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Wedding Flower Girls  

How to Make Her Part of Your Special Day?

She is the littlest lady in your bridal party and the only one with permission to capture the attention of all your guests as she walks down the aisle ahead of you. But aside from performing this duty on the day, flower girls can often be overlooked when it comes to wedding preparations and even celebrations once the vows are exchanged. Here’s how to ensure your flower girl feels part of the entire process: Looking for the ultimate Wedding Reception Venue in Melbourne? Look no further, Boutique events group is here


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They’re among the cutest guests at any wedding, ready to charm the entourage and steal the crowd’s hearts. But, believe it or not, flower girls can have more responsibility than just looking cute as a button, so choosing the perfect flower girl is critical.

Including a flower girl in your bridal party can add a touch of charm and childlike innocence to your ceremony, and if there is a special little girl in your life she will no doubt be thrilled to play such an essential role in your wedding. However, being a flower girl can be somewhat daunting for a young child, so here are some excellent flower girl tips.


Kitting out your flower girl is your chance to go crazy on girlish frills and pretty bows. Your older bridesmaids might not be impressed by a baby pink dress with satin rosebuds and a full net skirt, but your flower girl will pure love it.


The cute little girl scattering petals in your path will look adorable no matter what she is wearing, but as a member of the wedding party you still want to get her to look just right, and flower girl accessories are an integral part of that. These top tips on flower girl accessories should help to inspire you.

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Take her shopping

Gone are the days where the flower girl would be dressed in a white dress that is kind of like a mini-me of the bride.

Now there are so many options for dressing your flower girl. You can have her match your bridesmaids, or pick out a unique dress that makes her stand out.

To make your little lady feel more included in the wedding day, why not take her dress shopping rather than simply picking something out for her? She will feel like a real princess trying on lots of lovely dresses.

Just remember, her stamina and enthusiasm for shopping will nowhere near match yours, so plan short trips and try to have an idea of what you are looking for before you take her in, so you can be selective of how many dresses you ask her to try on.


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But first, what exactly does a flower girl do?

Most of the time, a flower girl (who is, typically aged four to about nine) will precede the bride and bridesmaids, usually tossing petals (or holding a basket of petals or confetti for after the wedding) to ensure the bride’s walk down the aisle is suitably pretty.

Some brides, however, may have their flower girls doing other things such as blowing bubbles or, even, popping confetti guns or holding sparklers. Others may have her help the bridesmaids carry the train of the wedding dress or holding a banner of some sort.


Every bride has her ideas about what they would like their flower girl to do, but usually, she walks down the aisle in front of the bride or maid of honour scattering rose petals in their path. Many venues no longer allow leaves to be strewn on the floor so modern flower girls often simply carry a basket of flowers or a miniature bouquet.

Once the flower girl has walked down the aisle, her primary duties are looking adorable and starring in some of the wedding photo s. Older flower girls may stand at the altar with the bridesmaid, while younger ones tend to sit with their parents or grandparents during the cerem


The miniature bride look


The traditional look for a flower girl is a tiny version of the bridal gown, without the rigid structure and the veil, of course. Flower girls look adorable in white or ivory dresses that mimic the bride, perhaps with an added sash in the same colour as the bridesmaids.

The key with flower girl accessories is to get the right balance between a childish item, and a piece of jewellery that is trying to look too grown-up. Emphasize cute, with heart or floral pendants and bracelets, but make sure the accessories are still tasteful.

Try to keep the flower girl’s accessories simple with just one or two pieces, such as a single necklace, or a headpiece and bracelet. She will be too small to be overloaded with accessories.

Don’t just stick to traditional pieces of accessories such as necklaces, bracelets and earrings, but consider flower girl accessories instead. She will be young enough to look cute with fairy or butterfly wings, a sparkling wand, or a floral headdress.


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Meet the bridesmaids

You can help your little flower girl to feel more at ease hanging out with you and the bridesmaids by arranging for them all to meet in an informal setting before the wedding.

Maybe your flower girl can make a cameo at your bridal shower, or if your bridesmaids are young-at-heart, you can all meet at a local park for a little play date. Having that rapport will help your flower girl to feel more at ease among familiar faces when the big day arrives.


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Once the long walk is over, flower girls are usually joining the rest of the bridal party for photographs – lots of them and, occasionally, older flower girls may be assigned tasks such as helping hand out confetti after the ceremony or Bomboniere/favours after the wedding.

What your flower girl does at your wedding is entirely up to you, but for their sake, you want to ensure your gorgeous gal is up for the tasks, after all, it’s quite a job for a young lady!


Rehearsing with your flower girl

Although your flower girl might be involved in the wedding rehearsal, so she knows when and how she needs to walk down the aisle, it is unlikely you will have a spare basket of rose petals for her to practice with.

Sit down with her and explain how you would like her to scatter the petals, perhaps a small handful of four or five leaves with each step she takes, so you don’t end up with all the petals at the entrance and none near the altar. Ask her parents to practise this with her in the lead up to the wedding.

Walking down the aisle may sound simple enough, but your flower girl will also need to practise her processional pace; otherwise, in the excitement of the moment, you may find her hurtling headlong down the aisle. She will need to practise walking in her dress which may be longer or stiffer than she’s used to, and also walking with her basket, which may be quite substantial for her small arms.


The miniature bridesmaid

Many designers have flower girl dresses in the same style as bridesmaids’ dresses so you can have a coordinated wedding party. Do consider that styles for grown-up bridesmaids won’t necessarily suit young flower girls; for example, if your bridesmaids are wearing strapless gowns your flower girl could wear something similar but with straps added. One great look is to have your flower girl in the same style dress as the bridesmaids, in a lighter or darker shade of the same colour.

Buy something that will last throughout her childhood to remind her of the part she played on your wedding day. If you are buying a necklace or bracelet, look for one with an extension chain so she can wear it as she grows.


Young girls look great with a bit of colour, so look out for flower girl accessories that include gemstones or glass beads in your wedding accent colour. If the flower girl wears a coloured version of your bridesmaids’ accessories, you will get a unified look.


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Give them a buddy

If you have more than one junior cutie in your bridal party, consider pairing them up for the walk down the aisle.

This will help to take some of the pressure off the younger flower girls and page boys and also give the older buddy a sense of responsibility.


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Personality is key

Weddings are filled with new, unfamiliar faces that can easily make a young girl feel shy, intimidated or, even, agitated. Surely you want your flower girls throwing petals, not tantrums while attempting to make it down the aisle? That’s why it’s advisable to pick a flower girl who’s generally cheerful and who feels at ease around a large group of people. Is she friendly with other kids? Does she behave when told to do so? Evaluate these traits carefully before adding potential flower girls to your shortlist.


Coordinating accessories

Perhaps you have four young nieces that you’d like to have as flower girls, but you can’t afford to buy four dresses. Ask their parents to dress them in similar suits, perhaps simple white knee-length cotton summer dresses and then kit them out with matching accessories such as a coloured sash and green flower headdress.

Giving your flower girl her wedding accessories as a thank you present will make her feel special, especially if you give it to her in the morning when you are all getting ready together. Make sure you tell her parents that you will do this in advance, so they don’t buy her something themselves.

If you want your flower girl to wear, earrings check whether she has pierced ears. If not, you may want to reconsider your options as clip-on earrings can quickly come off and get lost, or become crooked. If she does have pierced ears, make sure you buy good quality gold or silver earrings as reactions to cheaper materials are common, particularly in recently pierced ears.


Offer them the chance to stand with you

Yes, children + weddings = unpredictability, but you can offer for older flower girls to stand at the front with you and the rest of the bridal party during the ceremony if they want to.

As a backup, it’s a good idea to have her parents (or caregiver if she is your child) seated in the front row, so if she gets sore feet, or just bored with standing in one spot, she can quickly retreat to a seat with minimal fuss.


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Experience is a plus

The walk down the aisle can be nerve-racking for most adults, let alone a four-year-old who’s doing it for the first time. Consider choosing someone who has already experienced (and did an excellent job) being a flower girl. She’ll be more relaxed showering the walkway with flowers, holding those here comes the bride’ signboards and, most importantly, following instructions.

Try to treat your flower girl like your bridesmaids as far as possible. If you are presenting their accessories in a beautiful gift box, try to do the same for her even if her accessories come from a different store. She will love to feel grown-up and like one of the girls.

Some accessories stores allow you to make and design your accessories using beads and charms. Taking your flower girl and bridesmaids to make their wedding accessories can be an excellent outing for all of you, and a chance for your flower girl to get to know the older bridesmaids.


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Praise for a job well done

We all like being told we’ve done an excellent job, and your flower girl is no exception. When you have said, “I do” and the ceremony is complete, making time to thank your flower girl and heap praise on her for doing a great job will make her feel proud to be part of the wedding.


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A luxury childrenswear brand specializing in custom-made flower girl dressed, Mini Treasure Kids ensure you’ll create something special – and that fits! Whether you already have an idea, want assistance designing something unique, or just want help in your search for the perfect flower girl dress – Mini Treasure Kids will help you find or create something special for your little princess!


Two’s company…

One can never underestimate the power of friendship, especially amongst kids! Choosing two flower girls who are already friends or pairing her up with a ring bearer or page boy she already knows will make things a lot easier. The buddy system will make them forget the jitters and focus on having fun. If the girls you’re eyeing aren’t friends yet, you can invite them over to a girls’ day out together with your bridesmaids. After all, it’s never a bad idea for #TeamBride to bond before the big day.

While your flower girl will undoubtedly treasure her wedding accessories, don’t be angry or offended if it gets lost or broken. Bracelets do slip off small wrists, and necklaces can get snapped when she’s running around with the other children after the ceremony. Try to find accessories that are strong and durable, but if it does come to a sticky end, be prepared to console her.

Make her the photographer’s first star

While your photographer will no doubt capture some gorgeous images of your flower girl doing her thing while walking down the aisle, you will no doubt also want her to feature in some bridal party photos.


Make sure you get the photos with your flower girl taken first, so she can pop off to play and not miss out on being the star of the show. Getting her pictures taken while she is still energized will lessen the chances of a tantrum.


Ana Banahan


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She should feel important (because she is)!

Whatever your flower girls do, they will contribute to making your wedding ceremony uniquely special. Inevitably, they will be part of an unforgettable milestone in your life. So, once you’ve chosen your flower girls, let them know what your wedding means to you and how important it is for them to be a part of such a special day. Not only with it make them try their best, but they’ll also truly enjoy it and feel just how much you love and value them, which is a beautiful gift to give to anyone, especially a child.

Frequently Asked Questions

Usually, flower girls and ring bearers range from ages three to eight years old. But don't let that stop you from giving those roles to someone younger or older, or even to adults, especially if you're not too keen on the idea of including children in your wedding.

The biggest difference between a flower girl and a bridesmaid is their age. Flower girls are typically under the age of 8, whereas junior bridesmaids are between 8 and 14. Junior bridesmaids carry a bouquet rather than a petal basket, and walk down the aisle just before the adult bridesmaids.

The bride chooses the flower girl dress. This standard tradition (the bride choosing the dress, the parents of the flower girl paying for the dress and accessories) still holds true for today's weddings. Most traditions are born of practicality and the same holds true for this one.

The best age for flower girls is between three and eight years old. Depending on your situation, she can be slightly younger or older. If she's between the ages of 10 and 16, you can designate her as a junior bridesmaid instead.

While the flower girl traditionally throws petals, some wedding venues do not allow real petals or confetti to be tossed along the aisle. If your flower girl isn't throwing petals, she can blow bubbles, carry a small bouquet, basket, pinwheel, or a sign instead.

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