50+ Best Flower Shops Mount Eliza, Mornington [2022]

The best flower shops in Mount Eliza, Mornington, can be hard to find, but we've done the research for you. 

Whether you're looking for a florist to handle your wedding flowers or just need a bouquet of fresh blooms for a special occasion, these best flower stores are sure to have what you need. Read on for our top picks!

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    Ultimate List of Flower Shops in Mt. Eliza

    Maison Mai - Flower Shop Mt. Eliza


    Maison Mai is a family-owned business, and our first store opened in Melbourne in 2019. The primary purpose of Maison MAI is to provide beauty to the world. Flowers, things, and relationships all have their own unique beauty. Life is kind to persons who give presents frequently and joyfully. And we have all the gifts, with world-renowned brands that have been time-tested and approved by experts for quality, beauty, and comfort.

    The majority of candles on the market are made of paraffin wax or paraffin mixes. We only use coconut soy wax and cotton wicks at Maison MAI since they are non-toxic, burn cleaner than paraffin wax, and do not exude poisonous gasoline-carbon black. The Maison MAI team in Melbourne hand-pours all of our candles.

    Our price point is reasonable for an Australian product. And we are doing our best to adhere to this rule. We present you unique and lovely goods for interior and external décor. We locate fantastic gifts for adults and children that are both beautiful and helpful. At the same time, we strive to maintain prices as cheap as possible, and we frequently lower them.

    Secret Garden - Flower Shop Mt. Eliza


    03 5975 0974

    The best blossoms the season has to offer are those we take pride in sourcing. A gifted team of floral designers complements our lovely flowers by creating gorgeous arrangements to suit any occasion.

    A gifted team of floral designers complements our lovely flowers by creating gorgeous arrangements to suit any occasion.

    Holly Ginnane - Flower Shop Mt. Eliza



    The studio is available for events, weddings, shoots, commercial weekly accounts and bouquet deliveries each week. Holly works locally and travels for events.

    Our business promises to bring the most beautiful blooms to your door without leaving an impact on the environment. Our priority has always been and will always be sustainability. We take this seriously from the moment your blossoms are sourced, purchased, and delivered. This means that our carbon footprint is minimal.

    FAQs About Flowers


    In the list of top 10 flowers, roses have got to be on top for obvious reasons. They have such an international appeal to them. So, no doubt that roses are among the most popular flowers. They are available in different colours. A red rose flower is most commonly used to denote love and romance.


    Tulips are large and distinctive flowers that the Turks initially cultivated. The Tulip flower is considered the symbol of the Ottoman Empire by Europeans. Tulip might not be commonly mentioned among the popular types of flowers, but it doesn’t change a thing about how beautiful and delightful they are.


    Sunflower is one of the popular flowers names, as it is easy to grow and is also used for human consumption on a considerable level. It symbolises loyalty as it always keeps its face towards the Sun. If someone asks you, “what is the most popular flower” we are more than sure you wouldn’t waste a minute before saying sunflower or roses, depending on your mood.


    Daffodils are native to Asia, North America, and Europe, a representative of regard and respect. And there are about more than a hundred species of Daffodils.


    Marigold is one of the flower types, famous for its thick and lush foliage, and its beauty and name led it amongst our list of most popular flowers. Marigold also has spiritual significance!


    Daisy is easily found around the planet, and people also call it the cousin of the sunflower. Their beauty makes them a favourite pick as a home garden flower. Daisies make for the most popular garden flowers because they are so pleasant to look at.


    The orchid belongs to a huge family of flowers and has colourful and fragrant blooms. These flowers are known to symbolise large families, particularly families with many children. Orchids have got their name reserved among the most popular flowers in the world. So, they are very commonly used on all sorts of occasions. Send orchids online to express your love and loyalty.


    Carnations are the most popular flowers and also the most commonly used flower for bouquets. And they are most used for Mother’s Day celebrations!


    Gerbera generates its beauty from a wide capitulum with outstanding two-lipped ray florets. It symbolises innocence and purity.


    Apart from being one of the most popular flowers, Jasmine is a national flower of Indonesia. The scent of jasmine is highly used in deodorants and soaps around the world. When kids are taught about the popular flower names, they learn about jasmine alongside roses. This speaks volumes about the craze for jasmine flowers.


    Zinnia has been named the number one longest lasting flower due to its ability to last 24 days. For the plant to last such a long time, the water must be changed every two days.


    The orchid is known for its beautifully elegant appearance. However, they also last for up to three weeks in a vase. Cymbidiums are the orchids that last the longest as they are more robust than their counterparts, meaning their petals are less likely to become damaged. In order to prolong your orchid, the water should be changed every two days, and the stems should be trimmed.


    Carnations are an extremely popular choice and are widely available. It is important to remember to remove any leaves or petals that fall into the water due to the increase in bacteria.


    These flowers are known for their stunning blue and purple colours and will remain in fantastic condition for around 14 days. However, it is important to keep these flowers away from fresh produce as the gases can harm the flowers.


    While these flowers can last between 25 to 30 days, they demand a lot of looking after. The water must be changed daily, and their stems must be trimmed. Due to the amount of trimming you will be doing, it is wide to purchase flowers with long stems.


    These flowers come in a range of beautiful colours and are extremely hardy, and boast a life span of two weeks. However, the English grown plant will last a great deal longer.


    These plants will last around ten days but are guaranteed to brighten up your home immediately. However, they get extremely thirsty, so keep an eye on the water level.

    Flower Parts

    Flowers have several key parts, all related to plant reproduction. The sexual reproductive organs of the flower are the pistil, or female parts, and the stamen, or male parts. The pistil is typically bowling pin-shaped and consists of three parts — the stigma, style and ovary. The stamen consists of the anther or pollen sac and a supporting filament. The petals, sepals and nectar glands make up the remainder of the flower.

    Flower Types

    Flowers may contain male and female sex organs or be incomplete with just male or female organs. Incomplete flowers cannot fertilise themselves, and female flowers will not produce seeds without pollen from a male flower. Plants that produce both male and female flowers on a single plant are monoecious, while those that produce only male or female flowers are dioecious. A complete flower does not require birds or insects for pollination.

    Colour and Fragrance

    The bright colours and sweet fragrances of flowers also serve an essential purpose. Incomplete flowers require reproductive assistance unless they are wind-pollinated. Insects and birds transport pollen from male flowers to female flowers, allowing fertilisation. Colours and scents attract pollinators, like butterflies, bees and hummingbirds. Nectar glands provide food for many of these creatures, then they carry the pollen with them on their feet as they leave the flower and travel to the next.

    Seed Formation

    When a flower is pollinated, the stigma, one of the female reproductive parts, stimulates the pollen to grow down into the flower’s style to reach the ovules in the ovary. The pollen releases sperm, and the ovules are fertilised. Eventually, these fertilised ovules will form the seeds for the next generation of flowers. Seeds may form on their own or as part of a fruit.

    Flowers can help heal the common cold.

    While plants and flowers aren’t exactly the cure to the common cold that has eluded scientists and researchers for centuries, they can certainly help make a dent in the pesky (and sometimes dangerous) illness. During winter months, especially – when they lack humidity breeds infection – flowers add moisture to the air. 

    This moisture helps with dry skin, dry throat, and a dry cough, contributing to seasonal illness. This additional moisture contributed by plants and flowers helps prevent, or at least shortens, the life of the common cold and helps people return to good health.

    Flowers can help improve mood.

    At the most basic level, receiving flowers from someone can help lift a mood because it means someone cares, and that is always impactful. But even if the flowers are bought or planted and enjoyed by the same person, they can help improve mood because they look nice and smell good – two factors that are scientifically proven to provide an emotional boost. And an improved mood often leads to improved health. 

    People in a good mood are more likely to bounce back from an injury or illness faster. Consider the fact that people often take flowers or plants to hospital patients. And for the most part, hospitals welcome this gesture as it helps patients take important strides toward recovery. Hospitals often have a green space on-site because healthcare professionals recognise the positive impact of exposure to plants and flowers.

    Flowers improve memory.

    What? Can this be true? Science says it can! Plants and flowers oxygenate the air, boosting brain cells, which improves memory, clarity and concentration. It can be a boost for those with dementia or other memory impairments. Think of plants and flowers as a superfood for the brain cells!

    Flowers aid relaxation.

    The act of tending to flowers and plants can be relaxing, and gardening can specifically be a healthy way to work through stress or frustration. Also, the scent of flowers is known to aid relaxation, thus, sachets and bath products are often floral. (Who doesn’t love a lavender-scented bath or candle?) Consider how often people visit a garden to relax. Though we may not understand the science behind it, it’s tough to deny that gardens aid in relaxation.

    Flowers increase energy.

    Having fresh flowers and/or potted plants around the home or office is linked to increased positive energy. The colour and scent, specifically, boost energy. Additionally, flowers and plants increase creativity (they’re linked to increased positive energy). Place plants or flowers in a crafting space or any place where a mental boost would be helpful. Sit by a potted plant when reading or doing puzzles or brain exercises. Enjoy the view and benefits of increased mental energy.

    The owner and staff of the flower shop work together to arrange and wrap the flowers and interact with in-store and phone customers.

    In-store customers often choose the exact flowers they want, either for immediate purchase or for delivery.

    Florence Avenue - Flower Shop Mt. Eliza


    0413 715 250

    We're here for the simple things in life, like making someone smile, connecting with nature, or adding color to your house. Our arrangements are earthy, gentle, and elegant, with each bouquet as distinctive as the people who wear them.

    Florence Avenue believes in honoring nature rather than depleting it. We use recycled stickers, paper, and ribbon to reduce our environmental impact (made from recycled water bottles). Our floral packaging is 100% recycled and biodegradable, with no floral foam. Furthermore, we dispose of green trash in a responsible manner.

    My response has always been the same. I'd open a modest floristry business full of vibrant, stunning, and soulful blooms. I'd then spend my days spreading the joy of flowers. The significant accomplishments. The birthday anniversaries. Or even just making someone feel appreciated. Flowers are a colorful, warm hug that links us to one another, nature, and ourselves.

    Stem by Stem - Flower Shop Mt. Eliza


    03 9770 1998

    Our flowers are sent fresh from the growers, assuring their life. We take pleasure in our freshness and quality. Our assortment of seasonal cut flowers and bouquets is extensive and truly stunning. All of our Australian Made and Owned products are professionally gift wrapped for free.

    Stem By Stem sells teddies, decadent body products, plants, balloons, wine and chocolates, jewelry and homewares for all occasions, including births, anniversaries, weddings, sympathy, love, thank you, birthdays, congratulations, "just because," and corporates. Please contact one of our award-winning florists or utilize our online flower purchasing service to discuss your specific needs.

    We deliver twice a day to Frankston, Mt Eliza, Seaford, Langwarrin, and Mornington. The peaceful atmosphere of Stem by Stem is definitely unforgettable. The atmosphere, quality, and distinctiveness of Stem by Stem have piqued people's interest.

    Lost In Florals - Flower Shop Mt. Eliza


    0403 669 635

    She has over the years styled events and created magnificent flower arrangements while working at some of Melbourne's premier florists. Hayley made the decision to broaden her passion and launch Lost In Florals in order to continue using her artistic talent and producing one-of-a-kind, superior flower designs.

    At Lost In Florals, we pride ourselves on making your journey with us as effortless and professional as possible. We enjoy planning events and delivering gorgeous blossoms throughout South East Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula.

    You can view all our latest offerings by navigating to products. We love to meet custom requests, so if you would like something unique, you can head to our custom order form, and we will be in touch with you shortly to meet your request.

    Florica - Flower Shop Mt. Eliza


    0412 411 996

    What kind of company are we if we don't do weddings? We like weddings in every way! So, for your big day, we can offer everything from bouquets to arbour design, table centerpieces, throwaway bouquets, buttonholes, floral installations, and everything else your heart wishes. When you become a customer, we also construct a personalised Pinterest board for you, which allows us to gather the correct ideas for your day and have a good understanding of what you are looking for. We also provide delivery before or on the day of the event, as well as setup.

    Are you planning a party and feel like it might use a little something extra? We both agree! If you think your occasion might use a little something more, why not include some fresh flowers? Otherwise, we enjoy donning our thinking caps and brainstorming methods to assist you in creating an event that is #special and precisely like the one you've been eyeing on Instagram and Pinterest. So why not alleviate yourself of the burden by entrusting the style to us?

    Hi! Pam and Brittany are a mother-daughter team from the Mornington Peninsula. We are overjoyed to have the support of our fantastic crew. Our sister/daughter, Chanelle, contributes with social media participation. On our big days, Noel is our resident handyman and logistical coordinator for all things moving. Aunty Kim, our dearest friend, wine expert, and trainee.

    Blooms on Bentons - Flower Shop Mt. Eliza


    03 5973 6439

    For the greatest and freshest flowers, plants, and giftware in Mornington Peninsula, go no further than us! The Mornington Peninsula is known for its gorgeous beaches, ancient country home retreats, wineries, and olive trees that are reminiscent of the Mediterranean.

    We continue to listen, advise, and explain to our clients, which appears to be lacking in today's fast-paced environment.

    Mimosa Flowers Shop Mt. Eliza



    Our goal is to produce floral bouquets, arrangements, and installations that may be enjoyed for an extended period of time, if not permanently. We mostly use Australian native flowers and greenery that we dry and preserve for a long-lasting effect. Our floral foam-free bouquets are also environmentally beneficial.

    You can chose from our carefully crafted dried or silk bouquets in our online store, but if you want a particular touch or something completely different, please contact us. Our service area includes Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula. Outside of this, please contact us before placing an order.

    We are committed to creating a one-of-a-kind but natural-looking arrangement, whether it is free-flowing or more organized. We deliver our dried flowers manually throughout Melbourne Metro and the Mornington Peninsula to ensure that they arrive in pristine condition.

    Poppy Culture - Flower Shop Mt. Eliza


    0472 767 791

    Please allow our professionalism and "can do" attitude to soothe your concerns when looking for decorative solutions for your wedding or event.

    Let our professionalism and 'can do' attitude put you at ease when seeking for decorative solutions for your wedding or event. We were founded in 2012 and have a combined total of over 50 years of experience across the team.

    Flowers by Zak - Flower Shop Mt. Eliza


    0458 988 745

    The answer is in how I conduct business. I'm an old-school florist, the kind you'd see in little towns. I genuinely care about all of my customers and share their emotions, celebrate their achievements, and cry a little when grief falls over them. I refer to my florist customers as my floral family.

    Creating flowers that perfectly suit your requests distinguishes me from other flower sellers. Whether it's including a special color flower, a specific type of flower with personal meaning, or simply a feeling the sender wants to create for the recipient, every arrangement that leaves my flower shop carries with it the potential of a warm smile and a message of love and caring.

    Flora By T - Flower Shop Mt. Eliza


    0412 063 444

    Flora By T is a fine art flower studio situated in Melbourne, Australia. Nature's flawless beauty inspires our floral patterns.. We specialize in exquisite and timeless wedding floral design, modern corporate events, weekly home and office arrangements, and bridal shower, baby shower, and event group workshops.

    We want everything to be perfect on your big day. Your bouquet will reflect your own style, taste, and soul. It will be the spark that ignites your ceremony. Your bridesmaids' bouquets are designed to match yours in the same way that maids assist you on your wedding day, and the buttonholes offer the finishing touches.

    Blossom Club - Flower Shop Mt. Eliza


    I adore flowers, the artistry of floristry, and all the beauty that surrounds them. I love working with clients to deliver and provide a personal service where no two bunches are the same, knowing that the creations I make will bring joy and love to the recipient.

    After 14 years in the fashion industry, I grew captivated with being surrounded by beautiful flowers, attending course after course, and constantly wanting more. My Sister and Partner for the excellent Bloomin' Marvellous School generously gifted me two courses for Floristry lessons. Soon after, I became addicted to learning, finessing, and arranging things to satisfy my creative side.

    Blossom Club arose from my desire to pursue my love, share it with others, and provide beauty on a daily basis. I have a studio in Melbourne's South Eastern Suburbs that I opened in 2021. I make flowers that are a little unusual, less traditional, and have a wild side to them.

    Somerville Florist - Flower Shop Mt. Eliza


    (03) 5977 5887

    Our vast delivery region includes the Mornington Peninsula and its nearby districts. Our florists take care in creating the best arrangement for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further assistance.

    Eliza Flowers Shop Mornington


    03 9781 1856

    Eliza on Heatherhill's mission is to provide our customers with old-fashioned personal service and high-quality products. We provide several helpful recommendations to make your flower gift even more memorable.

    We provide Gifts, Plants, Teddies, Balloons, and Wines to meet all of your needs. Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday morning, we visit the Footscray Flower Market to ensure that we serve you with the highest quality, fresh cut flowers.

    We are here to look after you and assist you in making the best decision for your specific needs. The girls can handle any of your floral needs, whether they are in our immediate neighborhood or anywhere throughout the world.

    Whether the occasion is a birth, anniversary, wedding, sympathy, corporate arrangement, or simply to express your love for someone, please call us and allow us to provide you with rapid, professional, and personal service.

    Bodhi & Me - Flower Shop Mt. Eliza


    (03) 5916 1299

    Our crew lovingly prepares your order and discreetly delivers it across the Mornington Peninsula, or you can pick it up in store. Pre-made bunches can be ordered from our website and picked up at our Mount Martha shop.

    Tully’s Flowers Shop Mt. Eliza


    03 5978 8716

    We get our flowers straight from the farm or from local marketplaces. This guarantees that they stay as gorgeous and fresh as possible once you bring them home. We help local families and communities by procuring our flowers locally.

    Our florists enjoy working with such a diverse and vivid array of flowers. Our selection includes a variety of fascinating local flowers as well as traditional arrangement flowers such as daisies, roses, daffodils, and hydrangeas.

    Preserved Fleurs - Flower Shop Mt. Eliza


    0410 514 495

    Preserved Fleurs is committed to providing our customers with a great selection of dried and preserved flowers. These flowers are meticulously transformed into bouquets and arrangements suitable for gifting, home styling, and/or cafe or retail outlet styling.

    We'd love to hear from you if you have any questions. You can use our website's contact form or send an email to debernardisusan@gmail.com, addressing it to Suze Debernardi.

    Our emphasis is on using high-quality dried and preserved blossoms that retain the natural, earthy tones found in nature. All blooms were chosen with much consideration and care. We will deliver direct to your door if your area of delivery falls within the stipulated delivery areas (as shown on the delivery page); otherwise, your flowers will be posted the next business day.

    Herbaceous Flowers Shop Mt. Eliza


    03 9787 4956

    We buy fresh flowers every day and support local growers wherever feasible. Monday through Saturday, we deliver flowers around the Mornington Peninsula. We are a modern florist with a natural freedom of artistry and always strive to provide something a little different.

    Flowers are an excellent way to bring romance and elegance to your wedding day; they enhance the beauty of the occasion and create a welcoming atmosphere for your guests. We specialize in making lovely bouquets and arrangements for small, intimate events.

    Our designs highlight the best of what the season has to offer, with a heavy emphasis on roses and other seasonal blooms. We also enjoy adding Australian plants and wildflowers into our creations. We take great satisfaction in acquiring the highest quality ingredients from a variety of local producers as well as the Melbourne Flower Market.

    Because we only take on a limited number of weddings each year, you can anticipate excellent customer service and attention to detail. Our wedding menu is carefully designed to highlight items that we believe provide the best value for our clients.

    Fresh Floral Designs - Flower Shop Mt. Eliza


    0418 387 131

    Do you want to see some of my flowers? Scroll down to Instagram by clicking on the top left contact box.

    We are based in Mt Martha on the Mornington Peninsula, in a calm environment with a small group of ladies dedicated to crafting each floral design with great care and attention to detail.

    The company was founded on a passion for floral design, and our goal is to create a unique floral arrangement for every occasion.

    From the celebration of a new life to the final homage to a great life, we can assist you with your particular floral needs. Floral arrangements for everyday occasions, such as births, birthdays, engagements, weddings, wedding anniversaries, corporate design, thank you and thinking of you moments, get well wishes, and funeral designs.

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