Top 3D Virtual Tour Video Companies in Melbourne (2024)

If you're looking to take your real estate business to the next level and allow potential buyers to see your property before they visit, this is what you need!

We've showcased the top 3D virtual tour companies in Melbourne so you can choose companies with high-quality work that gets delivered on time and within your budget!

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    Ultimate List of Top 3D Virtual Tour Video Companies in Melbourne

    Estate Media Melbourne - 3D Virtual Tours

    Estate Media

    1300 38 38 41

    We are Estate Media Melbourne ABN: 93 848 327 936, a team of real estate photography, videography, and digital media experts. We are based in Greensborough and work with a diverse range of clients throughout Melbourne, including real estate agents, property owners, builders, property stylists, and advertising agencies.

    Photographers, videographers, video editors, graphic designers, and a drone pilot make up our talented team. We've channeled their creative energies and equipped them with best-in-class technology to consistently deliver high-impact visual marketing in both residential and commercial real estate.

    Our photography is of the highest quality, even suitable for billboard advertising! We guarantee the quality and workmanship of our photographs. Images are delivered on time. Our photography is always delivered within one business day!

    Our photographers and videographers have complete creative control over the entire production. They collaborate with our digital editing team to ensure that there is no discrepancy between the original captured photos and their post-processed images.One of the reasons we see so much poor quality, distorted, and sterile real estate photography these days (often appearing artificially whitened with their natural color stripped out!) is a disconnect between the photographer and post-processing. Our unique workflow creates images that are vibrant while staying true to the subject property.

    Realistic Views - Virtual Video Tours Melbourne

    Realistic Views

    0487 884 478

    Our skilled team has logged thousands of hours and worked on over 8000 projects across the Top End in its 15 years of industry experience.

    Technology can be perplexing. That is why we strive to make your marketing experience as simple as possible. With a few clicks, you can reach a global audience or showcase your property to a key local group.

    "We only shoot things that don't blink" - Because real estate and construction are our sole focus, you can rest assured that you're in capable hands. Realistic Views Photography has been working in the Real Estate and Construction industry for over 15 years; when combined with our passion for technology and gadgets, your next project is sure to stand out.

    Your Film - Virtual Video Productions Melbourne

    Your Film

    02 8072 6268

    YourFilm offers systems that enable businesses to create professional videos on a large scale and on time. We can deliver a complete video solution to customers in Australia and New Zealand of any scale and budget thanks to centralized video production platforms, customer asset management, and a network of over 1,000 experienced crew on our YourCrew platform.

    Your business needs high-quality videos that are consistent with your brand, affordable, and delivered on time, whether they are produced once or on an ongoing basis. This is done by YourFilm, who offers a solution that unifies and controls all production areas, keeps all digital assets in a single, accessible portal, and has ground staff all over Australia.

    You already have clients and are expanding into video services, but your past experiences with freelancers have been mixed. To help oversee the quality of these projects, you need someone who understands production as well as branding and marketing, with everything accessible, searchable, and downloadable when and where you need it.

    You build a scalable business by upselling video to end users. You do not have a video production team. You want to concentrate on the next client, not on the video production.

    Urban Angles - Virtual Tours Production Melbourne

    Urban Angles

    1300 144 255

    We are the sum of our parts, made up of people who are driven to create, succeed, and go above and beyond every day in a culture founded on honesty and respect. We cover every angle, on the ground, in the air, rural, inner-city, one property or many.

    Our photographers are available almost anywhere in the country at any time, with customer service representatives ready to coordinate a team to meet your deadline.

    Incredible, breathtaking, unbelievable, and amazing. We get a lot of "ooohs" when we bring buildings or entire suburbs to life, where green wedges and shopping malls take advantage of the cultural context and lifestyle opportunities. The results speak for themselves in terms of increased engagement and lead generation.

    Reality Virtual Tour Melbourne

    Reality Virtual Tour

    0412 494 556

    We are experts in 3D Virtual Tour Scan Services for the Real Estate, Hospitality, Retail, and Engineering Construction Architect industries.

    A Walkthrough 3D Scan Process

    Scanning inside your property and business takes only 50 minutes to 3 hours, depending on the square meters. Once completed, you can immediately upload it to your website or social media.

    3D Tour

    It provides your customers with a 360-degree realistic view and interactive environment inside a business or property without requiring them to enter physically.

    VIZ360 - Virtual Tours Melbourne


    1300 557 778

    We live in a physical three-dimensional world made up of interconnected and interactive things, objects, places, and people. However, as technology advances at an exponential rate, so will the creation of our new virtual 3d world, which will also be made up of 3d things, objects, places, and people, and will be dynamic, interconnected, and interactive. VIZ360 exists to assist in the creation of this new virtual world and to capitalize on the incredible capabilities it provides for consumers and businesses.

    Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to experience a design, setting, or space completely without actually being there? Customers can fully immerse themselves in a virtual space thanks to VIZ360 Virtual Tour technology's lifelike realism, dynamic environment effects, and interactive options for objects and materials. For a variety of industries, including real estate and interior design, this is the perfect marketing and sales tool.

    If you are unable to provide 2D plans or 3D models, we can provide accurate measurement (including laser scanning) and photography services.

    Turbo 360 - 3D Virtual Video Productions Melbourne

    Turbo 360

    1300 207 463

    CE Network began in 1999 as a hobby for Managing Director James Anderson. CE Network was in charge of developing and delivering, the leading tourism network for Lake Eildon and the surrounding areas. Soon after its founding, CE Network began offering website design and hosting services to a variety of local businesses.

    James Anderson then spent two seasons working for Sun FM at Mt. Buller before moving to capital city radio as the host of the widely listened-to radio program Planet Rock and an announcer for Triple M Melbourne and Sydney.

    While at Triple M, James adopted the stage name "Turbo" and hosted events such as the Coca-Cola Live and Local Tour (Sydney Superdome) and the M-One Music Concert (Etihad Stadium in Melbourne).

    After reaching the top of the ratings in early 2006, James decided to leave radio and pursue his other passion, video production. He accepted a position as Video Manager at the International Olympic Gymnastics Training Centre in the United States.

    3D Insights Virtual Tours - Melbourne

    3D Insights

    1300 100 456

    Our immersive 360-degree virtual tours allow buyers to explore properties in 3D for the first time. Allow your properties to shine by interacting with your clients through cutting-edge marketing. We perceive our surroundings spatially in everyday life. Our brains are constantly calculating distance, size, and volume to comprehend the world around us. 2D photos and videos fall short in this regard. 3D Insights virtual tours give clients more than just visuals; they also give them the sensation of being there.

    Our immersive virtual tours are not limited to the real estate sector. Indeed, our tours can be used to present almost any indoor space, including wedding venues, home builders, museums, galleries, retail stores, hotels, and coworking spaces. The options are limitless. View our list of applications to see how our tours can help your business.

    Our 3D tour specialists serve all Australian capital cities, including Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, and many regional areas. When you are ready, please contact us to discuss how we can customize a solution for your company.

    C3X - Melbourne 3D Virtual Tours


    1300 239 211

    C3X bridges the gap between inspiration and possibilities by transforming visual concepts into functional services. We are proud to serve clients from every industry. Our dynamic visual experiences serve a variety of functions, including more effective design and planning, construction monitoring and progress reporting, marketing campaigns, stakeholder engagement, and bidding for your next big project and growing your business.

    C3X collaborates and forges strong alliances. We collaborate with innovative and forward-thinking organizations in key industries such as architecture, construction, engineering, infrastructure, real estate, telecom, utilities, and government. We are agnostic and responsive to the needs of our customers. Every project is approached from a different angle.

    C3X has incredible people with incredible skills, industry knowledge, and creative and visual technology know-how. We believe in our people and encourage them to grow and make a difference. C3X encourages a culture of problem solving, collaboration, innovation, and making a positive difference. We challenge the status quo, produce breathtaking results, and turn your ideas into visuals. Our mission is to make incredible places and experiences a reality. Let us imagine your world.

    Melbourne iTour - 3D Virtual Tour Specialist

    Melbourne iTour

    0411 73 66 55

    The New Fusion-State of the Art HD 360° Virtual Tours, Professional HD Photography, Advanced Floor Plans, and Voice Over Services are created by experts in Melbourne for real estate, business, and services. You can make your residence, place of business, or service into something genuinely alluring by utilizing Melbourne iTour's Most Advanced Virtual Tour System, which is only available from that company.

    Our state-of-the-art, fully interactive Virtual Tours are the most cutting edge available, with features like advanced color 2D & 3D floor plan designs, 3D walk-throughs, voice overs, MP3 audio files, HD photos and images, maps, satellite location, brochures, and corporate branding, and are viewable on all smartphone and tablet devices... in addition to many other things.

    In today's world of rapidly changing technology, simply using photographs on a website is no longer sufficient. Just as watching family slide shows on the wall at home is becoming less popular, savvy consumers now expect more. They desire an interactive and engaging experience. Home and business owners understand that the internet is where their customers are and is the preferred method of choice for finding a Home, Business, or Service, and it's critical to stand out, impress, and captivate... This is something we can do for you.

    Area360 - Virtual Tours Melbourne


    (03) 9088 7514

    It is becoming increasingly difficult to attend Open House inspections in person. Potential buyers can virtually walk through and visit hundreds of Real Estate listings from the comfort of their own homes using Virtual Tours.

    When looking for Real Estate, we rely heavily on the photos that are included with the property listing. Photos alone can be deceptive, and we don't want any unpleasant surprises when making one of the most important decisions of your life.

    Virtual Tours for Real Estate Listings allow prospective buyers to see where they will live before ever setting foot on the property. This feature alone will set your Real Estate listing apart from the competition and ensure an increase in interest.

    Virtual Tours - Melbourne

    Virtual Tours

    (02) 9345 4578

    Specialists in 360 Degree Virtual Tours in Melbourne! VR Tours has been creating high-quality virtual tours to showcase our clients' products or properties for over a decade. Our customized virtual tours in high definition allow your potential clients and viewers to experience the property/product as if they were physically present in the space.

    This fully spherical virtual tour engages the viewer, making it the best way to showcase your product. Our clients benefit from our experience as industry leaders in virtual tours, and you can too. We provide the highest level of sophistication and quality.

    Each virtual reality tour is completely customizable, allowing us to tailor it to your specific requirements. The finished product is a one-of-a-kind, original virtual tour that includes high-resolution, professional digital photography and video tours. Use this in your final product to boost your sales potential.

    3D Walkabout - Virtual Video Tour Melbourne

    3D Walkabout

    1300 00 3398

    Industry-leading architectural 3D renders and visualisations are the focus of 3D Walkabout, a 3D rendering studio and VR/AR creative agency. Your next project will have more "wow" factor thanks to the cutting-edge technology used by our award-winning team of 3D modelers, virtual reality, and augmented reality developers.

    Our 3D rendering service provides high-quality photorealistic property renders, such as interior and exterior 3D renders, 3D floor plans, 360 panoramic renders and tours, 3D architectural animations, and 3D virtual tours. We provide a nationwide Matterport 3D virtual tour service for built spaces throughout Australia.

    Maison Snap - Real Estate Virtual Tours, Melbourne

    Maison Snap

    0481 525 778

    Maison Snap creates digital assets for real estate agents and commercial venues in Melbourne and throughout Victoria to use in business and real estate marketing. We are pleased to provide a variety of digital media options that can assist in increasing the online exposure of a business or property listing. We take pride in delivering stunning results in as little as 24 hours while never sacrificing quality.

    Smartview Media - 3d Virtual Tours Melbourne

    Smartview Media

    1300 800 478

    Making immersive 3D virtual tours is their area of expertise at SmartView Media. We give your customers the option to browse the construction site, display village, store, or caravan from a distance. The best 4K camera on the market is used to capture 360-degree panoramas for our Matterport 3D Virtual Tours.

    We make it simple to create immersive 3D digital twins for back-to-work planning, listing properties, documenting makeover projects, off-plan properties, and more with Matterport Virtual Tours. Discover how many industries use Matterport's 3D technology to make their plans a reality.

    We create 3D Virtual Tours / Digital Twins with the most up-to-date 3D Capture & 3D Modelling solutions, allowing our clients to showcase their physical locations & products to real customers online.

    3D Virtual Tour Video FAQs

    The easiest and most obvious way to promote your tour is to showcase your 360 virtual tours on your company/organisations website. Showcasing the virtual tour can be achieved in many ways. The two most common methods are to have it as a link in the menu or embed your virtual tour someplace on your site. Some companies will make a specific virtual tour page, while others will share it in their blog (on more than one occasion). If you have a Google Street View Tour you many people display it on their contact-us page.


    One of the best ways to market your virtual tour is to share it online. Does your business have social channels? You can share this on almost any platform, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google My Business and More! 

    Email Campaigns (EDM)

    You have a new and exciting virtual tour and most likely have a growing email database of loyal followers. You can share the virtual tour in an up and coming email blast. Plus, if you have an open day, you can reuse it as content every year.


    At the time of writing this, there are many ongoing restrictions at the moment. You may not be able to use it now, but when restrictions clear. Expos are great at showcasing your virtual tour and helped bring your business into the expo. Having presented at many expos, the one thing you find is that it’s tough to promote a physical space such as a hotel or school and truly showcase your facility. With a virtual tour, you can have touch screen tablets, Macs, PCs or even a VR headset and bring your business into the expo. The phrase we like to say at Simply 360 is, “With a virtual tour, you can bring your space wherever you go“.

    Email Signature

    One of the most effective yet least utilised marketing tools is an email signature. Everyone sends emails, and you will often have people list their name, company, contact details, social channels and perhaps even a company slogan in an email signature. Adding a link to your virtual tour gives everyone the opportunity you are in contact with you see and experience your location firsthand. Additionally, this method is the easiest to set up and costs nothing to maintain.

    Due to the current Coronavirus pandemic, virtual tours have become more and more popular across many different business sectors, from real estate to commercial properties.

    But this is not just a trend out of necessity because of the pandemic. Some promising facts might make you want to consider using virtual tours for your business, and here are a few:

    • Viewings of these tours are increasing as more companies adapt to the new virtual world and revise their marketing strategies.
    • Businesses with virtual tours have also been known to have far higher website traffic, and due to the ease of use, these can be viewed across many different platforms such as PC, smartphones and tablet devices. 
    • Because virtual tours can give the customer an immediate sense of ownership and can be accessed 24/7 in most cases, direct sales have increased, saving time and money.

    So, besides some of the above advantages of virtual tours, physical showings are currently difficult, and there are other disadvantages of physical tours, such as potential no-shows that cost travel and valuable time. 

    But you can also lose money with virtual tours by not using them to their fullest potential, where my article comes in.

    Virtual tours can benefit you greatly when done right and used as part of a digital sales process.

    Many companies still don’t use them to their full potential to increase sales. Although more people are trying to avoid physical contact, this technology fulfils a need and fills a void.

    Full 360º virtual tours bid your web guests supreme access to your position or commercial without always leaving your website simultaneously as increasing your web guest retention and deals or bookings. Recognised as sticky matter, virtual tours are showed to keep possible customers lengthier on your site, letting them relate with your goods or facilities with just a click of a mouse.

    Virtual tours are imitations of current locations, typically composed of an order of still pictures. Virtual tours are intended to let your clients and customers step exclusive to your commercial from any mechanism. Virtual tours have remained around for an extended time, and business holders must start to understand the importance of arranging a virtual tour as a share of their business perfectly.

    Thanks to online analysis sites and social media, people nowadays have developed incredibly graphical. This intends to take a visual matter of your commercial that signifies it to the uppermost level has developed vital worth. Rendering to the Nielsen Norman Collection, most handlers stay on a site or fewer than 59 instants. So, if you don’t succeed in detention a user’s devotion in less than a minute, you’ve misplaced them.

    Virtual tours near me are a decent example of engaging content that brand users need to stay on your site. Of course, not lone virtual tours will visually involve your possible customers or clients. Still, it will stretch them the skill to get a better impression of anything you do and anything you can offer as a commercial.

    A virtual tour is a marketing tool that can help bring new customers and clients to your business. It’s also a “virtual reality” view of your business relayed in visual images that allow the viewer to be “right there” at your location. It’s the best way to show what your location looks like accurately. A tour is also a convenient sales tool that can illustrate your business in a way still photography cannot.

    360° Virtual Tours are being more widely used these days for many reasons:

    • Viewers are researching businesses or locations to make buying decisions. They are choosing to do or not to do a business based on what they see. A tour on your website can help bump that decision in your direction.
    • It’s possible to collect data about locations from where the best table is in a restaurant or how comfy a hotel room is likely to be, to determine if your group can fit into that conference room comfortably, and even where all the outlets are. A user can make a “buyers” connection to your business when viewing a tour.
    • Tours are being used to provide a “real view” format that allows viewers to move through any location as though they were right there and SEE what’s in every nook and cranny.
    • Tours are also providing websites with a bump in their search engine rankings. The initial interest in seeing a location brings a visitor to your website, and viewing the tour can keep them there for an extended time.
    • The user’s experience is interactive and user-guided, not reactive as sitting back and watching a video. The full control a user has allows them to stop and start wherever they want in the scene. They rotate left, right, up, or down looking around to see the spatial relationships between one object or another.

    The beauty of a virtual tour is – first and foremost – in its captivating and realistic visuals. It allows users to experience the atmosphere and look at the space from different angles. Ideally, you’d want your web visitor’s first impression to be, “wow – is that really what this place looks like?“

    A good virtual tour can give your online branding a boost! With high-quality images, compelling descriptions, immersive media, and even guided tour elements, you can keep users engaged and excited.

    Virtual tour providers certified by Google Street View can also help you upload your 360° photography into Google to increase your local search and ranking.
    With virtual tours (as with anything in life), it’s the little details that make it matter. For example, you can include lead generation forms to collect data or use 3D renders to increase the sales potential before it is even constructed.

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