Writing Your Wedding Thank You Card: Etiquette and Tips

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    It's easy to lose sight of who you need to thank during a wedding, because it's such a happy occasion. Numerous close friends, relatives, and colleagues have gone above and beyond to assist make your wedding day go well. Now is the time to sit down and compose those heartfelt thank-you messages or cards.

    Don't forget to give thanks to the people who helped make your wedding day possible while you celebrate it. Although it's a bother to sit down and write out a thank-you note for all the people who helped you celebrate your wedding, it's considered proper etiquette. What follows are suggestions on how to pen a heartfelt note that will make them feel cherished for their efforts.

    Now that you've been back from your honeymoon for a few weeks, it's time to sit down and write all of those thank you cards. Sending thank-you notes is a kind gesture that should not be overlooked.

    We know what you're thinking: "Where do we even begin?" How long must our card of appreciation be? Do we need to send one to each guest, or just a few? Also, can we still write thank-you notes to our guests even if they didn't offer me any gifts? In today's post, we'll discuss these issues and more. Boutique Events Group has proven itself to be an iconic wedding venue and function centre in Melbourne. Book today so you don’t miss out.

    Your visitors have made an effort to join you in celebrating this momentous occasion, and they are deserving of your gratitude in the form of even the smallest token. In this article, we'll go through the significance of thank-you notes, the best method to express gratitude, and some suggestions for what to include in notes to each visitor.

    It's common knowledge that thank-you card writing for a wedding is challenging. It's not enough to simply say "thank you" to those that make it to your wedding; you also need to acknowledge the efforts they made to ensure your success. In any case, we've compiled some tips that should make things simpler for you (and everyone else). To make things as simple as possible, we have compiled a list of etiquette guidelines and suggestions for improved writing.

    Writing Thank-You Notes: Some Suggestions

    • Strive for specificity. Avoid using blanket invitations that could be read by anyone.
    • Mention the specifics of the present you were given.
    • Thank them for coming even though they didn't send anything to the party.
    • Write with blue or black ink.
    • Make it a habit to immediately start writing thank-you notes after receiving any kind gestures. When all is said and done, it makes things much simpler.

    How To Properly Send Thank You Cards?

    There is no one correct way to express gratitude in writing. However, there are certain things you can do to help yourself out while you plan and write the messages that will get you where you need to go. If you have any issues about how to properly address a thank-you card, our guidelines can help.

    Where You Are And When You Do It

    Sending a note of gratitude should be done as soon as possible, no later than a week after the event. Sending out thank-you cards as soon as possible is greatly appreciated. It's important to still get your messages in the mail, even if it took you a while to get around to writing them. It's better to send a thank-you note at any time than not at all.

    Blue Or Black Ink And Legible Handwriting Are Best For Thank You Notes.

    We appreciate getting a handwritten note as much as the next person, but it takes a lot more time and effort than, say, firing off an email from your phone to communicate with someone. Do you think it's possible to send a thank you message by text message? Sometimes there just isn't a simple solution.

    According to Bonnie Tsai, creator and director of Beyond Etiquette, "a thank-you text or email is okay According to the nature of your relationship with them, especially if that'll be the next occasion you speak with them." "When timing is very important, you can also send a fast text or email, and then follow up with a handwritten note of thanks a day or two later in the mail."

    Be sure the card recipient can read your heartfelt note of appreciation. When will you need to pull out the notepad and pencil? According to Tsai, you must send a handwritten message whenever you are the guest of honour or host at a business dinner.

    Tsai adds that if the event was completely social but hosted by a business contact, the thank-you note should be sent to both the MC and their significant other. Generally speaking, a handwritten thank-you note is more appreciated when the event or entertainment cost a significant amount of money.

    Word Your Thank-You Notes Correctly

    It's important to choose the perfect words and language to convey the intended meaning of a certain event, action, or sentiment. Whether you're looking for the perfect wording for a baby shower thank you card, struggling to come up with a meaningful message for a wedding shower thank you card, or searching for touching graduation thank you card words, you'll find plenty of examples below.


    Be Imaginative In Your Communication And Pen Letters Straight From The Heart.

    For more depth and context, try including a few thank-you quotations or making a photo thank-you card printed on cardstock. Ultimately, only you can know how you truly feel and how best to convey that.

    Thank Your Guests With Personalised Photo Thank-You Cards For Your Wedding.

    Let your images speak for themselves with our photo wedding thank you cards if you're still having trouble finding the right words to show how grateful you are. Your wedding guests will appreciate not only hearing from you, but also seeing images from the special day.

    For the purpose of conveying the happiness the two of you felt on their wedding day, please select one of your most beloved romantic images together, or include a group photo to illustrate how much it meant to you to have everyone present. Customizing your wedding thank-you cards with several images allows you to include both of these options.

    Timing Your Thank-You Notes

    We prefer not to be the bearer of bad news, but thank-you cards need to be delivered immediately. According to Mr. Leighton, co-host of the etiquette podcast Were You Raised by Wolves?, "thank-you cards should be delivered immediately." It should have been sent out long before you thought to enquire about it.

    Furthermore, Leighton contends that, contrary to widespread assumption, couples do not have up to a year to send out thank you cards for their wedding gifts. His advice? Send thank-you notes straight away. It doesn't matter if it's before the wedding or after. However, Leighton does allow for some wiggle room, particularly when pressing time considerations come into play.

    As the saying goes, "When speed is of the essence, when you don't have or did not obtain a shipping address, and when the gift in question is on the skinny side, an email is acceptable." such as giving a few restaurant recommendations.

    Ideas For Thank You Notes

    It's not always easy to put your ideas down on paper. We've all had moments were we were at a loss for words when trying to express our gratitude to loved ones or colleagues. One thing we can all agree on, though, is the importance of making a good first impression.

    The text of a wedding thank-you card need not be lengthy. Your wedding thank you card wording can be brief as long as it comes from the heart and expresses genuine appreciation. Whether you're sending greeting cards to loved ones or business associates, you should tailor your greetings accordingly.

    You can use the online editor to compose some of your wedding thank you card wording to convey your gratitude to guests who attended your big day, but you'll still need to include a handwritten note to acknowledge the specific presents you received. No matter how daunting the task of writing thank you cards may appear at first, following these simple steps will have you writing like an expert in no time.


    How To Express Gratitude In A Note?

    Writing thank-you cards can be made easier by following a few simple guidelines. In order to write an appropriate "thank you" note, it is important to consider the nature of your relationship with the receiver. If you're struggling to come up with what to say in a message of gratitude, try following steps one through six below.

    Start Your Greeting Card Out With A Personalised Message To The Recipient.

    Dear is a reliable go-to greeting for letters and cards. But if you and the card's recipient are particularly close, you might want to use the person's name or a nickname. You should include the right form and spelling of the person's name and any other names you may use in your message of gratitude.

    Express Your Appreciation By Penning A Heartfelt Note Of Gratitude.

    The next step is to write the card's two most crucial words: "thank you." The best thank-you notes always start with the sender's gratitude. Even though it's only two words long, there are a plethora of methods to express gratitude. When searching for the right words, it's important to think about the listener and employ your own unique style.

    Include Detailed Information In Your Thank-You Note.

    Including a unique personal touch in each thank you note requires you to be specific. To wit: please elaborate on the specific reasons you are expressing gratitude to this individual. Was there anything extra they did for you that made you feel like a VIP? If so, please include it as well.

    Many events merit our gratitude. As we've already established, people respond positively when shown gratitude. Furthermore, it's possible that the person you're thanking is unaware of the impact they've had on you until you express your gratitude to them. If they did give you something, now is the time to explain what you plan to do with it.

    Tell them what you enjoyed most about the celebration they threw for you. If you and the card's recipient are particularly close, you may want to include some inside jokes or other references to your shared history. Personalization is the key to writing a genuine and meaningful thank you card message.

    Create A Proclamation That Looks Into The Future.

    Give them a heads up about when you'll be in the area, ask how they're doing, or just tell them they're in your thoughts.

    Emphasise Your Gratitude Once More.

    Reiterate your appreciation and the card's purpose when you turn the page to say goodbye. Extend your expressions of gratitude with specifics. This is also an excellent method to let the recipient know that you are nearing the finish of your thank-you letter. Looking for the perfect Wedding Stationery in Melbourne? Look no further, Boutique Events Group has you covered.

    Sending My Regards As You Conclude.

    How close you are with the recipient should influence how you sign off. If you're writing a formal thank-you note after an interview or to your supervisor, choose a formal closing. On the other hand, you may use a warmer closing if you are writing a more personal message for your wedding thank you notes or bridal shower thank you cards.


    A Do And Don't List For Wedding Thank You Notes

    It might be difficult to fit in writing thank-you notes for wedding gifts into a busy schedule, but there are a few easy rules to follow to keep yourself on track:

    • Include a personal touch by mentioning the recipient's name and the gift's occasion in your card's handwritten message.
    • Always remember to return a present with the same graciousness and generosity that it was given with.
    • Show your excitement, but avoid going overboard. It's hardly sincere to call a present "the most beautiful thing I've ever seen" if you don't truly feel that way.
    • Do not send boilerplate thank-you notes via email or your wedding website, and avoid sending preprinted cards or letters with just your signature.
    • Do send an immediate note or call to confirm the present was received, and then follow up with a written note a day or two later.
    • Don't bring up the fact that you want to send something back or that you're unhappy.
    • Don't write your note based on how much you think the recipient will like the present.
    • Thank you notes for a wedding should be sent out no later than three months following the nuptials.
    • It's proper etiquette to thank everyone who attended your wedding, not only those who gave you a present. Given the high cost of airfare and lodging, not everyone can afford to shower you with gifts on your wedding day. Tell everyone how much they meant to you being there, and include those who couldn't make it by thinking of them.
    • Be sure to give specifics in your wedding thank you notes. The personalisation of a thank-you note can be achieved in various ways; for instance, if someone gave you a gift, you could reference the item specifically.
    • Typed messages save time, but don't forget to add a personal touch to your greeting cards. Send handwritten cards, and make sure to include a personal message and a reference to the thoughtful presents within.
    • Don't be shy about discussing your plans for a financial present. It is not required to specify a monetary value.
    • Don't say how much money you were given, but say what you intend to do with it.
    • Making it easier to write wedding thank you notes is by keeping track of all the cards and presents you get.
    • In case they weren't able to attend the big day, don't forget the people who helped you organise the wedding.
    • Never strike out on your own. You and your new spouse should collaborate on the wedding thank-you cards you send out. Distribute the responsibilities, and let each person to show appreciation in his or her own way.
    • Don't utilise photo cards or add wedding photos if doing so will cause a delay in mailing the note.
    • Just because you're running late is no reason not to write. Don't stop writing letters to each other just because you've reached your first anniversary.


    Everyone knows how difficult it is to write wedding thank-you notes. Saying "thank you" to the people who attend your wedding isn't enough. You should give them credit for all they did to help you succeed. The following advice is meant to simplify your life. While there is no single best technique to show appreciation in writing, there are several best practises to follow.

    It's best to write thank you notes in blue or black ink and use clear, legible handwriting. Sending a handwritten note of gratitude is especially appreciated when the event or entertainment was expensive. Select the most appropriate vocabulary and expressions to express your thoughts and feelings about a topic. Guests at your wedding will appreciate a letter and photos from the event. Thank your guests as soon as possible, whether it is before or after the wedding.

    It's not necessary to write a novel in your wedding thank you note; just make sure it comes from the heart. If you follow these guidelines, you will soon be writing like a pro. Even if it's just a sentence or two, a thank-you note should always begin with the sender expressing their appreciation. Writing a heartfelt note of gratitude in a thank you card requires some personalisation. Personalize your card by writing a heartfelt note that includes the recipient's name and the reason for your gift.

    One should always remember to repay a gift with the same level of graciousness and charity with which it was first given. Everyone who attended the wedding should be thanked, not just those who contributed gifts. Don't forget to thank the folks who helped you get to the big day by include them in your greeting cards. Send an instant message or give a call to make sure the gift was received.

    Content Summary

    1. Guidelines for Addressing Wedding Thank-You Notes Because of the joy of the occasion, it's easy to forget the people who deserve thanks.
    2. During the festivities, remember to express your gratitude to those who played a role in making your wedding day a reality.
    3. Writing out thank-you notes for everyone who contributed to your wedding celebration is a pain, but it's the right thing to do.
    4. Not forgetting to send thank-you notes is a nice touch.
    5. Your guests have made an effort to be there for you on this special day, and they should be recognised for it in some way, no matter how tiny.
    6. This piece will discuss the value of thank-you cards, the best way to show appreciation, and offer some ideas for what to write in individual notes to each visitor.
    7. Everyone knows how difficult it is to write wedding thank-you notes.
    8. As a courtesy, we have developed a list of etiquette recommendations and tips for better writing to make your life easier.
    9. It should be routine practise to start writing thank-you notes right away after receiving any act of kindness.
    10. Writing a letter of gratitude can be done in a variety of ways.
    11. But there are things you can do to help yourself while you plot out and compose the messages that will lead you to your destination.
    12. Our recommendations can help you address a thank-you card correctly.
    13. When and Where You Do It Sending a thank-you note should be done as soon as possible, but no later than a week following the event.
    14. It is much appreciated when people promptly send out thank you cards.
    15. No thank you note is better than no thank you note.
    16. When you are the guest of honour or host of a business dinner, Tsai says you should always send a handwritten note of thanks.
    17. When describing an event, activity, or emotion, the right words and tone must be used.
    18. If you can't think of the appropriate words to express your gratitude, our photo wedding thank you cards will speak for themselves.
    19. Wedding thank you cards that are personalised with multiple photos provide you the freedom to insert either or both of these sentiments.
    20. Immediate delivery of thank-you notes is requested.
    21. On top of that, according to Leighton, couples do not have up to a year to send out thank you cards for their wedding gifts, despite popular belief to the contrary.
    22. Be prompt with your expressions of gratitude by mailing notes of appreciation.
    23. A wedding thank-you card's message doesn't have to be too long.
    24. Providing it comes from the heart and conveys genuine gratitude, the text of your wedding thank you cards need not be extensive.
    25. If you stick to a few basic rules, writing thank-you notes won't be as difficult.
    26. Consider your relationship with the recipient to determine the tone of your "thank you" note.
    27. It's important to properly format and spell the recipient's name and any other names you may mention in your note of appreciation.
    28. Now all that's left to do is fill up the card with the two most important words: "thank you."
    29. Notes of appreciation should always begin with the sender's heartfelt appreciation.
    30. The best thank-you card messages are those that are written specifically for the recipient.
    31. Be particular in your expressions of appreciation for others.
    32. To whom you are closest should determine how you sign off.
    33. On the other hand, if you're penning a more heartfelt remark in your wedding or bridal shower thank you cards, a more casual close may be more appropriate.
    34. Wedding Thank You Notes: The Dos and Don'ts Writing thank-you cards for wedding presents might be challenging when you have a lot on your plate, but here are a few simple guidelines to help you stay on track: Personalize your card by writing a heartfelt note that includes the recipient's name and the reason for your gift.
    35. Avoid basing the tone of your note on assumptions about the giftee's enjoyment.
    36. Not only should you thank those who provided you gifts, but you should also thank everyone who attended your wedding.
    37. When writing your messages of gratitude after the wedding, it's important to be as detailed as possible.
    38. To show your appreciation for their thoughtful gifts, you could send handwritten cards with your own personal note included.
    39. Don't be bashful about explaining how you want to use the money.
    40. Keeping tally of the greeting cards and gifts received might facilitate the process of writing thank you notes after the wedding.
    41. The wedding thank-you cards should be a joint effort between you and your new husband.
    42. Just because you've achieved your first anniversary doesn't mean you have to stop writing to one other.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Thank You Card

    It's recommended to send wedding thank-you cards within two weeks of receiving a gift before your wedding. Then, for all gifts received after, aim to send thank-yous within three months of your wedding date.

    A window of one to three months is more proper and provides ample time to ensure they are ordered, written, addressed, signed, sealed, and delivered without leaving the couple feeling overwhelmed.

    But how many of us can say the same as adults? Like so many things, it seems technology has replaced sending proper thank you cards for lots of us, with 59% of millennials admitting they only manage a thank you text – according to Moonpig who polled 1000 people aged 18-35.

    Many months may have passed since you tied the knot, but the chance to mail out your wedding thank you notes has not. Better late than never. Whether it's been 8 months or a full year, don't let the build-up of having put this off be used as an excuse to never mail out your thank yous.

    Again, two weeks is a good rule of thumb. That being said, even if your guests simply attended and didn't bring a gift, it's still important to thank them for being there for this event. It's never too late to be gracious, even if it feels uncomfortable sending a message after a few weeks or even months.

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