20+ Best Detoxifying Face Masks For A Healthier Skin

Have you been on a quest for the best detoxifying masks to help your skin stay healthy? 

We are sure you can relate! It's no secret - your skin needs a detox. If you're not one to take care of your skin, or if you have acne and want to get rid of it for good, then this blog post is just what you need. There are so many brands and types of face masks out there, and it's challenging to know which ones are worth your money.

Here is a list of the best detoxifying face masks for healthier skin. 

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    Best Detoxifying Face Masks

    Ovi Skin Detoxifying Face Mask

    OviSkin Cosmetic Melbourne


    Ovi Ski Deep Cleansing & Detoxifying Face Mask

    Our mineral-rich, age-defying Volcanic Ash facial mask gently absorbs oil, helping to reduce large-sized pores and eliminate built-up impurities leaving tired and stressed skin feeling energetic, vibrant and whole again. OVI is a powerful raw detoxifier & cleanser made for stressed and sensitive skin with natural oils and rich nutrients found from volcanic islands worldwide.

    Key Benefits

    • Detoxify, tighten and brighten your skin.
    • Vegan & cruelty-free.
    • Remove impurities built up in pores.
    • Natural detoxifier & cleanser.
    • Assists in spot reducing pimples.

    Aztec Detoxifying Face Mask

    Aztec Detoxifying Face Mask


    775 727-8351

    For millennia, clays have been used as a facial mask to beautify and invigorate. Over 1800 years ago, Cleopatra used clay from the Nile River and the Arabian desert in her beauty ritual. Since the establishment of German and Roman spas 4,000 years ago, clay packs and treatments have been employed. Many of these spas still exist and employ clay today.

    Pliney the Elder devoted an entire chapter to the numerous uses of clay for pimples, blackheads, and skin tightening in his Natural History." Many well-known naturopaths, including Kuhn, Just, and Kneipp, have helped to revive the use of clay through natural treatments for arthritis and skin problems.

    Circumference Detoxifying Face Mask

    Circumference Detoxifying Face Mask


    In contrast to other heavy clay masks, the Green Clay Detox Mask penetrates and cleans while remaining light and moisturizing.

    Thanks to its beautiful texture and delectable plant-based botanical oils like blackcurrant seed, evening primrose, and sacha inchi, this mask leaves your skin well washed and then lushly healed, never dry and damaged.

    FAQ About Detoxifying Face Mask

    The best detox face masks do more than relieve symptoms of acne. Formulated with purifying clays and exfoliating acids, these powerful treatment masks withdraw impurities, toxins and pollutants from deep within the pores to clarify and refine the skin.

    After your skin has soaked up the juicy goodness of a sheet mask, it may seem a bit redundant to apply yet another layer of moisture. But it turns out there's a reason behind that 'follow with moisturiser' line in the directions. That means you'll see better results and keep that just-masked glow even longer.

    Simply put: It depends. It comes down to your skin type, your individual skin needs, and the kind of mask you're using. Some masks are best used once per week, while others can be used more frequently, up to 3 times per week.

    Whether it's a clay mask, cream mask, sheet mask, peel-off mask, or another type of face mask, always cleanse your skin first. If the face mask is supposed to be rinsed off, apply it after cleansing but before the rest of your skincare routine.

    Although there is no independent evidence that mud masks, clay masks, cream masks, or sheet masks provide any long-lasting benefit to the skin, they can be hydrating, soothing and provide some keratolytic/exfoliant effect — if only in the act of removing them. 

    African Botanicals Detoxifying Face Mask

    African Botanicals Detoxifying Face Mask



    Mineral Detox Mask

    This mask is intended to treat "redness, inflammation, and acne." It pulls up more dirt, oil, and debris from pores thanks to its vast list of minerals, which includes magnesium, zinc, copper, and iron. It also smells beautiful, like a rose and clementine combination.

    L'Occitane Detoxifying Face Mask

    L'Occitane Detoxifying Face Mask



    Purifying Mask

    A cleansing and exfoliating facial mask that absorbs excess oil and contains thyme to minimize blemishes significantly. The mattifying, purée-like texture absorbs excess sebum and exfoliates softly with olive leaf powder. Mattifying, gentle exfoliation, and immediate oil absorption are all advantages.

    Bliss World Detoxifying Face Mask

    Bliss World Detoxifying Face Mask


    Pore Patrol Detox Mask

    This smooth soufflé detox mask, aerated with a potent clay blend, gently cleanses skin and minimizes the appearance of pores without leaving it dry or tight. To cleanse and unclog pores, French green and Kaolin microclays are combined with willow bark.

    Key Ingredients: Bentonite clay absorbs excess oil; glycolic acid exfoliates softly to prevent pores from clogging later; Dermatologist tested hypoallergenic; French Green Montmorillonite: Made from decomposing plants and iron oxides, this "swelling" clay absorbs oil like a sponge to manage sebum. Bentonite: Made from volcanic ash, this very absorbent clay binds to toxins and oils in the skin, allowing them to be eliminated more easily. Kaolin: A gentle clay that absorbs impurities without eliminating natural oils, it is also used to make porcelain.

    Pacifica Beauty Detoxifying Face Mask

    Pacifica Beauty Detoxifying Face Mask



    Super Green Detox Mask with Charcoal and Kale

    This ultra green blend of plant extracts, algae, and charcoal is your skin's new best friend when it comes to detoxification. This multi-targeted mask is loaded with skin-loving ingredients such as kale, charcoal, cilantro, sea kelp, green tea, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C.

    All skin types, especially those with clogged pores and blemishes; Your skin's best friend; Take care of blocked pores and blemished skin. Sheet mask made of 100% cotton; There are no parabens, phthalates, SLS, or mineral oil in this product.

    Kylie Skin Detoxifying Face Mask

    Kylie Skin Detoxifying Face Mask


    Detox Face Mask

    With our Detox Face Mask, you can give your skin a quick skin reboot. Our quick-drying clay formula, which contains Kaolin Clay, Bentonite Clay, mineral-rich Sea Silt, and Charcoal, draws out impurities, combats excess oil, and noticeably helps to improve the appearance of pores with regular usage. It is ideal for combination to oily skin and contains Glycerin and Sodium Hyaluronate to offer moisture for refreshed and revitalized skin.

    Once or twice a week, apply an equal layer to clean, dry skin. Leave on for 10 to 30 minutes before rinsing. For a clean, precise application, use our Face Mask Brush. To be used in conjunction with the Clear Complexion Correction Stick and Clarifying Facial Oil for combination to oily skin, for a complexion that appears clearly rejuvenated and balanced.

    Ahava Detoxifying Face Mask

    Ahava Detoxifying Face Mask



    Purifying Detoxifying Mask

    With glycerin and jojoba oil, this mask gently eliminates oil, pollutants, and toxins from the skin while renewing the skin's moisture barrier. It can also be used as an overnight blemish treatment to minimize redness and size.

    With our 2-minute mineral-rich Dead Sea mud mask, you'll have delightfully clean, radiant skin. For optimal results, use the in-shower twice a week. The thick solution gently removes impurities from the skin while also intensely moisturizing for a significantly cleaner complexion. Removes oil and environmental pollutants from the skin gently. To reduce redness, spot treat pimples overnight. Dead Sea Mud soothes extremely dry, dry, and sensitive skin.

    Love Kinship Detoxifying Face Mask

    Love Kinship Detoxifying Face Mask


    balances oil, clears clogged pores, and lessens blemish visibility. While rebalancing the skin with detoxifying kaolin and bentonite clays, the Kinship Mint Mud Deep Pore Detox Mask vacuums out impurities, toxins, and oils from blocked pores. It eliminates dead skin cells while resurfacing with lactic acid and moisturizing with jojoba oil to reveal a brighter, smoother complexion.

    What's in it: Lactic acid • Exfoliates + aids in the clearing of clogged pores for smoother, brighter-looking skin; Bentonite + Kaolin clays • Natural clay minerals to help detox, clear pores, and regulate oil; Moringa • Organic seed oil rich in nutrients that rejuvenates and softens skin; KinbiomeTM • Plant-based probiotic that supports clear skin and a strong skin barrier.

    Kiehls Detoxifying Face Mask

    Kiehls Detoxifying Face Mask



    Rare Earth Deep Pore Minimizing Cleansing Clay Mask

    a clay mask that significantly eliminates blackheads and pores. From normal to oily skin without fragrance and parabens. Fairly traded Amazonian White Clay (Kaolin Clay) and Bentonite Clay, both of which are known to absorb extra oil and cleanse skin, are combined to create a potent pore-minimizing and cleansing clay mask.

    Mineral oil, silicone, aroma, and paraben-free. This Kaolin clay mask detoxifies the skin and clearly smooths and improves the texture of the skin.

    MS Skincare Detoxifying Face Mask

    MS Skincare Detoxifying Face Mask


    Ayurvedic Clay Mask

    A synergistic blend of four highly healing and detoxifying clays supplemented with calming herbs for a complete skin reset protects skin against environmental stressors and skin clogging contaminants. Rhassoul clay improves skin texture without over-drying, while kaolin clay absorbs impurities and offers moderate, skin-balancing properties that encourage skin circulation.

    Algae-rich French sea clay is believed to remineralize skin with important components, while bentonite clay draws excess oils and dirt to the skin's surface. Lavender oil and aloe soothe, calm, and restore the skin, promoting balance and healing. The multi-clay composition leaves skin feeling refreshed and renewed, making this a ritual treatment suitable for all skin types.

    Alya Skin Detoxifying Face Mask

    Alya Skin Detoxifying Face Mask


    Detoxify & Brighten

    Australian Kaolin Clay is a soft, relaxing substance made up of a variety of naturally occurring minerals such as quartz, mica, and montmorillonite. This one-of-a-kind treatment protects the skin from pollutants such as oil, pollution, and toxins, while also cleansing and revitalising the epidermis to give you bright, attractive skin.

    Burts Bee Detoxifying Face Mask

    Burt's Bee Charcoal Face Mask



    Important Ingredients: Honey: The ultimate expression of love, honey is an ode to your skin's eternal loyalty. It's a sweet and wonderfully perfumed natural moisturizer that softens and reconditions the skin. allowing you to live happily ever after in your own skin

    Tata Harper Detoxifying Face Mask

    Tata Harper Detoxifying Face Mask



    Purifying Mask - Pore & Blackhead Detox Mask

    A detox treatment that clears impurities from pores to help combat the visual impacts of pollution—best for clogged pores, pollutants, or oily skin. For clean, cleansed skin, use the Purifying Mask every day for 2-3 days, then reduce to 1-2 times per week. Apply a heavy coating all over your face. Allow for 10-20 minutes before rinsing with cool water.

    Botanical Ingredients with High Performance

    This is your detoxifying cleansing mask. Our award-winning mask removes impurities to combat the visible aging effects of pollution and free radicals, leaving you with regenerated, youthful skin. This product detoxifies with 19 detox sources, 4 buildup dissolvers, and 4 pore refiners. There are numerous ways to utilize each of our products that can assist you in tailoring your skincare experience to get the most out of them, based on your skin's specific needs.

    Biore Detoxifying Face Mask

    Biore Detoxifying Face Mask



    There is such a thing as the ULTIMATE cleanse. While de-stressing, enjoy an intense pore-tingling clean with menthol. This creamy mask, specially created for oily skin, helps eradicate impurities by taking away daily grime, oil, and even pollution to seriously clear congested pores.

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