Top 100 Wedding Reception Venues in Melbourne, Victoria (2022)

When it comes to planning your wedding, you have the difficult task of arranging every detail. One decision that needs to be made early on is where you are going to hold your wedding reception.

The best option for many couples is a traditional ballroom venue with an attached event space for dancing and other events. Not only can these venues accommodate any size wedding party comfortably, but they also offer great catering options as well as elegant décor so that everything will look amazing.

We’ve listed some of Melbourne’s top wedding reception venues that provide this type of service, so take a look!

Wedding Reception Venues FAQs

When planning an unforgettable wedding, you need to think about the reception hall, dress, music, photography, etc. What might surprise you is that the most important element contributing to a wedding reception’s success is actually the food

No matter how beautiful the venue or how great the DJ is, people will remember if they enjoyed what they ate.

One of the biggest factors for selecting your food options for a wedding is the time of day your reception is. The time can dictate what type of food you serve, from a full meal to just appetizers and hors d’oeuvres.

You may want your guests to get up and mingle instead of feeling tied to their table eating a full meal — to encourage this, you might decide to serve smaller plates such as appetizers and hors d’oeuvres. This may seem like a good idea in theory, but if you are asking friends and family to join you during “meal time,” it is highly recommended to serve a full meal instead of snacks. It’s no fun being hungry, and you would not want your guests to leave early because they need to eat!

A wedding reception is essentially a party, and what else are guests expecting to do at weddings? Dance! However, the quickest way to have guests slumped over in their chairs feeling uncomfortable and lacking the energy to dance is to make them go hungry. Hungry people aren’t happy, and unhappy people don’t dance.

The food you serve affects your guests’ whole wedding experience, so it is important to choose a caterer that offers the best tasting food and the best presentation and service.


Weddings are tailor-made to the couples’ interests. Non-traditional venues are edging out the old standbys, but the standards haven’t lost their appeal. Some of the most popular venue options include:

  • Hotel venues: Ballroom, banquet hall, events facility, terrace, balcony
  • Rustic venues: Events Barn, outbuilding, farmhouse, tent
  • Waterfront venues: Beach, boat, dock, lake house, beach House
  • Houses of worship: Church, chapel, synagogue, mosque, temple
  • Country club: Garden, golf course, patio, pond
  • Historic venues: Landmark property, museum, mansion
  • Natural venues: Garden, vineyard, park, forest
  • Destination venues: Villa, resort, castle
  • Modern venues: Gallery, aquarium, warehouse, loft, brewery, distillery

While couples may not have their theme, menu, or vendors figured out during their venue search, they’ll have narrowed down the list of venue types — or at least know what they don’t want — and likely have a few ideas for style. Seeing your venue firsthand may be the deciding factor: Once they can picture their wedding, other details may fall into place.

Your wedding day is probably the most expensive event you’ll ever pay for – and that’s without counting the honeymoon. Between the venue, catering, the dress, and all the extras that make it special, you’ll probably be spending tens of thousands of dollars, even if you look for savings.

Many couples pay the asking price for these items, missing out on the significant discounts that may be available if they had only reached out and asked.

The bottom line is this: couples who don’t negotiate are leaving money on the table. Money could have been used to improve their big day or even simply help them start off marriage on the right financial foot.

  • Do Your Research
  • Ask With Confidence
  • Start Low
  • Be Prepared to Haggle
  • Wedding Venue Won’t Budge? Try Asking for More
  • Off-Peak Times Will Increase Your Negotiating Power
  • Consider Asking for Reduced Service
  • Be Prepared to Walk Away

If your negotiation wasn’t successful, you could try again in a week or two. It’s unlikely that a venue will refuse to deal with you just for trying to negotiate (although you should be careful to not lowball them too much).

After a couple of weeks, they may be more willing to move the price tag lower. If not, you always have the option of accepting their original price.

You have very little to lose by asking for a better deal but plenty to gain. Not negotiating and accepting everything at face value are common wedding planning mistakes — avoid them, and your wallet will be happier!

Finding the right venue for your wedding is one of the most crucial decisions you’ll make, and it can be hard to know if a place will be the right fit for you.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the essential factors to consider when choosing your wedding venue.

  • Where do you want to get married?
  • How far in advance do you need to book your venue?
  • What’s your wedding venue budget?
  • Is the venue suited to your guest numbers?
  • Does the venue reflect your style?
  • Is there accommodation nearby for your wedding guests?
  • Does the venue offer in-house catering?
  • What will they provide when it comes to furniture and styling?
  • Does the venue have any noise restrictions?
  • Are there backup options in case of unpredictable weather?

Part of searching for a wedding venue is asking tons of questions. It helps to create a list before you tour different venues, so you don’t forget anything important.

Here’s what you’ll want to ask when choosing a wedding venue:

  • Do you limit decorations?
  • Am I allowed to rearrange?
  • How far in advance can I book?
  • Are candles allowed?
  • Are there hidden costs?
  • What do you charge for overtime?
  • What deposits are required?
  • When do I have to pay?
  • What’s the cancellation policy?
  • Do you have an in-house caterer?
  • Do you have a liquor license?
  • Can I bring my own alcohol?
  • Is there a corkage or service fee?
  • Are there bartenders on staff?
  • Can I bring my own cake?
  • Is there a cake-cutting fee?
  • Can I do a tasting before finalizing the menu, and if so, what is the cost?
  • Can the ceremony and reception both take place at the venue?
  • What if it rains or snows?
  • Can I bring a DJ or a live band?
  • What are your noise policies?
  • How early can I show up at the venue?
  • Can I get ready at the venue?
  • Do you have a sound system?
  • What photo opportunities are available?
  • Where can guests park, and are there parking fees?
  • Is valet parking available?
  • Do you have enough chairs, table linens, tables and tableware, or will I have to rent these items?
  • How many events does the venue do in one day?
  • Do you have a preferred vendor list?
  • What’s included in the price?
  • Can I see the different packages available?

Ultimate List of the Best Wedding Reception Venues Melbourne

Boutique Events Group Wedding Reception Venues Melbourne

(03) 9802 2477


From a formal weddings with an enormous party to a more intimate and relaxed celebration, Boutique Events Group will suggest the perfect spaces to celebrate your special day. Exchange your vows at one of our spectacular venues. Following the ceremony, celebrate your special day in spectacular fashion in one of our unique rooms. Every Wedding at a venue part of Boutique Events Group is a very special occasion to us. You’ll find our dedicated team are committed to ensuring your wedding day is as magical and romantic as you always dreamed it would be.


Every wedding should be as individual as the couple. For many couples, that means adding features and decorations that truly reflect your style.

Our Venues at Boutique Events Group provide you options for a flexible, blank canvas for you to create your dream wedding. 


Ensuring your event is perfect, is at the very centre of everything that we do.

Our venues are perfectly embellished, sophisticated while remaining exquisitely simple. Centrally located, allowing for friends, family and co-workers to join you in celebrating your special day.

Vogue Ballroom Wedding Reception Venues Melbourne

Wedding Accommodation Melbourne

(03) 9802 2477

Melbourne's Iconic Wedding Reception Venue

Vogue Ballroom, an exciting wedding and reception venue located in Melbourne’s south-east suburbs of Burwood East, a short 20 minutes from the city center.

Vogue Ballroom is where Melbourne “happily-ever-after” begins in grand style. The moment you say “I do,” weddings at Vogue Ballroom are an elegant and luxurious affair.

From our Grand Ballroom with its exquisite details, sparkling crystal chandeliers, and majestic staircase, brides-to-be have a wealth of elegant options in the selection of their wedding venue for their special day.

When it comes to your special day, Vogue Ballroom has proven itself to be an iconic wedding venue and function centre in Melbourne with a highly reviewed track record.

Looking for an Elegant wedding reception venue in Melbourne?

Vogue Ballroom Wedding Reception & Function Venue Melbourne

It is all about creating the right ambiance for your magical Melbourne wedding day.

At Vogue our grand ballroom is exclusively yours. A beautifully presented and decorated free standing building with its own car park facilities. Our team of expert wedding specialists, event planners and chefs will work closely with you to create a wedding experience that is truly magnificent, ultimately unforgettable and lives up to your expectations and dreams in every way.

We will assist you every step of the way to ensure that you have the perfect ingredients for your wedding day.

Every Vogue Wedding is as Unique as the Couples that Marry

With 30 years of experience in the Melbourne wedding and hospitality industry, George and Angela Ross have a long history of delivering memorable Melbourne weddings with over 500 5-star reviews. Vogue Ballroom is their success story in Melbourne, Australia – an elegant wedding venue that has justifiably earned a reputation as “Melbourne’s Best Wedding Venue.”

Over 30 Years of Experience in the Melbourne Wedding & Entertainment Industry

Owner and wedding professional George Ross with over 30 years experience in the Melbourne wedding and function industry.

”Why improve on what’s already been done before? We at Vogue Ballroom totally re-imagine it… Our sole ambition is to inject beauty, passion and grandeur into your wedding as we create memories that you will cherish forever."

Award winning cuisine, expertise, renowned service, and attention to detail will ensure that your wedding is a truly memorable occasion at Vogue Ballroom - wedding reception & function venue in Melbourne.

Vogue Ballroom Weddings are as Unique as the Couples that Marry

In any industry, you can detect quality when the people manning the helm have a certain quality – passion.

When you have passion in a team like George and Angela, no detail is overlooked, and when you talk about weddings, it is the details that make a wedding spectacular – and memorable.

A Modern Day Classic Wedding Venue in Melbourne

vogue ballroom wedding with black floor

Vogue Ballroom’s six-meter high French provincial crystal chandelier lined ceilings, custom designed carpets, iconic wall paneling, crushed silk drapery to its gracious marble foyer, lavish stone bathrooms and the mezzanine balcony overlooking the whole ballroom, along with luxurious décor, an exquisite bridal lounge gives Vogue Ballroom its own unique level of opulence, that flows through the pillarless ballroom making it the perfect venue to host your celebration.

Our gracious foyer is perfect for your pre-event drinks and canapés, your guests will wait in style and comfort for your grand arrival at the venue. We also cater for onsite ceremonies should you want for your entire wedding to be held at the iconic Vogue Ballroom.

Vogue Ballroom is the perfect venue for hire for almost any occasion. With a stunning design and team of expert event planners, you will be left absolutely thrilled with the experience you have at Vogue.

With over 30 Years of Experience in the Melbourne Wedding & Entertainment Industry

Owner and wedding professional George Ross with over 30 years experience in the Melbourne wedding and function industry.

”Why improve on what’s already been done before? We at Vogue Ballroom totally re-imagine it… Our sole ambition is to inject beauty, passion, and grandeur into your wedding as we create memories that you will cherish forever."

Award-winning cuisine, expertise, renowned service, and attention to detail will ensure that your wedding is a truly memorable occasion at Melbourne’s best wedding venue.

Your perfect events venue for a range of occasions

The elegance displayed in the Vogue Ballroom is nothing short of breath-taking. The tall ceilings are adorned with a crystal chandelier, the marble foyer is a sight of grandeur, and the balcony overlooking the whole ballroom makes the perfect spot to showcase a newly married couple.

This building was designed to showcase the grace and sophistication that most brides seek for their big day.

If you’ve been searching for a unique wedding ceremony or other event venues in Melbourne, our ballroom is the best option for almost any special event you can think of.

Need a stylish, unique or intimate venue for the perfect wedding reception?

Putting on a lavish school formal?

Want to put on the biggest Christmas Party your company’s ever seen?

The elegant ballroom at Vogue is the perfect location for you.

Our ballroom is unique for all party sizes for the wedding and reception you have planned. You and your guests will enjoy your special day surrounded by the elegance and style that represent Vogue Ballroom.

A wealth of experience surrounds you

Our team of Melbourne event planning specialists stop at nothing to ensure the event you put on at Vogue Ballroom is a unique and memorable one. We want people to leave our function venue saying “wow, that was the best wedding I've ever been to,” and therefore we go to extra special lengths when planning your event to ensure this. We take care of every detail, the trusted and highly-experienced team at Vogue will make sure that you and your guests have an absolutely stellar evening.

Vines of the Yarra Valley Wedding Reception Venues Melbourne

Vines of the Yarra Valley Engagement Party Melbourne

(03) 9739 0222

Premier Yarra Valley Winery Wedding Venue

Vineyard Wedding Venue, Breathtaking Backdrops, Exclusive Location, Romantic Experiences

Vines of the Yarra Valley Wedding venue is a stunning property located at the gateway of the Yarra Ranges just 45 minutes from the Melbourne CBD. Surrounded by acres of vineyard in every direction, lush lawns and magnificent rose gardens we provide everything you need in one location including free ceremony time. We offer a ceremony location on site with 360 panoramic views of the valley and mountain ranges.

Witness The Best Views of the Yarra Valley All Year Round

Vines floats above vineyards on Helen’s Hill and offers the best views of the Yarra Ranges making it a perfect location for your Yarra Valley wedding reception. We host stunning Yarra Valley weddings year-round at Vines, taking advantage of our various indoor/outdoor facilities, depending on the weather. Our facilities are versatile and accommodating, designed to maximize spring and summer’s open-air freshness and fall and winter’s crisp light and cozy warmth.

Over 30 Years of Experience Delivering Memorable Victorian Weddings

Over 1000 Happily-Ever-After Couples

Vines of the Yarra Valley is owned and operated by wedding professionals George and Angela Ross who also run Vogue Ballroom Wedding Venue in Melbourne's South East. Vogue Ballroom has earned a five-star reputation in Melbourne for delivering elegant receptions and is the larger wedding venue of the two capable of seating up to 400 people. 

”Why improve on what’s already been done before? We re-imagine it… Our sole ambition is to inject beauty, passion, and grandeur into your wedding as we create memories that you will cherish forever."

The couple has been delivering memorable Victorian weddings for over 30 years to over 1000 happy-ever-after couples. George and Angela have brought the same attention to detail, experience, and professionalism to Vines of the Yarra Valley that made Vogue Ballroom the best wedding venue Melbourne. Now couples can experience the same in breathtaking Yarra Valley setting.

Yarra Valley Wedding Receptions at Vines are as Unique as the Couples who Marry Here


Our all-inclusive Celebration Package, designed with ‘no hidden fees’ will ensure that all of the details for your day are taken care of under one price per guest. You will be pleasantly surprised at all the little touches we include.

Our prices do vary depending on the season and day of the week, so it would be my pleasure to discuss with you, your personalized needs and budget to tailor a quotation and package that is perfect for you. The main room at Vines of the Yarra Valley seats 140 guests.

Winery Wedding & Function Venue To Remember

Exchange your vows surrounded by the beauty of nature

With breathtaking views of the Yarra Valley and Yarra Ranges beyond, Vines of the Yarra Valley provides a setting of unforgettable beauty for your magical wedding day. We specialize in exclusive, romantic, and personalized weddings to make your big day simply perfect in every way, with everything you need in one fabulous location. 

Sophisticated Understated Rustic Glam Elegance

Your guests will be hosted in our romantic, sophisticated rustic-lam space while sipping wine made on the premises. Our events team will carefully assist with all of the details, from helping you select your individual wedding menu to making sure every element is perfect when it’s time to walk down the aisle. We’ve expertly designed our weddings to provide you with a full-service experience as we help you craft the day you’ve always imagined. You will remember the Vines of the Yarra Valley wedding venue of your dreams with photos taken against the backdrop of our wineries and Yarra Valley. Enjoy estate grown wine and dance your way into the night under the stars.

Vines Luxury Events & Functions Venue

If you have always dreamed of a winery wedding, you may not need to go much further than Melbourne’s outskirts. And with the unmatchable food and wine that vineyard venues offer, not to mention the spellbinding views of rolling hills and lush green vines; what more could you want? With capacity for 150 guests, including a dance floor, the room allows for flexible layouts to weddings of all styles. 

Our experienced wedding co-ordinators are always available to assist with ceremony & reception enquiries, supplier details and create bespoke menus for your special day. The team are dedicated to assisting and planning your special day to perfection, ensuring dreams are turned into reality. 

Weddings are wonderful occasions; full of love, happiness and with all the people you love in the same place. Here at The Vines of the Yarra Valley we have a fantastic Bridal Services Team who go above and beyond to make your dream day a reality!

Imagine all your guests staying under one luxury roof your ceremony in a soaring gallery with floor to ceiling windows ,then while you have photos taken your guests can enjoy drinks on the terrace before your reception starts in the ballroom with its picturesque views over the Yarra Valley

Avalon Castle Melbourne Wedding Venue

Wedding Accommodation Melbourne

(03) 5968 8391


Avalon Castle – Visually stunning, loaded with character and beautifully appointed on a two-acre property in the heart of the historic Dandenong Ranges.

Your Melbourne Wedding Destination

One of the most visually stunning wedding venues in Victoria, our Melbourne Castle wedding venue is ideal for those who are seeking outdoor wedding ceremonies and affordable wedding reception packages in Melbourne.

Forest Weddings, Woodland Weddings, Themed Weddings and Classic Weddings. Your style, your way, with a tailored budget to suit your needs.

What could be more perfect than a wedding in the heart of the Dandenong Ranges? With a blend of old and new elements, our multi award-winning venue has fast become one of the most sought-after rustic wedding locations in Melbourne, recently voted by brides and grooms as Victoria’s Best Wedding Ceremony Location.

If Every Picture Tells A Story, Your Wedding Day Story Begins Here.

  • Awarded for our hospitality 
  • Famous for our unique wedding location 
  • Known for our reputation 
  • Always inviting 
  • Always evolving



Our all inclusive wedding packages allow you to have your wedding, your way. With design your own options and wedding add-ons to truely customise your wedding experience at Melbourne's premier wedding venue.


We will present you with a comprehensive list of inclusions that you will only find at Avalon Castle.

  • A Generous Seven (7) Hour Event Package
  • Full Beverage Package with Base Price Spirits Available
  • Flexible and Varied Menu Options
  • Complimentary Cottage Overnight
  • Accommodation for up to 18 Guests

We have a multi-skilled team of event hosts to oversee all aspects of your day. Our Wedding Planners use their combined skill set to pre-manage each function. They will meticulously plan the details of your entire day and ensure that your styling details are flawless. Our client reviews will reassure you that you can trust us to support you throughout your entire planning process.



Ordinarily, there are so many contributing costs when it comes to wedding planning and budgeting. We have made the process very easy for you.

Calculate your per head price and multiply that by the total number of guests attending. You now have your total budget for a full wedding day at Avalon Castle.

All day, full use of the venue:

  • 7 Hour Package
  • Your Ceremony
  • Your Food and Beverages
  • Your Table Styling
  • Your Wedding Planning Hub
  • Your Dedicated Wedding Planners
  • Onsite Guest Accommodation
  • Your Honeymoon Cottage – with Breakfast for Two
  • Quality In-House Sound System

As experienced hosts we aim to exceed your expectations. Everything is taken care of for you! Click here to view other standard inclusions.

Your Wedding. Your Style. Your Way.

Choose Avalon Castle Melbourne wedding venue and take control of your dream wedding day.

What we have on offer:

  • A fun-loving team of professionals to help get your planning underway
  • A fabulous list of recommended and affordable suppliers
  • A customised wedding planning file with step by step planning details
  • Onsite accommodation for up to 18 guests
  • Great food, great staff and some seriously impressive reviews
  • A wide range of complimentary linen and table decorations
  • Your (per head) price includes full use of our facilities, beer, wine and standard beverages

The Ultimate All-In-One Wedding Destination

Avalon Castle has a range of picturesque wedding ceremony, wedding reception and general function areas to host your event. Each area can be customised to suit your taste or requirement.

Renowned for our idyllic location, we are situated in the heart of the picturesque Dandenong Ranges. When you engage us, you engage the use of the grounds exclusively.

We run tours by prior appointment but if you are in the area, give us a quick call. We do not run tours during functions but drop us a line and let us know when you would like to visit.

Alencia Wedding Reception Venues Melbourne

Wedding Accommodation Melbourne

03 9792 2388


Inspired by the Timelessness of French Lace

Alencia is the new iconic destination in the South-East suburbs of Melbourne located in Dandenong South. Melbourne’s most stunning event venue to hold your luxury wedding, formal, and corporate event. Our versatile venue is tailored for all events, boasting contemporary architecture, and the most accommodating staff, who will go above and beyond to make your event as special as can be.

The Newest Melbourne Wedding Reception Venue

Host your modern wedding celebration in the new Melbourne wedding reception venue your guests won’t soon forget located in Dandenong South. Alencia is Melbourne’s premier wedding spot. Destined to dazzle, our passionate team promises to deliver an event that checks every one of your must-have features off your list.


Alencia—a destination inspired by the heavenly detailing of 17th century French Alençon lace. Renowned for its fine netting ground, floral patterns, and intricate weave, Alençon lace is a premium trim used for wedding gowns and bridal veils. Like the refinement of French lace, Alencia’s venues are flawlessly designed to enthral, entrance, and exhilarate. Locale is everything. Evoking grandeur and elegance, our spacious new ballrooms boast contemporary architecture and soaring ceilings.

Our hospitable wait staff will be at your service delivering a first-class catering experience. Whether you are hosting a stand-up event or a sit-down banquet, our passionate chefs will make every bite remarkable, from canapés menus to full-course meals in the newest Melbourne wedding reception venue.

Alencia — a destination inspired by the heavenly detailing of 17th century French Alençon lace. Renowned for its fine netting ground, floral patterns, and intricate weave, Alençon lace is a premium trim used for wedding gowns and bridal veils. Like the refinement of French lace, Alencia’s venues are flawlessly designed to enthral, entrance, and exhilarate.

Ballara Wedding Reception Venues Melbourne

Ballara Receptions Accommodation and Hotel Burwood, Melbourne

(03) 9431 1508


Established in 1987 and still owned and operated by the same family, we provide an unforgettable experience on your wedding day.

Located at the foothills of the Yarra Valley, you will find everything you had dreamed of in the one location at Ballara.

For your ceremony, select from our on-site chapel or one of many locations in our secluded English gardens.

With so many photo opportunities on-site, there is no need for you to leave Ballara in order to capture all those magical moments.

Wander around the lake to discover our cascading waterfall, giant swing, lakeside jetty, rustic LOVE letters and rose arbours to name a few, without the hassle and stress of going to additional locations.

Relax and enjoy the reception in our enchanting ballroom – with sparkling chandeliers, large central dance floor and windows looking out to the fairy lit gardens.

No two weddings are the same, so we would love to tailor a package and quote to suit you and to find out what’s important for your wedding day?

Our team is here for you from your first inspection, throughout the planning process and on the big day to ensure everything comes together for you.

We look forward to the opportunity to discuss your wedding plans and ideas. Contact us to organise an appointment and see why you should choose Ballara Wedding Receptions for your special day.

Our Melbourne wedding venue is open 7 days a week and we would be delighted to show you everything Ballara has to offer.


We have tailored our sit down wedding packages to accommodate every couple’s individual requirements.

Canapes & drinks will keep your guests busy while you complete your photographs. Guests will have a warm bread roll & butter waiting for them when they are seated. All of our packages include a three course sit down meal served on an alternating 50/50 basis. 

We have a large menu taking influences from cuisines around the world to ensure each couple can put together the menu that suits them and their guests the best. An inclusive alcoholic drinks package of beer, wine and soft drinks is also part of the price per person. 

We will set up the reception room to your required configuration – with different sized tables to help accommodate your guest numbers. Drop off your place cards, bonbonnieres etc to us and we will set this up for you on the day so that you (or your family and friends) don’t have to. 

Platinum Package provides you with all the normal inclusions and the opportunity to select any extras which are important to you. We can either help you with this, or you can source your own preferred suppliers.

Diamond Package: includes everything that the Platinum Package does, with the added benefit of including a DJ/MC, wedding cake, floral centrepieces, ceremony on-site, and many other inclusions that you would normally organise yourself. Great value for everyone but fantastic for time-poor couples or those not sure where to start. 

Mid Week Package. Our specially designed midweek package has all the essentials for the price conscious – available for Monday to Thursday weddings.


Our Cocktail Package suits those wanting a more relaxed easy going style and features ‘wandering canapes’ along with food stations so that it encourages mingling and a party-atmosphere. The food is plentiful to ensure no one goes home hungry.

Our cocktail package includes 6 canape items served in a wandering style by staff, followed by 2 fork dishes – this is what will fill up your guests so they don’t go home hungry or have to make a stop at McDonalds on the way home, but they are easy dishes that don’t require a knife & fork to be eaten. We have food stations as well so that surplus can be placed on these so guests can eat at their own rate.

Then you finish off the night with 3 dessert items served to the food stations along with your wedding cake. 

Our drinks package is also included in the price per person so that there are a range of wine varieties and choices for your guests. 

The set up of the ballroom can be customised to your personal preferences. Couples often opt to have bar tables around the dance floor and have this as a mingle area. Set up some round tables along with couches and arm chairs at the back of the room as a chill out space and so that any older guests can have a seat if required. 

Opting to have our lawn games set up in the courtyard is also super popular for cocktail style weddings! 


Ballara is a family owned and operated business established in 1987. Our experience and professionalism has earned us one of the best reputations in the industry.

We are aware of how exciting planning your wedding can be, but also how it can become an overwhelming and stressful experience at times. This is where our years of experience and professionalism will come into play, and our fully inclusive packages will be invaluable. From ceremony to reception, we work closely with you to bring your inspirations to life in our beautiful wedding venue and help you coordinate an exquisite tailor made wedding.

The team at Ballara look forward to helping you plan a beautiful and unforgettable day of celebrations for you and all your guests.

Our mission is “To give our clients an experience of a lifetime, by always exceeding their expectations by providing exceptional service and high quality food.”


Ballara has been a family run business for over 30 years. We are a close knit team so that you can feel comfortable and supported throughout your wedding planning process as well as on the big day itself. We have a team of staff who work full time – Amanda, Fiona, Jan & Stacey – and then part-timer Isabella. So whenever you email, call or come in for appointments you will be in touch with one of us!


While your function manager ensures everything runs to plan on the day, let your bridal host take care of you and your bridal party. From getting you drinks, to helping with your wedding dress or packing up some cake for in your departure car. Just like a personal assistant for the day!

We have our amazing floor and bar staff who look after your guests during the reception. We always ensure there is a good staff-to-guest ratio so that your guests aren’t left waiting or wanting. They are well trained and always ready to help with a smile on their faces.

We have our kitchen on-site and our kitchen team lead by chefs Simone & Dom who take great pride in creating their menus and can tailor each dish to suit your individual requirements.

To maintain our beautiful grounds we have a garden caretaker who is always pottering away to make sure everything is looking lush and in place for your wedding.

Luna Space Wedding Reception Venues Melbourne

Luna Events Space Accommodation and Hotel Burwood, Melbourne

(03) 9532 2556

Set in the Highett suburb of Melbourne, this stunning modern warehouse wedding venue boasts industrial charm and an abundance of natural light. Concrete flooring, whitewashed brick walls, and lots of windows create a stunning setting for a modern wedding at Luna Event Space.

Presenting unlimited possibilities to create, feast and celebrate, Luna event space is now open. 

This industrial warehouse has been converted into an immaculate venue, where minimal aesthetics allow for complete creative freedom. Sweeping natural light surrounds throughout the day, reflecting off polished concrete floors and white brick walls. Indoor and outdoor spaces provide ample opportunities for bespoke areas to excite and engage guests and as night draws in, even the largest events feel intimate and personal. 

weddings  | celebrations | brand activations | photo shoots | workshops | corporate

Luna is catered for exclusively by Fourside Food Design and Events. Fourside combine the very best produce with a creative approach to food design. From weddings, brand activations, not-so-corporate working days, private parties to intimate dining experiences for 2, menus are tailored for each and every event to provide a customised experience just for you.

Collaborating with some of Melbourne’s most influential event experts, producers and suppliers, they cater different. They do it awesome, and they love it.      

Tatra Wedding Reception Venues Melbourne

Tatra Receptions - Accommodation and Hotel Brighton, Melbourne

03 9751 1066

We’re proud to announce that our recent stunning renovations of Tatra Receptions are complete.

Our new transformation includes:

– New white Napoleon banquet chairs available to all of our Brides & Grooms (we are the only wedding venue in Melbourne with these specially imported chairs)

– Stunning hand crafted steel doors, designed to bring the forest into our grand ballroom

– A new neutral colour palette in cool tones, modernising our entire venue

– A brand new Calcutta marble bar

– A whimsical, woodland themed bridal change room, styled as the perfect retreat for you & your bridal party on your special day

– Updated entry foyers with hard wood floors & new artwork

– Contemporary, free-form floral arrangements, available to all of our Brides & Grooms

– New decor & colour accents, including a walkway of mirrors, couches & a revamped window seat spanning the length of our pre-dinner room overlooking the Dandenong ranges forest.

We’re excited to share the first photos of our new look below.


Set amongst ten acres of established gardens, with soaring views of the Dandenong ranges forest, Tatra Receptions is the perfect wedding venue for your special day.


Tatra Receptions specialises in outdoor & garden weddings- our magical gardens have been 70 years in the making.

Our acres of sprawling forest greenery, manicured topiary, tall blue gums and collection of vibrant flowers will all add to the romance of your special day. Tatra Receptions’ outdoor ceremony areas & classic ballroom are nestled amongst acres of blooming gardens, surrounded by the lush Dandenong ranges forest.

The canopy of the Dandenong range forest forms a spectacular backdrop to our outdoor ceremony areas – the perfect location for a garden wedding.

Ascot House Wedding Venue Receptions Melbourne

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Ascot House is the definitive solution for couples looking for a sophisticated Melbourne wedding venue. Conveniently located in Ascot Vale, wedding receptions held at the Ascot House mansion and gardens are always of an exceptional standard, making Ascot House one of the leading wedding reception venues in Melbourne.

Choosing reception venues can be a difficult process, but of all the wedding venues Melbourne has to offer, Ascot House stands out. With undeniable heritage charm, expert wedding caterers, dedicated staff focused on flawless service and two acres of gardens offering ample wedding photography opportunities, Ascot House is a wedding venue Melbourne couples have chosen for more than 100 years.

Weddings at Ascot House

As Melbourne’s leading historic wedding reception venue, Ascot House has been a prized wedding venue for more than 100 years and has hosted some of Melbourne’s most glamorous weddings.

Set on two acres of manicured gardens and featuring two deluxe rooms suited for varying wedding reception styles and capacities, Ascot House sets the standard for ambience, service and style. Unlike many other Melbourne wedding venues, Ascot House offers the ability to have your vows, photography and wedding reception all in the one location, which not only saves time and money, but also allows maximum enjoyment of your day.

Whether you want your wedding to be held in the exquisitely intimate Chandelier room, the luxuriously extravagant Grand Ballroom or even on the lawn for a picture-perfect, sunny garden wedding, Ascot House’s old-world charm ensures that it’s the Melbourne wedding reception venue of choice.


Built circa 1860, Ascot House exudes historic charm. Originally purchased from the Crown for the sum of 118 pounds, the mansion has remained the reception venue of choice for many of Melbourne’s finest weddings, parties and events for more than 140 years.

The Dingley Hotel Wedding Reception Venues Melbourne

9552 2009

With an outdoor Beer Garden, Alfresco area, Lounge Bar, new menu, updated cocktail & wine menu and live sports on the big screens there’s something for everyone.

Stay With Us

Dingley is located at the gateway to some of Victoria’s best natural attractions. Situated only minutes from Moorabbin Airport, you can experience world famous sand belt golf courses, shopping destinations, and the beautiful wineries and surf breaks of the Mornington Peninsula. The Dingley Hotel is the ideal base for your next south-eastern escape.


The Dingley Hotel is a spectacular event space in Melbourne’s south-east. With capacity for large-scale corporate and personal events, a huge range of rooms and configurations for functions of all styles, and an experienced events team, this is the ideal location for your next event.

The Dingley Hotel features four distinctly different function spaces, plus ample accommodation and parking. The Mason Room, Grange Bar, Forum Room and Alfresco Dining. Whether it’s a cocktail party, formal banqueting, weddings, meetings & conferencing or drinks after work, we have the perfect space for you.

  • Cocktail style events up to 120 guests
  • A La Carte up to 50 guests
  • Limited menu 50-80 guests
  • Lunch or Dinner
  • Heated outdoor dining
  • Fully serviced bar with premium wines, beers & spirits

Melbourne Venues Wedding Reception

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Melbourne’s Best Wedding, Party, Corporate & Conference Venues

When organising a special event, you need a venue that is just as memorable as the occasion. Whether you are arranging a luxurious wedding; a family birthday party; or a corporate product launch, there’s no doubt that the venue selection is instrumental to you and your guests’ overall enjoyment of the event.

However, choosing from the plethora of function and event venues in Melbourne can easily become an overwhelming process. Melbourne Venues has made it our mission to simplify this process by curating the city’s most prestigious and reputable venues on our website. We pride ourselves on being the definitive guide to the best venues Melbourne has to offer; perfect for wedding venues, cocktail parties, conferences, corporate functions and events.

Melbourne Venues is proud to offer a diverse selection of the city’s most unique and captivating venues, from wedding venues to cocktail party venues for Melbourne locals. You may wish to soak up the atmosphere in a 19th-century bank for a corporate event, or immerse yourself in motoring history at Fox’s Car Museum for your next event. Perhaps you’d rather drink in the views of the city skyline, the Yarra River, or in a nature garden with roaring fire pit for a social event, wedding or cocktail party. Whatever the occasion, Melbourne Venues has a unique venue in Melbourne to perfectly suit.

Once you have chosen your venue with the assistance of Melbourne Venues, you will also need to arrange all the logistics of your event: the catering, entertainment, décor etc. Our preferred supplier for all our catering and event planning needs is ACC Catering, who you can visit here. Ensure your event is unforgettable in the surrounds of a stunning event venue, with beautiful handcrafted food, friendly and attentive service staff and all of your event planning from a single point of contact.

Unique Wedding Venues Melbourne

Creating Unforgettable Moments

Congratulations on your engagement! Selecting a wedding venue can be a daunting task so we have put together a selection of some of Melbourne’s most amazing wedding venues to give you a head start.

We recognise that couples have different preferences when it comes to their ideal wedding venue, which is why Melbourne Venues offers a diverse range of venues suited to all tastes.

Whether it be an intimate affair set in the comfortable surroundings of Mangata @ StKilda Life Saving Club, a lavish wedding complete with a dance floor at Melbourne’s most breathtaking architectural landmark the Dome or a rustic wedding in Warrawong Woolshed, Melbourne Venues has a venue to suit your personal style.

No matter your tastes, Melbourne Venues can assist with finding a wedding reception venue in Melbourne allowing you to celebrate your marriage in a way that suits your taste and personality.

Plaza Ballroom Wedding Reception Venue Melbourne

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The Plaza Ballroom, is one of Melbourne’s most iconic venues, situated in the heart of Collins Street at the famous Regent Theatre. We specialise in hosting all types of events including Corporate Functions, Special Events and Weddings.

Originally built in 1929, the venue underwent an extensive refurbishment when it was taken over by Marriner Group in 1996. Today the venue is more lavish and grand than ever, combining award-winning catering and impeccable service in a setting unmatched in history, grandeur and ambience. Complete with high ceilings, mesmerising Spanish Rococo architecture, Juliet balconies, bespoke lighting and original chandeliers it’s the perfect backdrop to compliment any modern day event. 

A dream come true wedding venue in the Melbourne CBD

Awarded ‘Venue Caterer of the Year’ at the Restaurant and Catering Awards, the venue is renowned for its exceptional wedding catering and outstanding service in a setting unmatched in history, elegance and grandeur.

The Plaza Ballroom situated at the Regent Theatre on Collins Street is a beautifully restored Ballroom dating back to 1929. The moment your guests enter the breathtaking venue they will be swept away to a world of magic. With its elaborate Spanish Rococo architecture, grand staircase entry, magnificent chandeliers and located in the heart of Melbourne's city centre, the Plaza Ballroom will provide you with an unforgettable celebration on your perfect day.

The Plaza Ballroom is a dream come true wedding reception venue catering for 150 - 450 guests and the versatility of the venue allows for a variety of table configurations and has room for a large dance floor if required. 

Our Summer Wedding Package is also available for the months of January and February and includes everything for your dream day at an all-inclusive special price.

River's Edge Events Wedding Reception Venue Melbourne

Corporate Function and Conference Melbourne

(03) 8563 0071


Perfectly perched along Melbourne’s Yarra River with city skyline and waterfront views, River’s Edge Events is located within walking distance of South Wharf, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Crown, Crowne Plaza and Southern Cross Station. Featuring stunning polished concrete floors, neutral tones, floor to ceiling glass windows and large marble bar, River’s Edge Events offers a modern space with the opportunity to create a unique event in the style of your choice.



Boasting 180 degree views over Melbourne’s city skyline and Yarra River; sun light from spring to autumn and sunset panorama over the water during the long summer evenings, a wedding at River’s Edge Events is one your guests will long remember. With a sophisticated and minimalistic approach to styling; neutral tones, polished concrete floors and industrial styled lighting, River’s Edge Events provides the perfect canvas to add your personal touch.

Rivers Edge Events can host receptions from 50 through to 180 guests with a dance floor or a relaxed cocktail style reception for up to 550 guests. Operable doors allow the room to be easily configured to ensure smaller wedding parties enjoy an intimate and romantic ambiance.

The room extends further over the river with two stunning Juliet balconies, perfect for cocktails and canapés upon arrival.

The events team at Rivers Edge Events take care of every detail for your special day, providing comprehensive event consultation in the lead up, right through to the seamless execution of your event.

Luminare Wedding Reception Venue Melbourne

03 8416 9709

A statement piece amidst the cosmopolitan skyline

Luminare’s high-end hints and industrial-chic aesthetic offer Melbournian guests a Manhattan experience, while only a heartbeat from the city centre.


Alive in love and light at Luminare

For a unique wedding reception venue that captures Melbourne’s rooftop culture, say ‘I do’ to Luminare.

With 360-degree views of the stunning city skyline and Port Phillip Bay on the horizon, Luminare is an extraordinary venue in an unbeatable location. And that’s just the exterior! Inside you’ll find rooftop, loft-inspired interiors, chic furnishings, and fabulous food and drinks served by the best in the biz, The Big Group.

A Big Group wedding is all about love – you can taste it in the food, feel it in the service, and experience it in the wow-factor weddings we’ve been throwing for the past 29 years.

We’ve put a lot of love into our Wedding Package, filling it with flavoursome foods and an extensive drinks list for the happy couple to savour on their special day.

But perhaps you’ve got something specific in mind? A desirable dish? A nostalgic reminder of your first date or the big proposal? We’ll work with you to create something personal and delicious, ensuring the menu is full of the flavours you and your guests will love.

Our imaginative stylists love nothing more than designing an incredible wedding reception in Melbourne’s Luminare. The team get to know you so that they can design your event with your personality, colour schemes, favourite flowers and personal preferences in mind. 

From the secret alleyway entrance to the twinkle lights on the terrace, every detail is considered to ensure your wedding is simply breathtaking.

Luminare provides an exquisite setting for culturally significant events and traditional weddings. We have specialised menus available for culturally inspired weddings and can also custom-style your event with a personalised menu and styling.

View our Wedding packages, talk to our experienced event managers and start planning your special day in Luminare.

Illuminated moments.

Striking events.

Alive in life, love, and light. Luminare. Time to shine.

Take a stroll down an inner-city alleyway and allow us to escort you to a rooftop venue with unsurpassed views of Melbourne and beyond to Port Phillip Bay. You’ve arrived at Luminare.

A statement piece amidst the cosmopolitan skyline, Luminare’s high style and expansive modern rooftop deck offer Melbournian guests a Manhattan experience, while only a heartbeat from the city centre.

Everything about Luminare screams style, and when you couple this with our signature Big Group service, you know you’re in for something special. Overlooking Melbourne’s cityscape guests feel like they’re on top of the world. We ensure it stays that way by delivering unimaginable events. Every time.

With a colour palette reminiscent of the night sky, Luminare offers an unassuming and sophisticated foundation for a variety of events. By day, it can be light and airy, alive with fresh flowers and flooded with radiant sunshine. By night – an intoxicating vision of crystal and cocktails, illuminated by the shimmering city lights of Melbourne’s skyline.

We make this already glorious space, yours. Our in-house designers, The Big Group Creative, are experts at bringing a little extra glitz and glamour to Luminare – with personalised styling, imaginative ideas and tasteful suggestions for your special occasion.

So whether your preference is for a flower-filled wedding, a candlelit cocktail party, or cultural celebration – we’ll work with you to create the perfect occasion in our unbelievable venue.

The Park Wedding Reception Venue Melbourne

(03) 8563 0090


The Park is renowned for its tranquil lakeside views, extravagant chandeliers, open and stylish warehouse interiors and dramatic arched windows which offer an abundance of natural light from all angles.


Be met with style and elegance at every angle; from extravagant chandeliers to sleek tiled walls and the modern, mirrored statement bar, this boutique space is a blank canvas just waiting for you to create something special that is uniquely yours.


Be met with style and elegance at every angle; from extravagant chandeliers to sleek tiled walls and the modern, mirrored statement bar, this boutique space is a blank canvas just waiting for you to create something special that is uniquely yours.

The Park at Albert Park, can host receptions from 50 through to 500 guests and has standing room for up to 1,000 guests. Adjustable walls ensure the space can easily be configured to suit more intimate wedding parties.

An outdoor, covered balcony offers the perfect location for a memorable and romantic ceremony or cocktails and canapés upon arrival.

The events team at The Park take care of every detail for your special day, providing comprehensive event consultation in the lead up, right through to the seamless execution of your special day – and don’t forget to ask for their little black book of favourite suppliers.

Metropolis Events Wedding Reception Venue Melbourne

each and Waterside Wedding Venue Victoria

03 8537 7309

Welcome to Melbourne’s most exciting premium event space with the city’s most impressive views.

Metropolis Events is located on the top level of Southgate Melbourne on the banks of the Yarra River. The event space features sweeping views of Melbourne’s city skyline and iconic landmarks including Flinders Street Station, Federation Square, and Princes Bridge.

A New York loft-style space featuring a 17-metre internal dome ceiling, 9 metre high windows. An all-weather outdoor terrace, and state of the art audio visual technology. Metropolis Events is Melbourne’s most exciting premium event space.

This unique venue exudes luxury, style and sophistication from the moment your guests enter the space. Fitted with Mark Douglass Design pendant lights, two brass bars, marble features, premium mirror finishes. Contemporary furnishings and occasional pieces complement the unique event space. This chic and stylish venue is sure to take your event to the next level.

With a focus on delivering a memorable dining experience and restaurant quality food, the innovatively designed menus are created based on seasonal ingredients from local sources. Our team of experienced in-house Chefs specialise in bespoke menus to make your event unforgettable.

Featuring a flexible floor plan, inbuilt drapes and an operable wall, Metropolis Events is a versatile space. Ideal for corporate events, gala dinners, cocktail parties, weddings, private events, conferences, car or product launches and fashion events with a difference.

The space is conveniently positioned on Southbank. Starring direct access to public car parking below and in close proximity to Flinders Street Station, St Kilda Road trams and Water Taxis.


Weddings at Metropolis Events are nothing short of extraordinary. With exceptional cuisine, breathtaking surrounds, unrivalled views of the city and unparalleled service, your special day will be beyond exquisite.

Overlooking the city from the opposite bank of the Yarra River, Metropolis Events is strategically located on the top level of Southgate Melbourne. The venue is nestled amidst Melbourne’s Arts Precinct, within walking distance from some of the city’s beautiful gardens, churches, and parks. Public transport and accommodation options are easily accessible for those traveling to your wedding.

The venue boasts nine-metre floor to ceiling windows, a stylish designer interior and a fabulous 17-metre dome ceiling. Its flexible space is ideal for intimate gatherings or larger celebrations, accommodating up to 334 guests for wedding receptions with a dance floor or cocktail style weddings up to 1,100 guests.

The adjoining Aviary Room provides the perfect backdrop for wedding ceremonies with access to a spacious all weather terrace opening up to stunning vistas of the city skyline and iconic landmarks, including Flinders Street Station, Princes Bridge and beyond. Our dedicated team of wedding specialists will work with you to create a tailor-made wedding experience.

Meadowbank Estate Wedding Reception Venue Melbourne

happily ever after

Experience the romance of holding your next function at Meadowbank’s intimate & pristine garden estate, conveniently located on the corner of Eldon Street & Fashion Parade, Campbellfield. The most important day of your life becomes the most unforgettable with our attention to each & every detail. Enjoy the sweet smelling, colourful, perfumed gardens, heritage listed trees, ornamental pond and historic path providing the perfect setting for you and your guests.

your special day

At Meadowbank we believe there’s nothing more important than bringing people together in an unforgettable fashion for your wedding. Our professional wedding co-ordinators will take care of every detail imaginable making your wedding day a dream come true. Whether it’s a small intimate gathering or a lavish affair, you’ll feel more than welcome with our stunning facilities and idyllic setting.

Our perfectly manicured gardens, offer the perfect setting to begin the celebration of your journey together. Enjoying the sweet smelling, colourful, perfumed gardens, heritage listed trees, ornamental pond and historic path providing the perfect setting for your garden ceremony. Our experienced event coordinators are able to assist with the finer details to make your walk down the aisle a moment to cherish forever.

Lyrebirds Falls Wedding Reception Venue Melbourne

03 9755 2506

A boutique Melbourne wedding venue – Set within the lush, evergreen forest of the Dandenong Ranges on the edge of Melbourne you’ll create beautiful and unique memories with a wedding reception and ceremony at Lyrebird Falls.  

Choose from a garden, ornate gazebo or sweet chapel wedding ceremony, then have photos taken amongst the enchanted Dandenongs. We only hold one event per day, so you and up to 120 wedding guests will enjoy exclusive access to this intimate wedding venue during your ceremony and reception.


Our intimate and newly refurbished dining room at Lyrebird Falls in the Dandenong Ranges accommodates between 70 and 120 guests.

With floor to ceiling glass windows, your reception will overlook the landscaped gardens, stunning fernery and a cascading waterfall – all just 35km from the Melbourne CBD.

Voted Victoria’s Best Reception Centre in 2011, 2010 and 2006 at the Victoria Bridal Awards, the dining experience really come to life at night. With a subtle, but well lit outdoor area you and your wedding guest are treated to a truly unique setting. It is really only an experience you can have outside Melbourne and in the heart of the magnificent Dandenong Ranges.

Our personalised and comprehensive service is designed to take out the hassle associated with planning your wedding. We offer a full care service from our first meeting, right through to the end of the night on your wedding day.

Our newly refurbished wedding reception dining area

With beautifully handcrafted wood panelling and architraves, soft natural colours and soft lighting, this newly refurbished dining room is truly stunning.

A seamless integration is created between the subtly lit waterfall, fernery and paths and the intimate indoor area with large architecturally designed windows.

You and your guests will enjoy a delicious and generous three course meal selected from an extensive menu. We also offer a Wedding Coordinator/Master of Ceremonies, fresh and fragrant floral arrangements on every table, table numbers, personalised menus and more. By individualising your colours, choice of menu, and table layout, the staff at Lyrebird Falls can help make your wedding reception truly memorable.

You will also have exclusive use of all of our facilities – you are the only couple on the premises for the day. 

About Us

Lyrebirds Falls has set the standard for unique, intimate and beautiful weddings.

In addition to Lyrebird Falls, we also own the popular wedding venues Poet’s Lane and Tatra, also in the magnificent Dandenong Ranges, and only 35 kms from the Melbourne CBD.

Towering trees, lush ferns and running streams are all aspects of Lyrebird Falls that attract our clients. Yet, we are often told that it’s the personalised and experienced service offered by our wedding coordinators that really makes the difference to the many weddings and receptions we host. Our wedding coordinators were voted the best for two years running at the Australian Bridal Industry Awards and know how to make your dreams a reality.

Our wedding coordinators, most of whom have been with us for many years, will work closely with you to ensure that your vision for your unique wedding ceremony and reception is exactly what you would like. With only one wedding ceremony held onsite each day your wedding coordinator will have your undivided attention.

Wattle Park Chalet Wedding Reception Venue Melbourne

Wedding Melbourne Venue

(03) 9808 0122

Welcome to Wattle Park Chalet

The Wattle Park Chalet offers a range of facilities suitable for celebrations, events and functions, and is a perfect venue for your wedding reception and other celebrations. The charm and history of Wattle Park Chalet makes it a special place to host your function and makes it one of the highly sought after wedding reception venues Melbourne has to offer.

Our flexibility to accommodate a variety of events, combined with the team’s dedication and commitment to our clients, ensures that you enjoy a great experience from first contact to the conclusion of the event.

The Chalet is surrounded by 137 acres of parkland and is approximately 220 square metres of function space in the Grand Hall and adjacent loggia areas. It also boasts mezzanine balconies and a landscaped private garden that is licensed until 1 am on Fridays and Saturdays and 11 pm on other days. Function areas are accessible by wheelchair. 

We offer over 100+ car parking spaces while seating 40 to 250 guests, and up to 350 guests for stand-up cocktail style functions.


Wattle Park Chalet has hosted thousands of wedding receptions in Melbourne since 1928. It is one of the most sought after wedding reception venues Melbourne has to offer, a fantastic landmark in one of the worlds greatest cities. This spectacular, heritage listed, Tudor style building is a versatile Melbourne event venue suitable for hosting all manner of events: wedding receptions, conferences, christenings, birthdays, Christmas parties and many more. Our culture of hospitality means that your whole experience from first contact to the moment you drive off to start your married life will be one of great joy.

Wattle Park’s Beautiful private Garden is perfectly suited for your garden wedding ceremony. The Private Garden boasts the elegance & classic fairy tale setting that brides and grooms have been searching for.


The Hawthorn Tramway Trust purchased 137 acres of land from Mrs Eliza Welch (of the Ball and Welch Department stores) under the condition it was to be used as a public park. Wattle Park opened on 31 March 1917 when Sir Arthur Stanley planted a Golden Wattle and named the park. Planning and development of the park started in the 1920s and 30s, with a plantation of 12,000 wattle trees between 1926 and 1928. The Wattle Park Chalet was completed by Tramways Architect Alan G. Monsbourgh in 1928.

A 9-hole golf course opened at Wattle Park in October 1937, with tennis courts, sports oval, picnic areas and children’s playgrounds following soon after. The park contains areas of indigenous remnant bushland and has been nominated for being regionally significant for its high diversity of common native fauna in a suburban environment.

Built in 1928 by master craftsmen using materials salvaged from historic public buildings, the Chalet is listed on both the Heritage Victoria and National Trust Registers. The Chalet has operated continuously since it opened and is the only recorded café, dance hall, wedding reception venue and conference venue dating from the 1920s that remains operational in its original form.

The surrounding parkland also have historical significance. The Lone Pine tree across from the Chalet is included on the National Trusts Significant Tree Register. Wattle Park and its Chalet are important local landmarks and attract more than 500,000 visitors annually.

Leonda By The Yarra Wedding Reception Venue Melbourne

Wedding Accommodation Melbourne

03 9819 1938



Create the most memorable day of your life within the surrounds of the willows on the banks of the Yarra River, where the culmination of riverside surrounding, restaurant-style cuisine and exceptional service will ensure all aspects of your special day are perfectly realised in one of Melbourne’s leading elegant wedding reception venues – Leonda By The Yarra.

Our reputation as one of the leading elegant wedding venues in Melbourne has been earned by our commitment to your total satisfaction – this means that we will not only provide you with one of Melbourne’s best wedding venues, but will also work to create your perfect night and meet your personal needs.


When you meet your partner at the end of the aisle to get married you want to be in a beautiful setting. A space that will signify the beginning of your joining and a new journey unfolding. Leonda By The Yarra offers 3 picturesque spaces to suit anyone’s needs. Two indoor ceremony options and one outdoor option with the gorgeous Yarra River as a backdrop.

Here at Leonda we are extremely flexible and can tailor our space to suit your needs. Whether you want an elegant ceremony in our courtyard followed by a fully catered event in our Garden Room or you simply just want to walk down the Leonda aisle and then move your event elsewhere after, we are here to support and offer you anything and everything to make your special day memorable! After your unique ceremony, your guests can relax and enjoy pre-dinner drinks and canapés while you and loved ones are off taking photos in the exquisite settings.

If you wish to conduct your wedding ceremony at a church or park, Leonda recommends a list of various churches and famous parks such as the Burnley Gardens, Royal Botanic Gardens, Alexandra Gardens or Fitzroy Gardens to hold your ceremony.


Leonda’s successful history began in 1970 during the year that John Gorton was Prime Minister and seatbelts became compulsory in cars throughout Victoria. Previously known as the Hawthorn Tea Gardens, the property that Leonda now occupies was a popular destination for boats to dock and ladies to socialise whilst sipping on teas and nibbling on scones, gazing over the beautiful surroundings. When the Hawthorn Tea Gardens fatefully burnt down, partners Leon Jolson & David Walker bought the land and built Melbourne’s leading reception centre. The name bestowed upon the stunning reception centre was Leonda, a fusion of the names Leon and David.

Amberlee Receptions Wedding Reception Venue Melbourne

03 5996 8021

Choosing Amberlee Receptions as a wedding venue is an important milestone in your life means that we will devote ourselves in helping you create not just another memorable day, but help you create a magical beginning to a new chapter in your lives.

Amberlee Receptions is the perfect wedding venue and reception center providing an impeccable cuisine to cater for every culture and a choice of packages to suit your budget. With our beautiful garden and chapel on site for your ceremony and a choice of two romantic and classical reception rooms, your whole wedding day from start to finish can be planned around Amberlee.

With complimentary Wedding Planning included, what could be more easy and fun than celebrating your wedding at Amberlee.

Wedding Reception Venue

Choosing a wedding reception venue is one of the most important decisions when it comes to planning your special day. At Amberlee Receptions we completely devote ourselves to helping you create not just another memorable day but also create a magical beginning to a new chapter in your life.

Our weddings are not only romantic and elegant but are also modern with a timeless twist of classical providing a stunning setting for your wedding photo s.

Our intimate Cameo room and luxurious Elizabeth ballroom are fully heated and air-conditioned and include modern lighting and fully stocked beverage bars. We cater from 50 - 300 guests providing an impeccable cuisine to cater for every culture and a choice of packages to suit your budget.


Our Philosophy

With over 20 years of experience, the staff at Amberlee Receptions will turn your ideas into an unforgettable experience. Our philosophy is simple. As the host of your function, you will be able to relax and have as much fun as your guests, while we handle the rest. We believe that the success of every function comes down to good planning and experience. 

Wedding and Reception Venue

Here at Amberlee Receptions we specialise in modern, timeless, elegant romantic weddings. Let our beautiful wedding venue be the setting for your magical day with our onsite chapel and classic reception ball rooms. We invite you to come and view our venue and explore our gorgeous gardens, that are ideal for wedding photos, and view our premium wedding menus that cater for all cultures and dietary needs. 

Myer Mural Hall Wedding Reception Venue Melbourne

03 8416 9790

A hidden ballroom. Everlasting experiences.

Melbourne's most elegant and refined event spaces.

Never forgotten. Forever timeless.

There’s nowhere else like it in Melbourne.

Myer Mural Hall is quite simply the most exquisite, European style venue in Melbourne.

It’s a big statement, but there it is – we said it. It’s out there. Myer Mural Hall embodies sophistication and heritage rarely seen in Australian venues, and for a good reason, as it’s reserved only for significant events.

A magnificent place for magnificent occasions, so exclusive, it’s hidden from plain sight.

Myer Mural Hall looks and feels like it’s from another time and from the moment you arrive, you realise you’ve walked into something special.

But the real magic behind Myer Mural Hall is its ability to become your vision.

With the help of our talented stylists at The Big Group Creative, Myer Mural Hall can transform into an extravagant dinner party, an elegant wedding, a Parisian cocktail lounge, or a cultural celebration of epic proportions. Myer Mural Hall is as versatile as it is breathtaking – all you need is a little imagination and our creative flair.


A timeless space for everlasting love

Tie the knot in style and celebrate your marriage in one of the most unique wedding reception venue spaces in Melbourne. Originally designed by Sidney Myer for exclusive fashion parades and high society events, a wedding at Myer Mural Hall makes for a timeless and enchanting ever after.

The Big Group has wedding catering down to a fine art, serving Melbourne wedding-goers of every cultural background with delicious food, and drinks to toast with.

We cater for many cultures and religions offering menu alternatives from Asia to the Middle East – we’ve got every corner of the globe covered.

The Wedding and The Wedding Experience packages include a variety of mouth-watering canapés, entrées, mains, and desserts for every taste. 

When partnered with one of the many drinks packages, your guests will feel special, satisfied, and set to party with the happy couple!

We’re big on ideas and imagination and love creating something unique and exciting for our couples.

The Big Group Creative is our in-house styling team with years of experience working their magic on wedding receptions in Melbourne. Experts at transforming our already beautiful space into something truly breathtaking, our talented stylists’ custom-design your wedding to reflect your personal style while capturing the eyes and hearts of your guests.

From the furniture to your favourite flowers and colour schemes, we have a variety of luxe seating and statement pieces, and work with our florist to create the perfect floral arrangements to ensure your wedding day is in full bloom.

Whether you’re after a white wedding, a lively party, or a cultural celebration, we bring your vision to life with flair and inject it with flavour.

Speak to our event managers about celebrating your wedding and your culture in one spectacular and forever timeless event. 

Potters Wedding Reception Venue Melbourne

Wedding Accommodation Melbourne

Wedding at Potters is a truly unforgettable experience that begins from the moment both you and your guests arrive.

Our charming chapel will mesmerize you from the moment you walk through the door with its romantic canopy, hand carved pews, and glass sliding doors with views beyond to our landscaped gardens and manicured lawn. If you would prefer an outdoor ceremony, we also have other options such as our gazebo lawn or stunning wisteria courtyard perfect for a large wedding.

All of these facilities are linked by brick paved paths lined with detailed wrought iron hand rails roaming across 6 acres of Australian native gardens with stunning waterfalls. The grounds have been designed to capture the daily and seasonal changes of light, making Potters exceptionally photographic all year round regardless of the weather or climate.

Our experienced wedding coordinators are here to guide you through every step of your wedding day from start to finish.

Our team of Chef’s have created a stunning menu using the very best local produce which will be sure to impress even the most sophisticated palates.

With everything in one location, Potters Receptions is the ultimate venue just 20 minutes from Melbourne at the gateway to the Yarra Valley.


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