Do you need a commercial photographer to capture your corporate team-building event in Melbourne, Victoria? Or maybe you're looking for someone to take pictures of your office's new construction project. 

We've compiled a list of the top commercial photographers in the area so that you can find what you are looking for without all the trial and error!

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    Ultimate List of Commercial Photographers in Melbourne

    PPM Photography - Commercial Photographers Melbourne

    0401 529 246


    PPM provides high-quality professional photography. Melbourne has delighted our local, national, and international clients over the years. PPM Photography is primarily a business-to-business photographer, serving all professional photographic, imaging, and photo retouching needs. We take great pride in our services and look forward to producing some outstanding images for your commercial and corporate needs.

    Contact the Melbourne Studio now.

    A wide variety of expert photography services are provided in Melbourne by PPM Photography. Victoria and the rest of Australia's clients are served by PPM. Your company's external appearance can be significantly enhanced by our specialized commercial photography, product photography, corporate photography, and event photography services. We work with you to sharpen the brand focus of your company's website and printed materials like brochures, editorials in magazines, and annual reports.

    Our Fitzroy Melbourne photography studio provides professional photography services, planning, art direction, and high-end image finishing and retouching. We take pride in all of our images and are eager to collaborate with you to achieve the look and feel of your brand.

    PPM Photography collaborates on a variety of exciting photography projects with advertising agencies, importers, manufacturers, designers, and engineers. We also enjoy working with small businesses that want to project a professional image in today's busy commercial and corporate markets.

    Simon Anderson Photographer - Commercial Photographer Melbourne

    0413 740 825

    More than 20 years ago, Simon Anderson began his career as a photographer. For businesses like Myer & Coles, Target, Bonds, and iSelect, he has worked on a number of significant national campaigns. He has written for a variety of publications, including Gourmet Traveller, New Idea, The Herald, and Weekly Times.

    His experience and passion for photography extend to all genres, including food, fashion, lifestyle, interiors, and automotive.

    Chris Magee Photography + Video - Commercial Photographer Melbourne

    0401 164 878

    Melbourne Commercial Photographer + Videographer

    Every job requires my extensive experience in creating engaging images for products, people, events, and locations. Everything is shot with high-end professional cameras. Finishing, composting, and retouching are all done in-house using cutting-edge software. I also use AI software for restoration and digital conversion of old photographs, negatives, and slides.

    Every client has their own password-protected private online Client Galleries. You can order prints or download high-resolution photos directly from your gallery. Nulab prints are reasonably priced and come with a lifetime warranty.

    I provide classes to dozens of filmmakers and photographers linked with a multinational video services company in the United States. I also just presented a guest lecture at Tsinghua University's design school in Beijing.

    I work with leading advertising agencies, web designers, graphic designers, editors, directors, and other brilliant and creative photographers and videographers to create high-quality goods for each client.

    Commercial Photographers FAQs

    A commercial photographer is someone who shoots images that help their clients sell their products or services. 

    They may work alone or as part of a team. If working alone, they are often tasked with coming up with concepts that help bring their clients’ vision to life. 

    Working as part of a time may have direction from someone like an art director who has already conceptualised a photoshoot based on the client’s branding strategy and target audience. The photographer’s job is to create images based on this direction.

    The job of a commercial photographer is to photograph and document images that are often used in their company’s promotional/advertising campaigns; these photographs may also be used in magazines, editorials, billboards, television commercials, and more.

    Aside from taking pictures for commercial use, these photographers may also be required to manipulate these images using computer software to achieve the company’s desired feel and appearance.

    Commercial photographers may work on their own or teams and are often employed within a company’s design department and report to a creative director. They should be able to take the initiative independently, work well independently, communicate effectively, and have a creative eye for design. They should also be very tech-savvy and stay up-to-date with all of the latest trends in the industry.

    Employers of commercial photographers generally prefer those with extensive experience, a college degree, or a combination of the two. Prior experience is extremely important, and a portfolio of past work is always beneficial. Knowledge of, and experience with, industry-specific software is also recommended.

    The workdays of commercial photographers will vary, as they may work regular hours, late into the night, or even on weekends or holidays. It often depends on the company which employs them and the particular industry in which they work. 

    • Photograph designated subjects, adjusting composition and camera settings for the optimal end result.
    • Schedule photo shoots, test equipment, and interpret client requests.
    • Review photographs and select the most suitable for the client.
    • Edit and deliver photos, providing metadata and context as necessar

    Portraying your business in the right way is pivotal to your success. If you think you can skimp on promotional costs and take your own photographs, think again. Professional images will show your business in a professional light.

    Some businesses use generic photos for some of their images from sources such as Deposit Photos, but these don’t capture the essence of your business. While generic images can be used to cut costs, and are useful for fillers, professional images of you and your business are essential to promote what is unique to you.

    Photos for your website are essential and will help customers know you, your team members, and what you are selling. Images are hugely important when it comes to making a first impression. Pictures do, after all, tell a thousand words. No matter what you are selling, professional images are an important asset.

    There are many different niche areas in commercial photography, such as fashion, jewellery and food. They all require particular expertise. There is also a wide range of different photography skills required to promote a business. Here’s a quick overview of some of the main areas of commercial photography.

    • Product photography
    • Portrait photography
    • Event photography
    • Architectural photography
    • Advertising Photography
    • Automobile Photography
    • Jewellery Photography

    Melbourne Photography - Commercial Photographers

    (03) 9005 3551

    We provide a comprehensive range of photographic services, such as Product and eCommerce Photography, Corporate Portraits and Staff Headshots, Events and Commercial Photography. We are a family-owned and operated company, and our skilled photographers have many years of experience, assuring that we provide a high-quality service. We strive to deliver an exceptional service at an affordable price, allowing your company to thrive with lasting impressions.

    We provide high-quality imaging services for a variety of applications, including website images, brochures, reports, social media platforms, advertorials, operations manuals, and more. We understand how important your appearance is in your line of work. Melbourne Photography has extensive experience photographing products and services to aid in the sale or promotion of the product or service.

    We understand how important professional product photography is to your business and have a lot of experience capturing images to help you sell or promote your product or service.

    Our Commercial Photography service enhances your organization's brand by utilizing high-quality imagery that highlights the finest of what your company has to offer. Melbourne Photography photographers embrace the creative and conceptual difficulties that come with commercial photography.

    Melissa Martin Photography - Commercial Photographer Melbourne

    0417 909 160

    Whether you're a service-based professional or a brand, you need to be visible in today's world so that your ideal clients can find you. The best and simplest way to increase your visibility is to invest in high-quality photographs that showcase who you are and what you do.

    People trust what they see far more than what they read, so your photos will work for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you want a collection of beautiful, high-quality photographs for your business that showcase who you are and what you do, you've come to the right place.

    I work with aspirant leaders and company owners who want to differentiate themselves and expand their personal brand and business online.

    Anthony Jeong - Commercial Photographer Melbourne

    0401 861 058

    Commercial Photographers Melbourne | Anthony JEONG Photography

    We are fashion, advertising, corporate, food, architecture, editorial, and product photographers from Melbourne. The primary photographer, Anthony Jeong, strives to capture high-quality images at all times. He is a corporate photographer who has worked for the government, community, law firms, magazines, and businesses. Corporate headshot photography is also becoming increasingly popular. His writing has appeared in annual reports, magazines, books, and newspapers. We are always happy to meet with clients ahead of time to discuss and plan the photoshoot. To meet your needs, we collaborate with other professional Anthony's teams such as Make Up Artist and Stylist.

    He has been shooting commercials since 2000. Anthony has extensive experience in commercial, fashion, corporate, architecture, portrait, editorial, headshots, advertising, food, and product photography.

    He is constantly striving to create new images and capture those priceless moments that meet his clients' project requirements. His love of photography is evident in his unique design abilities and creative photography. He oversees and plans every aspect of a project, from casting models to scouting locations to organizing a team of hair and make-up artists, models, and stylists. As a professional photographer, his clients come to us for all of their needs, whether it's planning the shoot, retouching, or designing a look book or catalogue.

    Image Workshop Photography - Commercial Photographers Melbourne

    0432 901 976

    Whether it's a single hero shot, a custom picture library, a pop-up marketing activation, or a feature piece, eye-catching imagery is vital.

    We're more than just camera technicians and Photoshop whizzes (although we are those things too). We call ourselves "Ideas People." Our clients value the inventiveness and insight we bring to each project. We don't just ask, "What do you need a photo of?" but rather, "What story do you need to tell?"

    Blush Creative - Commercial Photographers Melbourne

    03 9826 8656


    We will collaborate with you to create powerful images that best represent your product, service, or concept, capturing the attention of your ideal customers and assisting you in growing your brand. We provide lightning-fast turnaround and dependable, professional service for all of your commercial photography needs.

    Product imagery is critical to commercial success. High-quality professional imagery will increase sales, brand awareness, and credibility for your company. Whether you are a small operator or a large established business, the internet provides an equal playing field for all businesses to sell online, as long as your visual brand is presented in a way that connects with your target market.

    We advocate showing your product from a variety of different perspectives using specialized lighting techniques to showcase product features for e-commerce, your online business. It is also critical to use high-quality photos with zoom capabilities to demonstrate product detail.

    Nicole Herrick - Commercial Photographer Melbourne

    0410 525 057

    White background photography is reasonably priced; all quotes are tailored to the type of goods, the number of angles required per product, and the total quantity of products. I strive to make it reasonable and accessible to everyone, especially small enterprises.  

    Lifestyle shoots are an excellent way to convey the feel of your products and brand. They can be used on your website, in catalogs, advertisements, and articles, among other places. Lifestyle photography is typically an expensive process, but we strive to provide simply styled photography at a lower price point to accommodate small businesses.

    To keep our rates low, we ask you to supply any props you believe you might need. We can, however, handle all of the styling on the day for you.

    Liquid Photography - Commercial Photographers Melbourne

    0414 620 840

    Liquid Photography takes pride in creating high-quality imagery for websites, brochures, catalogs, and large format printing. We are the corporate and product photography professionals that many businesses rely on, operating out of a 4,000 square foot Kensington facility.

    Liquid Photography is proud to offer a wide range of corporate and product photography services, such as corporate profile images, interior and exterior photography, stainless steel photography, and more.

    Our Melbourne product photographers can help by taking exceptional photos of your products, which can then be used in a variety of advertising and marketing campaigns. We are not only Melbourne's most trusted name in corporate photography, but we are also highly regarded for product photography.

    Product Photos - Commercial Photographers Melbourne

    0414 620 840

    Schedules may be a nightmare in the fast-paced, demanding world of business! We consult with you for your convenience in order to identify the best and most efficient procedure to meet your demands; whether that requires us to shoot your items at our studio, at your place of business, or elsewhere, we can work with you to find the ideal solution.

    The light in which a product is displayed is one of the most essential marketing tactics for selling it. The most crucial factor for a company to consider while marketing their items in Melbourne is having amazing product photographs.

    Our Melbourne product photographers can help by taking exceptional photos of your products, which can then be used in a variety of advertising and marketing campaigns. We are not only Melbourne's most trusted name in corporate photography, but we are also highly regarded for product photography.

    Michael Evans Photographer - Commercial Photographer Melbourne

    0421 853 978

    Commercial & Industrial Photographer based in Melbourne

    What an exciting time to be a professional photographer! I could never have imagined the incredible versatility and quality that modern digital capture would allow me to achieve when I first started shooting large format films over 25 years ago. As a result, with the introduction of drone photography, I can now capture stunning images from above or use my high megapixel cameras with a variety of lenses to document the world at work from the ground, hanging out the side of a helicopter, or even working down a mine shaft.

    As a professional industrial and architectural photographer located in Melbourne, I enjoy creating dynamic pictures for use in company reports, websites, and marketing materials. Because I specialize in corporate industrial photography, my clientele span from government agencies to architects and construction firms, all the way down to local small businesses and individuals in need of product pictures or just a good effective corporate headshot.

    I'm best known for my easygoing, fresh, and vibrant style, and I always approach each brief with a thorough understanding of the desired outcome. As a result, I can deliver technically crafted images that are both visually appealing and effective in highlighting the product or brand. My personal passion for travel and documenting this beautiful world is hopefully evident in the Travel galleries, which I shoot throughout Australia and internationally.

    Zoom Studio - Commercial Photographers Melbourne

    0417 509 956

    This page displays some of the businesses we photographed as well as the activities that took place in those businesses. The aiming style is documentary, but from the best angle and light possible. Its purpose is to provide your business clients with a good but accurate representation of your company and services. This is extremely effective advertising because your client believes what they see and, as a result, believes in your company.

    There are numerous reasons why you should photograph the business building where you operate. It assists your clients in locating your business, gives them a sense of how prestigious your business is, its size, and all of this leads to them trusting you and your company.

    These images were created for a client who operates consulting rooms in these hospitals. They are well-known and significant hospitals in Melbourne. They inform the client that he or she is in a convenient and comfortable location.

    You already know your services and products are excellent, and we want to demonstrate that. Show how you do what you do, how good your product looks, how big and nice your place is, and in some cases, how your customers feel about your business.

    Peter Rosetzky - Commercial Photographer Melbourne

    0412 045 010

    Fashion, commercial, and beauty photographer PETER ROSETZKY works in Melbourne. He has been a fashion photographer for more than 20 years. He has also worked for magazines and advertising firms.

    His visual style is clean and simple, with a strong sense of design, incorporating bold lines, color, and light to create mood and dynamism in his images. Peter is known for his hands-on approach, and he usually art directs and produces shoots from the initial concept to the final post-production process.

    MD Photography Services - Commercial Photographers Melbourne

    0468 468 190

    Mark's career began at an early age, immersed in media and shooting images on a wide range of topics and events, thanks to his father, a local newspaper editor. He quickly advanced to the prestigious Getty Images organization, where he covered the Olympic Games in Sydney, Athens, and Beijing, world track and field championships in Helsinki, Osaka, Berlin, and Daegu, AFL grand finals, Australian International Cricket tours, International horse racing events, and fifteen Australian Open tennis championships.

    Mark has received critical acclaim for his work throughout his career. At the 2008 Beijing Olympics, his shot of Usain Bolt winning the 200-meter title earned a major honor at the World Press Awards. Mark has received awards from the National Press Photographers Association and the Australian Sports Commission, as well as being nominated twice for the prestigious Walkley Awards for journalism and photography.

    Headshot - Commercial Photographers Melbourne

    03 9642 1659

    For some people, photography comes naturally. They don't happen often. For the most part, we need persuasion to smile for a picture, and even then, we frequently frown when we see the outcome. This insight, gained from being on both sides of the camera, led to the establishment of The Melbourne Headshot Company in January 2000.

    Award-winning photographers Andrew and Robyn Campbell decided to adopt a streamlined, professional approach to corporate portraiture that would be painless for clients after witnessing clients struggle through corporate picture sessions for years.

    The goal of Andrew and Robyn was to make their clients' photo sessions enjoyable. In a world of mundane, overused photographic clichés, a startling or memorable portrait provides a competitive edge—not to mention a personal declaration.

    Brabet Photo - Commercial Photographer Melbourne

    0405 196 634

    Skilled Commercial Photographer in Melbourne

    And whether you're selling products or services, a great photo is essential for successful marketing. You'll need eye-catching images that visually explain their features and benefits. With photos, you must capture your customer's attention. Photos are the most efficient way to market and sell your products or services.

    Commercial photography is a collaborative effort. It all starts with the art director's creative vision. The art director requires the services of a photographer who can assist them in realizing their creative vision. Brabet Photo is popular among commercial photographers in Melbourne. Commercial photography requires excellent posing, composition, and lighting. Expert Photoshop compositing and special effects skills are also essential for commercial photography.

    Brabet Photo is Joseph Brabet's Melbourne-based photography studio, with clients in Australia and Japan. Joseph is passionate about photography, retouching, scheduling, management, and customer service.

    Lizzy C Photography - Commercial Photographer Melbourne

    03 9017 1819

    For a diverse spectrum of clients, including corporate employees, consultants, small company owners, writers, authors, musicians, and other creative types, we have generated professional photos for websites, social media, LinkedIn, résumés, and printed promotional materials.

    Lizzy is a well-known photographer in Melbourne. She will make every effort, along with her skilled staff, to put you at ease and make your portrait session a pleasant experience.

    Visit our specialist commercial photography studio, Commercial Focus Photography, for staff portraiture and executive portraits at your office, as well as other corporate and commercial photographic services such as advertising photography, architectural photography, lifestyle, marketing, or event photography.

    Lizzy C Photography is a seasoned Commercial Photographer in Melbourne. Lizzy's photo sessions are relaxed yet professional, resulting in images that present a great impression of you and your company to potential prospects. Lizzy C Photography is a fully recognized member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers.

    Simon James Photography - Commercial Photographer Melbourne

    0417 000 459

    My adaptable photographic style can produce the ideal blend of documentation and creative photography to tell the story you require for your commercial project. I will collaborate with you to create an image library that exceeds expectations, tells your story, and meets your photographic needs.

    Our images are crisp and sharp, displaying all of the details of your product. We can deliver the highest quality images to you with quick turnaround times and local retouching. Don't let poor quality photography let your business down if you want to take your products to the next level of professionalism.

    Simon is also a perfectionist who holds himself and everyone with whom he works to the highest of standards. Simon's work does not cease when he puts down the camera. Whether he is editing photographs, designing wedding books, investing in cutting-edge technology, or supervising the final printing of photographs, he takes a personal interest in ensuring that everything is "just right," since he believes that everyone deserves greatness.

    Portraits R Us - Commercial Photographers Melbourne

    03 8786 7319

    Portraits R Us strives to capture those special moments and create memories that will last a lifetime. Our expert portrait photographers provide a wide range of expert, non-traditional photography services to clients throughout Melbourne.

    Portrait photography entails far more than just pointing a camera. A truly stunning portrait requires the services of a professional photographer with an experienced eye and the ability to put you at ease and relax. We know how to bring out the best in every subject and create portraits that capture the unique beauty of each person.

    The most stunning portrait photography requires perfect lighting conditions, a great backdrop, expert equipment, and the skills of an experienced portrait photographer. That is precisely what our Melbourne photo studio provides.

    Our Malvern studio is purpose-built, with a gallery, design room, and shooting bay. We also have a separate viewing area with a large monitor displaying the high-quality, professional photos taken during your session.

    Marcel Van der Horst Photographer - Commercial Photographer Melbourne

    0409 621 087

    Melbourne Wedding & Commercial Photographer 

    L From food trucks to luxury dining spaces, I've got you covered—total package solutions for dining businesses ranging from premises photography to food and drink. Pricing is competitive, with dedicated experience to match. I can supply CI-compliant imagery for Open Table, Uber, and many other companies.

    If your place of business is what distinguishes you and you want to convey that to your audience, I can provide clear, well-lit, and precise imagery that screams 'come visit me.' Photographing spaces necessitates a distinct skill set in both capture and editing, as well as the use of specialized equipment. When you see me at work, you'll understand what I mean.

    Are you starting a new business or product line? Personal branding is essential for success whether you are selling yourself or a product or service. This is accomplished through the use of content photography that speaks to your target audience. Businesses with a clear vision for their web strategy will triumph.

    Freelance Photographer Melbourne - Commercial Photographers

    03 8804 1383

    My commercial and corporate photography services include excellent photos of your business, personnel, employees, corporate portraits, and more. Advertisements, brochures, catalogs, and websites can all use these photos. I cater to numerous industries and styles, as evidenced by my Corporate & Commercial folio.

    Hello, my name is Stav Sakellaris. As you may have guessed if you've read thus far, I'm a professional photographer situated in Melbourne with a convenient studio in Collingwood. My specialties are in the commercial and corporate sectors, but as you can see from my folio, I like to mix it up.

    To give you some context, when I was 13, my brother gave me an SLR camera, and I've been snapping away ever since. I was trained in the days of chemical-laden dark rooms, when a photographer required intense but firm patience while waiting for their vision to emerge. Sure, computer processing isn't as romantic, but I won't miss those fumes... In recent years, I have also gained experience in the field of cinematography. That work can be seen here.

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