15+ Best Standing Up Office Desks in Australia [2022]

Are you looking for a new desk to help improve your productivity? If so, you may be wondering if a standing desk is a right choice for you.

In this blog post, we'll take a look at some of the best standing up office desks on the market in Australia. Then, we'll discuss the benefits of using a standing desk and provide some tips on choosing the right one for your needs.

So, whether you're thinking about making the switch to a standing desk or just want to learn more about them, read on!

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    Ultimate List of Stand Up Office Desk Shops Australia

    UpDown Stand Up Office Desk Australia

    Standing Office Desk


    1300 650 773

    Our headquarters are in Melbourne, and we ship throughout the country. Our objective is to promote increased mobility and the capacity to move between sitting and standing at the touch of a button in order to improve the health and happiness of Australian office workers.

    Manual height adjustable desks are complete workplace items that allow you to easily transition from sitting to standing during the day. There are winding and counterbalance choices available. You can buy simply the frame and use your existing desktop, or you can buy both the frame and the desktop.

    UpDown Desk is an Australian company that sells adjustable sit-stand desks and related equipment. Our objective has been to improve the health and productivity of office workers all throughout Australia since our beginning in January 2017 by our physio founder Jordan Lees. Our business model is to sell a limited number of high-quality, value-driven products. It may be cliche, but customer service is at the center of what we do. We don't exist without our customers. We follow the principle of 'treating our customers as we would like to be treated.' If our service is not as wonderful as we claim, please let us know!

    Omnidesk Stand Up Office Desk in Australia


    (03) 9917 3739

    OmnideskTM was developed with a bold and ambitious goal in mind: to provide height adjustable standing workstations at a revolutionary price while paving the road for healthy-lifestyle focused enterprises. The best ideas are frequently generated in reaction to a pressing issue. Our argument was simple: standing desks are overpriced.

    With all the talk about huge firms installing standing desks in their offices, we decided to give them a shot ourselves. On the other side, the expenditures were substantial, and we were surprised at how challenging it was to find a nice standing desk that didn't need us to subsist entirely on bread and biscuits for a whole month. Options and fashion choices were limited even at those prices. What were the other options then?

    It turns out that the ergonomics sector is a specialized market dominated by a few large corporations that have been able to impose exorbitant markups on pricing while benefitting from consumers who have no other options.

    To provide an alternative, we founded OmnideskTM as a spinoff from our sister firm, Aftershock PC. A revolution. A commotion.

    Artiss Stand Up Office Desk Australia


    Artiss is an Australian brand that provides lovely furnishings to make your dream lifestyle a little bit easier to accomplish, with a lot more fun in the process. We are headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, and our customer care team is available to all Australian consumers. We are dedicated to offering consumers throughout Australia with home interior solutions.

    We recognize that with today's hectic lifestyles, it can be tough to browse around for what you want. Furnishing your home to reflect your particular interests may be a time-consuming and expensive endeavor. So we make the procedure easier for you by offering a one-stop online shop with a vast selection of products in every sort and style imaginable. Everything from dining tables to plant stands. Traditional or eccentric? You don't need to search any farther.

    Most significantly, because we do not have physical storefronts, we are committed to sourcing high-quality, reasonably priced products. Premium furniture without the premium price tag. Anyone can achieve their ideal way of life.

    Rosier Commercial Furniture Stand Up Office Desk Australia


    (03) 8566 9871

    As a global leader in Office Furniture and Business Furniture, we feel we have a fantastic assortment of great, high-quality furniture solutions developed precisely for today's environment. Rosier Commercial Furniture has been pushing and executing authentic ergonomic office and product design from its inception in 1984 as 'Office Ergonomics' and 'Australian Ergonomic Industries.' We are acknowledged industry leaders in ergonomic office design.

    We exclusively sell high-quality products that are functionally well-designed. Many of Australia's best Architects, Interior Designers, and Project Managers are involved in our project and fit out work. Our expertise is in translating their concepts and designs into a truly satisfying consumer and client experience.

    FAQs About Stand Up Office Desk

    Rather than having a standard computer desk located in the middle of the room, stopping you from making full use of its surrounding area, a corner desk will fit neatly into the corner of the room. This then frees up valuable space that can be used for other furniture.

    It’s kind of like your mattress – you spend up to one-third of your life sleeping on your mattress, so spending some extra cash on getting a good one makes sense.

    The same thing goes for your desk. You spend hours every day behind your desk, getting a good one just makes good sense.

    This depends on the type of desk and the construction. Generally, though, they will have surfaces that meet at a perpendicular angle. For example, each of the sides of these two desks fits against a wall so that the corner of the desk meets the corner of the room. 

    A lot of times, people do not use the corner of their offices or other rooms at all. So a corner desk can make use of that space and leave you with all of the other space in the room for anything else like file cabinets, chairs, supplies, or another person’s desk. 

    Corner and L-shaped standing desks also have larger surface areas than standard ones. They use all of the available space, and many options are large enough for two or more monitors. With a standard standing desk, the desk would have to take up more room for this to be possible.

    Adjustable desks may be a good investment for individuals who spend long hours working at a computer. These desks have the capability to optimize your workstation by adjusting from sitting to standing positions, which may help you avoid the negative effects of prolonged sitting. 

    In addition, adjustable desks can accommodate different heights and sizes instead of a standard desk that may not fit your needs.

    A downside of these desks is that they can be costly and may not provide enough benefits to justify the expense. In addition, some people find them distracting or uncomfortable.

    Inactivity can be just as bad for your back as overuse. Muscles are meant to move, and if you don’t move them often enough, you could end up with more pain that might even require medical treatment further down the line. With an 8-hour office job, it could be possible for you to develop chronic back pain – more so if your office chair and desk’s ergonomics are not optimal for you to maintain the right posture. 

    Medical experts say that this prolonged sitting work arrangement usually practised in the corporate world can cause chronic pain that can start from your back and radiate towards your hips, legs and arms. In addition, it can be extremely uncomfortable and end up costing you financially to treat the pain. So if you can’t seem to find free time to add exercise to your active lifestyle, a standing desk at your workstation can help you save some trouble, time, and money.

    MOVI Stand Up Office Desk in Australia


    Any desk may be transformed into a standing desk with MOVI. Melbourne is where MOVI's award-winning, one-of-a-kind electric lift desk converter was designed and developed. Separately marketable accessories are offered. All MOVI Desks have already sold out. Due to problems with the supply of Covid-19, we are unable to confirm a return-in-stock date. For the sake of our fans' health and wellbeing, we continue to explore ways to reintroduce our much-loved desk to the marketplace. We apologize for not being able to complete your order at this time.

    The Advantages of Standing Desks

    Welcome to MOVI, the most creative stand-up desk retailer in Australia! The goal of MOVI is to use the foundations of health science to transform the way Australians view work/life balance. The benefits of having a stand-up desk are numerous, but sometimes it might be difficult to upgrade your entire desk or locate one that matches your particular design. Therefore, we came up with a solution!

    The sitting pandemic is a serious issue that affects the entire world and is also the name of the book written by Daniel Angelini, a co-founder of MOVI. We mean it when we claim that we take your health seriously. To give you the best product for your health and quality of life, we concentrate on research and do our due diligence. Sitting for more than 10 hours every day can significantly increase the risk of heart disease. Unfortunately, most of us are required to work at a desk for at least 8 hours per day. That is why investing in a stand up desk is critical.

    Factory Buys Stand Up Office Desk in Australia


    Australia's most reliable and rapidly expanding online shop is Factory Buys. With more than 6,000 SKUs, Brisbane, Queensland-based Factory Buys stocks, markets, and distributes a variety of consumer goods. Our product assortment expands on a weekly basis as we source more and more incredible offers for our Australian customers. Factory Buys gives you the latest products from around the world thanks to its strong production and supply chain networks.

    We have made a commitment to our consumers to not only give the best pricing, but also the best customer service. Our team is always accessible to help with pre- and post-sales questions and concerns; we take pride in ensuring our customers are completely satisfied with our services.

    Adept Office Furniture Stand Up Desk Australia


    (03) 9484 0765

    Our product line grew as we listened to what today's users required to make their working environments function for them. We are committed to providing the highest quality office and home furniture to our consumers by constantly upgrading our selection to meet our users' expanding needs. We provide a wide selection for all business and home contexts.

    A warranty is provided with every Adept product against faulty materials or construction. We take great satisfaction in offering you the best furniture for your home and office, designed to improve the comfort of both settings. The majority of our office furniture is designed in Australia and made with the finest materials from around the world.

    The company is a family run business located in Melbourne's inner city. We have an excellent reputation in the business and have access to a large number of high-quality suppliers, giving us exclusive access to a number of product lines. Our employees and management stay up to date on the latest trends and ideas in space management and workplace planning.

    Ergomotion Stand Up Office Desk Australia


    03 9579 1454

    We have witnessed a significant growth in the popularity of these standing desks as a result of new studies demonstrating the health dangers linked with prolonged sitting. Our standing workstations are powered by electricity, allowing the user to quickly switch between sitting and standing during the day.

    Standing desk or adjustable height desk

    We hope you've realized that it's not just about standing; standing for extended periods of time puts just as much strain on your body's joints as sitting. The idea is to alternate between sitting and standing frequently. As a result, the phrase "standing desk" is somewhat misleading. However, it has become the standard word for workstations that can be changed from sitting to standing. We use the term standing desk to avoid confusion for individuals who are looking for a "sit-stand" or "height adjustable" workstation. A real standing desk, that is, one that does not allow for adjustment between sitting and standing, has many advantages... but also some disadvantages.

    JasonL Stand Up Office Desk Australia


    1300 943 895

    Our goal is to help people perform their best! We accomplish this by offering a customized set of stocked items and services that foster productive work environments. We provide services to both the business and public sectors. We collaborate with decision-makers in rising SMBs, franchisers, government, education departments, and non-profit organizations. We enjoy working with people who appreciate honesty and dependability, as well as their own people. We serve the Eastern seaboard the best, but we can service Australia as a whole.

    Officeworks Stand Up Office Desk Australia


    1300 633 426

    Every day, we contribute to bigger things happening. We've been passionate about assisting our customers in making larger things happen at home, school, and work for over 25 years. We're dedicated to giving our clients a wide selection, reasonable rates, and top-notch service as Australia's one-stop shop for office supplies, furniture, technology, and school supplies.

    We're here to assist our customers in locating solutions. Our products, services, and team can assist them in starting, running, or growing their business, setting up a home office, exploring creative activities, and helping their children develop the skills they need for school and beyond. We are also committed to running an ethical and sustainable business that benefits our communities and gives opportunities for our 8000 team members.

    Stand Desk Office Australia


    1800 905 104

    The Stand Workstation has the most features of any desk in its class. It is also fairly inexpensive. We understand that these two things do not typically go together, but at Stand Desk, we believe in taking pleasure in our designs without breaking the wallet. While other standing desks may work, they fall short in terms of appearance and functionality. With the goal of encouraging people to be active at work and at home, Stand Desk Australia (Stand Desk Pty Ltd) is committed to developing adjustable height desks. Numerous studies have demonstrated that our current sedentary lives contribute significantly to bad health.

    Improve Your Productivity and Your Health

    In the current society, spending hours sitting still has become the norm. Massive amounts of time are spent typing, using the internet, and consuming a ton of digital content. Australians spend up to 95% of their days sitting down. But sitting for extended periods of time is not how our bodies are designed. We are supposed to be on the go.


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