Online Human Resource Management Courses Offered by Australia’s Top Universities

Human Resource Management (HRM) is a critical aspect of any organisation, and skilled HR professionals are in high demand across all industries. With the rise of digital education, it has become easier for professionals to enhance their skills by enrolling in online courses from reputable universities. 

Australia is home to some of the world's leading universities, offering a range of online HRM courses designed to meet the needs of professionals looking to upskill and advance their careers. 

In this article, we will take a closer look at the online HRM courses offered by Australia's top universities and the benefits they offer to professionals looking to boost their careers in the field of human resource management.

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  • 8 months intensive, part-time
  • 4 Courses (7 weeks each)
  • $4,200 per course, FEE-HELP available



  • 12 months (minimum) part-time
  • 6 units
  • $26,040; FEE-HELP available

UNSW Sydney

Master of Human Resource Management (Leadership and Organisational Development) (Online)

  • Duration: As little as 2 years
  • 12 courses
  • Study Intakes: January, March, May, July, September, October

RMIT Online

Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management

RMIT Online offers a Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management to help HR professionals enhance their skills in managing people across borders and diverse cultural contexts. 


As businesses focus more on workplace culture to drive success, HR professionals are increasingly expected to take on leadership roles. The certificate program prepares students to tackle common challenges in people management. Participants can choose to continue their studies with the Masters of Human Resource Management program. 

The goal of these programs is to empower individuals and drive business success through effective people management.

Edith Cowan University

Edith Cowan University

Graduate Diploma of Human Resource Management Online

The changing nature of workplaces, encompassing diversity, inclusion, health and wellbeing, purpose and progress, requires qualified Human Resource Management (HRM) specialists who can adopt a holistic, person-centred approach to achieve success. 

With a strong predicted growth for Human Resource Managers, ECU offers an Accelerated Online Graduate Diploma of Human Resource Management that equips individuals with the fundamentals of HRM as well as advanced skills and knowledge in the field. 

Graduates can continue their studies with a Master of Human Resource Management to stand out as experts in their field.


UNSW Sydney

Master of Human Resource Management (Leadership and Organisational Development) (Online)

The Master of Human Resource Management (Leadership and Organisational Development) offers individuals the opportunity to identify avenues for growth and professional advancement that drive business success. As the contemporary workforce continues to undergo dynamic changes, businesses must adapt and evolve to remain competitive. 

Leadership, strategy, and change management skills play a crucial role in navigating technological advancements, organisational restructuring, and employee requirements. By mastering leadership techniques and people-centric frameworks through this program, students gain the expertise to diagnose, strategise, and implement initiatives that foster organisational cultures that align with business strategies.

Delivered by industry experts in a 100% online format, this program allows individuals to become specialised in HR within just two years, earning a world-class postgraduate qualification. Furthermore, students have the option to choose elective courses and pursue dual specialisations, enabling them to graduate with a Master of Human Resource Management with two focus areas. Alternatively, students can select electives from the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion specialisation and Human Resource Analytics specialisation to deepen their knowledge across various HRM practices.

University of the Sunshine Coast

University of the Sunshine Coast

Human Resource Management

Individuals who have a passion for working with people and understand the significance of proficient people management should consider a profession in Human Resource Management. 

This field of study focuses on developing communication skills required for human resources roles and the people and culture sector. The curriculum emphasises managing workplace relations to promote a positive and productive team environment. 

Students will gain knowledge of how individuals operate in team settings and formulate strategies to ensure a culturally inclusive workplace. Graduates will have an in-depth understanding of modern workplaces and can become expert practitioners in human resources or expand their employment options.

University of New England

University of New England

Business, Management and HR

UNE offers a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in business, management, and human resources. These courses equip students with transferable skills and knowledge that are in high demand in the corporate and business sector. UNE's Bachelor of Business program offers several majors, including Marketing, Accounting, and Economics, and can also be combined with a Bachelor of Laws, Arts, Science, or Agriculture for increased career options.

UNE's Business and Management degrees have consistently received 5 stars in several categories, including Student Support and Learning Resources, according to the Good Universities Guide. The university is also rated the No. 1 public university in Business and Management for Overall Experience (Good Universities Guide 2023, undergraduate). With online study options available, students can fit their education around their commitments.

By enrolling in UNE's business, management, or human resources courses, students acquire the necessary skills to respond effectively to the challenges of the ever-changing corporate landscape. They can contribute to a more inclusive, ethical, and sustainable global business environment.

Griffith University

Griffith University

Master Of Human Resource Management And Employment Relations

The Masters program offered covers important aspects of human resource management such as HR strategy, evidence-based HRM, organisational change, international and comparative HRM, recruitment and selection, and performance and reward management. By undertaking this program, students will acquire a critical understanding of the role and function of human resource management in local and global business settings.

The program is designed to enhance students' comprehension of key policy formulation, negotiation, and implementation issues related to employment relationships in dynamic contexts. 

It involves workplace and institutional practices and strategies, employment law, negotiation and dispute resolution, equity and diversity management, workplace health and safety, reward and performance management, and employment relations strategy. The program aims to provide students with a deeper understanding of employment relations management.

University of Tasmania

University of Tasmania

Applied Human Resource Management

The importance of strategic and effective human resource management in achieving organisational goals, competitiveness, and profitability is widely acknowledged. 

Nowadays, HR professionals are expected to have a thorough understanding of human resource management practices that are aligned with organisational objectives and create value for the organisation. 

This unit integrates theory and research to equip students with a deeper understanding of evidence-based human resource management and enhance their professional skills in HR practice.

Australian Onlince Courses

Australian Online Courses

Certificate of Human Resource Management

The Certificate of Human Resources Management is a professional development program designed for individuals who enjoy helping people and possess strong people skills, such as listening, empathy, and advocacy. 

The program equips participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to provide leadership and strategic direction in human resources policies, procedures, and activities. 

This human resources management course covers recruitment and selection, performance management, workforce planning, remuneration management, selection and induction, and strategic human resource planning.

 Upon completion, graduates can pursue a range of career opportunities in human resources, such as entry-level roles, HR Coordinator, HR Specialists, and HR Management roles.

Monarch Institute

Monarch Institute

Diploma of Human Resource Management

This online Human Resources course is designed to equip individuals with specialised skills that can be applied to solve real-world workplace challenges. 

The course offers a nationally recognised qualification that enables learners to work as HR professionals in various work environments. Through practical assessments, learners will create their own strategies and implement them to manage, retain and motivate staff while meeting the legal requirements of the job. 

Upon completion of the course, learners will have access to a range of career options. Enrolment is open for those seeking to take their HR skills to the next level.

AIM Business School logo

Australian Institute of Management

Certificate Iv In Human Resource Management

The BSB40420 Certificate IV in Human Resource Management offered by AIM is a qualification designed to provide students with a foundational understanding of human resource management across various industries and businesses. 

This course equips students with essential skills in human resource planning, service delivery, workplace health and safety, and workforce relations management across the employee lifecycle. Recently, the Australian HR Institute (AHRI) accredited this course, recognising its academic quality and relevance for advancing the skills and knowledge required for HR professionals. 

This qualification is ideal for those commencing their HR career, working or planning to work in various human resources positions such as recruitment, talent and performance management, learning and development, remuneration, and change management. Graduates of this program can pursue roles such as Human Resources Assistant or Work Health and Safety Officer, among others.



Diploma of Human Resource Management

The course offered is designed to equip individuals who enjoy working with diverse backgrounds with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in a human resources career. The Diploma of Human Resource Management (release 1) provides students with foundational knowledge in the management of industrial relations, recruitment and onboarding, and implementing WHS policies and programs. This course is suitable for aspiring human resource managers and those who have already acquired managerial skills.

Upon completion of the course, graduates will have the opportunity to pursue various careers in human resources, such as Learning and Development consultant or Human Resources Manager. 

The qualification comprises units that prepare students for several positions in the human resources field, including coordinating the learning and development of teams and individuals, implementing workplace plans, and facilitating the performance development process. Additionally, the course can help individuals develop strong communication skills, conflict resolution, cultural sensitivity, and analytical skills.

Upskilled's online learning environment aims to provide a simulated workplace experience for students to undertake tasks and assessments related to real-life scenarios. The goal is to equip students with the skills and knowledge that complement the theoretical components of the course and make them work-ready.

The key functions of human resource management include recruitment and selection, training and development, compensation and benefits, employee relations, performance management, and compliance with labour laws and regulations.

Human resource management (HRM) is the process of managing an organisation's employees in a way that maximises their productivity and contributes to the achievement of the organisation's goals. It involves recruiting, selecting, training, developing, compensating, and managing employees to meet the needs of the organisation.

The role of a human resource manager is to manage the organisation's employees and to ensure that they are productive and contribute to the organisation's success. This involves managing the various HR functions, developing HR policies and procedures, ensuring compliance with labour laws and regulations, and working with other managers to achieve the organisation's goals.

Some of the challenges faced by human resource managers include managing a diverse workforce, attracting and retaining top talent, managing employee performance, maintaining compliance with labour laws and regulations, and adapting to technological advancements that affect HRM.

Organisations can effectively manage their employees by implementing HR policies and procedures that are designed to meet the needs of the organization and its employees.

This involves recruiting and selecting the right employees, providing training and development opportunities, offering competitive compensation and benefits, and managing employee performance.

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