Do you need a design agency in Melbourne? If so, it is important to know that there are many options available, and it’s worth investing the time to find the right one.

Successful business owners will want an agency with experience, knowledge of their industry, creativity, competitive pricing - all qualities that this blog post will explore.

What follows is information about finding quality design agencies for businesses operating in Melbourne or anywhere else in Australia.

If you’re looking for the best design agency in Melbourne. You want it to be affordable, professional and provide you with a high-quality service that will meet your needs.

If this sounds like you, then read on as we have found just the best design agencies in Melbourne for you.

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    Melbourne’s Best Design Agencies

    Hunter - Best Design Agency Melbourne

    We are Hunter. Creative branding agency for entrepreneurs, challenger brands & agents of change.

    We help simplify, humanise & connect the next generation of consumer-facing brands for the modern world.

    You. This

    Since Hunter began in 2010, we’ve helped create over a billion dollars worth of value for our clients. This has included start-ups, scale-ups, and of course, those bigger brands in need of a reboot. Our purpose is to help you change your brand for the better.

    A world of disruption

    We live in a world of disruption. Everything is changing, and big brands have the most to lose. With business models driven solely by the creation of shareholder wealth, they were built for a world that no longer exists. Creation of social or environmental wealth is an uncomfortable subject for them.

    Cost cutting, not innovation

    Instead of growth through innovation or reinvention, we see greater veracity of restructures, mergers and acquisitions in an attempt to not only stay relevant but to cut costs in order to return unattainable year-on-year profits to shareholders.

    Cheaper, not necessarily better

    We’re also noticing the bigger shifts in retail, where the race to the bottom is killing competition, reducing brand owner margins and screwing suppliers out of a living. This model is unsustainable, it’s broken, and something has to give.

    Start up. Scale up. Reboot

    Whilst this might sound like apocalyptic doom and gloom, we believe it’s a super exciting time for entrepreneurs, challenger brands and agents of change to start-up, scale up and reboot their brands for the better. Now, more than ever before, it’s easier to start and scale a business to stratospheric heights.


    Our model is built on immersion, collaboration and iteration. Starting with our strategic planning process, we’re keen to understand your world. How and why it’s changing, what winning looks like, what losing looks like and finally, what’s stopping you from moving forward.


    If you’ve had a chance to look at our work, then you’ll hopefully notice a thing or two on how we treat our client’s branding. We’d probably use words like ‘human’, ‘considered’, and ‘modern’ to describe the way we do things. Nice words aside, the one truth that runs through every brand is the fact that they should be built from a unique, humanised strategic position. Without this, it’s just window dressing.


    We take branding seriously. For us, it’s more than a logo, colour palette, typography, illustrations, images, packaging or websites. If our brand work doesn’t show empathy and respect for the people’s lives it wants to participate in… then we’ve failed.

    Change is never easy but always possible.

    If you’re ready for change or would like to know more about how we might be able to start up, scale up or reboot your brand for the better, then reach out via the bot.

    Traffic - Best Design Agency Melbourne


    3 8320 5709

    A branding design gives a company credibility and draws immediate attention because it serves as the outward face of the entire organization. Our brand identity design studio creates, transforms, and revitalizes corporate and brand identities, and our brand transformation specialists conduct thorough audits to ensure your brand's positioning is best aligned with the purpose and goals of your business.

    People's performance can suffer as a result of an identity crisis. The same is true for brands. The warning signs are often present. Market share is decreasing. Discounting begins. The margins are being eroded. Customers vanish. But many companies and brands choose to ignore them.

    Brand health, like personal health, necessitates specialized care. At Traffic, we are familiar with the various symptoms of failing brands and can quickly return them to being agile, vibrant, and engaging performers.

    Liquorice - Best Design Agency Melbourne

    03 9088 3556

    We can uncover design opportunities through research and workshops with you and your stakeholders, audiences, and user groups. Learning everything we can about your company also helps us deliver projects on time and on budget every time.

    By dedicating an account manager to you over the long term, we constantly find big and small ways to make your life a little easier. We are constantly improving our services and technological capabilities, so you can be confident that our recommendations are always tailored to your specific requirements.

    Design Agencies FAQs

    The difference between a logo and visual identity is that logos are focused on the brand, while identities encompass more than just an icon. 

    Logos will have something to do with what your company does or how it operates--they typically contain some symbol such as letters (think Starbucks). 

    A design might be considered an example of a graphic element. People can see both graphics and text together; this could include photos and other designs like lettering, for instance.

    Apart from knowing the ins and outs of the design principles, or the never-ending list of tools in the Adobe Suite, there are a few things to know as a designer that will add to your success.

    Developing some of your skills to handle client interactions and managing personal time and growth will surely help you in the long run.

    Working with great designers, as well as working with clients, successful designers have these characteristics:

    • Handle criticism well
    • Manage time effectively
    • Communicate well with clients
    • Continue to learn
    • Stay motivated

    Working with a design agency is so much more than asking someone to design a logo for your company.

    A good design agency can take the whole business of branding, create marketing material, create or update a website, and devise a marketing strategy to attract your ideal customers completely off your hands, leaving you free to do what you do best: run your business.

    • Strategy
    • Brand Consistency
    • Brand Audit
    • Rebranding
    • Expert Knowledge
    • Team of Creatives
    • Fresh Ideas 
    • Branding as a Story, not a Colour Scheme

    Providing the best user experience to your target customers is a highly recognised way of achieving financial success in business. It has become more popular.

    That is why it is a need that business people must hire a designer with diversified skills. The tasks of the designer or a team of designers are inclined towards the creation of a model on how to provide a wonderful experience to the users of a website and/or app.

    Designers must be collaborative. Indeed, you can’t live alone in a particular space. With web or app designing, there have to be team members to work together. So the team members must be collaborative.

    To develop effective information architecture, the team members must work cohesively based on different work angles such as researching, designing, coding, managing projects, understanding the products, and marketing the launched products.

    The lack of collaboration can be a major cause of failure. In other words, collaboration is very important, and success depends on it.

    You must ask how long it will take for the agency to complete your project before hiring them. To make sure that they can meet your deadline, this is something important to know beforehand!

    For a project to be successful, the agency and client need to work together closely for both sides of the arrangement to understand how long each step will take.

    When you are working on something with another person or group, there should always be open communication between all parties involved so that everyone understands what they need from one another as well as when deadlines might come up.

    Communication can make anything more efficient- even if it’s just two people within a company discussing their tasks!

    The professional and experienced agency will foresee roughly how long it will take for the project to be completed. They also consider when they need your feedback on the progress of a project so that you can see if any edits or changes are needed before completing it.

    With the help of a professional company, you will meet your deadline and keep track of progress with regular updates.

    Courtney Kim Studio - Best Design Agency Melbourne

    03 7036 6887

    We collaborate with designers from all over the world to adopt and create truly local designs using a mix of global perspectives.

    Our brand strategy defines the world that connects your company to its target audience. To do so, we consider where you're coming from and where you want to go in order to provide the best brand solutions to meet your specific needs. The brand strategy defines your value to how much extra people will pay or how often they choose and purchase your brand over the alternatives.

    With thousands of new products being revealed every day, your brand and packaging must stand out and tell your ideal customer, "This is the one for you". The easiest method to do this is through the packaging design you use.

    We understand how difficult it can be to communicate with overseas suppliers while maintaining quality. We've built strong relationships with suppliers from Australia, South Korea, and China over the years, ensuring the most efficient process for our clients.

    Elephant In The Boardroom - Best Design Agency Melbourne

    03 7018 7629

    Melbourne's Premier Web Development and Design Firm

    Our websites are designed to provide meaningful and relevant experiences to users. We don't just handle web development and hosting; we also take the time to truly understand your business and target audience. Our user-centred approach puts the spotlight on your business branding and business objectives, with your users in mind.

    We are dedicated to assisting businesses in providing the best user experience possible on any device. We build responsive website designs that make your website adjust to any screen or resolution to ensure you get the optimum reach on your website across all devices.Having a responsive website design that drives traffic, prospective leads, and conversions will enable you to be reachable whenever and wherever you are and to all members of your target audience.

    This is accomplished by creating pixel-perfect, visually appealing, but powerful websites, apps, software, and creative marketing campaigns. One thing that never ceases to amaze us is seeing and hearing the unique stories behind each of our clients' brands, stories, and businesses. We hope that no matter who you are or what your story is, we can assist you in reaching your goals. We not only connect businesses with their customers, but we also assist them in developing long-term relationships. We'd love to hear your story and assist you in sharing it with the rest of the world through technology.

    Yoke - Best Design Agency Melbourne

    3 9020 8709

    Yoke is a Collingwood-based independent brand growth consultancy. Since 2006, we've assisted in the growth of brands and businesses in a variety of industries, including real estate, construction, arts and culture, and professional services.

    We apply design thinking and evidence-based approaches to projects that require creative business growth solutions as strategic thinkers across a variety of disciplines.

    We are doers who think, resulting in innovative business strategies and executions that propel organizations to the next level of success.

    Our range of expertise helps us approach each project, brief, campaign, or output with clarity and confidence. We communicate without barriers or hierarchy in order to get to the heart of the issue, whether it's a rebrand, launch campaign, digital strategy, or anything in between.

    Studio Brave - Best Design Agency Melbourne

    03 9671 3969

    Our determination to stand out combines passion and purpose. Brand strategy, identity design, brand communication, and digital design and development are all areas in which we excel. We deliberately work in a variety of industries, including arts and culture, corporate, real estate, hospitality, and retail. We work for organisations, but design for people.

    Ennoblir - Best Design Agency Melbourne

    0457 056 756

    We have a 9-year proven track record working with teams to design & deliver innovative campaigns, garnish lasting business partnerships and launching companies internationally. From platform onboarding, chatbots, automated appointments, EDMs, and more. Our experts create automated workflows for unloading your labor.

    Our initial consultation is more than just a "get to know you" or proposal opportunity. We'll look over your company, audit your marketing, and come up with a customized solution for you. Our delivery method guarantees your satisfaction and comprehension. We provide reporting and training so that you and your team are confident in the results.

    HERO - Best Design Agency Melbourne

    03 9993 9338

    Our businesses offer sophisticated creative marketing and technology services, but working with HERO could not be simpler. Our clients enjoy single-source management of their complete marketing needs, with a single HERO point of contact integrating a collective of best-in-class marketing communications specialists, from digital, data, design and technology, to media, public relations and content. We make every brand the hero of its own marketing success.

    Creativity is the ultimate competitive advantage. And the most powerful driver of marketing effectiveness. HERO brings together the only agencies in Australia to be recognised with both the Cannes Lions Grand Prix for Creative Effectiveness and as the most awarded in the world. 

    Our national group is able to rapidly integrate a complete marketing-services offering that is diverse, creatively inspired and seamless. The only agency in Australia ever to have been named the world’s most awarded and to have won the Cannes Lions Grand Prix for Creative Effectiveness and the Grand Prix for Media.

    Blitzm Design - Best Design Agency Melbourne


    Creating a strong brand strategy is critical to defining your company's unique services and positioning your brand for future growth.

    We have a lot of experience working with different Australian brands, so we developed a workshop called the "discovery phase" that looks closely at the fundamental components of your company, informs future decisions, and positions your company for long-term success.

    Through user testing, our team can gain valuable, accurate insights into your brand's product or service, which can then be tailored to best suit your customer's needs and expectations.

    Blitzm Design conducts both online and in-person user testing, which can aid in the resolution of any functionality or usability issues. It can also provide unbiased insights into how your website's users interact with it, as well as highlight its strengths and weaknesses.

    Cyclone - Best Design Agency Melbourne

    03 9645 0483

    We assist commercial organizations in discovering their larger goals so they can develop a strong brand community built on deep connections.

    Building a brand community necessitates a diverse set of skills. We never take a one-size-fits-all approach to any challenge. Instead, we collaborate closely with your marketing team to create a customized solution that is built to last.

    Our approach to every creative challenge is guided by the conviction that the community at the heart of our communication possesses an incredibly powerful voice that must be heard.

    Fenton Stephens - Best Design Agency Melbourne

    (03) 9928 5009

    Our mission is to find a brand's truth and enliven it through creativity and connection. To comprehend the role of data and technology in influencing the interaction between a brand and its customers.

    To create experiences that spark a conversation, to welcome customers into the conversation, and to actively seek their input. To be dedicated to our role as brand architects and to remember that miracles do not occur by chance.

    We, like most advertising agencies, are in the business of creating heroes. Unlike most, we are only interested in making our clients heroes, not in making ourselves heroes.

    We begin by collaborating with our clients to set a realistically high bar. Then we pursue creative ideas that will produce results ruthlessly, in other words: miraculous thinking measured against co-created expectations.

    Bright Owl Marketing - Best Design Agency Melbourne

    1300 720 846

    We have marketing consultants who are members of the Australian Marketing Institute and have at least 20 years of marketing experience, working with brands such as Avalon Airport, Crown and Jetstar, Monash University, and helloworld Travel Agencies, to name a few. We have also lived and breathed both traditional and digital forms of marketing for many years - and are very good at it too! We remove the stress from the equation by assisting you with:

    Our outsourced marketing solutions are also very affordable and produce real results for the businesses and companies with which we work. one of one of one another. We never use a one-size-fits-all approach to marketing. Every business is unique, and we treat business owners with the utmost respect.

    Truly Deeply - Best Design Agency Melbourne

    03 9693 0009

    We help businesses to launch, grow and stand out in their market. We increase sales, attract new customers, and increase margins.

    We need to understand your business objectives and ambitions in order to understand your brand challenges. We take this understanding and combine it with our robust methodology to craft a strategic branding approach to reach your business objectives.

    We bring the brand to life with a rich and distinctive identity system that considers all brand touchpoints and generally includes a brandmark, visual language, and imagery, based on the strategy and insights.

    We create a powerful visual identity system that builds a unique brand world that your audiences want to be a part of in order to truly engage your audience.

    Ogilvy - Best Design Agency Melbourne

    03 9690 1474

    When does a brand's value become apparent? When it anticipates customer needs and/or has cultural significance.

    Finally, and most importantly, we ensure that our clients' brands are brought to life where it counts: in-market, not on a presentation slide. As a result, we understand Go-to-Market Strategy, Choice Architecture, Communications Strategy, Channel Planning, Consumer Journey Mapping, and Brand Tracking/Measurement.

    Your Creative - Best Design Agency Melbourne

    03 8388 7769

    Everything we do is inspired by big ideas, which we develop, craft, and code in our Melbourne studio. Our adaptable creative structure enables us to take on any project, large or small.

    Design, create and code with purpose. Make distinct brand identities that stand out. Develop responsive digital products centred on user experience. Win awards for our thought-provoking marketing campaigns, and collaborate with great ideas to build apps on occasion.

    A hacker, a hustler, and a hipster founded the company in 2015. We create and design extremely creative moments and products. In just over 5 years, we've tripled in size, won numerous design awards, and established ourselves as the go-to creative for some of the world's most well-known brands.

    Caramel - Best Design Agency Melbourne

    03 9690 8889

    We understand that great brands must resonate long after they are launched, especially when a legacy may last a lifetime. That's why every brand we build is based on strategy with substance, not subjectivity. We use creativity as the most powerful tool in the craft of lasting brand identities that shape memorable businesses, through compelling visuals and engaging language.

    We use scenario-based, human-driven design thinking to solve business problems and uncover opportunities by cultivating curiosity, understanding, and empathy. People come first in our approach, and by putting humans, the end customer, at the center of everything we do, we aim to create genuine engagement.

    The act of questioning the status quo, challenging the rules, and pushing creative boundaries leads to discovery. Leaving assumptions aside, we ask specific questions to gain deep, insightful insights. We believe that honest conversations lead to better creative output, just as you can't strike gold without first digging.

    By All Means - Best Design Agency Melbourne

    03 9417 2533

    We do this by delving into the root of the problem (first with our clients, then with our colleagues) and the ancillary reasons that surround it - which may sound obvious, but you'd be surprised how little of it actually gets done.

    We spend a lot of time arguing (nicely) amongst ourselves, figuring out what the problem is, and persevering in locating an original point of entry. Then, once we've found our way in, we work even harder to find our way out - using any and all means available to us.

    Sure, you can cajole, but will they feel rewarded if you force them into submission through bluntness or repetition? Will they regard you favorably? Will they enjoy their interaction with your brand, company, product, or cause?

    Mustard Creative Agency - Best Design Agency Melbourne

    03 8459 5507


    An obsessive and consistent focus on the effectiveness of our work has allowed us to cultivate rich, long-lasting relationships and expand our business through the most persuasive channel: word-of-mouth recommendation. A thoughtful strategic approach underpins the services provided by our creative, digital, and content teams. We're proud of our independence, approachable and collaborative, and genuinely enthusiastic about our work.

    Instead, our talented creative team transforms meaningful insights into effective communication. We craft work that cuts through connects and shapes attitudes and behaviour - across a broad range of contextual environments.

    As an expression of our values, we are constantly striving to foster an open and engaging culture. Every day, our talented team is able to provide exceptional client experiences. Continuous investment in our Bigger Than Mustard and Learning Be Cool initiatives allows the team to pursue their interests and grow both personally and professionally.

    Icon Agency - Best Design Agency Melbourne

    03 9642 4104

    People embrace brands that reflect their beliefs and aspirations in today's experience economy. Icon assists clients in connecting with audiences in the moments and places that matter by understanding this new landscape.

    Creative thinking and the Pursuit of Possibility is our agency's mantra. It fuels our desire to innovate, collaborate, and work on projects with a social purpose. Work with us if you're looking for ways to differentiate your brand, service or campaign.

    To launch category-defining digital services, our user researchers, UX specialists, designers, developers, and writers collaborate. You can engage with us to deliver a single service or fully developed platform.

    Our team approaches the world with optimism and curiosity, looking for opportunities in everything we do. Our belief system, the Pursuit of Possibility, is about asking 'what if' and creating 'what could be' through the application of creativity, empathy and data.

    Show & Tell - Best Design Agency Melbourne

    03 9641 7209

    Anything from a simple business card update to an overall website refresh, our team is bursting with ideas on how we can build your brand. Allow us to assist you in connecting with your target audience right now.

    Chromatix - Best Design Agency Melbourne

    03 9912 6408 


    You would never go to your primary care physician for heart surgery, and you should never have your most important online asset, your website, developed by a generalist marketing, SEO, or creative agency. Everything from simple websites to complete business operational solutions is available.

    You're wasting business profits if you keep doing the same mundane task over and over. Web automation enables you to maximize your time now while also innovating for the future. Chromatix has numerous examples of digital solutions we've already developed, ranging from building new website tools and systems for your workplace to integrating internal systems via API interfaces.

    We create custom digital systems and tools to make your life easier and more cost-effective, from adding value to your sales process to increasing operational manpower and visibility to speeding up and augmenting staff capabilities!

    Soul+Wolf - Best Design Agency Melbourne

    03 9682 8009

    Without question, design is how something looks. It's also how it works and feels. Finally, this is the distinction between UI and UX design. Furthermore, the type of design that we do isn't always visible or tactile. Often, it's to solve a business problem, create efficiency or improve communication.

    You've probably guessed that we're Soul+Wolf. A complete digital agency. We offer creative and strategic digital services to help businesses grow and scale. But what you probably don't know is that it has taken over a decade to build this agency.

    If you want good work, solicit bids from a number of agencies. We need to be friends if you want great work. Because being friends implies that we will be close. And by being close, we can collaborate and get the best from each other.

    You understand your industry, and we understand digital. We're all in this together, and your success is everything. Our distinct delivery framework not only encourages close collaboration, but also enables us to complete complex projects with unrivaled quality and efficiency.

    Liquid - Best Design Agency Melbourne

    03 9329 3883

    It's time to revamp your brand if it's no longer connecting with your customers. Liquid assists you in defining and reshaping your brand in response to a changing environment.

    We have been combining storytelling, strategy, and cutting-edge visual design for the past 25 years to produce solutions that are specifically adapted to each client's particular needs. You can use liquid to strengthen your marketing and advance your company.

    Nothing is more important than having the right people on your team. Our team consists of brand specialists who have extensive experience assisting leaders in the development of successful brands.

    Our agency's team members bring expertise in brand marketing, visual design, online brand strategy, and communications. What all Liquid people have in common is a creative flair and a strategic mind.

    Intesols - Best Design Agency Melbourne

    (03) 9553 2825

    Intesols is a company that specializes in providing effective digital solutions for businesses. Our team of experts have intelligent solutions for all those digital areas of your business that you either don't understand or simply don't want to.  We assist over 450 businesses and brands in Australia with their creative, management and technology issues, so our expertise is tested and proven.

    By building partnerships with our clients and other agencies, we create the best outcomes. Our goal is to provide intelligent and customised digital solutions. Whether it’s a web design, mobile apps, e-catalogue, an e-commerce store or online marketing, we have some of the best talents at our disposal.

    i4design - Best Design Agency Melbourne

    0414 403 141

    We can create a new visual identity for you or work with your current style. We can meet all of your print and web needs, whether you need a single item or a full range of products.

    Tracey is a perfectionist both at home and at work; her attention to detail is obvious, she pays attention to and comprehends the needs of the client, and she provides the appropriate original solution.

    Cheryl is passionate about people and achieving positive results. Her organizational abilities and attention to detail, combined with a focus on customer service, will keep your project on track from start to finish. Cheryl is approachable, friendly, and dedicated to providing you with old-fashioned customer service - your needs are important to us.

    OMG Creative - Best Design Agency Melbourne

    03 9654 0531

    We are an agency dedicated to assisting Australian businesses in growing. We provide the most up-to-date content marketing strategy and creativity, backed by digital targeting technology, to Australian businesses of all sizes.

    Here's a list of the things we do to help your business succeed. It essentially provides a full range of communications, advertising, marketing, and digital services. Whether you're a giant in your field or just finding your way, we can help.

    raraPR - Best Design Agency Melbourne

    0488 520 519

    We are present in our determination to make a positive difference in the world by representing good people and businesses. We are an extension of the personal stories that exist within us, as well as those that exist within you and need to be heard. Progressive, committed, creative, and adaptable.

    We hope that by providing PR mentorship and management committed to enhancing the brilliance of businesses through sustainable PR, the wellbeing of those working in PR and our planet will improve.

    Our vision is to create a space where we can all feel energized by our contribution to assisting businesses that are doing good for the world. Our vision is to create a unique environment in which we care for one another and our clients.

    AndMine™ Digital Agency - Best Design Agency Melbourne

    1300 263 647

    The company's main philosophies are a combination of strong technological solutions, strong aesthetic communication, and, most importantly, commercial strategy. Our primary goal is to achieve real-world results. To accomplish this, we defined the 4 Pillars of Digital Success, a model taught at universities, published in various marketing books, and refined over hundreds of client projects.

    While platform complexity and communications have evolved rapidly, the iterative approach to commercialization remains relevant today. The four pillars continue to contribute to the team's and our client's overall competitive advantage.

    We establish clear paths for future proofing adaptability and measurement for real-world results because we are aware of and invested in our clients' goals.

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