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10+ Best Brewery & Distillery in Mornington Peninsula

Brewery & Distillery will find out how beer and spirits are made. There is also a tasting room where visitors can sample products. Made with a focus on quality, the Brewery & Distillery offers something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a place to learn about beer and spirits, or just want to have some fun, the Brewery & Distillery is the perfect place for you!

There are now breweries and distilleries popping up all over the place. And, I’m not just talking about your big cities. Even small towns are getting in on the action. what does this mean for you? Well, it means that there is probably one close to you that you can visit for a tour, taste some of their products, and learn more about how they make their drinks. So, if you’re looking for something fun and interesting to do on a weekend (or any day), then check out your local brewery or distillery! You won’t be disappointed.

Ultimate List Of Best Brewery & Distillery in Mornington Peninsula

Tar Barrel Brewery & Distillery Mornington & Mount Eliza

Tar Barrel Brewery & Distillery Mornington & Mount Eliza



Tar Barrel is a well-known corner in Red Hill and is named by road builders storing tar barrels during road building on the Mornington Peninsula.

TAR BARREL Brewery & Distillery has seen Matt Bebe and Andrew Gow reunite to continue producing award-winning craft beers at 72 Watt Road Mornington, the original home of Mornington Peninsula Brewery. And now, the introduction of a whiskey and gin distillery has widened their ability to offer more crafted taste experiences. The new Tar Bar will also maintain its belief in being ‘local’ and using ‘local’, having core and specialty beers on tap to enjoy alongside the famous wood-fired pizzas. Local wines and spirits ensure all are catered for. A destination not to be missed.

Brewery & Distillery Experience

Experience a behind the scenes tour of the inner workings of our brewery & distillery as we take you on a journey from ‘grain to glass. Learn how I make the different beers and spirits as you are introduced to grains/malts, hops & barrels. Finishing off with a Taste of our gin, vodka, whiskey and beer, with an opportunity to purchase our products with a 10% discount.

Our EXPERIENCE TOUR is $45 and runs for approximately 45min with a maximum group size of 10 every Saturday except Public Holidays.

Tasting Paddles

Beer Tasting Paddle 4 x 150ml ($18)

A tasting paddle is a perfect way to start your beer journey at Tar Bar. You can pick from four (4) of our tap beers – core or specialty. And the best thing is that your favourite beer is available in a pot (285ml), schooner (425ml) or pint (570ml) for you to enjoy once you have finished the paddle.

Australian Whiskey Tasting 3 x 15ml ($20)

We have carefully sourced a limited range of Australian Whiskey for you to choose from. The styles vary from Rye Whiskey’s (51%+ Rye grain) to numerous grain bills, including Rye, Corn, Wheat and Barley.

Single-Malt Whisky Tastings 3 x 15ml ($20 standard or $25 premium)

There are two (2) options for you – the standard or the premium tasting. The premium is ideal for those more seasoned whiskey drinkers. The Whiskey comes from Mornington Peninsula’s only single-malt distillery, Chiefs Son – based in Somerville.

Gin Tasting Paddle 3 x 15ml ($20)

The beauty of the gin tasting paddle is that you get to choose three (3) of our local gins, pick your mixer (tonic, soda) and select the garnishes, then combine to make up your taste sensations. 


Committed to local all our wine is sourced from the Mornington Peninsula region. You can select from the Crittenden Estate Wine range or other Wineries from the area.

Mock Red Hill Brewery & Distillery Mornington & Mount Eliza

Mock Red Hill Brewery & Distillery Mornington & Mount Eliza


Mock Red Hill

Located in the Hinterland of the Mornington Peninsula, is a well-established, 5th generation, certified Bio-Dynamic apple orchard and processing facility. The family-owned and operated orchard has been producing high quality, Bio-dynamic (enhanced organic) fresh fruit, apple juice, apple ciders and apple cider vinegar for the local region and beyond for many years.

The family continues to nurture and nourish the Demeter-certified orchard, creating a unique range of Bio-dynamic products, inviting the public to visit their Farmgate Store and Cider Lounge.

Our Family

In 1895, the Mock family planted their first orchard just outside Melbourne. Five generations later, they continue to grow apples in the picturesque hinterland of Red Hill, Victoria. The Mock family became pioneers within the Bio-Dynamic movement in Australia when their orchard was first certified in 1974. Today the family continues to nurture and nourish the same certified orchard, creating a unique range of bio-dynamic products including their craft apple ciders, sparkling and cloudy juices, Demeter Bio-Dynamic certified fresh produce and freeze dried fruit snacks.

It is the fifth generation of Mock sisters - Mardi-Claire, Demeter & Sheryn, who have created an interactive tourism experience on the farm, welcoming the public to visit their Farm-gate and Cider Lounge to indulge in their tasty beverage range, a share-plate style lunch or even a picnic in the orchard.

There are currently 4 generations of Mock's living on the family farm and can be seen working in the field, packing shed, Farm-gate, Cider Lounge and are always up for a chat to discuss the family history and what's happening around the farm.

Our Apples

The core focus at Mock Orchards lies in tending to our A-grade apple varieties growing in the orchard. Being certified Bio-dynamic, produce has been grown and to the Australian National Standards of Bio-Dynamic Farming. We are certified by the Bio-Dynamic Research Institute ensuring use of environmentally friendly, ecologically safe, biological methods to activate and nurture the soil, plants and animals within natures organisation, without the use of artificial or synthetic chemicals, fertilisers, genetically modified organisms or any unnecessary additives.

The Mock family have been growing apples for 5 generations. Walter Charles and Wilma Elizabeth Mock moved the family to the well-known apple growing area of Red Hill in 1960 and converted to the Demeter Bio-Dynamic Farming Method in the 70's.

Today our orchardist is Neville Mock (pictured), Wally and Wilma's 4th Son, Neville completed an apprenticeship in fruit growing with his father back in 1981, on completion of his studies, Neville achieved the award for “Outstanding Apprentice” from the Industrial Training Commission of Victoria and later he went on to win Victorias “Farm Entrepreneur of the year” in 1999.

Our Ciders

At Mock Red Hill, we produce modern, new world style craft ciders from our single Orchard at Red Hill, Victoria, with only one batch of each variety made per year. All our ciders are produced using a belt press and contain no added sugars, colours or flavours. We also produce a range of fresh non-alcoholic beverages. All of our Ciders and Juice are Demeter Certified Bio-Dynamic and are made from 100% fresh fruit grown on our farm. Mock Red Hill are members of Cider Australia and our ciders have been approved to carry the 100% AUSTRALIAN GROWN TRUST MARK. Our products also carry the Authentic Provenance Trademark "MPP" - Mornington Peninsula Produce. The MPP Certified Trade Mark is a guarantee of provenance, giving consumers confidence in supporting their local farmers.

The Ninch Brewery & Distillery Mornington & Mount Eliza

The Ninch Brewery & Distillery Mornington & Mount Eliza

Helping The Mornington Peninsula.

We live in Mornington. It's a bayside town on the Mornington Peninsula. The best place. To the locals, it's often called 'the Ninch' as in Pe-nin-sula... There's always something happening, always something to check out and a new place for coffee.

One weekend, we were lost on what to do. And that's pretty much how The Ninch was born. A local guide to the Mornington Peninsula. Sorry city slickers, the locals really do know the best places to go, the places off the beaten track and the places you want to spend your time.

The Ninch has been a personal passion of ours for a number of years. We just love the Peninsula, and the people who call this place home. We decided to take it upon ourselves to do something to help this place and its people thrive, grow and get noticed. There's not much more you'd want from a place when you're considering where to live, it's pretty darn amazing.

However, despite all that's going on for good, there's still a hidden yet present undercurrent of poverty, disadvantage and depression. Something that's breaks our hearts. If The Ninch could do anything, we'd love it to impact the people of our community for good. All of them. Why couldn't the Mornington Peninsula be a place where everyone has enough food to eat, a place to put their feet up and enough money to visit that beautiful winery.

In our minds, that starts in grassroots where business has a large part to play. So that's what we're doing. Helping businesses, help people.

And to all our helpers, friends and contributors, we couldn't have done it without. I love that this has been built by people for people. So enjoy it.


We're working our way across the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, meeting with business owners, passionate entrepreneurs and incredible locals. We love hearing all of the stories and dreams that have come from and are being birthed in this place.

The Ninch retains editorial freedom to choose who we want on the platform. That means we're not going to feature every single business, unless every single business is amazing, adding to the culture and story of this place.

If you think you and your business have a interesting point of view, are something the people need to know about, submit the form and let's get rolling.

We'll take your info down, and from there we'll shoot you information around what's covered.

St Andrews Beach Brewery & Distillery Mornington & Mount Eliza

St Andrews Beach Brewery & Distillery Mornington & Mount Eliza


Our Story

The history runs deep in all that we do.

The story of St Andrews Beach Brewery dates back to the early 2000’s, when our Co-founder Andrew Purchase built the racetrack on the property for the royal family of Australian horse racing – the Freedman Brothers.

When the property became available in 2015, Andrew and Michael Freedman saw an opportunity that was too good to miss. With the infrastructure in place and with a story like no other, Andrew, Michael and their passionate team of co-owners set about turning the former stables into a truly unique brewery.

After 12 months of construction, the stable doors opened to the public in December 2017 and the beers have not stop pouring since.

Our Home

St Andrews Beach Brewery is situated on a 92-acre property formally known as ‘Markdel’. In the mid-2000’s, the property housed up to 80 thoroughbred horses and boasted its very own grassed race track. Over 100 group one winners called the stables home, including multiple Melbourne Cup, Caulfield Cup, Cox Plate and Golden Slipper champions – Makybe Diva, Mummify and Alinghi.

Our Brewery

Our brewery is underpinned by the philosophy to brew the finest beer on the Mornington Peninsula. Every drop of beer is brewed and packaged on-site in our state-of-the-art brewhouse and canning line using the finest hops, malt and local artesian water. Next time you’re at the stables, you’ll see our beautiful Italian brewhouse and passionate team of brewers on display for you all to see. It doesn’t get any fresher than that.

JimmyRum Brewery & Distillery Mornington & Mount Eliza

JimmyRum Brewery & Distillery Mornington & Mount Eliza

(03) 59873338

About Jimmyrum

We are the first dedicated craft rum distillery in Victoria. We are on a mission to show you what rum can be with our Australian crafted distinctive and delicious rums. We think rum has been misunderstood for far too long and we want to share with you how diverse, unique, and exciting rum can be.


It’s what we do, what we love, and what we’re all about. Without rum, there’s no JimmyRum — technically, there’d only be ‘Jimmy’!


JimmyRum is founded on a deep and genuine respect for the community. We respect ourselves, our craft, our customers, our industry and our environment.


Life is bloody hectic. We believe taking a moment to laugh, lighten the heart and lift the soul is essential — even better if you can do it with a rum in hand!

The Idea Stuck

So What Ya Gonna Do When This Finishes Up?

A 20 year career at sea as a marine engineer was coming to an end. I started a ridiculous rumour of opening a rum distillery. The idea started to grow and before I knew it I was on a trip to North America, the Caribbean and Europe to do some deep and thorough research on craft distilling (it was a tough trip!). Arriving home, well and truly bitten by the craft spirits industry, I was inspired by the incredible passion the distillers had for their product and the craft.

So there you have it. Who’d have thought that a throwaway line would come true? What started as a ridiculous rumour is now JimmyRum—a passion project to distil premium craft Australian rum. Join us for the journey!

Our Rum

While our primary goal is to produce amazing rums that warm the soul, we’d love to educate as many of you as we can about the beauty and distinctiveness of rum styles from around the world. We will be producing a wide variety of rum—dark, light, spiced, agricole, and cachaça.

Why do we have to wait two years for our ‘cane spirit’ to be called ‘Rum’? Australia, like many other countries around the world have regulations to protect the quality of ‘Rum’ sold in the country. We cannot label any of our product as ‘Rum’ until it has spent at least two years ageing in an oak barrel (where it will be well spoken to, loved and caressed regularly to ensure it grows up positive and happy).

Elevate Brewery & Distillery Mornington & Mount Eliza

Elevate Brewery & Distillery Mornington & Mount Eliza


Welcome To Elevate

Here at Elevate it is all about you and taking your winery tour experience to another level. We specialise in private winery tours of all occasions for groups up to 11 people. Sit back and relax while you’re guided through the beautiful surrounds of the Mornington Peninsula wine region in Victoria. Enjoy a Mornington Peninsula winery tour where you’ll visit some of Victoria’s best wineries. In addition to wine tours you can also choose from craft breweries, bespoke distilleries, strawberry farms, artisan cheese makers, hand crafted chocolate makers and more.

Travel In Luxury

Tour the wine region in comfort and style. We have two very ultra comfortable vehicles for you to choose from. A Mercedes-Benz Sprinter that can seat up to 11 guests or a Volkswagen Multivan which seats up to 6 guests. Both vehicles fitted out with an executive feel and designed to be spacious and comfortable to spend the day in.

To learn more about the vehicles and their features, simply click the images beneath.


The Mornington Peninsula wine region is only a short drive away from the city, taking just 60 minutes from Melbourne CBD. Located in the south east part of Victoria and set between two bays – Port Phillip bay and Western Port bay. We cover all the Mornington Peninsula winery region including suburbs such as: Mornington, Mount Eliza, Dromana, Tuerong, Moorooduc, Balnarring, Red Hill, Main Ridge, Merricks, Shoreham, Rosebud,  Fingal, Arthurs Seat  and more.

Mornington Peninsula Wine Tours

 Enjoy a Mornington Peninsula wine tour where you’ll visit some of Victoria’s best wineries. In addition to wine tours you can also choose from craft breweries, bespoke distilleries, strawberry farms, artisan cheese makers, hand crafted chocolate makers and more.

All this and more is only a short drive away from the city, taking just 60 minutes from Melbourne CBD. Located in the south east part of Victoria and set between two bays – Port Phillip Bay and Western Port Bay. We cover all the wine region including suburbs such as: Mornington, Mount Eliza, Dromana, Tuerong, Moorooduc, Balnarring, Red Hill, Main Ridge, Merricks, Shoreham, Rosebud, Fingal and more.

Bass and Flinders Brewery Distillery Mornington & Mount Eliza

Bass and Flinders Brewery Distillery Mornington & Mount Eliza


About Bass & Flinders

The Story

Bass and Flinders Distillery was founded in 2009 on the Mornington Peninsula with a passion for adventure and a desire to create a range of high quality, artisanal gins brandies and liqueurs, that truly reflect our home and heritage. 

Proudly the first distillery on the Mornington Peninsula, our original inspiration was drawn from a love of classic brandies produced in France.  Using many of the same traditional production techniques, we set out to produce a premium aged spirit, our Ochre brandy, that proves just how good Australian brandy can be. Our location in the wine growing region of the Mornington Peninsula provided the perfect setting to pursue our dream.

Second Generation

Following in the footsteps of her founder father Wayne, Holly took over as Head Distiller and Managing director of the distillery in 2016, becoming one of a very select group of second-generation distillers in Australia. As a family-owned distillery, we focus on quality above all else, distilling in small batches and sourcing fresh, local ingredients wherever possible to produce unique, genuine Australian craft spirits.

We're Unique

Drawing inspiration from our coastal home where the sea meets the wine-growing hinterland, we handcraft our grape-based eau de vie spirit right here at the distillery, using traditional methods from the Charente region of France. Victorian wine specially crafted to our desired flavour profile is double distilled in small batches using a gas-fired alembic pot still - a method designed to celebrate the flavour and viscosity provided by the grapes. This is our definition of quality.

Traditional Techniques

True to our namesake and pioneers in many ways, here at Bass & Flinders Distillery we blend traditional techniques with exciting innovations and uniquely Australian flavours. We are on a constant journey of discovery, developing new styles of gins, brandies and liqueurs. We are always scouting for unique, native botanicals that capture the essence of our local flora and define our true sense of place. We are the ‘Spirit of the Mornington Peninsula’.

Come & Visit Us!

Set in the heart of the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, our modern Distillery Door combines architectural style with a bar, outdoor seating area overlooking green pastures, and a view of our operating stills.

Come on down to visit us and get a glimpse into the heart of our distillery, where you can experience a journey from vine to bottle, gaining an insight into how our family owned and run distillery makes fine spirits.

Indulge in our vibrant seasonal cocktail menu with weekly specials, or have the option of tasting our award winning gins, brandies & liqueurs in their purest form with our curated flights and gin & tonic paddles. A selection of cheese boards and charcuterie from our local grazing menu are also available and are perfect to share.

Bass & Flinders Distillery is part of the Mornington Peninsula’s Beer, Cider + Spirits Trail, located in the vibrant Habitat artisan precinct where you can sample artisanal produce from local distillers, brewers, bakers, cheese makers and more in this exciting new vicinity.

That Spirited Lot Distillers Brewery Distillery Mornington & Mount Eliza 

That Spirited Lot Distillers Brewery Distillery Mornington & Mount Eliza


Who & What Is That Spirited Lot

That Spirited Lot Distillers began as a wild idea between brothers Jon-Paul (JP) and Chris Willigenburg in 2016. It was a lifelong dream of theirs to work together on a project that captured their love for tastes and flavours and distilling offered a perfect new adventure. Along the way, sisters Sarah and Kate Barton also joined the boys on their crazy ride. The idea rapidly gained momentum and on Christmas Eve of 2018 a 200L copper still named Doris (after the brothers’ late grandmother) arrived in our little warehouse in Seaford.

We spent a few months experimenting and launched our first product Ninch Dry Gin in May 2019, a tribute to the Mornington Peninsula or “Ninch” where the boys grew up.

That Spirited Lot Distillers specialise in producing high quality pot distilled gins crafted from Australian grape spirit and are also developing a whiskey program.

We are proud to have already won silver and bronze medals for our gins - and we hope to grab ourselves a gold next year. We don’t take any short cuts in our production – we are hands on with every aspect of our production and are constantly tasting our spirit from Doris to ensure our final products are of a high standard. Everything – from peeling the citrus to putting the cork in the bottle and delivering to stores – is currently done by our hands. While we try to stay true to the fundamentals of traditional gin production most of the time, we also aren’t afraid to take risks and experiment with new flavours.

That Spirited Lot Distillers are focused on maintaining environmentally sustainable production methods. Our building is supported by a large solar grid which powers our still and our waste organics are regularly picked up by local farmers and gardeners. We also produce a range of mixer syrups (Peninsula BLVD.) and tonic syrups (Tonic X Distillers) using leftover fruit and botanic material from producing our spirits so even the most clueless home mixologist can bust out a delicious cocktail.

What Can I Expect From My Visit?

Hangout with us and our still Doris to get an honest and open view on what it takes to produce quality spirits in Australia.

We're a fully operational distillery so you can look forward to an educational experience if you're into your distilling. If you're just looking to chillout and try some great spirits or a cheeky cocktail we can certainly make that happen. Maybe we will join you for a drink as well.

We encourage visitors to taste slowly and ask lots of questions so you leave us with some new knowledge under your belt.

Red Hill Brewery Distillery Mornington & Mount Eliza

Red Hill Brewery Distillery Mornington & Mount Eliza


Red Hill Brewery Is An Award Winning, Independent Craft Brewery.

Located amidst it’s own hop garden on top of Red Hill, Mornington Peninsula.

Our philosophy is to brew beers that are sessionable and a pleasure to drink, even our most challenging beers which appeal to the true craft beer lover always feature balance and drinkability.

Karen and David Golding established the brewery in 2005, it was born out of a passion for amazing full flavoured brews enjoyed overseas, a love all things foodie and the lifestyle that the wonderful Mornington Peninsula offers.

Our most sessionable beers are crafted all year round, and include Kolsch/Golden Ale, Pilsner, Wheat Beer and Scotch Ale.

New from 2018 in cans is the Two Bays Pale and East Coast IPA to the permanent lineup.  We are noted for our range of seasonal beers that are challenging in style, but also designed around what tastes great and suits the seasonal changes in Australia. Imperial Stouts in the dead of winter, Harvest beers in Autumn and the famed celebratory Abbey Ale for Christmas.

Visit Mornington Peninsula’s Original Craft Brewery, Beer, Food, Takeaway

 The Red Hill Brewery bar is open every Thursday – Sunday 11am-7pm plus more on public holidays and summer

Main lunch menu is available 12-4pm every day we are open.

Beer friendly snacks are always available from 1200-closing most of the day.

We do not take bookings.  All welcome anytime for drinks, meals or takeaways.

We have a full menu of beer friendly faves, think Nachos, BBQ Chicken Wings, Ribs, Burgers and more.

You can drink all our beers at the bar, or get takeaways, or order beers  online for pickup or delivery.

Deck And Beergarden

Enjoy our newly renovated outdoor dining and drinking spaces, the big deck and the beergarden, relax, enjoy the rural vista, see the hops, enjoy a pint


Our modern, casual beer friendly food is available for lunch every open day 12-4pm, with bar snacks running until later read MORE

Expect Snacks of Spicy Wings, Nachos or Loaded Tater Tots, and feast on many gourmet burgers featuring mouth watering low n slow roasted meats, and amazing racks of ribs.

In addition to amazing beer and fantastic food, we have a 100% local list of wine, cider, juice, tea, coffee and more.


Privately organised groups or tours are welcome to the Red Hill Brewery with bookings only. Up to around 20ppl is the most we can take. And you must be more than 10 to make a booking. All the info is on our groups page, please have a read.

Hart's Farm Brewery Distillery Mornington & Mount Eliza

Hart's Farm Brewery Distillery Mornington & Mount Eliza


Our Story

Hart’s Farm, on Tucks Road, Shoreham, occupies 10 Hectares with Manton’s Creek flowing through. Our farm started its working life as a dairy, the old corrugated iron milking shed is still there, though now renovated and extended. When we bought the property in 1997, beef cattle were happily grazing on the fertile pastures. We eventually converted to growing olives. In 2000, with the help of friends and family, we planted 800 baby olive trees – Frantoio, Leccino & Pendolino, varieties that we thought would do well on the Peninsula. Around 500 more trees followed over the years. These Tuscan varieties make wonderful high polyphenol extra virgin olive oils which have won multiple awards. 

In 2010 we embarked on our cider journey, & an apple and pear orchard was planted. Our first cider was produced in 2014. We added another few hundred heritage apple cider trees in 2016.

Hart’s Farm apple cider is made from traditional English and French apple varieties, & has won multiple awards. Our ciders are naturally fermented and bottle conditioned in a range of styles. 

Cider, Olive Oil, Natural Fruit Cordials, Preserves and some seasonal produce are available at the Farmgate on Saturday and Sunday afternoons as well as public holidays, by appointment or via our online store.

To reduce our local customers risks, we have now established a “click and collect” arrangement, so you can buy through our On Line Shop and collect at Farm Gate to avoid shipping costs.

Location Hire

Hart’s Farm is available for advertising photo shoots, films & commercials. Take advantage of the orchards, flower gardens, wildlife and rural settings - all in one accessible site. Seasonal changes to foliage and flowers present numerous opportunities 

 Kitchen hire is also available as part of our Location Hire options. The kitchen can be hired for cooking videos, food photo shoots with a difference, or cooking demonstrations Hart’s Farm Kitchen complies with appropriate food handling standards and is registered with the Environmental Health Department of Mornington Shire.

Chief’s Son Distillery Brewery Distillery Mornington & Mount Eliza

Chief’s Son Distillery Brewery Distillery Mornington & Mount Eliza


Chief’s Son Distillery supports the responsible service of alcohol. Under the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998 it is an offence to supply alcohol to a person under the age of 18 years (penalty exceeds $19,000) and for a person under the age of 18 years to purchase or receive liquor (penalty exceeds $800).


The concept for Chief’s Son Distillery was born through a collision of opportunity and passion, yet it was ultimately built on a captivatingly true and powerful story of chance, risk and passion, but also history, love and family.

The distillery was established in 2013 by Stuart and Naomi McIntosh, and after three years of test bed success the first commercial batch of single malt whisky was distilled at the current Somerville location.

Our Story


Whisky is a powerful spirit that forges deeper connections between people, families and generations.

In our family whisky has been a common thread throughout the ages. For the past 500 years of our family’s long history, whisky has been at the epicentre of love and laughter, life and death, tears and triumphs.

Our ancestors transformed exactly the same ingredients, utilised the same ancient craft and derived the same level of enjoyment as we do today. And going forward, whisky reaches so far forward past our futures, connecting through the generations.

Our Name

Our surname, McIntosh, or Mhic an Tòisich in Scottish Gaelic actually means ‘Son of the Chief’. This battle honour was awarded to our family 900 years ago for ongoing loyalty to the Chiefs of Alba (Kings of Scotland).

We are passionate about loyalty, the intergenerational, meaning of our name and passing on the love of whisky from generation to generation.

25 Words Or Less

Have you ever wondered who wins those ‘25 Words or Less’ competitions? Well, we do!

Many years ago the following words were scribed by Stuart’s father, Alasdair McIntosh, resulting in the richest whisky research and planning trip that directly resulted in the establishment of Chief’s Son Distillery.


As a family owned and operated small batch distillery, we hand make single malt whisky by utilising the very best of artisan ingredients, small batch processes, hand selected barrels and a totally manual system.

Malt Is Where The Magic Begins

The maltster’s job is to source the finest Australian whole grain barley and then set about converting the available starches into malt enzymes, which in turn changes the cellular structure and breaks down the proteins ready for brewing.

The ancient process of malting, involves steeping (or soaking) the barley, setting it out to germinate and then kiln drying ready for brewing.

From the very beginning, we recognised that starting with the perfect malt is the only way to make the perfect whisky. Fortunately our research and then trials led us to the Powell family, a father and son team who are as focused on the details as we are. Their approach to grain selection, barley variety, steeping lengths, germination levels, kilning temperatures, etc., creates the perfect malt for our whiskies.

Consistency, Consistency, Consistency.

The brewer’s function is to convert malt starches into fermentable sugars and then ferment those sugars into alcoholic whisky wash. With the appropriate malt bill, the malt is milled or crushed into grist.

The grist is transferred to the mash tun and mixed with hot water, where the natural enzymes convert the starches into sugars. The mash liquid is then separated from the malt husks, a process called lautering and this sweet liquid or wort is cooled on its way to the fermenters.

In a controlled environment, yeast is pitched directly into the sugary wort and actively sets about converting the sugars into alcohol. After five days, the brewer has a rich, biscuity, malty whisky wash at around 7.5% abv.

Attention To Detail.

The distiller’s job is to make the whisky.

Stripping Run. On the first or stripping run, the distiller charges in the still with fresh whisky wash and runs the still to strip the majority of the alcohol and a large portion of the aromas, flavours, oils and congeners from the whisky wash. The end product is now called low wine at around 30% abv. 

Spirit Run. Once the batch is stripped, the distiller prepares for the spirit run, where the batch low wines and generally the fores-and-feints of the previous run are charged into the still. Once heated and the spirit starts running, the fores or heads are extracted (methanol), the hearts are collected in the spirit tank (good whisky) and the feints or tails are extracted.

The resultant heart of the spirit, or new make whisky, is a clear spirit at ~73% alcohol and contains a massive infusion of concentrated yeast esters and malt flavours and oils. The cuts of the whisky are one of the distiller’s closely held secrets.

Barrelling. The distiller then dilutes the new make whisky and transfers it into an oak barrel to mature into single malt whisky.

Ancient Oak And Barrels.

The cooper’s job is to make the many oak barrels used in the distillery. Whether it’s French oak (ex-fortified wine barrels) or American oak (ex-spirit or wine barrels), the cooper plays a critical role in the creation of the barrels for the maturation of the new make whisky.

Our barrels must have had a previous use by either a wine or a spirit, ensuring that the early volatile oak compounds have been diluted, prior to filling with the high strength new make.

The sourcing, quality and consistency of the barrels is incredibly important and hence we have been working with the same cooper, Andrew Young, since the very beginning. Once Andrew has sourced a barrel, the barrel is stripped and normally cut down to size. The inside of the partially re-assembled barrel is then toasted to caramelise the residual ‘initial seasoning’ and then heavily charred to create a heavy carbon filter and to open the cellular structure of the oak. Finally the barrel is re-assembled and is ready for filling.

Design And Build.

Much is discussed around the malt whisky industry regarding the barley and malt, yeast, barrels, maturation and processing, but not a lot is said about the workhorses that are the stills and systems. In our case, an immense amount of research and design went into the development of the still and the full distilling system. Some of the very individual elements are as follows:

The still. Our still is a 4,000L electrically fired pot still, with a 4.7m rise and a very open neck. Together with the downward facing lyne arm, this creates less reflux (refinement) of the spirit, thus allowing a larger proportion of the oils, flavours and aromas to make it into the final spirit.

The system. As a batch process, the production of single malt whisky has predictable inputs verse outputs. As such we planned to optimise efficiency within each batch. This means that the still capacity is perfectly matched to the condenser, to the power supply and to the receiving tanks, thus ensuring that each batch optimises size, energy and water. With four receiving vessels, the tank configuration also allows us to separate components and thus change the recipe between batches.

The copper and stainless. With so many design and build requirements, we engaged Burns Fabrication of Griffith, NSW to build the system to our exact specifications. The true craftsmanship of the copper and stainless is now on display for many generations to come.

The Art Of Science

Single malt whisky is forged somewhere in the juncture between science and art.

Getting the whisky into the barrels is a very specific science, but a science without constants. The whisky coming out of the barrels on the other hand, emerges with its own personality and character, forged and influenced by nature and art.

With so many artisan inputs into the process, incredible variance is present in the matured whisky. These seasonal and handmade variations alter each process, batch and barrel. By embracing the art-of-science, the production team nurture each of the variations and distinctions to bring the whole puzzle together.

Coupled with ongoing product development, we are constantly testing, profiling and producing whiskies of the absolute highest quality.

Frequently Asked Questions About Brewery & Distillery

is that brewery is a building where beer is produced while distillery is a place where distillation takes place, especially the distillation of alcoholic spirits.

In addition to this history and emerging trends, distilled spirits are an easy expansion for brewers. In a general sense, you could say that whiskey starts off as beer. Both brewers and distillers ferment grains that eventually convert into alcohol.

A brewery is profitable if planned well, has a good team and solid financial foundation. A retail outlet that allows for by-the-glass sales is optimal. Hyper-competition in the market today makes micros (strictly packaging breweries) a longshot.

A disability is any condition of the body or mind (impairment) that makes it more difficult for the person with the condition to do certain activities (activity limitation) and interact with the world around them (participation restrictions).

According to Craft Brewery Finance, the number one reason breweries fail is a lack of funds. From equipment to building expenses, permits and insurance fees, the all-in brewery startup cost for your new craft beer establishment adds up quickly.

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