


Multi-level and basement apartments demand detail. MJS Construction Group is a prefered builder. MJS Construction Group excels at meeting market needs, operating within budgets, and delivering high-quality service. We can help you build any type of apartment building.


MJS Construction Group promises planning, design, construction, and post-handover servicing. MJS Construction Group maintains the greatest degree of professionalism from the raw site through the handover of keys to ensure your residential development is finished on time, on budget, and with attention to detail. Contact MJS Construction Group to learn about our home development experience.


MJS Construction Group manages subdivision planning applications, Land Titles Office registration, development planning, approvals, permits, and construction. Our knowledge and experience managing subdivisions can benefit your project. MJS Construction Group can oversee your subdivision project.


MJS Construction Group treats every project as its own. We're confident in our capacity to deliver and happy to discuss joint venture ideas. Contact us if you have a site to discuss a cooperative venture.

Hamilton Bardin Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne

Hamilton Bardin Builders Bayside Melbourne


0412 003 001

25-year Melbourne Builder Let's build your ideal home today

25-year-old Melbourne builders you can trust. We've built Victorian mansions designed by top architects and engineers.

Cheap luxury

Hamilton Bardin is Australia's premier luxury home builder. Individualized, handcrafted residences that meet and surpass client needs.

This requires recognising that every family is unique and that your ideal living space is too. We help with everything from simple modifications to total destruction and rebuilding. Hamilton Bardin's only mission is to build your dream home.

Design, new builds, extensions, and renovations

Hamilton Bardin is a Melbourne building company that prioritises both its craftsmanship and client service. We've been a leading Melbourne design, construction, and refurbishment company since 2010.

Hamilton Bardin offers a full package for renovations, new buildings, extensions, bespoke joinery, and interior design.

Melbourne custom home builders

Through exceptional customer service and attention to detail, we ensure each Hamilton Bardin job is finished to the highest standard.

VBuild Melbourne Pty Ltd - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne 


0425 752 803

VBuild is a Melbourne luxury home builder committed to constructing your dream home. From your original ideas to custom design, planning, construction, and beyond, we guarantee a spectacular, superbly finished quality house.

The goal of VBuild is to provide a project management solution that keeps our client informed and confident in the project's progress. VBuild's extensive project management experience ensures that projects are always completed professionally and diligently, both on the client and contractor sides.

VBuild dual occupancy projects free up capital. Our Dual Occupancy team focuses on multi-unit and dual-occupancy projects. Our expertise, track record, and experience will unlock the investment potential of your property.

You've come to the right place if you're looking for local kitchen and bathroom renovators in Melbourne. Builders at VBuild have years of experience and produce high-quality work. We have completed kitchen and bathroom renovations from start to finish.

Bentley Homes - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne


03 9407 5009

Building a home is the most significant investment you and your family will make, so our team is dedicated to assisting you in finding the right one. Our modern homes combine appealing design with practical functionality. Some of our house design highlights include spacious bedrooms, kitchens, living areas, and storage space.

Each of these houses was inspired by customer feedback. We then work with our architects to create magazine-worthy homes that have won HIA and MBAV Display Home Awards and have been praised by our land development partners.

Boutique Homes - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne 


03 9674 4509

At Boutique, we operate a little differently. Our 42 years of expertise and commitment to improving building standards are unwavering. From our upfront pricing and top suppliers and craftsmen to our unique 12-month assistance and exceptional customer service, we are as invested in building your dream home as you are.

Boutique Developments provides feasibility studies, design, project management, and construction services. We build duplexes and multifamily dwellings. You could grow with a family member or a friend. Alternatively, you could live in one house and enjoy the local attractions while selling or renting the other.

Our reputation was built on quality. To build high-quality new houses, we emphasize quality material selection, dependable tradespeople, quality building supervision, and in-house and independent quality control inspections.

Virgon Constructions - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne


(03) 9819 9100

The classic townhouse style was redesigned by Virgon to maximize land utilization and elegance. Duo offers two 30-square-foot (270-square-meter) townhouses with a modern, unique design. Duo is a dual occupancy townhouse, so owners can live in one and rent out the other.

Duo combines high-quality building processes and cutting-edge materials with construction values that exceed industry norms. This ground-breaking design creates stunning, modern dual occupancy townhouses.

With decades of experience, Virgon can manage your luxury new home project. Our expertise in multi-family design and development provides expert advice and project management. Virgon can assist you with the design of your dream home or dual occupancy.

Virgon was founded in 1995 by Renato and John Virgona. Because of its expertise in property, development, and construction, Virgon is a construction industry leader. Their success stems from their understanding of the inner suburban real estate market.

Henley - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne


(03) 9574 5338

Melbourne Homebuilders

When building or purchasing a home, there are numerous factors to consider. To be as transparent as possible, we may use photographs that do not reflect what is included in the price of your home or that we did not provide. We do not provide landscaped gardens, pools, drives, chairs, or screens, and façade images may cost more than the stated base price. This website and its images are only for reference purposes. If we discuss pricing, the Terms will explain what is included.

Unless otherwise specified, all marketing plans and measurements are in centimetres. Lot widths are calculated using a standard facade and can vary. Some lot width requirements will change due to estate needs and municipal guidelines.

Our innovative approach to new home design contributed to Henley's early success. Henley maintains this strategy, which is bolstered by honesty, transparency, delivery, and support. We want to make your building adventure simple and rewarding by communicating openly and effectively. Because anyone can build in Henley, the journey is important.

Dennis Family Homes - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne


1800 336 644

Whether you’re looking for a stylish, functional home complete with all the essentials that won’t cost the earth, or you want to create your ‘forever home’ that reaches new heights of luxury, sophistication and elegance, we’re sure to have a design to impress.

Our contemporary-designed homes provide the ideal environment for family time, playtime, or party time, with functional open-plan meals, kitchen, and living areas ideal for the whole family to come together and relax in comfort and style.

We have something for everyone, whether you're a first-time buyer looking to break into the property market or an investor looking for the perfect investment opportunity.

We make it simple to find the right property at the right price by offering a diverse range of affordable home designs and house and land packages.

Nicon Built - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne


0407 699 455

Nothing beats coming home to a house that reflects your personality, beliefs, and objectives. A one-of-a-kind home allows you to realize your dreams. Custom homebuilding is difficult. It's the biggest and riskiest investment of your life, and a minor hiccup or lapse in judgment could have disastrous consequences.

In 2007, he introduced new building ideas that were in line with his enthusiasm for construction. The Managing Director of Nicon Built envisions amazing designs that meet the needs of clients. Our Director, Nick, is a registered builder in the Victorian Building Industry. Nick wanted to work for one of Australia's top tier one builders, so he started as a trainee.

He began his career working on hospitals, major sporting facilities, the State Library's architectural overhaul, the Melbourne Museum, the Burleigh Tunnel, and the Bolte Bridge. With his experience, he aspires to deliver outstanding construction results. While supervising high-end residential enterprises, he continued to study construction, management, and OH's qualifications.

Carlisle Homes - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne 


03 8561 4777

You've come to the right place if you're looking for a Melbourne home builder. Our team of experienced professionals is ready to meet your specific requirements and match you with the home of your dreams.

As a first-time home buyer, you'll be relieved to know that our home-building process is simple and enjoyable. We'll walk you through each step of the procedure so you know exactly what to expect, what to do, and when. View our procedure and timetable.

Our exceptional service and one-of-a-kind approach to our clients' needs have propelled us to the top of the house building industry in Melbourne, Victoria. Being a reliable brand in the housing market isn't enough for us, so we've added extra perks to make your experience even more enjoyable.

Porter Davis Homes - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne


1800 767 834

Porter Davis homes have evolved into a vision of how Australian families of the twenty-first century want to live. I've considered customer feedback. Our homes reflect our physical and emotional needs. From laying the first brick to handing over the keys, we place an unwavering focus on our customers. Porter Davis takes pride in realizing the founder's vision and the customer's vision.

A new house, we believe, is a foundation for life. It offers both hope and context. When the dream falters, it is strong. It evolves with time and remains consistent. A home, in our opinion, transcends construction, service, design, and style. It serves as the foundation for hopes and dreams.

We began as a group of guys who wanted to make a difference by respecting customers and providing homes that meet their needs. Our company's DNA has not changed. This is reflected in our founder, our beliefs, our manifesto, and how we treat you. You will have questions because building a new home is a huge undertaking. We solicited customer feedback and made changes as needed to better serve you. We promise to be available to answer your questions at all times.

U Homes - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne


03 9048 5735

U Homes constructs homes according to your exact requirements. More comfort, style, flexibility, and liveability result from this. We want you to enjoy your time when you visit our display home and speak with one of our experts. From start to finish, you will receive personalized service. Once you've agreed to work with us, our in-house designer will create your dream home. You'll also have the opportunity to meet with our in-house interior designer/color consultant.

U Homes creates modern and one-of-a-kind homes. We understand that it is no longer a "one-size-fits-all" world, as homeowners increasingly want a space that reflects their needs. What about the ace? Our flexible floorplans can accommodate your changing needs. Not everything is about design. The success of U Homes is founded on high-quality materials, fit and finish, as well as value and transparency.

Latitude 37 - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne


03 8795 3009

To ensure personalized houses, each design begins with a blank sheet. To create outstanding designs, we work with the site's natural limits and potential. Where other builders claim it's impossible, we're specialists. Every design makes the most of your budget.

Is having two homes preferable to having one? We design and build doubles to maximize the investment potential of your site. We can help you with mirrored duplex designs that share a common wall or two beautiful custom homes that are independent households.

Burbank - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne



The Burbank Group now includes the award-winning Burbank Homes as well as a slew of subsidiary companies, including a plumbing and electrical firm, a land development firm, a resorts firm, a finance arm, an IT team, an aviation service, medium and high density living solutions, and a storage firm.

The business has been family-owned and run since 1983. Along with experience, we provide fantastic inclusions and warranties to ensure that your building journey goes as smoothly as possible. A renowned and distinguished Australian function object is Burbank.

CBD Contracting Group - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne


(03) 9376 0821

Partners include Scott Smith, Phoebe Moore, and Phoebe's brother Donald. Many of our office, site, and specialized contractors have been with us from the start. We create residential, retail, and hospitality spaces. Our varied workload and skilled team enable us to work on multiple projects at the same time.

Our exceptional design and technical work exceeds our clients' project needs and expectations, and is delivered on time and on budget. We rely on personal recommendations and repeat business because we build strong client relationships.

Carmel Homes - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne


1300 792 820

Carmel Homes, based in Melbourne, creates luxury bespoke homes. We are proud of the quality of our homes and aftercare service after 30 years of experience. Carmel Homes specializes in high-end custom homes. Our people, organization, methods, and philosophies are all geared toward serving discriminating customers and building high-quality, visually stunning homes.

The majority of people's ideal homes are simply structures. They are familiar with the size, shape, and peculiarities of the interior areas. Many people will have already decided on their favorite materials, finishes, and statement styling. When it comes to building a house, the land is just as important as the structure. If you select the appropriate block, your fantasy design will fit the landscape. If you make the wrong choice, you may have to alter your plans.

We create high-quality, design-led homes in prime locations. Exclusive family homes and townhouses in the heart of the city. Because of our quality-focused approach, we only work with premier architects and reputable contractors.

Carmel Homes specializes in high-end custom homes. Our people, organization, methods, and philosophies are all geared toward serving discriminating customers and building high-quality, visually stunning homes. The entire Carmel Homes team enjoys creating custom homes.

Born Builders - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne


0450 019 808

Our company was founded to meet a need for dependable, professional, honest, and experienced design and construction services in an industry that frequently falls short.

From renovations to new home construction or unit development, we only work with the most experienced and dependable partners to ensure that each project is completed with the least amount of stress, on time, and within budget.

Sherridon Homes - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne


1300 188 663

Sherridon welcomes everyone. Too many options may be as difficult as too few. We make every effort to make your selection as simple as possible. You can get started quickly with three ranges. Choose the floor plan that best suits your needs, and we'll find you the perfect home.

AHB Corporate Group is the owner of Sherridon Homes. This gives us a lot of purchasing power and enables us to offer new homes that are both affordable and of the highest quality. Sherridon has spent more than 40 years working in the new homes sector. We provide attentive, personalized service to each of our customers.

Sherridon is a ready-to-move-in home. Many of our designs eliminate the need for 'additional' costs such as driveways and asphalt. Sherridon creates elegant, adaptable homes. Every design has distinct standout elements. But we're not just about looks and curb appeal. Your house should be affordable. We build low-cost houses.

SHM - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne


1800 683 697

Homes that are Eco-Friendly Melbourne was created as an alternative for those concerned about the environment and the future of their children. We live in a fortunate era in which we have everything we desire. We have all of the necessary resources and know exactly what to do. Create the future of our planet right now.

In the early 2000s, we each ran our own construction company. We never thought about the environmental impact of construction back then, and we were unaware of thermal mass. We crept into a Canadian building site to inspect the timber frame. It looked and felt fantastic. These walls were strong, soundproof, and kept heat in better than any other in Australia.

Every national park we visited had a bird or animal that was on the verge of extinction. Our world has been through so much in our lifetime, and if it continues, so will we. Looking back, it's clear why we thought there was a better way to build, but we wouldn't have seen how other countries built and how we could do it better in Australia if we hadn't traveled.

After spending 18 months away, we decided to come home and see if we could build better. As a result, we established Sustainable Homes Melbourne to build houses that everyone can be proud of, including the homeowner, the architect, the builder, and—most importantly—our kids.

Symmetric Homes - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne


03 9676 2400

Away from home. You can bring the blank canvas to life. Stories. Achievements. Your new home was completed on time and within budget. None. Detail-oriented. There are numerous applications. Condos and storefronts. Warehouses. Always on time and within budget. You can concentrate on your business.

Our methods have been developed over a decade. Choices. Longer. Confidence. Only your imagination can guide your existence within these confines. We've done it before for both local and multinational clients. We were able to accomplish this thanks to streamlined procedures and clear communication.

Shape Homes - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne


03 7002 5809

Shape Homes' most valuable asset is its people. We work hard to ensure that our employees have a fun and positive work environment. Our employees and Directors strive to be the best and are constantly looking for ways to improve the client experience and the professional development of each staff member.

G.J. Gardner Homes - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne


03 5975 1122

G.J. Gardner Homes has built 36,000 custom homes in 37 years. The company grows by ensuring that each customer refers a friend. We are committed to producing high-quality results when building your new home. Our qualified builders and subcontractors are all committed to exceeding expectations.

Your house should be spectacular. We'll give you a fixed price and build time with no surprises. Building a new home on a budget is simple, and we'll make sure you understand everything from the start.

Englehart Homes - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne 


0419 390 830

Englehart Homes provides a variety of dual occupancy plans, designs, and solutions that provide the security of a solid investment in addition to the high-end design and functionality that each Englehart property creates for its owner. Building multiple properties on a single plot of land allows astute investors and homeowners to make the most of their property investment.

Englehart provides a variety of dual occupancy plans, such as separate houses on the same site, joined houses, or split-level separate accommodations, to meet your needs and best serve the site. Standard designs for typical 15.2 metre wide inner suburban blocks are available.

This straightforward and unusually low-cost option allows homeowners to construct a home that is specifically designed to fit together on a single block.

Englehart's commitment to environmentally friendly, practical, and functional houses is reflected in the designs of these investment properties, as is their dedication to elegant, classic design. This sound financial decision still allows homeowners to choose from a variety of designs that will suit a variety of sites.

Orbit Homes - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne


1300 672 487

Our team has been with Orbit since its inception. With decades of experience, our brand represents sleek simplicity and stress-free building. Orbit Homes wants you to enjoy your home for many years, make priceless memories, and feel "at home." Numerous employees of Orbit Homes have been with the business since 1979.

The payoff for making the right decision is unrivaled: years of enjoyment, priceless memories, and the daily contentment and security of feeling at home. You can build one of our plans or customize it to help you find the perfect home.

Meletis Homes - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne


03 9364 0808

Your dependable partner in the construction of your dream home. Meletis Homes is a reputable and experienced bespoke home builder in Melbourne. Our goal is to help families design a home that meets their needs and lifestyle. We collaborate with you from the moment you begin to envision your ideal space until you move in.

Building from scratch is becoming more popular. Meletis Homes can assist you in matching your living needs to the property. We'll consider your budget, the surrounding area, and the site's limitations and benefits.

If you are planning a multi-unit property, Meletis Homes will assist you in navigating the maze of permits, documents, and council guidelines. Our understanding of town planning and local council standards and criteria helps to avoid delays.

BH Prestige Homes - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne


0414 674 411


This is entirely dependent on your personality and preferences. Our properties are built to last and to be enjoyed by future generations. We focus on your journey as a property owner, which is why we enjoy long-term relationships with you in order to meet your every need and expectation.

You should know that a house is much more to us than an investment. It is an expression of who you are, and you can make and share memories with the people you care about. We are honored to lay the groundwork for the next important chapter in your family's life, and we take great pride in the care and quality of work that we bring into your home.


High-end homes are designed and built by BH Prestige Homes, which is dedicated to quality in all of its endeavors. We take pride in offering the best guidance on single and double-story designs to fit your preferences and lifestyle (as a result of our expertise). Our team provides one-on-one service to each of our clients and keeps them informed of the construction progress and all details throughout the development process. We practice policy transparency so that you never have the impression that decisions are being made on your behalf or in your absence. We guarantee and believe that everything built in your home with your money should be done with your final say in every matter.

Evenwedge Homes - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne


03 9366 9741

Since 1988, we have been building luxury homes, townhouses, and multi-unit properties. We are Melbourne's only home builders who will take on any project. We can design a house to fit your needs and family size. Our Melbourne builders will consult with you to ensure that your home exceeds your expectations.

Evenwedge Homes is a family-run company that constructs custom homes. Melbourne's Evenwedge Home Builders are aware of the excitement associated with new home construction. We provide a comprehensive service that includes planning, construction, and finishing touches to ensure that the experience is as enjoyable as possible. We spend a significant amount of time with each customer to ensure that the finished home meets their requirements.

Renmark Homes - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne


1300 367 246

Our dual occupancy home design collection includes a variety of recently built dual occupancy homes in Melbourne's inner north and western suburbs. They demonstrate what can be done on the larger blocks found in these suburbs and demonstrate that a dual occupancy is a home, not what was previously referred to as a townhouse.

Dual occupancy developments are becoming increasingly popular because they allow landowners to live comfortably in their own home while capitalizing on their investment by constructing another dwelling on the block that they can either sell or rent out. Before you make a final decision on your prestigious home, it makes good financial sense to consider a dual occupancy design.

Arden Homes - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne 


03 8787 1300

Our company was founded on a unique understanding of the needs of homebuyers. We believe that your home should reflect your personality because everyone is unique. This philosophy drives our mission: to work with you to create a house designed and built specifically for you at an exceptional value.

We provide smart, sustainable, and energy-efficient building options to help you live comfortably in cleaner surroundings while reducing your carbon footprint.

A dual occupancy property is when you build two or more separate properties on the same block of land. Or, it can mean building a whole new house next to or behind your existing home.

It essentially means that you have two or more homes on the one title of land that will ultimately get subdivided in the future.

This can be great for accommodating family members, like elderly relatives, or if you want to get into the rental market and let out one or more of the properties while living in another.

You have a few options here. The first is by building a separate dwelling in your backyard that shares a driveway if you have enough space. Then you would subdivide the lot, so both homes end up on their title. The driveway would then become common property.

You can then sell them both, sell one and rent one out or rent them both out! You’re spoiled for choice here. Either way, you’ll come out of the project with some money in the bank or additional equity in your investment.

The second option is for those with an appropriately sized lot – you can knock down your existing home and build two or more new dwellings. You’d then subdivide the land, and each dwelling would end up on its own land title.

Depending on the size of the original lot and your intentions, these dwellings could be either semi-detached or completely detached.

So there you have it, you should now know what a dual occupancy subdivision and or property is.

Dual occupancy home designs appeal especially to students and young professionals and the senior population who may need the security of younger family members present. This makes dual occupancies attractive for investors depending on the locality of the property, potentially allowing both increases in yield and capital growth over property cycles. In addition, investors can lease both sides out to maximise ROI. For example, an owner-occupier could live on one side and rent out the other so that their tenants contribute to a mortgage.

A dual living solution can be the best option for your home design as it is incredibly versatile with plenty of applications. Dual occupancy home designs come with many great advantages for first home buyers, builders, investors, and families looking for extra space. In addition, they can provide an excellent opportunity to offset your mortgage and earn a passive income if you live within one of the dwellings while renting out the other. 

There are a number of financial benefits of dual occupancy homes designs, including building equity, since when dual occupancy properties are built under strata title, it allows the two dwellings to be valued as two separate homes. This means they will be able to be sold separately and create instant equity from the growth in the original properties value. 

They also provide the opportunity for supplementary income, as the second dwelling can be rented out full time or used as an Airbnb. Of course, even more income could be generated if both dwellings were rented out and you had elsewhere to live yourself. Using this rental income also provides the opportunity to pay off your mortgage sooner, along with several tax reductions often available with dual living house plans.

They are also a great option for extended family members, providing a great housing solution for elderly or disabled relatives as well as adult children. Duplexes allow for increased independence while still living on the same property.

Despite the difficulties many people face with what can be very specific and challenging local council restrictions, dual occupancy home designs are a popular choice in some areas.

COVID19 also has influenced dual occupancy and its relative popularity. There has been a noticeable change in families going for a more lifestyle-focused, premium product with less focus on maximising return on investment when building a house. People are looking more and more to build houses that reflect how they want themselves and their family to live, rather than the houses’ future value. This has directly caused the popularity of dual occupancy homes to go down overall in Australia due to COVID19 and lockdowns placing greater societal importance on time spent in the home. 

This is despite the trend of older children moving back home and elderly parents moving in with their kids. Instead of looking to move into traditional dual occupancy living scenarios, they are embracing a new way of intergenerational living, where people are living in one large house where there are two master bedrooms, one on each floor with their own ensuites – allowing everyone their own space while still sharing the overall home. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Dual Occupancy

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