If you are moving to Melbourne with children, you need to start researching schools NOW. Yes, even before you start looking at what Melbourne suburbs you are considering living in. Start researching schools (you won’t want a 30km drive to school each morning).

You also need to keep in mind the time of year you are moving and when in the school year that will be as far as enrollment, i.e. what school term. Schools often shut down between terms. 

This is especially true for the end of the year holiday break. This is not a huge deal. but it does mean that you will have to wait until the administration office is open to, not just enrol your child for school, but to even get a reply to a simple email.

This list covers the top private schools in Melbourne - a complete list of private schools in Melbourne Australia with information on Fees, Admission procedure, Ranking, Rating & Reviews, Curriculum, Facilities, Contact Details, and address.

Note that this is not a ranking of Melbourne’s best private schools based purely on ATAR. We consider co-curricular activities, location, and crucially – the school fees! We don’t think a school with a top ATAR score that costs 50k/year is "better" than a school with a slightly lower score that costs 5-10k a year. Sorry school administrators – we don't think we should be taking out 3rd mortgages just to send our kids to a good school.

So here is our list of the Top 10 Best Private Schools in Melbourne (when you actually consider the school’s fees).

The ranking of schools expressed in this article are author’s research-based information and is not an objective ranking.

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    List of Best Private School in Melbourne

    Kilvington Grammar Private School Melbourne 

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    When it comes to an independent school with fees, you want to know that your child will have the best experience possible in a place where they will spend up to 13 years of their lives. The challenge is selecting which school would best meet your child's educational, emotional, social, and physical needs.

    We recommend reading our Mission Statement. In a nutshell, we strive for academic excellence, character development, and a kind and engaged community.

    At Kilvington, we strive for academic excellence within an authentic, inclusive, and collaborative teaching and learning environment. Learning that is broad, deep, and challenging supports the progressive development of skills, knowledge, and understanding. This process is guided by continual monitoring and evaluation of student learning and prioritizes immediate feedback.

    Wesley College Elsternwick Private School Melbourne 

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    138102 6800

    Wesley offers a top-notch education that values, promotes, and honors diversity, inclusivity, and a child's overall development. Our alumni are equipped to succeed in all facets of life and improve the world because to Wesley's comprehensive approach to learning, which is reflected in a true education.

    There are three schools at Wesley: junior high, middle school, and senior high. These'mini-schools' offer curriculum and pastoral care customized to children' developmental phases.

    Strathcona Girls’ Private School Melbourne 

    Private School Melbourne



    The second member of a family receives a 10% sibling discount, and subsequent members of a family who attend the School at the same time receive a 15% price reduction. It does not apply to first-generation students or students receiving any other concession or scholarship. The discount will end whenever the first family member leaves the School, whether because they have finished their studies or for any other reason.

    Strathcona features a second-hand uniform shop maintained by Strathcona Family Association volunteers (SFA). Their invaluable assistance enables families to obtain high-quality used uniforms while saving significantly. During the school year, our used uniform shop is typically only open on Wednesdays (mornings: 8.00-9.15am and afternoons: 3.00-4.15pm), but it also opens on special events like orientation day. Please be aware that the only form of payment accepted by our uniform shop is contributions.

    Sacred Heart Girls’ College Oakleigh - Private School Melbourne 

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    We help each student develop all of the attributes and skills needed for lifelong learning, in collaboration with their families: initiative and excellence, confidence and self-esteem, discipline and dedication, self awareness and generosity of spirit, integrity and honesty, creativity and imagination, and an understanding of their spirituality.

    Each student is valued as an individual in our supporting and nurturing atmosphere. Her professors recognize her as a valued part of the community, one who is acknowledged and celebrated in a variety of ways.

    Euphrasie desired to carry on Jesus' mission of revealing to all peoples God's spirit and love, which was alive and present in the world. Her sisters were to be witnesses to the good news that everyone has the image and likeness of God in their hearts, and that realizing this allows them to live their lives to the fullest. She specifically requested that her sisters go out of their way to deliver this message to women and children. Her Christian witness among women and her devotion to Mary as our model have special meaning at Sacred Heart Girls' College.

    Fintona Girls’ Private School Melbourne 

    Private School Melbourne



    Our girls consistently obtain excellent VCE and NAPLAN results, placing Fintona among Victoria's top performing girls' schools.

    Opportunities to promote resilience, self-esteem, and responsibility include leadership roles, international trips and exchanges, the Connections Program offered in Year 9, House activities, special interest clubs, and Life Skills.

    We urge all prospective families to visit Fintona during one of our many visits since we recognize that deciding on the perfect school for your child can be a challenging decision. All you have to do is reserve a tour online.

    Korowa Anglican Girls’ Private School Melbourne 

    Private School Melbourne



    We have small class sizes so that every student may get the help they need while also developing strong relationships with their professors.

    Korowa is conveniently located near a variety of public transportation alternatives. We are only a five-minute walk from Glen Iris train station and an even shorter distance from tram stops on High Street and Wattletree Road. Glen Iris station is on the Glen Waverley line, and the trip from the CBD takes less than 30 minutes, and considerably less from Glen Waverley.

    Firbank Grammar Melbourne Private School 

    Private School Melbourne



    We value student input and opinions. Every day, our students have a voice and actively contribute to the School through their work in the classroom or in the community. We give them the proper mix of education and real-world experience so they may forge their own path. That's how Firbank operates.

    Our girls' high school's academic and personal development programs help students develop vital abilities for the modern world, such as problem-solving, communication, teamwork, and creativity. Our girls grow up to be intelligent, eloquent, and well-rounded members of the community as a result of these activities.

    Firbank provides a variety of opportunities for our students to thrive in their areas of interest. We feel that bringing students together with similar interests is a terrific way for them to study, socialize, and gain confidence. Chess, Writers Club, Drama, Homework Club, Debating, Philosophy, and other Club activities are available. For additional information, please see our Year Level information pamphlets.

    Melbourne Grammar Private School 

    Private School Melbourne



    We believe that learning should be motivated by curiosity rather than a desire for external gain. We encourage our students to wonder at the world, to question prevailing paradigms, and to push themselves to go beyond their current understanding.

    This method takes us much further than simply learning to do tasks and memorize data. That is, with each new learning challenge, we must ask ourselves, "What can this student genuinely achieve?" How far can we progress toward new information and ideas?

    Ruyton Girls’ Private School Melbourne 

    Private School Melbourne



    We are committed to increasing every girl's learning by encouraging intellectual curiosity, teaching them how to learn, and encouraging them to do their personal best and be excellent citizens. We believe in real-world learning outside of the classroom, and we work with the community to foster growth, discovery, and sustainability.

    We equip young girls to pursue purposeful lives of courage, character, and compassion. They are driven to achieve equity and justice for themselves and others as a result of the development of values and action-focused learning. Our girls affect positive change and make a difference by embracing diversity and voicing their voices.

    All girls' schools can motivate and nurture girls to seize diverse possibilities to develop and thrive through a personalized curriculum and a focused culture. Academically, girls in a single-sex setting outperform boys. Girls fill all leadership positions in a girls' school. In a single sex environment, girls face adolescent issues without fear of scorn from boys, and girls have the confidence to 'have a try' at a wide range of co-curricular options.

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