20+ Best Cake Shops in Melbourne, Victoria (2024)

No birthday party, wedding celebration, or anniversary would be complete without a celebration cake to share with guests. Not only is the cake a tasty dessert that comes in a huge variety of flavours and styles, but it also continues a historical tradition of honouring important occasions with a delicious dessert.

If you are looking for the best cake shops in Melbourne, Victoria, then this post is just what you are looking for. We’ve done a thorough search and found the best places to get your next birthday cake from.  

These shops range from high-end bakeries to local mom-and-pop shops, so no matter what your budget or tastes, there is sure to be a perfect place for you! So without further ado, here are my top picks:

Melbourne’s Best Cake Shops

Vanilla Lounge - Cake Shop Melbourne


03 9568 3358

Welcome to Eaton Mall, a hidden gem located in the heart of multicultural Oakleigh.

Amongst the hustle and bustle of this amazing hub is Vanilla Lounge. In August 2008, we opened our doors and our hearts to the community and everyone gave their love back. Being a coffee and dining lounge, Vanilla has something for everyone. It is a family place, a meeting place, a place where you can come and experience a unique European vibe right here in Melbourne.

The family behind Vanilla have been innovators and pioneers in the hospitality industry for over 45 years. With the opening of Vanilla Lounge,  saw a new dining culture emerge. What is particularly exciting for Melbourne is that it now boasts another leading patisserie that truly celebrates the greatest qualities of its cosmopolitan heritage. Vanilla was praised as one of the Top 10 Patisseries in The Age Good Café Guide 2012. 

We are committed to enhancing our patron’s experience by providing our boutique coffee brand, Dukes, our extraordinary music acts on Thursday nights, our extensive menu made with local and fresh ingredients and without preservatives or additives, our world-class standard of cakes and biscuits and our latest venture, Vanilla Upstairs which has amazing pan-Mediterranean cuisine and invites people to come together and share in the simple pleasures.

“Calling the crowds that gather in Eaton Mall, Vanilla Lounge in is a popular family-run venue specialising in Mediterranean fare and mouth-watering cakes. Boasting a large alfresco area to observe the shoppers in action, this ever-bustling venue is well renowned for its generous community spirit and warm welcome.

With an extensive selection of Mediterranean and Greek fare on offer, Vanilla Lounge dishes out an array of delicious options like warm pan-fried sweet chilli calamari with homemade dressing, as well as lamb souvlaki with salad, chips, tzatziki and pita bread.

For those looking to linger, pair a choice from the well-crafted wine list with the meat platter for two, or indulge with one of Vanilla Lounge’s specialty desserts, made daily on-site by talented pastry chefs.”

Australian Good Food and Travel Guide

Baked daily with the finest ingredients

Our sweet treats are made on-site with the best ingredients, from traditional Greek biscuits and specialties to popular classics, signature treats, whole cakes, and celebration cakes. We invite you to browse the galleries below. You can enjoy our cakes at Vanilla, or you can purchase them over the counter take away – the perfect treat when you visit family and friends or even at work! If you are after a celebration cake, our experienced cake consultants will be thrilled to help.

Sophisticakes - Cake Shop Melbourne


0422 504 059

My name is Sarah, and I'm the head baker at Sophisticakes of Melbourne. My passion is to build delectable custom-designed cakes, cupcakes, macaroons, and other sweet delights for private and corporate special events. I've got your cake needs covered, whether it's a birthday, engagement, wedding, baby shower, or simply a treat for yourself! I will walk you through every stage of your event's dessert journey to ensure that the perfect cake is produced for you and that all of your cake fantasies come true!

How we differ from other cake makers... We specialize in little cupcakes, but we also make huge cakes, cookies, and other baked delicacies to fit any theme or event. Wholesale and business orders are also welcome. We "usually" attend the Arts Centre Market on St Kilda Road in Melbourne every Sunday, but we are now unable to do so because to COVID-19.

* We also used to go to other marketplaces every now and then. Wholesale orders account for a significant portion of our business, and we are delighted to sell cakes and other delectable treats to cafés, restaurants, and caterers (on demand). We presently service over 15 cafés throughout Melbourne, as well as the bayside and eastern suburbs. We now accept wholesale orders from all throughout the country, including Queensland, Perth, and Sydney.

Piece Of Cake Bakery - Cake Shop Melbourne


0432 304 421

All of our cakes are available in round sizes of 8, 9, and 11 inches; however, other sizes in square or rectangle forms are available upon request. Orders can be placed on our answering service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please, however, make your order as soon as possible to avoid any potential scarcity on our part.

Payment by credit card is accepted and must be completed before the cake can be picked up. Please send payment card information via email, phone, or mail for processing. If you pick up directly from the shop, there will be no additional charge: 2 b Macrina Street East (off Ferntree Gully Road)

Miss Penny Cakes - Cake Shop Melbourne


(03) 8383 9178

I've always enjoyed baking since I was a child. I've always found myself in the kitchen for as long as I can remember. I never got to pursue my passion for baking after many years of working in the family business. Baking was an after-hours hobby in which I baked for everyone- anytime there was a party, I was baking, preparing all the cakes and deserts. After many years of preparing cakes for everyone, I earned the nickname "Penny Cakes" among family and friends (hence where I got my name from).

Having children altered my life, and with these nieces and nephews, as well as all of the festivities that followed, it was the ideal occasion to practice my cake skills. As a perfectionist, I wanted to make each cake I created for them better than the one before.

Before I knew it, I was being asked to prepare cakes for special occasions by friends, then friends of friends. I'm busier than ever now, managing my kids and my baking, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Because I am of Greek descent, I have always been surrounded by delectable cakes. I'm constantly eager to experiment with new recipes and perfect whatever I make. I'm passionate about it, and I enjoy learning something new every day.

All of my cakes are handcrafted with a lot of love, the best ingredients, and occasionally tears. I adore being a part of people's joyous occasions and seeing the expressions on their faces when their cake arrives, especially on the faces of children. I attempt to make each cake unique for each person and their preferences. I also enjoy baking with a Greek flair.

Kye’s Cakes - Cake Shop Melbourne


Our social media and website will be updated once a reopening date has been determined. Edible art that is handcrafted to order and tastes as good as it looks. Kye can produce spectacular personalized embellishments on cakes and pastries using equipment such as 3D printers and a CO2 laser cutter in a fraction of the time that standard cake decorating methods can take.

That means you'll get a magnificent and premium one-of-a-kind cake for less than the price of a conventional bakery's custom-ordered cake. Fill out our contact form immediately for a free estimate or to explore your options! Kye's enthusiasm for making sweets pushed him to leave his IT job to learn patisserie and work in a boutique cake shop to gain real-world experience.

Kye is now able to provide you with cheap, magnificent works of edible art that taste just as good as they look. Kye can produce spectacular personalized embellishments on cakes and pastries using equipment such as 3D printers and a CO2 laser cutter in a fraction of the time that standard cake decorating methods can take. That means you'll get a magnificent and premium one-of-a-kind cake for less than the price of a conventional bakery's custom-ordered cake.

Dolce Vita - Cake Shop Melbourne


03 9354 0075

We specialize in, but are not limited to, creating a variety of delectable desserts for special occasions, such as slices, muffins, friands, fruit breads, and cake loaves for the food service business. We are convinced that you will find what you are searching for in our selection, whether it is major catering and functions, medium to small-sized cafes, or sweets for your own personal enjoyment.

The Dolce Vita family is always working hard to provide you the most exquisite and delectable sweets on offer, tucked away amid the quirky hustle and bustle of central Melbourne. Our whole product line is baked on-site from scratch utilizing only the highest quality ingredients. Come taste the Dolce Vita "Sweet Life" temptation.

Dolce Vita takes pride in crafting delightful desserts that will gratify the taste buds of individuals from all walks of life. We specialize in, but are not limited to, producing a variety of delectable desserts for special occasions, such as slices, muffins, friands, fruit breads, and cake loaves for the food service business. We are convinced that you will find what you are searching for in our selection, whether it is major catering and functions, medium to small-sized cafes, or sweets for your own personal enjoyment.

Monarch Cakes - Cake Shop Melbourne


(03) 9534 2971

For almost 80 years, Monarch Cakes been baked from the same recipes. Many of the recipes were imported to Australia from the original shop in Poland and have been utilized ever since. A cake was traditionally created using fresh, raw ingredients such as butter, flour, eggs, and sugar. Many people today have given up that old-fashioned flavor in order to bake more quickly and cheaply. Monarch Cakes would never consider doing something like that!

We bake the same way our grandparents did, using only natural ingredients. We always use the finest butter and sugar in our cakes, and we never use substitutions or premixes. This is noticeable in the taste of the cakes. The majority of the recipes are from Eastern Europe: Austria, Poland, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, and a few more contemporary French renditions.

Our Polish Cheesecake has been created the same manner since the early 1920s and is listed as one of the four finest things to do in Melbourne by a prominent Asian travel guide! Monarch's famed Chocolate Kooglhoupf may be difficult to pronounce for some, but it is universally adored by all who try it. A cult following of stylish St Kilda locals devours the counter tray of Chocolate Kooglhoupf on a regular basis.

Atomic Cakes - Cake Shop Melbourne


(03) 9528 3520

Nothing screams "I love you" like a cake made to look like a stack of squishy blueberry pancakes for the sweet tooth in your life, right? That's the kind of one-of-a-kind, customized, sculpted cakes you'll discover at Atomic Cakes, the invention of Gavin Walker (ex-Cake Palette in Albert Park), a man as distinctive as his cakes. They've set up a stunning mid-century cake studio with his partner Sophia, complete with a vintage TV and retro lounge where you can sit and peruse the 'How can that be a cake?' All cakes are layered with a luscious chocolate or white chocolate ganache filling.

Muffin Break - Cake Shop Melbourne


03 9569 0044

Nothing compares freshly baked goods or coffee brewed from the finest beans. That's why each Muffin Break has its own kitchen, where we bake throughout the day to ensure that everything we serve is as wonderful as it can be. Muffin Break has always been about being innovative. We work hard to carefully select and obtain the finest coffee beans and components, giving you even more incentive to relish every last bite and drop.

In all of our locations, we bake everyday and grind your coffee to order. Our kitchens may be small, but they are perfectly built, allowing us to hand make all of your favorites as well as something a little extra every day. Our bakers start working at 4 a.m. every day, making sure freshly baked muffins are out of the oven when you arrive, as well as preparing other savory treats like our signature bacon and egg roll and famous homemade carrot cake.

We are a family-owned and operated company. Each of our restaurants is locally owned and run by franchisees who are proud of the communities they serve and want nothing more than to see you leave happy.

Dolce Fantasia - Cake Shop Melbourne  


03 9562 6744

We want you to feel at ease when you visit our shop. To savor a lovely cup of coffee with a slice of cake. A flavor you haven't had in years can bring you back in time to a certain memory. To have faith that we will always put our connection first and never try to upsell you. Because nothing matters more to us than our consumers.


Dolce offers a variety of lovely cakes that are baked daily on-site using excellent ingredients and are available for purchase in-store. We provide a wide variety of specialty cakes for various occasions. Our offering includes "custom" cakes to help you commemorate key life events. Or try one of our "signature" cakes that will keep you coming back for more, or just something "petite" that will satisfy your sweet tooth.


Coffee is the reason we get up in the morning. Nothing beats curling our hands around a hot cup of tea, smelling that irresistible aroma, and indulging in something delicious. We take our coffee seriously and are ready and brewing for you whether you need an espresso or a macchiato, a café latte or simply a flat white. Circi, our coffee partner, brews some of the best beans and supplies us with our own house mix.

MCakes - Cake Shop Melbourne


0411 016 984 

MCakes is a Melbourne-based cake company that specializes in producing delectable cakes for everyday and special occasions. Our delectable cakes are custom-made to your specifications. Each cake is baked from scratch with the freshest ingredients available. As a result, you may expect a cake that not only looks great but also tastes great.

We will work with you to create a beautiful finishing touch for your big day, whether you have a cake design in mind or would like some suggestions for that ideal masterpiece.

Floriana Cakes - Cake Shop Melbourne


03 9543 1639

Cakes for Weddings and Special Occasions For over 30 years, we have been creating and designing high-quality cakes. Allow us to be a part of your next event and sample our delectable cakes. Our flavors and fillings are endless, including Continental, Choc Mud, White Mud, Red Velvet, Jam & Fresh Cream, Black Forest, Tiramisu, Bacio, Mars, Puff Pastry, Choc Mousse, Gelati, Cheesecakes, and Buttercake. Cannoli, Profiteroles, and other Baby Cakes are also available. We are open 7 days a week and bake fresh.

The Cupcake Queens - Cake Shop Melbourne



We are a family-owned and run business that has continuously been named as one of Melbourne's top places for exceptional cupcakes, coffee, and in-store customer service. We uphold the highest standards in meeting our clients' expectations for high-quality products and excellent customer service.

We are a family-owned and run business that has continuously been named as one of Melbourne's top places for exceptional cupcakes, coffee, and in-store customer service. We uphold the highest standards in meeting our clients' expectations for high-quality products and excellent customer service.

Wiltons - Cake Shop Melbourne 


(03) 9706 2263

Wiltons are wholesalers with a difference; creators of handcrafted cookies, slices, and cakes made from real ingredients, servicing over 400 cafes and distributors around Australia. Wiltons is a family-owned Australian company that has been selling quality cookies, cakes, shortbreads, and slices to over 400 businesses for over ten years.

Creative Cake Art - Cake Shop Melbourne


0423 018 911

Sarah grew up in London and studied 3D illustration. She originally became interested in cake sculpting while working at a children's art center after seeing (and tasting) the children's cakes during birthday parties held there.

Over the years, Sarah has designed hundreds of cakes for weddings, birthdays, special occasions, and countless corporate events. She has won awards for her cake designs.

She closed the shop in 2012 to focus on motherhood and began working from home on a reduced scale.

Joy - Cake Shop Melbourne


03 9650 5150

We produce all of our cake batters, buttercreams, and fillings in-house using the finest ingredients, and we bake our cakes and cupcakes fresh every morning.

Our aesthetic is simple, and our flavors are complex, with standouts such as Baklava, Pavlova, and our famous Strawberry Shortcake, tinted a soft pink with fresh strawberries. At JOY, we don't cut corners, including generating our own natural coloring for the iconic Red Velvet cake out of beetroot, fruits, and flowers.

We want everyone to have a little JOY, and we take pride in our allergy-friendly menu selections, which include nut-free, gluten-free, and vegan cakes. JOY's pastry chefs and founders are constantly trying to develop new goods and flavors for the seasons and special occasions. JOY's special touch has resulted in our cakes and iconic Box of Six becoming a favourite gift for many occasions.

Melbourne Bakehouse - Cake Shop Melbourne


03 9646 0893

Melbourne Quality Cakes

A gathering without cake is merely a meeting! Order a cake for your next event, whether it's a birthday cake, engagement cake, wedding cake, or celebration cake - we've got you covered, with frosting of course! We produce cakes to order and bake to your specifications, so if you have a specific cake in mind, we can make it.

Choose from our selection below, or call us immediately to plan your personal cake. A short walk from Port Melbourne beaches, which are located just outside of Melbourne's central business district. Come in for coffee, cake, lunch, or just to say hello. We'd be delighted to welcome you!

Miss Ladybird Cakes - Cake Shop Melbourne


03 95788486

Miss Ladybird Cakes is all about having a gorgeous cake for your event that both looks and tastes delicious! We take satisfaction in offering a wide variety of event cakes, whether for a small private gathering, a family birthday, or a major wedding. Miss Ladybird Cakes has launched a lovely cake business in Elsternwick, lovingly known as The Little Shop.

Miss Ladybird Cakes' new retail location is this lovely cake shop and café. We have a large assortment of our most popular cakes, cupcakes, and sweets. Stop in for some of our delectable cakes and a cup of coffee to go! Miss Ladybird Cakes seeks to develop something that is both beautiful to look at and wonderful to taste, with over 12 years of experience in designing gorgeous cakes. Please contact us if you have any questions about our catering, dessert, or creative cake services.

"I've spent my time producing stuff since I can remember," Gina says (aka Miss Ladybird). My mother patiently taught me as a child how to make beautiful things out of nothing. Our room was always crammed with souvenirs, paintings, and objects fashioned from everything we could find. Living in the country was a fantastic source of inspiration.

This immediately led me to the kitchen, where making sweets became second nature, taking most of my weekends until I was 15 and working at the local bakery. I subsequently continued my education as a trained chef, working in award-winning restaurants in my home nation of New Zealand. Fellow chefs' stories about London, Edinburgh, and Melbourne prompted me to travel.

The French Lettuce - Cake Shop Melbourne


03 9347 7106

The French Lettuce is a Melbourne Patisserie that has been in business for for 35 years. We devote our time and effort to providing Modern Australian Patisserie goods of the best possible quality. The French Lettuce is a family-run business that specializes in classic and contemporary Australian patisserie and pastry items.

Since the early 2000s, the Brown Family has been introducing its idea of genuine customer interactions and an honest approach to food manufacturing, which is based primarily on its 170-year family heritage of bakery business operations in Victoria. The Age, Herald Sun, and Channel 9 Australia have all given their work high praise. The French Lettuce is committed to giving you an outstanding customer experience, from your initial purchase of a local Vanilla Slice to your engagement cake, wedding cake, and beyond.

Danny’s Pastries - Cake Shop Melbourne


03 9569 8791


Please visit our FAQ Page if you have any questions about Pick Up or Delivery, as well as the additional safety measures we are doing during the Covid 19 Lockdown Restrictions. To ensure minimal contact, we ask that your orders be placed and paid for online for minimum next day pick up or delivery. Please keep in mind that we are not a retail business. All of our products are produced to order and are not available to the general public that walks in off the street. During this trying moment, we wish you, your family, and our country good health, faith, and patience. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU XX

Sweetcheeks Cookies and Cakes - Cake Shop Melbourne


0425 207 307

Danielle is a third-generation cake decorator based in Langwarrin in Melbourne's South East. She inherited her Mother and Grandmother's quest for excellence and has years of experience in producing uniquely designed custom cakes, cookies, and cupcake favours for all occasions.

Danielle takes tremendous delight and pleasure in making personalized sugar art that not only looks wonderful but also tastes fantastic. With a vast choice of flavors and fillings (as well as the possibility to build your own! ), there's something for everyone.

Cookies and Cakes by Sweetcheeks While we specialize in Corporate Branded Logo Cookies and Wedding Cookies and Cakes, there are also Birthdays, Baby Showers, Christenings, Work Functions, Product Launches, and just about any other cause for one of Danielle's sweet delights!

Our gorgeous custom crafted cookies may be transported all throughout Australia, and we deliver our custom cakes throughout Melbourne! (And we've been doing it for over a decade!) Sweetcheeks strongly supports same-sex marriage and is overjoyed that it is now legal to marry your loved one! We would love to design your Wedding Cake and Wedding Cookie Favors!

Gula Gula Cakes - Cake Shop Melbourne


Are you not in Melbourne? Not to worry. You may have your order delivered to a friend, family member, or loved one in Melbourne from almost anywhere in the world. More information can be found by clicking here. Kaya and Pineapple Tart are two completely new flavors that are our take on classic favorites. We are a boutique bakehouse that specializes in on-demand, made-to-order cakes and snacks for all occasions. We are a 100% Australian company run by Melburnians for Melburnians. "Connecting legacy with contemporary cake culture" is our motto, and that is what prompted us to start this brand from scratch. Click on the links below to learn more about the brand and the journey that led us to where we are now.

The brand's vision evolved organically as the concepts and ideas evolved. Gula Gula has now grown into something that essentially honors every food art form produced. The creators have always believed that these masterpieces were not created solely to delight taste senses; the workmanship and professionalism that goes into each and every product and service should eventually leave much to be admired and desired.

Laurent - Cake Shop Melbourne


03 9568 8799

We are nothing without quality in our lives. As a customer, this means you can return time and time again and expect the same high quality in our meals, whether it's an old favorite or a new discovery. All of our bakeries have the same level of professionalism, warmth, and friendliness.

For us, innovation is a way of seeing the world, of getting up each day with a restless desire to improve while being loyal to taste and integrity. For you, our clients, this means we want to introduce you to new flavors and specialties in the world of French artisan baking.

Cake Creations by Kate - Cake Shop Melbourne


03 9395 9657

I baked as a hobby for many years. My Grandma Joan inspired my passion of baking and all things artistic. She taught me everything I know about baking and how to make the best birthday cakes! Grandma Joan was a natural in the kitchen, with a drive to create all things delicious and a preference for the handcrafted approach of baking. I discovered her secret sponge cake recipe, as well as other secrets that inspired my excellent cheesecake cups.

I enjoy baking and having the ability to make freshly baked sweets on a daily basis. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have collaborations with numerous corporate and wholesale clients, including Bank of Melbourne, Crown Casino, Myer, NAB, Optus, Telstra, and many others. I am excited about the ability to share my experiences through my social networks. Please contact me if you need help locating your fantasy cake, small cupcakes, macarons, biscuits, corporate delights, or wedding cake!

Nikos Cakes - Cake Shop Melbourne


03 9569 6333

We encourage you to join us for a coffee and a look around our showroom, which is housed above our busy cafe. If you can imagine it, we can make it happen!

For An Angel Cake Shop Melbourne


+61 3 9570 8009

Custom celebration cakes and pastries are a specialty of For An Angel Cake. Each of our designs is manufactured professionally and with great attention to detail to produce a really one-of-a-kind work of art. Please keep in mind that we are based in Melbourne (previously based in Singapore).

Hello! My name is Rifera, and I consider myself extremely blessed to be able to make others smile with something I created entirely by hand! This little little brings me so much joy and warms my heart! I started my cake business in Singapore in 2012, and since then, I've been pursuing professional courses in Patisserie, Cake Decorating, and other courses that help with my cake business, such as Clay Sculpting, Painting, and Floristry.

As a recognized business with a registered kitchen, I constantly endeavor to ensure that every item you receive is produced with the greatest quality product, with attention to detail, and, of course, with love!


How long does a cake stay fresh?

A cake will only stay fresh for up to three or four days before the moisture is drawn out and the texture becomes drier. A cake can last in a fridge for a little bit longer if it has been frosted as the frosting keeps the moisture in the sponge. 

To keep its shape, put the cake in the fridge for 30 minutes in an airlock container or loosely cover to allow the icing to set. Then cover well in plastic wrap and put back it in an airlock container in the fridge.

Why is my cake texture gummy?

You want your batter to be well combined, but if your hand mixer or stand mixer is on too high, not only will your ingredients start to heat up, but it will mix too quickly, even ‘over mix’ your dough, which will give your cake that rough, gummy texture.

How can I tell if my cake is properly done?

Prick the cake with a wooden skewer. If it comes out with cakey bits still on it, the cake needs more time in the oven. Check back again and repeat in the net for 4 – 5 minutes.

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